2020年2月21日13:40:35新闻超过25万美国战斗部队被部署在“一个如此大的游戏,它将震惊国家的良心”启示临近已关闭评论1.2K11字数 8176阅读27分15秒阅读模式

A grimly worded new Ministry of Defense(MoD)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov unable to get a reply yesterday to Russian peace initiatives from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the Munich Security Conference,states this refusal of the West to make clear its intentions comes during a time when President Donald Trump has increased his military war spending to its highest level in a decade,and under whose leadership now sees more US troops in the Middle East than when he took officeUS combat troop numbers now standing at nearly 64,000 in a Middle East where the Americans aren’t even engaged in a serious conflict with any enemy—who are joined by the over 113,000 US combat forces standing at the ready in Japan,South Korea and European NATO nations—all of whom are being rapidly met with over 25,000 US combat troops now flooding into Europe for their DEFENDER-Europe 20 war exercise,as well as the over 2,000 elite US Air Force pilots and ground support troops,along with hundreds of fighter aircraft and bombers,now filling up Guam in the Western Pacific that American military commanders call their“permanent aircraft carrier”,and is already home to over 7,000 US combat forces—not to mention the six US Navy aircraft carrier groups presently at sea and their over 50,000 combat forces—all of which puts the US on an immediate war footing preparing to fight an enemy no one in the world is sure who is—but whose clues about came late last week when socialist Democrat Party lawmakers in the US Senate joined with a handful of anti-Trump Republican lawmakers in an attempt curb Trump’s war powers on Iran—immediately after which then saw top Democrat Party US Senator Chris Murphy leading a contingent of his fellow Democrat senators in a rush from Washington to the Munich Security Conference where they shockingly held a secret meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif—an action which in any other nation would bring immediate charges of treason—and could very well be the reason behind why Trump confidant,and top Fox News host Sean Hannity gravely warned the American people a few hours ago on his nationwide television programme:“I Feel There’s Something So Big in Play–The Deep State Knows It…It’s Going to Shock the Conscience of the Nation”.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部长谢尔盖·拉夫罗夫昨天在慕尼黑安全会议上未能得到北约秘书长延斯·斯托尔滕贝格·拉夫罗夫对俄罗斯和平倡议的答复,在中东,美国人甚至没有与任何敌人发生严重冲突,加上在日本、韩国和欧洲北约国家待命的超过11.3万美国作战部队,所有这些国家很快就遇到了超过25名敌人,2000名美国精锐空军飞行员和地面支援部队,以及数百架战斗机和轰炸机,现在填补了关岛在西太平洋的美国军事指挥官称为他们的"永久航空母舰",并已经是超过7000美国作战部队的家园ーー更不用说目前在海上的6个美国海军航空母舰和他们的超过50,上周晚些时候,美国参议院的社会党民主党议员与一些反特朗普的共和党议员联手,试图遏制特朗普在伊朗问题上的战争权力——他的民主党同僚参议员们从华盛顿匆忙赶往慕尼黑安全会议,在那里他们与伊朗外交部长穆罕默德·贾瓦德·扎里夫(Mohammad Javad zarif)举行了一次令人震惊的秘密会议——这种行为在任何其他国家都会立即被指控犯有叛国罪——这很可能就是特朗普的密友、福克斯新闻的顶级主持人肖恩·汉尼提几小时前在他的全国性电视节目中严肃地警告美国人民的原因:"我觉得有些事情在玩——深层国家知道它... 它将震惊国家的良知"。。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词


According to this report,whatever President Trump is planning to do with his massive troop deployments around the entire world,it most certainly has nothing to do with Russia—as for decades a war between the world's two largest nuclear armed powers has been deemed un-winnable by either side—with American military experts themselves noting that using them"would have started a cycle of nuclear retaliation and counter-retaliation difficult to stop…the use of tactical nuclear weapons would likely have begotten the use of strategic nuclear weapons…and the end of human civilization".


If President Trump isn't planning on using his now massed at the ready military forces against Russia,this report continues,a strategic analysis of whom he may be targeting keeps leading back to America's greatest present threat—over 2,000 former Department of Justice former prosecutors and officials demanding the immediate resignation of US Attorney General William Barr—an assault now joined by the independent Federal Judges Association,who a few hours ago called for an emergency meeting to address issues stemming from the Justice Department's decision to intervene in the case involving Roger Stone—and is being led by top socialist Democrat Party leader Nancy Pelosiwho’s just warned her Democrats that they“Must Be Unified To Make Sure Trump Isn’t Reelected".

