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“情报”猴子 Werx 和迈克亚当斯-关塔那摩中央情报局引渡航班继续-坦白提取-叛徒转变(视频采访和文本)


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'INTEL'Monkey Werx&Mike Adams-GITMO CIA Rendition Flights are CONTINUING-Confessions Extracted-Traitors Turned(Video Interview&Text)

"情报"猴子 Werx 和迈克亚当斯-关塔那摩中央情报局引渡航班继续-坦白提取-叛徒转变(视频采访和文本)

(Natural News)Code name"Monkey Werx"(monkeywerxus.com)is an aerospace industry analyst who monitors real-time flight data of military aircraft in order to identify geopolitical events that are taking place.

In the days following the Nov.3rd election,he noticed a huge spike in military air traffic,including flights of"black ops"charter planes in an around GITMO.


His analysis concludes that many of these flights are"rendition flights"where deep state traitors are interrogated for their roles in the cyber warfare election rigging attack that the United States just endured.


This information is consistent with what several other key sources are telling us,and it is further evidence that President Trump is many steps ahead of the Democrat traitors who sloppily tried to rig this election and hand over the United States of America to communist Ch*a.(via the Biden crime family)


Below,you can watch the entire Brighteon Conversations interview with Monkey Werx.Here are some of the highlights you'll discover in the interview:

下面,你可以通过 Monkey Werx 观看完整的 Brighteon Conversations 访谈。以下是你会在采访中发现的一些亮点:

Knows the tail numbers of private charter CIA airplanes used to ferry prisoners and newly-arrested persons who are held for interrogation.


Confirms that"rendition flights"are continuing right now at a very rapid pace,indicating many potential traitors are being interrogated either during flights or at black sites services by those flights.


Says that the pattern of increased military traffic is largely focused on the East Coast.(D.C.,GITMO,Florida,Virginia,etc.)


Reveals that many military refueling planes with transponders are being spotted on the flight tracking apps,indicating a very large presence of military fighter jets and bombers which require in-air refueling.


Anticipates a large military event may be drawing near,as large numbers of military cargo planes are moving around the country,apparently supplying military forces for action readiness.


Says that before Epstein was killed,there was a flurry of"rendition flights"activity likely involving people that Epstein was naming,before he"killed himself."


Says that there are many"white hat"CIA people who are working with Trump to defend America and take down its enemies.


Believes that HUNDREDS of domestic,treasonous actors are being extracted,put onto flights and interrogated until they turn.


This would underscore how Trump's people are gathering up all the information that matters,enough to expose the entire Democrat crime syndicate.


We find it interesting that the DOJ just amended its federal execution rules,"to allow death by hanging,electric chair,gas chamber&FIRING SQUAD,"reports RT.

我们发现有趣的是,司法部刚刚修改了其联邦执行规则,"允许绞刑,电椅,毒气室和行刑队,"报告 rt

Visit the Monkey Werx website,where he focuses on"handcrafted artisan style products made from wood,acrylics and all natural ingredients."This is in addition to his hobby of monitoring military air traffic patterns.

请浏览 Monkey Werx 网站,他专注于"由木头、丙烯酸树脂和所有天然原料制成的手工艺品风格的产品"这是除了他监测军事空中交通模式的业余爱好



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