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March 10, 2023 2023年3月10日

Congressman Jim Jordan is standing up against the [D[eep [S]tate. He has been a consistent voice for the Alliance. His latest move is brilliant. Thanks to blog reader Faith for forwarding this short video to me. Faith and I have always been big fans of Jim Jordan...! Enjoy.

国会议员吉姆 · 乔丹(Jim Jordan)站出来反对国会。他一直是联盟的坚定支持者。他最近的行动很聪明。感谢博客读者 Faith 转发了这个短视频给我。Faith 和我一直都是 Jim Jordan 的超级粉丝!好好享受吧。


As a former journalist, it is such a pleasure for me to write a post featuring REAL journalists who stood their ground against the [D]eep [S]tate. Twitter file journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger refused to reveal their sources after being grilled by a Democrat. Jim Jordan interceded on their behalf. Love it (short video).

作为一名前新闻工作者,我很高兴能够写一篇关于真正的新闻工作者的文章,这些新闻工作者坚定地反对政府。Twitter 文件记者马特 · 泰比(Matt Taibbi)和迈克尔 · 谢伦伯格(Michael Shellenberger)在被民主党人盘问后拒绝透露他们的消息来源。吉姆 · 乔丹代表他们进行了调解。爱它(短片)。


The rumblings of an imminent financial collapse are getting louder. USA Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said they are 'closely watching' a few banks. Be prepared with some cash, extra food and gas in your car. Anything could happen at any time. Please remember a 'financial collapse' is part of the optics to awaken people - your money is safe.

即将到来的金融崩溃的声音越来越大。美国财政部长耶伦(Janet Yellen)说,他们正在密切关注一些银行。准备一些现金,额外的食物和汽油在你的车里。任何事情都可能随时发生。请记住,“金融崩溃”是唤醒人们的光学的一部分——你的钱是安全的。



Good news. This is what is REALLY happening in the world - you won't see it on MSM.

好消息。这就是世界上真正发生的事情——你不会在 MSM 上看到。


Check out this compilation video of President Trump talking about [B]iden being 'shot'. He said it multiple times. Then, right at the end, President Trump said, 'He's a different guy. He looks different, he acts different...' President Trump is TELLING us - those with ears to hear and eyes to see - that [B]iden was executed and replaced with a body double (short video).

看看这个特朗普总统谈论拜登被“枪击”的视频汇编。他说了很多次。然后,就在最后,特朗普总统说,‘他是一个不同的人。’。他看起来不一样,他的行为也不一样... ...”特朗普总统告诉我们——那些有耳朵有眼睛有眼睛的人——拜登已经被处决了,取而代之的是替身(短视频)。


I have always enjoyed PepeLivesMatter's inspirational and calming posts. I resonate with this particular post. Many of us are being severely tested right now, Light Warriors. This is not the time for us to give up, right on the finish line. This is the time to TOUGHEN up...! Those are strong words from this Light Warrior. I'm a small person, to the point that I can buy clothes from the childrens department (who cares and who knows once the labels are cut out). But right now I feel like a 6' 6" foot Viking warrior. I am absolutely determined not to falter when the finish line is SO CLOSE.

我一直很喜欢 PepeLivesmatter 网站上那些鼓舞人心、令人平静的帖子。我对这篇文章产生了共鸣。光明战士们,我们中的很多人现在正在接受严峻的考验。现在不是我们放弃的时候,就在终点线上。是时候坚强起来了... !这些话来自这位光明战士。我是一个小人物,以至于我可以从儿童部门买衣服(谁在乎,谁知道一旦标签被剪掉)。但现在我觉得自己像个6英尺6英寸高的维京勇士。当终点线如此接近的时候,我绝对不会动摇。


Another lovely positive message from a Light Warrior.



Good night Patriots!


Sweet dreams of where you want to go next!
Remember to keep your frequency high

做个好梦,想想你接下来要去的地方! 记住要保持你的频率高

Stay connected to God directly.


Many more are waking up, more and more each day with the disclosures.


Also remember to have compassion for the newbies and share information as they need it.
Try not to bombard them with everything at once.


Finally, many Light Warriors are having relationship issues with friends and family members where there is a parting of the ways, whether suddenly and dramatically or quietly and gradually. Allow it to happen. Allow. It means that the soul contract has ended. You were only meant to journey with them to this point. Trying to hold onto these connections impedes the soul growth of both people.


Yes, there will be sadness and a sense of void/loss for a short while. I know what that is like, believe me. But trust the Universe to bring in new people who are a vibrational match for you. You are ascending very rapidly and the departure of people who are not moving forward with you creates space for new soul tribe members to join you.


Do not be afraid of the void/loss phase. It is short-lived, especially with the extraordinary speed of the incoming energies. Instead, use the quiet time to go deep within yourself. Become your own best friend during this lull time. You are never alone. A big team of off-planet spirit guides and teachers stands by you at all times. 


Okay, done...! That was down-loaded from Upstairs. I have no idea what I wrote until I look back.

好的,完成了... ! 这是从楼上下载的。我不知道我写了什么,直到我回头看。

Hugs to all brave Light Warrior blog readers. You are an amazing bunch of souls who took on a mission that few could handle. But you are doing it, albeit with some wobbles (me too..!), but you are doing it - one day at a time.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the linki to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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