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Consciousness or being programmed?



Global Suicide Cult


Be happy with your sanity and life, forget corrupt governments because they will soon be removed. Some say money makes you happy, but money only buys material things.


Happiness and real wealth come from within by e.g. making real things and providing services, which are opposite of debt. This needs no further explanation.


更多关于意识|最后的警钟Unfortunately, people worldwide have been misled both by their governments and the media about the cause and devastating consequences of the Covid-19 “pandemic”. What people really should have been afraid of is not the fear of dying from non-existent infection by Covid-19, but the terror of those who rule the world. By scaring all Nations in order to subjugate humanity to their goal of total despotic power control in a once free World. Covid-19 or Corona is nothing but Science Fiction, and the world’s biggest Hoax.


The unspoken truth is that the new corona virus is a pretext and justification of Deep State power to accelerate the entire world towards the New World Order regime with the help of corrupt politicians.


By creating mass unemployment, bankruptcies, extreme poverty, depopulation and despair. More than 7 billion people worldwide are directly or indirectly affected by the adage of the fake Coronavirus.


The mRNA – or messenger RNA – is what tells the inoculated body to produce spike protein. Delivered in lipid nanoparticles, are a kind of “boxes” in which the mRNA is administered. According to Dr Robert Malone;

MRNA 或信使 RNA 是告诉接种的机体产生穗状蛋白的。在脂质纳米颗粒递送,是一种“盒子”,其中的 mRNA 是管理。根据罗伯特 · 马龙博士的说法;

“If you find lipid nanoparticles in an organ or tissue, it tells you that the drug has arrived at that site,” he explained.


Dr Robert Malone, is the inventor of mRNA, and said that vaccine recipients should be monitored for leukaemia and lymphoma because concentrations of lipid nanoparticles get into the bone marrow and lymph nodes. He also told, these signs often show up only after six months to three or nine years.

罗伯特 · 马龙博士是 mRNA 的发明者,他说接种疫苗的人应该监测白血病和淋巴瘤,因为脂质纳米粒子的浓度会进入骨髓和淋巴结。他还告诉记者,这些症状通常在六个月至三年或九年后才会显现出来。

The global vaccine-induced suicide cult is very real, and it is the result of mass hypnosis combined with a widespread desire for self-destruction. Driven by mainstream media insane psychological terrorism, many people are now consciously or unconsciously trying to end their own lives. Suicide rates have skyrocketed since the Covid shutdown began followed by the eventual resolution of free Covid vaccination.


Apparently, many people no longer have a sense of self-esteem  because they have turned their 更多关于意识|最后的警钟backs on God and instead worship technology, science, money or fame. So they have nothing else to live for but more money and fame. If that is not satisfactory enough, they seek self-destruction, not realising that every human being is a divine miracle, created in the image of God.

显然,许多人不再有自尊心,因为他们把他们的 而是崇拜技术、科学、金钱或名望。因此,他们除了更多的金钱和名誉之外,没有别的可以活下去的理由。如果这还不够令人满意,他们就会寻求自我毁灭,没有意识到每个人都是神的奇迹,是按照上帝的形象创造的。

Injecting yourself with a deadly biological weapon designed to end human lives is an insult to God and an act of spiritual and physical murder.


Most people who have taken the vaccine now know that at some point it is potentially lethal, but they welcome the chance of self-destruction because it is far better than the alternative of being rejected by society and their like-minded relatives.


Many people would rather die than be rejected, and thus pay with their lives. Vaccine propagandists “influence” social media, celebrities and fake authority figures to try to equate vaccine obedience with social acceptance.


Thus, those who use the vaccine are literally participating in the largest, global suicide cult ever conducted with the help of mass hypnosis, brainwashing and social manipulation.


As with cultists at Heaven’s Gate, these people are more than happy to be administered the poison and end their lives, as long as it means being “accepted” by society in the process.


Watch this video.


Below, our extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the further course of this cult

下面,我们的外星记者 Vital Frosi 报道了这个邪教的进一步发展





As we see the last 3D energies finally leaving planet Earth, we also have the lifting of the last veils that covered the consciousness of every incarnate. It is the end of a time of Transition, and also

当我们看到最后的3D 能量最终离开地球时,我们也揭开了覆盖每个化身意识的最后一层面纱。这是过渡时期的结束


Out of Your Mind Science series. Design made of spiral of human silhouette face line and abstract elements on the subject of consciousness, the mind, artificial intelligence and technology


the fall of the rule of Darkness, not only in this Solar System, but of the entire Galaxy.


We feel the rapid expansion of consciousness, to the point, that we understand much more today than before, because before was not possible. Yes, you are not the same as yesterday! And you will not be the same tomorrow as you are today. What incredible times we live in! What a wonderful opportunity to be incarnated here now, right at the final stage of the Planetary Transition!


