耶稣|空前绝后的疗愈"You are forgiven.You are healed.You are perfect."


You have been bound,for millennia,by a false matrix of fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment.These emotions are not and were not yours.You,every single one of you,were made in the perfect image of the perfect Divine Mother-Father God.


These emotions were inserted into your psyche and held in place by a dark matrix over the planet,an overlay,or a web,that covered Gaia and prevented you accessing your true nature-your innate perfection.


That web,that matrix,is now gone.You have access to your divinity.Now.


Miracles are your birth-right.Instant healing is now possible,for everyone.Like everything,some are ready to heal immediately,some will take more time and other souls may have chosen not to heal on this timeline.Each decision is perfect.


When I walked the earth,I told people who asked for healing,'You are forgiven',not'You are healed.'The reason is because you have come to believe that you are these dark packages of fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment,and the weight of these dark energetic packages is what makes you ill.


Illness is created through fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment.The root cause is the distance from love you have travelled.When fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment are forgiven inside yourself,you are restored to the perfection of love.You are restored to perfection in body,in health.


Guilt,fear,shame,anger and resentment are not of the Divine Mother-Father-One.You are created in Their image,so it is not of you either.It was a false mental construct that was overlaid on Gaia as a way of limiting your illumination and your light.That false matrix,that overlay is now gone.


While you have become used to its frequency,its vibration and the way your personality interprets these emotions,they are not actually ingrained in you.You are free,loving sovereign beings.You are now able to access that birth right,that authentic part of you that has been hidden.


There is almost no one on Gaia at present who is not holding not just their own wounds and wounding,but also the fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment of previous generations and previous selves.This is a distortion.It was never the intention that you suffer so long and with so little power to change your experiences from one lifetime to another.


Now you are coming into your freedom.Give yourself permission to feel your pains,both physical and emotional,without feeling guilt or shame,without imagining they show you as failing or imagining that you somehow created them.Just gently allow them to be seen.


Parcelled into each pain is a package of negative emotion–let it come out.Allow yourself to become aware and compassionate towards your resentment,your anger,your fear,your guilt.Let these emotions be noticed,there is no judgement:it was not your fault.


The key is to know–at least intellectually at this moment–that you are perfectly healed and whole,right now,already.Any dis-ease is not yours,consider that it is simply a process you came to heal,without any fear,guilt,anger,shame or resentment.As you come to see your pains,your dis-eases,your fears,guilt,rages,shame and resentments with a compassionate eye,without judging yourself,you are removing the anchor that those emotions,those dark packages,have had within you and within the collective.


The matrix is gone.It is not in you,nor of you.It went through you,and now it's gone.


Imagine it this way:it is as though your arm was bound to your side during your childhood,decades later someone cut the bandages and told you to use your arm again.You would have grown so used to doing everything without the help of that arm,that you may forget to use it at first.It would take time to relearn pure movement,without distortion or handicap.


It is the same for your emotions:you have become used to the patterning of fear,guilt,anger,shame and resentment in your personality,in your body,in your actions,words and thoughts.It may take a while to get used to a new patterning based on compassion,forgiveness,peace,love and joy.


But this is who you are,and we will all work tirelessly with you until the day you remember,'Yes!I am perfect.I am forgiven,for there was nothing to forgive.I am healed,because I now know my own perfection.'



传导:Jennifer Crokaert

翻译:Nick Chan

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