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华盛顿唯一真正的”混乱和困惑”来自支持战争的反对特朗普总统的”深州”(Deep State)派系——他们都陷入了恐慌,因为特朗普正在把美国交还给引导他们的国家在二战中取得胜利的原则

A shocking new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today commenting on the revelation that the Russian meddling alert system built by the European Union has not detected any meddling—an ambitious effort created earlier this year by the EU to combat election interference,but whose reality of is best exampled by the inside joke circulating in Brussels about this Rapid Alert System:"It's not rapid.There are no alerts.And there's no system."—states that one of the main architects of this failed meddling alert system was British Ambassador to the United States Sir Kim Darroch—who yesterday,became so incensed that his Russian alert meddling system is now being derided for the joke it really is,lashed out by masterminding an"unprecedented leak"of diplomatic cables wherein he calls President Donald Trump"inept",says the President is"uniquely dysfunctional and his career could end in disgrace",claims Trump could"crash and burn",and screams that"we could be at the beginning of a downward spiral...that leads to disgrace and downfall"—statements more resembling a spoiled child responding to his parents having taken his toys away than words expected to be written by a diplomat—but within three hours of them being leaked,saw Trump massively retaliating by having his loyal FBI forces arrest for child sex trafficking crimes the"Deep State"aligned Democrat Party mega donor multi-billionaire Jeffery Epstein—a vile demonic child sex monster not only having the power to destroy Prince Andrew—but Hillary Clinton's husband former President Bill Clinton,too.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



FBI forces loyal to President Donald Trump arrest vile child sex monster Jeffery Epstein infamous for flying top"Deep State"leaders to visit his private island…



…that include Prince Andrew(left,standing next to Jeffery Epstein)…



…and former President Bill Clinton,who flight logs prove(one depicted above)visited this notorious child sex slave island at least 10 times.


According to this report,failing to heed the example displayed this past week by far-right American oligarch Charles Koch and far-left American oligarch George Sorosboth of whom deserted the"Deep State"to align themselves with President Trump's antiwar policiesBritish Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch,instead,unleashed his childish leaked diplomatic cable attack against President Trump because,among other perceived slights,this American leader didn't launch a war against Iran—with Sir Darroch,in a memo written at 12.39am UK time on 22 June,describing"disarray and confusion across Washington"as Trumpunexpectedly aborted an attack on Iran.

根据这份报告,极右翼的美国寡头查尔斯·科赫(Charles Koch)和极左翼的美国寡头乔治·索罗斯(George soros)没有留意过去一周展示的例子。为了与特朗普总统的反战政策保持一致,两人都抛弃了"深层国家"(Deep State)。英国大使金·达罗克爵士(Sir Kim Darroch)反而对特朗普总统发起了幼稚的外交电报攻击,因为这位美国领导人没有对伊朗发动战争。达罗克爵士在英国时间622日凌晨1239分写的一份备忘录中称,特朗普出人意料地放弃了对伊朗的攻击,"整个华盛顿陷入"混乱和困惑"。

The only true"disarray and confusion"being displayed in Washington,however,this report notes,emanates from the pro-war"Deep State"factions arrayed against President Trump—all of whom are in panic because Trump is returning the United States to the principals that guided their country to victory in World War II—principals first articulated to the American people by the 33rd Vice President of the United States Henry Wallace in a nationwide radio address on 8 May 1942—five months after the Empire of Japan destroyed the US Navy's Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor-Hawaii—and is known to history as the"Common Man Speech".

然而,这份报告指出,华盛顿唯一真正的"混乱和困惑"来自支持战争的反对特朗普总统的"深州"(Deep State)派系——他们都陷入了恐慌,因为特朗普正在把美国交还给引导他们的国家在二战中取得胜利的原则——美国第33副总统亨利·华莱士(Henry Wallace)194258日的一次全国性广播讲话中首次向美国人民阐述了这些原则——在日本帝国摧毁美国海军在夏威夷珍珠港的太平洋舰队五个月之后,这些原则被历史称为"普通人的演讲"

In knowing the brutal truth that the United States in no way whatsoever could singlehandedly defeat both Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan,this report continues,the"Henry Wallace Doctrine"was created—that Vice President Wallace explained to the American people was a grand design for a US-Russia-China New World Order founded upon principles enshrined in the Atlantic Charter,and his telling his nation's fearful citizens:"It is vital to the United States,it is vital to China and it is vital to Russia that there be peaceful and friendly relations between China and Russia,China and America and Russia and America."


The"Henry Wallace Doctrine"did,indeed,this report details,see the United States,Russia and China joining forces to defeat both Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan—but whose post-war plans for a lasting global peace were destroyed at the 1944 Democrat Party Convention when Vice President Wallace was overthrown in a"Deep State"engineered coup—a coup unable to be stopped by a severely ill President Franklin Roosevelt,who died less than a year later on 12 April 1945—thus causing the"Deep State"warmongering simpleton Vice President Harry Truman(whom the coup against Wallace placed in position)to ascend to power—who quickly became the only person in human history to order atomic weapons to be used—thus giving us the fractured world we all live in today.



Vice President Henry Wallace warned the American people what the Democrat Party had become after they overthrew him in 1944 coup


Unlike Vice President Henry Wallace,who accepted his"Deep State"engineered coup plot defeat,though,this report further notes,President Trump is fighting back against them with everything he has—most particularly because their socialist-fascist Democrat Party apparatchiks(and exactly like Wallace warned they'd do)have embarked on an unprecedented campaign of deceit and violence to divide America by splitting its races from one another,cause class warfare between the rich and poor,destroy all religions and cultures,and make enemies out of every nation they can think of—most especially Russia.