Much has been said about the Third Dimension. It has been said that in the 3D, nothing is real because everything is illusion; everything is holography. In every situation and in every consciousness, there is always a part of truth. There is no absolute truth in 3D! Yet souls incarnated on Earth experienced the illusion as if it was in fact real. It was necessary to feel the intensity of each lived experience, because the soul takes only its etheric body, and it is in this body that feeling leaves its impressions.

关于第三维度已经说了很多。有人说,在3D 世界中,没有什么是真实的,因为一切都是虚幻的,一切都是全息的。在每一种情况和每一种意识中,总有一部分是真实的。3D 世界没有绝对的真理!然而,投生在地球上的灵魂经历了这种幻觉,就好像它实际上是真实的一样。感受每一次生命体验的强度是必要的,因为灵魂只接受它以太的身体,而感觉就是在这个身体里留下它的印象。

It is also in the etheric body that all memories, all records and all baggage are kept that form the new physical body in each reincarnation. Like a matrix that prints a copy of you. Therefore, in each reincarnation, the soul develops a body with tendencies towards certain habits because its trials and challenges will be present, accompanying it on its new journey in physicality.


Incarnated and dis-incarnated have always been connected by the same consciousness, and the only difference, besides dimension (Third and Fourth), was the physical transition from the 3D to the etheric of 4D. But the frequencies never ceased to be connected.

化身和不化身总是由同一个意识连接起来,除了维度(第三维度和第四维度)之外,唯一的区别就是从3D 到4D 以太的物理过渡。但是频率从未停止连接。

This explains both the help of the disincarnated in a higher state, and the obsessions of residents of the Thick Umbrae. Thanks to Divine Providence, the eyes of the physical body cannot see the Umbrae entities except on rare occasions, and only through incarnates who possess clairvoyant mediumship.


But you, who have knowledge of the Divine Laws that govern this Planet of Trial and Reconciliation, understand how the wheel of reincarnations works, as well as the Laws of Action and Reaction. They know and have experiences of the interconnection of souls between 3D and 4D. They know that Obsessions have always been present in the lives of incarnates, far more than you can imagine.

但是你们,拥有管理这个审判与和解星球的神圣法则的知识,了解转世轮如何运作,以及行动和反应的法则。他们知道并经历了3D 和4D 之间灵魂的相互连接。他们知道,执着一直存在于化身的生活中,远远超出你的想象。

更多关于意识|最后的警钟This Great 3D Cycle is now coming to a close. We are now going through the end of the Planetary Transition, while a New Earth is emerging. We are leaving the World of Trial and Reconciliation behind us. This means that the Dark Beings will have no frequency in the Fifth Dimension, and will no longer be able to coexist with the people of the New Earth. Their time here is over.

这个伟大的3D 周期现在即将结束。我们现在正在经历行星转变的结束,同时一个新地球正在出现。我们离开了审判与和解的世界。这意味着黑暗存有将在第五维度没有频率,并将不再能够与新地球的人们共存。他们在这里的日子结束了。

We have been bringing you information about this Transition, since the year 2016. We said there, that the time arrived for the Deconstruction of the Old 3D Matrix. These were 3 intense years, during which many incarnates experienced this process in their consciousness. And in 2019, a time of reconstruction of the newly incarnated self began. That is, a New Consciousness replaced the old Matrix. A significant part of humanity managed to go through this process successfully.

自2016年以来,我们一直为您带来有关这次转型的信息。我们在那里说,解构旧的3D 矩阵的时间到了。这是三个紧张的年份,在这期间,许多化身在他们的意识中经历了这个过程。在2019年,一个重建新自我的时代开始了。也就是说,一个新的意识取代了旧的母体。很大一部分人类成功地完成了这一过程。

In 2020, it was revealed to us that the cleansing of the Earth was in full swing. No low-frequency energy will be able to pass through the 5D Dimensional Portal.

2020年,我们得知地球的净化正在全面展开。没有低频能量能够通过5D 维度传送门。

As we know, the Earth’s Astral is a vast region encompassing the psycho-sphere of our Planet. Far beyond what we know as the Umbral regions. I put as a parameter, a pyramid in the form of hierarchies. Cleansing began at the top of the pyramid.


Let us not forget that in the upper part of this pyramid, there are no dis-incarnates. They are limited to the bands of the Umbral, which can be divided into three parts: High Umbral; Middle Umbrae and Low Umbral, also called Thick Umbral.

让我们不要忘记,在这个金字塔的上半部分,没有不化身。它们仅限于阴影带,可以分为三个部分: 高阴影带,中阴影带和低阴影带,也称为厚阴影带。

The entities from the top of the pyramid were not allowed to incarnate on Earth. Therefore, they used their knowledge to create hybrid races with humans, to have their representatives within the hierarchical orders on the surface among the incarnated. We have discussed this before.


