飓风伊恩: DS 天气武器|星际之门通讯

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Wow, this is shocking - a virtual admission from the [D]eep [S]tate of using weather weaponry to create Hurricane Ian in Florida. That building is President Trump's home, Mar-a-Lago.
飓风伊恩: DS 天气武器|星际之门通讯
Tucker Carlson condemned the DS media (MSBC and CNN) for politicizing the hurricane and linking it to 'climate change'. Two million Floridians are without power. A short must-watch video. Pass it on.
塔克 · 卡尔森谴责 DS 媒体(MSBC 和 CNN)将飓风政治化,并将其与“气候变化”联系起来。两百万佛罗里达人断电了。必看短片。传下去。

Senator Jim Jordan has blown wide open the possibility of [B]iden being impeached through Hunter's laptop. Go, Jim...!

参议员吉姆 · 乔丹已经公开了通过亨特的笔记本电脑弹劾艾登的可能性,加油,吉姆... !


Thirty former FBI agents have publicly supported whistle-blower Steve Friend in outing the FBI's political agenda. '...It's time to stop the FBI from being the enforcer of a political party's ideology...' (retired FBI agent). This is the beginning of the end of the corrupt US alphabet agencies.

30名前联邦调查局探员公开支持举报人史蒂夫 · 弗兰德揭露联邦调查局的政治议程。“是时候阻止联邦调查局成为一个政党意识形态的执行者了...”(退休的联邦调查局探员)。这是腐败的美国字母机构终结的开始。

Great news - four Ukrainian regions have voted overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation. Will we see this reported in the MSM...??
好消息四个乌克兰地区以压倒性优势投票加入俄罗斯。我们会在 MSM 上看到这样的报道吗... ? ?

I love this meme.


飓风伊恩: DS 天气武器|星际之门通讯
Finally, interesting message from Vincent Kennedy (many Anons believe this is a JFK Jr account)...
最后,有趣的消息来自文森特肯尼迪(许多匿名者认为这是肯尼迪的小帐户) ..。
飓风伊恩: DS 天气武器|星际之门通讯
We Light Warriors are beyond exhausted, but if it was always going to take two years to finally destroy the [D]eep [S]tate and its propaganda-arm the MSM, then that is what needed to happen. It seems that Vincent Kennedy is alluding to Que's 'Sky Event', hopefully early next year. But hey, would we complain if it came sooner...? Of course not. What we do need to understand is that everything is happening in DIVINE timing, not ours.
我们光明战士已经筋疲力尽了,但是如果总是要花两年的时间来最终摧毁深层政府和它的宣传武器 MSM,那么这就是需要发生的事情。看来文森特 · 肯尼迪是在暗示奎的“天空事件”,希望明年年初。但是,如果它来得更早,我们会抱怨吗?当然没有。我们需要明白的是,一切都发生在神圣的时间,而不是我们的。
I agree with Vincent - this agonizingly slow dismantling of the DS and the MSM was necessary to prevent global mass hysteria and civil war. We Light Warriors have used extraordinary patience because it is our mission to liberate humanity from the grip of the dark forces. We have already achieved that goal on the continuum outside time/space. Now we are just mopping up here on the Earth plane in real time. 
我同意文森特的观点——这种令人痛苦的缓慢拆除 DS 和 MSM 的做法对于防止全球大规模歇斯底里和内战是必要的。我们光明战士使用了非凡的耐心,因为我们的使命是将人类从黑暗势力的控制中解放出来。我们已经在时间/空间之外的连续体上实现了这个目标。现在我们只是在地球上实时扫荡。
Not long to go now. Hang in there...!



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