2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 21,2021 2021721

2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Things are weird today.I got an error message,couldn't access the bridge on my Brave browser and had to use Firefox.Images are not behaving properly,either.I can't resize.Time to shutdown and reboot.

今天的事情很奇怪。我收到一条错误信息,无法在勇敢浏览器上访问网桥,只能使用 Firefox。图像运行也不正常。我不能调整尺寸。关机和重新启动时间。

Telegram is chiming a concert of posts but Ron/CodeMonkeyZ has been censored?Praying Medic reports.Link to Telegram.

Telegram 正在发布一系列文章,但是 Ron/CodeMonkeyZ 被审查了?祈祷医生报道。链接到 Telegram

Yes,Codemonkey's Telegram CHANNEL is still up,but his PERSONAL ACCOUNT was suspended,which means he has no access to his channel.Pepper is an admin on both channels.She is in contact with Ron and confirmed his personal account was suspended.

是的,Codemonkey Telegram 频道仍然在线,但是他的个人账户被暂停了,这意味着他无法访问他的频道。Pepper 是这两个频道的管理员。她正在与罗恩联系,并确认他的个人账户已被暂停。

(As with a Facebook page,a Telegram channel is not automatically removed when an admin's personal account is suspended.)


( Facebook 页面一样,当管理员的个人账户被暂停时,Telegram 频道不会自动被删除)https://t.me/praying_medic/3413?comment=337652

Link to WhipLash347 post with Ron's text.

347 post with Ron's text

That's the 3rd channel banned today…

Heads up peeps..

//Like i said[DS]taking over all world internet servers and access and doing a huge Purge….


They are saying the deep state using Pegasus spyware were spying on the Russian billionaire Pavel Durov who created Telegram and it's compromised.Learn more here on Telegram.

他们声称使用飞马公司间谍软件的深层国家在监视俄罗斯亿万富翁帕维尔·杜罗夫,他创建了 Telegram 公司,现在该公司已经受到威胁。了解更多请点击 Telegram

2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Boy,were we naive to expect that the election would be honest and the red wave would wash over America putting Trump back in office;but in our defense,he won legitimately in 2016 and we expected it again.


Unfortunately,there is no easy button in this revolution and since the masses are so programmed and brainwashed,this was the only way forward.


Q The Storm Rider says…Link to Telegram.


No sugar coating here//


Just real info to prepare you//




CLIMATE CHANGE=COVER UP of world elites and companies and governments all connected to the Plandemic bioweapon virus.Bioweapon vaccine being exposed/pedophilia/human trafficking/corruption/>>…The weather weapons are being used to create confusion and chaos and fear in many countries to keep Narration going of pandemic and now CLIMATE CHANGE pandemic


(there are several tens of thousands of q posts and pages in telegram that give non stop cheer leading pep rallying talks and information…….My page isn't one…i give it to you straight and have been……And i will say it again/)))//)PAIN…It's here.And growing!!….HOPE LOST…..


And get your spiritual armor on..

(在电报中有成千上万的 q 帖和页面,不停地发出鼓舞士气的讲话和信息......)。我的页面不是一个...我直接给你,已经..。我要再说一遍疼痛...就在这里。而且还在成长!....希望破灭.....。你必须准备...食物、水和补给,穿上你的精神盔甲。.

SUMMER ON 2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球 FIRE…


It's always darkest before the light comes…



is a dangerous ♦️♠️ card

Blame the earthquake,floods,plants devastation.On climate change.,..CONTROL THE NARRATION


NEXT CARDS>>TAKE CONTROL OF ALL INTERNET SERVERS ACROSS THE WORLD in every country<<deplatform/ban/>>Great Awakening movement and ALL who go against the DS narration….

下一张牌>>控制全世界每个国家的所有互联网服务器<<下平台/禁止/>大觉醒运动和所有反对 DS 叙述的人..

You should have all known this is coming..PAIN.PAIN PAIN.PAIN PAIN PAIN.PAIN PAIN PAIN


Those who truely understand the PLAN know this was all meant to happen…








You probably know that NCSWIC is"Nothing can stop what is coming"and 11.3 references the the military Law of War manual chapter 11,subsection 3 concerning occupation by a foreign enemy.You can Google it.

你可能知道 NCSWIC "没有什么可以阻止即将到来的事情"11.3引用了军事战争法手册第11章第3小节关于外国敌人的占领。你可以用谷歌搜索。

2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Romana Didulo


Well,well,well.Look what came out in the latest episode of the"movie"last night.I had a chuckle before I went to bed.You gotta love the plot twists in this thriller.Queen Romana Didulo aka"I am ur Donaldo"is making waves.There seems to be some PR work going on here,and not with Romana and the Prez.Websites and Telegram channels.