如果特朗普总统不打算动用他现在集结的现成的军事力量来对付俄罗斯,那么这份报告继续写道,对他可能瞄准的目标进行的战略分析不断把矛头指向美国目前最大的威胁——美国本土——在过去48小时内,特朗普领导的美国政府遭到了超过2人对其发起的历史性攻击,000名前司法部检察官和官员要求美国司法部长威廉巴尔(William barr)立即辞职——独立的联邦法官协会(Federal Judges Association)现在也加入了这场攻击。几个小时前,独立的联邦法官协会呼吁召开紧急会议,以解决因司法部决定干预罗杰斯通(Roger stone)案件而引发的问题。领导该会议的是社会主义民主党领袖南希佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi),她刚刚警告她的民主党人,他们"必须团结起来,以确保特朗普不会连任"

As to how exactly the Department of Justice is"intervening"in the Roger Stone case,this report explains,involves something they aren't even in control of—which is how many years Stone will be sentenced to prison—a sentence solely determined by the US Federal Judge overseeing this case and no one else,and who hasn't even decided this matter yet—and about whose sentence opinions by Trump,Barr,US federal prosecutors,or anyone else in fact,have no bearing on what this US Federal Judge decides—and whose sentencing decision,as always happens,will be appealed to a higher US Federal Court—thus proving that this manufactured furor has started before anything has really occurred.


Also to be noted about this attack launched against President Trump and his government,this report details,are that its lying hypocritical former Department of Justice officials and current Federal Judge attackers care nothing at all about actual interventions and/or high-level collusion between Presidents and their Attorney Generals in federal cases—as they know full well it's actually impossible for any President to"collude"with an Attorney General who works for him—best exampled in 2013 when President Obama's first Attorney General Eric Holder famously said"I’m still the President’s wing-man,so I’m there with my boy”—followed in 2016 when Obama’s second Attorney General Loretta Lynch met secretly with former President Bill Clinton just days before his wife Hillary was interviewed by the FBI during their criminal probe of her—was an FBI criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton that saw Obama publically declaring she was innocent before it even ended—which one would expect coming from an Obama who its just been shockingly revealed about ordered an FBI investigation into an as yet“unknown person”because multi-billionaire globalist-socialist George Soros asked him to.

同样值得注意的是,这份报告详细描述了针对特朗普总统及其政府的这次攻击,说谎的前司法部官员和现任联邦法官攻击者根本不在乎总统和他们的总检察长在联邦案件中的实际干预和/或高层勾结——他们完全知道——事实上,任何一位总统都不可能与为他工作的司法部长"勾结"——最好的例子是在2013年,当时奥巴马总统的第一任司法部长埃里克·霍尔德(Eric Holder)说了一句著名的话:"我仍然是总统的左膀右臂,所以我和我的儿子在一起"2016年,奥巴马也说了这句话——美国第二任司法部长洛雷塔林奇(Loretta Lynch)与前总统比尔克林顿(Bill Clinton)秘密会面。就在几天前,克林顿的妻子希拉里(Hillary) FBI 对其进行刑事调查期间接受了 FBI 的审讯。FBI 对希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)进行的刑事调查发现,奥巴马甚至在调查结束之前就公开宣布希拉里克林顿是无辜的——奥巴马刚刚令人震惊地透露,他下令FBI调查一个"不知名的人",原因是亿万富翁、全球主义社会主义者乔治•索罗斯(George Soros)要求他这么做。


When comparing these actual Obama-Clinton-Department of Justice misdeeds and crimes against President Trump sending out a single tweet railing against the"insane sentence”radical leftist Trump-hatingprosecutors recommended for Roger Stone,this report concludes,one can rightly be confused as to why this attack was even launched in the first place,as its sheer lunacy borders on the completely deranged,and all of its main points are built on outright provable lies—but does make perfect sense when one notices that this attack is intended to destroy in the American peoples’eyes the integrity of the Department of Justice—a destruction of this American institution of law and justice that is really all about is trying to discredit the Durham investigation—and is the Democrats’latest attempt to keep hidden the facts of Spygate and undermine the 2020 election,that is now said about:“When the cockroaches are all scurrying across the floor,you can be sure that somebody shone a light on their nest”—and about which,also,now sees former top Republican Party US Congressman Intelligence Chairman Trey Gowdy warning these Democrats that not only won’t Durham stop his investigation,but that what he’s already found will destroy them.

这份报告总结道,比较奥巴马-克林顿-司法部针对特朗普总统的这些实际的不当行为和罪行,人们可以理所当然地感到困惑,为什么这次袭击会发生在第一位,因为它完全是一个疯狂的行为,几乎完全疯狂,它的所有主要观点都建立在完全可以证实的谎言之上ーー但是,当人们注意到这次袭击的目的是要在美国人民眼中摧毁司法部的正直时,这种说法就完全合情合理ーー摧毁这个美国法律和司法机构的真正目的就是要诋毁对达拉哈姆案的调查ーー这是民主党人最近企图隐瞒斯皮尔盖特的事实,破坏2020年的选举,现在有人说:"当蟑螂在地板上乱窜的时候,你可以肯定有人在它们的巢穴上照了一盏灯"——而且,现在看到的还有前共和党国会议员情报主席 Trey Gowdy 警告这些民主党人,他们不仅不会停止他的调查,而且他们已经发现的东西会摧毁他们。



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