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3rd November 2020


The wars are over!I've decided that all of the wars are over.The final signs of the war still playing out are of course visible.However I'm just looking at them...from this moment on I'm just going to look and not react at all...observe and say to myself"aha that's their latest attempt at trying to control the situation"...


I'm way too busy right now with important things so I don't have the time to waste upon reacting in any way to any nonsense about the political situation or this election...or even to the rising restrictions spreading like a wildfire from country to country...


I'm busy getting myself together in all kinds of ways for a new existence in a new ambiance on Nova Gaia.


One example is that I'm ridding myself of things of all sorts that I no longer have any need for in the future.I would definitely not call myself a hoarder.Yet,when we look through a wardrobe or a cellar or an attic or somewhere that we might save stuff'in case',most of us find that there is much we could do without.


I'm also cleaning out cupboards of all kinds.It feels so good,because I know that I'm doing this to be ready for whatever change the new situation might entail in my life when we Transit.I figure that when we do Transit there will be so much to do,that having cleared out unnecessary things will be such a blessing.I'll be freer to enjoy the new as it comes along.


I absolutely find joy in some of the'thing's'that I own.It could be because they hold sentimental value or simply because they are beautiful.John Keats(1795-1821)wrote"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"...without the appreciation of beautiful things,beauty in nature,beautiful flowers and plants,my life would be a whole lot poorer.So I'm not just clearing out everything I own...certain things will be kept because they matter to me.


When we create our own little world that we fill with the best of the best we actually raise the vibration of the planet~would you believe even the universe?We must Remember that WE ARE LOVE and that WE ARE ONE.We CAN create a loving world around us.We can create a world full of flowers and beauty around us.We decide how loving our world will be or not.


If we want to be among the ones saving the world then let's focus upon filling up our own world with everything that makes our heart sing with joy.


If your life right now feels enjoyable and fun well then just keep going the way you are now.If your life on the other hand feels heavy and demanding~well it's truly~truly the time to stop doing whatever it is that's creating that heaviness.It's time to move onto something else.


The world that we are about to move into,cannot be the best for everyone,until the majority of people are experiencing happiness and feeling good about their lives.


Our happiness,our joy,our sense of being where we ought to be and doing what we ought to do is of paramount importance to the raising of the level of joy in the world.


Isn't that amazing.It's my'duty'to focus on my happiness because that happiness that I feel will be infectious and inspire others


Remember again what I said yesterday...we don't fight them...we simply raise the Light and let the Light do the work.Raise the Light in the world by focusing upon the joy of creating the absolute best basis that you can right now,for the best life that you can imagine when we cross over the bridge very soon.Through this focus on joy you are making things better for yourself and everyone else.


It's time now to release all focus on their antics in the final days of the final battle...


Don't give them an ounce more of your energy...


Focus upon joy...any way that you can...


I wish you joy ~ I wish you beauty ~ and I wish you love

I wish you joy~I wish you beauty~and I wish you love️
I wish you joy ~ I wish you beauty ~ and I wish you love ️
I wish you joy ~ I wish you beauty ~ and I wish you love ️

Thérèse Z


PS:This was one of the videos that Cobra provided for us on his Final Battle 2 update.If you haven't seen it yet I hope that you enjoy it.






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