哎呀哎呀。看看昨晚"电影"的最新一集里出了什么。睡觉前我咯咯地笑了一下。你一定会喜欢这部惊悚片中曲折的情节。女王 romanadiduro 又名"我是你的 Donaldo"正在掀起波澜。这里似乎有一些公关工作在进行,而不是罗曼娜和总统。网站和电报频道。

Where did Donald Trump post this link?@the45office is not looking like Donald Trump's Telegram channel so this is very confusing and might be fake news that serves the movement.It's an interesting article,though,in other ways.

唐纳德·特朗普在哪里发布了这个链接?@the45办公室看起来不像唐纳德·特朗普的 Telegram 频道,因此这个频道非常令人困惑,可能是为该运动服务的假新闻。不过,从其他方面来看,这是一篇有趣的文章。

Donald J.Trump Confirms Canada Has A New Queen And Reposts Indian in the machine's O.N.E.News/Before Its News Article…And So Did The New Queen Of Canada!!Here's The Real Story!!

唐纳德·j·特朗普证实加拿大有了一位新女王,并在机器的 o.n.e.新闻/之前的新闻文章中重新发布了印度女王......加拿大的新女王也是如此!这里是真实的故事

However,Romana seems to be fearless and she has been spilling it on Telegram.All the stuff the deep state psychopaths don't want the public to know is coming out on her channel.I'm wondering if she may be retired military.She's a tough cookie.I can't imagine anyone wanting her job but it takes a woman to do these really hard things sometimes.


The blow-back from the Patriot moves is not pleasant and the war is on.It's on.


B.C.declares state of emergency as wildfires spread|"Have an evacuation plan ready"


Are they burning out British Columbia just like they did California?


Look at THEIR"plan".They already know.They want us to believe lightning just"happens"out of a clear blue sky and starts fires.It never used to.Why now?


We actually saw video from Germany a few years ago where lightning forked out of a clear blue sky and hospitalized people.They want us to believe that lightning can travel 25 miles from a storm and strike us at any moment.That's some special physics and seems to be recently developed.If lightning can do that,I believe it's getting some serious help.


The authorities say,"Wildfire threats are going to continue for our communities for the foreseeable future."Sounds like a plan.


B.C.officials have declared a provincial state of emergency as wildfires spread,with residents being told to be ready to evacuate.


YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qKolIRiUJjM&feature=youtu.be


Did you wonder,like I did,why the White Hats don't use weather tech to bring rain so they can't start all these fires and they can be brought under control?Russia is.Link to Telegram. Wow.

你有没有想过,就像我一样,为什么白帽子不用气象技术带来雨水,这样他们就不能点燃所有的火灾,他们就可以得到控制?俄罗斯是。链接到 Telegram。哇。

RAGING forest fires are STIFLING the air in Siberia–Russia is using CLIMATE ENGINEERING to trigger rainfall


Thick smog covers the capital of Yakutia in Siberia as well as a further 100 towns and cities in the region–as over 200 vast wildfires continue to rampage.

厚厚的烟雾覆盖了西伯利亚的 Yakutia 首都,以及该地区的100多个城镇和城市——200多个大型森林大火继续肆虐。

Emergency workers have been using climate engineering technology to combat the inferno–sowing silver iodide cartridges into the clouds from a Antonov An-26 transport plane kitted out with a fan to help'seed'the air–the chemical is understood to cause rain to fall and in turn aiding the fight the fires on the ground.

紧急救援人员一直在使用气候工程技术来对抗地狱火——从一架安东诺夫 An-26运输机上向云层中播放碘化银弹,这架运输机配备了一台风扇来帮助"播种"空气——据了解,这种化学物质会导致降雨,进而帮助扑灭地面上的大火。

Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintl

订阅 RT t.me/rtintl

Here's another"wildfire".The satanists want to crush Christianity so they use the exposure of the mass graves at Indian Residential Schools run by the church as an excuse to start the fires in churches all over Canada.


Think logically.If it wasn't the deep state doing it,CTV News wouldn't hide the identity of the arsonist.

逻辑思考一下,如果不是深层状态造成的,CTV 新闻就不会隐藏纵火犯的身份。

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2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

What else seems to strike out of the blue are a lot of chemical plant explosions and other explosions in Texas.This happened this morning.Boom!Yes,a"boom week".If you missed it,there was also an explosion at a chemical plant in Ukraine on July 20.