不过,这份报告进一步指出,与接受了"深州"策划的政变阴谋失败的副总统亨利·华莱士(Henry Wallace)不同,特朗普总统正在用他所拥有的一切来反击他们——尤其是因为他们的社会主义法西斯主义民主党官僚(正如华莱士所警告的那样)已经开始了一场前所未有的欺骗和暴力运动,通过分裂种族来分裂美国,引发富人和穷人之间的阶级斗争,摧毁所有宗教和文化,在他们能想到的每一个国家——尤其是俄罗斯——树敌。

Known by President Trump about these pro-war Democrats always lusting after power,no matter how many lives and nations they destroy,however,this report points out,is that at their core,they're all sadistic sex crazed demons—best exampled by multi-billionaire Democrat Party mega donor Jeffery Epstein—who under the Obama-Clinton Regime was arrested for child sex trafficking—but whose"secret conviction"for saw him only serving a six-month sentence where he only had to stay jailed a few hours a day.

特朗普总统知道这些支持战争的民主党人总是渴望权力,不管他们摧毁了多少生命和国家,然而,这份报告指出,他们的核心是,他们都是虐待狂的性恶魔ーー最好的例子是民主党亿万富翁巨额捐款人杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffery epstein)ーー他在奥巴马-克林顿政权时期因贩卖儿童被捕ーー但是他的"秘密定罪"只让他服了六个月的刑期,每天只需要坐几个小时的牢。

Most important to note about Jeffery Epstein's"secret conviction",this report explains,is that it was overseen by US Attorney Alexander Acosta—and about whom the Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR),on 12 August 2018(see our report"Most Powerful Special Counsel In America Sweeps Into Arkansas To Remove All Hillary Clinton Evidence And Move It To Washington"),reported President Trump took into his administration to place him under Secret Service protection—a protection that allowed Acosta to work with the US Federal Court that threw out Epstein's"secret conviction"—and who,in a stunning 27-page decision issued this past Wednesday,ordered released to the public once secret documents showing who Epstein provided child sex services to—that"includes numerous prominent American politicians,powerful business executives,foreign presidents,a well-known Prime Minister,and other world leaders"—some of whom already named include former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew,as well as Harvard University leftist legal professor Aland Dershowitz,former Obama-Clinton Regime Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers and Harvard University scientist Stephen Pinker.

这份报告解释说,关于杰弗里·爱泼斯坦的"秘密定罪",最重要的要注意的是,2018812日,美国司法部长 Alexander Acosta 负责监督这项工作,外国情报局(SVR)对他进行了调查(见我们的报告《美国最有权势的特别法律顾问扫荡阿肯色州,移除所有希拉里·克林顿的证据并将其转移到华盛顿》),报告称特朗普总统带领他的政府将他置于特勤局的保护之下ーー这项保护使 Acosta 得以与美国联邦法院合作,该法院推翻了爱泼斯坦的"秘密定罪"ーー而且他,在上周三发布的一份令人震惊的长达27页的决定中,爱泼斯坦下令向公众公布了一些曾经的秘密文件,这些文件显示了爱泼斯坦为哪些人提供了儿童性服务——"包括许多著名的美国政治家、有权势的商业高管、外国总统、一位著名的总理,以及其他世界领导人"——其中一些人已经被点名,包括前总统比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)和安德鲁王子(Prince Andrew),以及前奥巴马-克林顿(Obama-Clinton)政府财政部长、哈佛大学校长萨默斯(Larry Summers)和哈佛大学科学家平克(Stephen Pinker)特朗普点燃”性犯罪燃烧弹”烧死”深州”特工ーー包括希拉里•克林顿

With Democrat Party"child sex trafficker in chief"Jeffery Epstein now facing at least 45-years in prison for his vile and demonic crimes,this report concludes,this defacto life sentence behind bars in a brutal maximum security prison now places in President Trump's hands a powerful two-edged sword to use against his enemies—with one side of it being his able to expose the vast entanglement the Democrats have with child sex slavery when Epstein confesses to reduce his sentence,and the other side exposing to the American peoples'horror how their mainstream propaganda media have been deliberately covering up these horrific Democrat sex crimes against children for decades—all of which British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch failed to calculate the full dimensions of when he began attacking Trump like a spoiled child—but who himself will be soon dealt with by pro-Trump British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who's cruising to a landslide victory against his nation's leftists—and who is,also,vowing to"Make Britain Great Again".

由于民主党"儿童性交易主犯"杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffery Epstein)因其卑鄙和邪恶的罪行而面临至少45年的监禁,这份报告得出结论,这个事实上的终身监禁在一个最高安全级别的残酷监狱中,现在给特朗普总统手中一把强有力的双刃剑,可以用来对付他的敌人——其中一面是,当爱泼斯坦坦白自己减刑时,他能够揭露民主党与儿童性奴隶之间的巨大纠葛另一方面则揭露美国人民的恐惧,他们的主流宣传媒体几十年来一直在故意掩盖这些可怕的民主党针对儿童的性犯罪ーー所有这些,英国大使·达罗克 爵士从什么时候开始像一个被宠坏的孩子一样攻击特朗普的ーー但是他自己很快就会受到亲特朗普的英国首相鲍里斯•约翰逊的处理,鲍里斯•约翰逊正在游览一个反对他的国家的左翼分子的压倒性胜利ーー他也发誓要"让英国再次伟大起来"


Democrat Party sex fiend monsters trying to destroy President Donald Trump can never say they weren't warned about what he's going to do to them—only that they didn't read his books!



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