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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

July 22,2021 2021722


We made it over another hump day but it doesn't feel like the week(or the war)is winding down in the least.The activity on our planet is off the charts.It seems the war is amping up and it's time for the pain.I say,Woo-hoo!Let's do this!I've lashed myself to the main mast so I'm not going anywhere as long as I have connectivity.


If you want to know what's going on today,I suggest you find a source like Telegram that has a stream of intel and updates because stories are breaking by the moment and I don't know how long sites like ours will be online.Impossible to say at this point.I've experienced slow functioning and other anomalies today and yesterday.It might end there,or it could get worse.They might leave us alone because our readership is relatively small.

如果你想知道今天发生了什么,我建议你找一个像 Telegram 这样的网站,它有一连串的情报和更新,因为每时每刻都有新闻爆出,我不知道像我们这样的网站还能在线多久。现在还不好说。今天和昨天,我经历了运转缓慢和其他异常情况。它可能就此结束,也可能变得更糟。他们可能会放过我们,因为我们的读者人数相对较少。

I believe this was yesterday.



Added perspective for the above from theQmap:[in the beginning…beforeQwas Q]



Nov 02,2017 3:01:46 AM EDT

20171123:01:46 AM EDT

Anonymous 匿名 ID:pGukiFmX No.147591663 147591663

These crumbs are not meant to scare anyone but merely inform.Resistance will be dealt with swiftly.The core focus is removing entrenched and fortified bad actors within our federal govt(past and present)as well as others.Simply be diligent–phone numbers will be provided if you witness an uprising or other domestic violence(in addition to 911).Any military seen is for your protection as well as to demonstrate our resolve.Watch for confirmations tomorrow.



Who…is Q?See the video at the end of this post from Jetson White.

谁是 q?请看杰特森·怀特这篇文章末尾的视频。

Massive outages and censorship are the mark of this information war.


You can check DownDetector.com if you're having issues with any of your services and websites.Having said that,I see Nicholas Veniamin has posted this scrolling list from DownDetector of sites affected by outages.Link to Telegram.

如果你的服务和网站出现问题,你可以查看 google downdetector.com。话虽如此,我看到 Nicholas Veniamin DownDetector 上发布了这个受宕机影响的网站的滚动列表。链接到 Telegram

How's this for logic?Link to Telegram.

这个逻辑怎么样?链接到 Telegram

Yeah,we know someone with a dead man's switch.What if it's not only John McAffee's data that will be released?What if it's more?

我们知道有人有开关。如果不仅仅是 John mccaffee 的数据会被发布呢?如果不止这些呢?


They're wasting their time because nothing can stop what is coming.


The enemy is desperate to hide the truth of their election crimes and the information war is in full swing. Link to Telegram.

敌人拼命隐瞒他们选举罪行的真相,信息战正在全面展开。链接到 Telegram

Twitter temporarily SUSPENDS the"VoterGA"account,that allegedly'exposed'thousands of fraudulent Biden votes in the Georgia 2020 elections.


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RT reports:Link to Telegram.


Reports of German news websites going OFFLINE–including Stern,Bild:


"Huge disruption:Many German websites cannot be reached–FOCUS Online also affected,"Focus posted on Twitter

"巨大的干扰:许多德国网站无法联系——FOCUS Online 也受到了影响,"FOCUS Twitter 上发帖称

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At least 24,000 websites are down worldwide. There appears to be a major DNS, or Domain Name System failure that began shortly after 1100ET. DNS acts as the phone of the internet, translating names of websites into IP addresses.

Dutch banking,news websites down as part of global disruption 


Dozens of hugely popular websites have been knocked offline.

BREAKING!United States:Several communication,financial,and transportation software outages reported through America


Outages being reported include:

–AT&T(911 system)

–US Bank

–Chase Bank


–Capital One

–American Express


–Southwest Airlines



DAHB0077 reports…


At least 30,000 websites are down worldwide.There appears to be a major DNS,or Domain Name System failure that began shortly after 1100ET.DNS acts as the phone directory of the internet,translating names of websites into IP addresses.

全世界至少有3万个网站瘫痪。似乎有一个主要的 DNS,或域名系统故障开始后不久1100ETDNS 作为互联网的电话目录,将网站名称转换为 IP 地址。

Heads Up!Massive DNS Failure Takes Over 30,0000 Websites Offline 

注意!大规模 DNS 失效导致30,000多个网站离线

It's definitely been a"Boom week".More today.


Natural gas pipeline explodes in Ellsworth County,Kansas,after gas leak 


To date,five presidents of foreign nations have been assassinated because they made it clear the killer vaxxxine would never be accepted in their country,and attempts to take out two more leaders have failed;we assume for the same or similar reasons.Link to Telegram.