"We are asking all areas EAST of Bay Area in La Porte to Shelter in Place at this time,"the order read."Go inside/turn off A/C systems immediately.More information will be provided soon."


In the middle of summer.Coincidence?


Weather Underground reports the Current Temperature in La Porte TX 地下天气报告 La Porte TX 气温

12:28 pm:93°F

Feels like 119° 感觉就像119°

Texas Residents Urged to Turn AC Off'Immediately'as Chemical Incident Forces Evacuations 


I feel their pain.Our second air conditioner in six weeks died the other night and it's currently at least 89 degrees in my office.Thank goodness for ceiling fans.Hopefully it will be a simple fix tomorrow afternoon with another capacitor.It's fairly humid here at 105F but in Texas you could cut the air with a knife with thunderstorms in the area.


They just won't leave Texas alone and will probably live to regret it.That slogan of theirs…"Don't mess with Texas"…that's not a threat—it's a promise.


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Things are wild in Sweden,as well.


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

I really didn't want to discuss it,but I suppose we have to.This theatre of the absurd is getting harder and harder to take.You no doubt saw the giant dildo Jeff Bezos claims to have launched into space.Link to Telegram.

我真的不想讨论这个问题,但我想我们必须讨论。荒诞派戏剧正变得越来越难以接受。毫无疑问,你已经看到了杰夫·贝索斯声称已经发射进入太空的巨型人造阴茎。链接到 Telegram

"Think Logically"

Todays event was all for show.


Jeff Besos is partnered with The Pentagon.

The subliminal messege today that you aren't catching~"I'm Jeff Besos&world KNOWS I'm an elite.If Secret Space Programs&Secret Space Tech existed,I'd be using it/have access to it.But even I have to use rocket fuel just like everyone else."

[They]will waste copious amounts of fiat paper to keep the lie going.


It's all a facade/smoke&mirrors.


"These people are stupid."

[They]think you are too…


These globalists are so full of themselves and Bezos himself looks as real as his rocket.What a freak.Did you see the deep fake music video in your travels?So lame.


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Video and article at the link.




Now this looks real.


INCREDIBLE!Jet CHASES UFO across daytime sky|This is getting REAL!


The medical tyranny protests continue in additional areas as people are fed up and know the governments are lying.Link to Telegram.

由于人们受够了医疗暴政,知道政府在撒谎,抗议活动还在其他地区继续。链接到 Telegram

 2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球  Several hundred people are protesting in the direction of the National Assembly against the health pass while the governmen2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球t bill is currently being studied in Parliament.(Ruptly)


 2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球 Plusieurs centaines de personnes manifestent en direction de l'Assemblée Nationale contre le pass sanitaire alors que le projet de loi du gouvernement est actuellement étudié au Parlement.(Ruptly)


I've seen reports that protestors shut down the Westminster Bridge in the UK.For a minute I thought they were talking about BC.So many of the names are the same or similar.BC is like"little Britain"with Victoria,Surrey,Westminster…a real crown colony in super,natural,British Columbia.

我看到报道说抗议者关闭了英国的西敏桥。有那么一会儿,我以为他们在谈论 BC。这么多的名字是相同或相似的。不列颠哥伦比亚省就像"小不列颠",维多利亚、萨里、威斯敏斯特......一个真正的英国殖民地,位于超级自然的不列颠哥伦比亚省。

Rebellion in Westminster?Tory MPs say they'll defy Boris Johnson and vote against'illiberal'vaccine passports 


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

The deep state policies seem to be changing.The poor kids are going to need more CRT.Critical Race Therapy.

深层国家政策似乎正在改变。可怜的孩子们将需要更多的 CRT。批判性种族治疗。

Biden admin walks back ties to group pushing critical race theory in schools 


Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe asks that we listen to this podcast.

项目真理组织的创始人 James o'keefe 要求我们收听这个播客。

Project Veritas Whistleblower EXPOSES Critical Race Theory in a Children's'Toy Manufacturer—LIVE with James O'Keefe 真理计划告密者揭露儿童玩具制造商的种族危机理论ーー与詹姆斯·奥基夫现场直播

This is another one of those sensational articles we don't consider vetted.It may or may not be true.It could be the Patriots'way of telling us what's going on,of showing us that justice is being done,but when it's highly embellished like this,it does suggest a lot of extraneous details that aren't necessarily true so the reader will have to decide for themselves how much credence to allow it.


We get our intel in unconventional ways in an information war—like Fox network flashing a Ruth Bader Ginsberg obituary on the screen and then claiming it was a mistake.You just have to use your best inner guidance to formulate an opinion.