These incarnated hybrids were given a programming that was faithful to the commands of these entities. Like a computer programme, it could be constantly updated. This happened while they were asleep, because the soul leaves the body while one sleeps. In these last 350 thousand years, humanity on Earth has been held hostage to this programme, created and executed by those who are not of the Light.


I suggest, today, that you read some earlier texts on this subject. I will not quote them all, but some will suffice. Search on Google for “The Creator has given enough”. “The Umbrals are emptied”. “The Cleansing has come into our Backyard”.  “The Back-up of Darkness”. Put my name at the end of each title to direct you to the search.


Continuing today’s theme, we say that the Cleansing went down from the top of the pyramid until it reached the Thick Umbrals. The Thick Umbral was emptied a short while ago.


In 2021, the cleansing began in the Costa Terrerstre, i.e. among the incarnated. All hybrid representatives occupying leadership positions among the incarnated must be removed. This process is already underway, even if you don’t realise it yet.

在2021年,净化开始在海岸 Terrerstre,即在化身之间。所有在化身中担任领导职务的混合代表都必须撤换。这个过程已经开始了,即使你还没有意识到。

When I transcribed a broadcast here titled: “The Back-up of Darkness”, it was a small explanation of how things are actually happening. It was shown that it is not a simple physical removal. There is a whole mental and psychic structure, very complex, that goes beyond matter. These are primary implants that act as automatic triggers. That is why these hybrids continue to apply their programme even though they no longer receive such information from the top of the pyramid.

当我转录这里的一个广播题目: “黑暗的备份”,这是一个小解释事情是如何实际发生的。结果表明,这不是一个简单的物理切除。有一个完整的精神和心理结构,非常复杂,超越了物质。这些是作为自动触发器的主要植入物。这就是为什么这些混合体继续应用他们的程序,即使他们不再从金字塔顶端接收这样的信息。

But today I have to pass on to you another part of this process of completing the Earth’s energetic cleansing. When we say that the Thick Umbral of the Astral has been wiped out, we believe that the obsessive entities are no longer active. And that makes sense. So why do many of you still feel the presence of oppressors? – This doubt seems to be resolved now.


Such programming implanted in hybrids has also been done in other people. Talking about primary implants, we know that, that is the work of the Science of the Dark Powers. All incarnations are born with at least three primary implants: One is to control the mind; another controls anger; the third, fear. They are called primary because they are not physical. They are programmes implanted in one’s consciousness.

这种植入杂交体内的程序也在其他人身上进行过。谈到初级植入物,我们知道,这是黑暗力量科学的成果。所有的化身生来至少有三个主要的植入物: 一个是控制心灵,另一个是控制愤怒,第三个是恐惧。它们之所以被称为主体,是因为它们不是物质的。它们是植入一个人意识中的程序。

Even though there used to be certain oppressive entities, mostly these were holograms that tormented the incarnated. They seemed so real that there was no way to refute such facts. Certainly, the Dark-ones, knowing their end times were coming, had already prepared everything to continue, at least for some time, their domination over the incarnated.


Now such implants are no longer delivered, but they continue to carry out their old programming. If you are aware of this, you deconstruct the belief that we are being attacked by spiritual entities.


No, you are no longer being attacked by a Suppressor! You are being introduced to this programme. It seems real, but it is not. You need to understand this and stop being afraid. How can you be afraid of something, which doesn’t really exist? Everything is just a projection of your mind, because the programme makes you feel something that is already implanted in your belief.


And if everything is nothing but a projection, it is time to let go of the old belief. Remember that we are co-creators of our reality. You create what you believe.


“You will know the truth, the truth will set you free”.


Never has that phrase been more important than now! I could quote another one:

这句话从来没有像现在这么重要! 我可以引用另一句话:

“Know thyself and thou shalt be saved”.


更多关于意识|最后的警钟Now our conscience is beginning to become wider because its veils are being removed. But it depends on each of us to take in such truths.


As long as you are afraid to know the truth, you are under the command of the programming imposed on you.


Leave the Matrix! Consciously dissolve such primary implants! You don’t have an oppressor haunting you. The shadow you see is just a hologram, designed to scare you.


The faster you get rid of this implanted programme, the faster you will reach the frequency of the New Earth. You can change this image. Only you can change yourself. A liberated consciousness will never be trapped again!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

我是 Vital Frosi 我的使命是启迪!



Every 29.5 days, this happens to your pineal gland.


This short video explains how the zodiac relates to different parts of our body in a sequence of 29.5 days, as also described in various parts of the Bible. This monthly ritual of life literally explains that this wisdom has been hidden from humanity to better control our species.




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