SerialBrain2,2-2-19 …关键解码概要图片来自“无洞战略:特朗普如何扮演南希,查克和深州”

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SerialBrain2,2-2-19 …关键解码概要图片来自“无洞战略:特朗普如何扮演南希,查克和深州”

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Q Team monitored all Comey's comms and it allowed them to gather intel about the Taheb and other MK-Ultra human bot threat, the related presidential assassination attempt, and the drug supply chain at the southern border.

The initial plan for Nancy, Adam and other in the know officials was to evacuate the US with their families while chaos was spreading throughout the country and especially around the White House.

This evacuation operation, EVAC ON, was reversed by POTUS with the mirrored command NO CAVE which consisted of:

1. grounding Nancy's plane,

2. publicly disclosing her destination to prevent her from leaving the country and therefore forcing her to try to put a break on all ' contracts',

3. pushing her to cancel the SOTU to give the time to Q Team to neutralize all the identified threats and re-schedule it at the date pre-planned by POTUS.


Q 小组监听了所有科米的通讯器,并让他们收集关于塔赫布(Taheb) 和其他精神控制(MK-Ultra )人体机器人威胁、相关的总统企图谋杀和南部边境的毒品供应链的情报。


这个疏散操作,EVAC ON,被 POTUS 用镜像命令NO CAVE逆转,包括:



3.敦促她取消 SOTU,给Q小组时间消除所有已确定的威胁,并在总统预先计划的日期重新安排时间。


The NO CAVE operation was a MlL/Intel success and resulted in

1. the arrest of Taheb and other sleeper cell members,

2. the dodging of a major countrywide terrorist crisis,

3.a historic Fentanyl bust at the southern border.

These 3 components are proof Q team has heavily compromised the Deep State's capacity to maintain, renew and use its network of false flag human bots and general infrastructure.

The NO CAVE operation was also a political success: It allowed POTUS to get his SOTU without losing the Government shutdown leverage. After the 21 day period, he may still shut down the Government if needed. He then may use this lethal card for other purposes behind the scenes ad vitam aeternam and as long as the Dems do not loudly confess the wall is already being built.

Are you tired of winning yet?


NO CAVE操作是MlL/Intel的成功,并导致了





无洞(NO CAVE行动也是一个政治上的成功: 它使得美国总统在不失去美国政府停摆影响力的情况下得到了他的 SOTU21天之后,如果需要,他仍然可以关闭政府。然后,他可能会在幕后用这张致命的牌来达到其他目的,只要民主党人不大声承认墙已经建好了。



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