我们在一场信息战中以非常规的方式获取情报ーー就像福克斯电视网在屏幕上闪过一个 Ruth Bader Ginsberg 的讣告,然后声称这是一个错误。你只需要用你最好的内在指导来形成一个观点。

Do we have proof?For those who don't believe,no proof is possible.For those who believe,none is necessary.


Military Puts SCJ Amy Coney Barrett on House Arrest 

军方将 SCJ 艾米·科尼·巴雷特软禁在家

You can't make this up,folks.They know years in advance what they're going to do—if not decades.


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Google recently had an operating system called GrapheneOS.

最近推出了一款名为 GrapheneOS 的操作系统。

2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

As we pointed out,they say one thing,then do another.They lie,reverse,circle back,contradict,and lie to cover the lies.And Canadians just keep going along.


INSANITY AT WORK:Travel barriers for those who mix and match vaccines:YOU AREN'T FULLY VACCINATED 


Canada Prohibits All Vaxxed Pilots From Flying The Corona Vax Is A'Medical Trial'And Such'Vaccinations'Are Ruled To Ground All Pilots 

加拿大禁止所有使用 疫苗的飞行员驾驶 Corona Vax 是一次"医学试验",所有飞行员禁止使用这种"疫苗"

In Oz it's getting unbelievably extreme.


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

The vermin on our planet are exposed so the snoozers can see what has been going on.These"special people"think they should be able to do whatever they want to us and our children.The world is their playground and they own everything and everyONE.Fortunately,thanks to President Trump,they don't own all the judges any longer.We'll see what happens.


Harvey Weinstein Enters"Not Guilty"Plea In First L.A.Court Appearance For Multiple Rape Charges 


What's really going on in"those tunnels"?See the evidence on Telegram.

"那些隧道"里到底发生了什么?看看 Telegram 上的证据。

2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

Is this what wakes people up?Or does it only sell newspapers and advertising?



Woman,19,stabbed on High Street in front of horrified shoppers as cops flood to the scene 


In a recent video with Richard Mack,Charlie Ward stated that Fauci was nabbed long ago and we've seen multiple photos of Fraudski on the Internet.This is all part of the show.

在最近与 Richard Mack 合作的一个视频中,Charlie Ward Fauci 很久以前就被抓了,我们在网上看到了很多 Fraudski 的照片。这都是表演的一部分。

LT has a new update today.

LT 今天有一个新的更新。

7.21.21:TRUE LEADERS reveal FRAUDCI's FATHER(D)to the world!These people are SICK!Pray!


Only one thing comes to mind when I hear the name Fauci.Goddamn the pusher man.He's a pure evil drug dealer and doesn't care if you live or die.




You know I smoked a lot of grass.

Oh Lord!I popped a lot of pills.

But I've never touched nothin'

That my spirit couldn't kill.

You know I've seen a lot of people walking'round

With tombstones in their eyes.

But the pusher don't care

If you live—or if you die.

God Damn!The pusher.

God Damn!The pusher.

I said God Damn!God damn the pusher man.

You know the dealer,the dealer is a man

With a lump of grass in his hand.

But the pusher is a monster

Not a natural man.

The dealer for a nickel

Goin to sell you lots of sweet dreams.

Ah…but the pusher will ruin your body;

Lord he'll leave your mind to scream.

God Damn!The pusher.

God Damn!God damn the pusher.

I said God Damn!God damn the pusher man.

Well now if I were the president of this land

You know I'd declare total war on the pusher man.

I'd cut him if he stands,and I'd shoot him if he run,

And I'd kill him with my bible,and my razor and my gun….

GOD DAMN!The pusher

God damn the pusher.

I said God damn!God damn the pusher man!




2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球

I need to go and cool off.


To wind down,here's Juan O'Savin's update on the"final lap".Important things to note,here.About 4 min.The rest is up to you.Video at this link.


The question of the day is,"Where's Kamala?"We heard she was off to Walter Reid hospital.I was wondering,"Where's Pence?".We knew they had to set up the clone/double exit at some point.He's shot.Or worse.


Or perhaps we should be asking,"Where's Milley?"I believe that's already been answered by a few patriots.He's been dealt with.


If you like puzzles,Mr.Pool has posted some intriguing images on Twitter.

如果你喜欢拼图,Pool 先生在 Twitter 上发布了一些有趣的图片。

Stay safe everyone and thank you for all the shares.There's so much fascinating information out there now.~BP


2021年7月21日:保守的声音和真相被禁止,甚至在 Telegram 上|星际飞船地球



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