X22报道|第2763集: 全球化将不复存在,特朗普发出信息

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X22报道|第2763集: 全球化将不复存在,特朗普发出信息

Ep. 2763a – [CB] Just Admitted It, They Lost Control, Globalization Will Cease To Exist

Ep. 2763a – [CB]刚刚承认了,他们失去了控制,全球化将不复存在

Ep. 2763b – Trump Sends The Message, It’s Time, Define Renegade

Ep. 2763b – 特朗普发出信息,是时候定义叛逆者了

X22 报告发表于2022年4月29日


The people around the world see the inflation, the [CB] cannot hide it anymore. Trump is proven right again, Germany is being controlled by Russia. If sanctions work how come Russia economy is expanding and the US is contracting. The [CB] says the quiet part out-loud, globalization is coming to an end.



The [DS] is throwing everything they have against the wall but it’s not sticking. They are in panic mode, you don’t try to stop disinformation if you are in control. Trump is back on social, he made his first truth, the message is clear it is time. Trump also released a statement pointing the finger at [BO]. The offensive has begun, the treasonous crimes will be revealed and the [DS] will not be able to stop it. 



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