到目前为止,已经有五位外国总统被暗杀,因为他们清楚地表明杀手疫苗在他们的国家永远不会被接受,而且试图再除掉两位领导人的努力都失败了;我们假设出于相同或相似的原因。链接到 Telegram


President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar 马达加斯加总统安德里·拉乔利纳

 2021年7月22日:海浪越来越大,准备迎接挑战|星际飞船地球 Plot to ASSASSINATE Madagascar president FOILED–Police arrest 6


The 6,including a foreign national,were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of PLOTTING TO KILL President Andry Rajoelina,after months of investigation,officials said.


How far the plot had advanced,and its extent were not disclosed.


The failed assassination attempt announcement comes just days after 2 men attacked Mali's interim president(https://t.me/rtintl/8540)Assimi Goita with a knife at a mosque–the attempt on his life also unsuccessful.

就在企图谋杀宣布失败的几天前,2名男子在一座清真寺用刀袭击了马里临时总统 Assimi Goita,企图刺杀他的 https://t.me/rtintl/8540也没有成功。

Might that plot have had anything to do with this?



Artemesia'silver mound' 阿耳特米西亚'银丘'

Madagascar president launches coronavirus'remedy'


I used to grow Artemesia'silver mound'in my Toronto garden,unaware it had medicinal properties.Same with Nigella which gives us Black Seed or Black Cumin.Such beautiful plants with hidden gifts.We will probably go back to this kind of self-care and healing and have"medicine men"and shamans instead of MDs and psychiatrists pushing drugs.

我过去常常在我多伦多的花园里种植 Artemesia'silver mound',不知道它有药用价值。同样的黑种草给我们黑种子或黑孜然。如此美丽的植物隐藏着天赋。我们可能会回到这种自我照顾和治疗,并有"巫医"和萨满,而不是医生和精神病医生推销药物。


Nigella'sativa' 美国黑种草

Remember Zach Vorhies the Google whistleblower?Well,of course they censor health and healing.They promote their disinformation sites to the top of the search results to brainwash the public so they can continue to make disgusting profits off their cancer industry.Link to Telegram.

还记得谷歌告密者扎克·沃尔西吗?他们当然会审查健康和治疗。他们把自己的虚假信息网站放在搜索结果的首位,向公众洗脑,这样他们就可以继续从癌症产业中赚取令人作呕的利润。链接到 Telegram

Google whistleblower,Zach Vorhies says that Google/YouTube has blacklists censoring CURES FOR CANCER.

谷歌告密者扎克·沃尔希称谷歌/YouTube 已经将治疗癌症的方法列入黑名单。

Whoa 2021年7月22日:海浪越来越大,准备迎接挑战|星际飞船地球

He also went on to explain that they were also censoring any information that showed the Vegas shooter(Stephen Paddock)was a Democrat,when in fact he was anti-Trump.

他还解释说,他们也在审查任何显示拉斯维加斯枪手(斯蒂芬·帕多克[Stephen Paddock])是民主党人的信息,而实际上他是反特朗普的。

The Washington compost is suggesting we are testing too many people without symptoms.Bingo!What did I say right after the scamdemic broke out in early 2020 when they were touting millions of"cases"?I said,"stop testing!"I've never stopped hollering"stop testing".Almost no one I heard about through friends got sick.No one I know was sick.It's the flu.If you can't breathe go to a doctor who will give you Ivermectin,Hydroxychloroquine,Zinc,the tested products to relieve malarial-type conditions.Stay away from hospitals.


Vaxxxines,however,are bad news and have had horrible negative side-effects for thousands of people.This jab for the Wu Flu is not a"vaccine";has never been tested on Humans,is not FDA-approved,and is having catastrophic effects on thousands of people worldwide.AND—the ones getting hospitalized with the Kung Flu got the jab.

然而,疫苗是一个坏消息,对成千上万的人产生了可怕的负面影响。这种针对吴流感的疫苗不是"疫苗",从未在人类身上试验过,也没有得到 fda 的批准,而且正在对全世界数以千计的人产生灾难性的影响。和ーー那些因为宫流感住院的人接种了疫苗。

We are testing too many vaccinated people who lack covid symptoms 


If you don't have symptoms you're not sick.It's that simple.It's pure logic.Who goes to the doctor to find out if they have a bacteria,yeast,or viral infection if they have no symptoms?The doctor needs to know symptoms to diagnose you.If you don't have any he'll kick you out or refer you to a psychiatrist.


There is no such thing as a disease with no symptoms.Just stop the insanity.Stay out of the medical system entirely unless you're seriously ill.The PCR tests themselves have been shown to be very questionable in their safety and they CANNOT test for a pathogen,says the Nobel prize-winning doctor who created the test;Dr.Kary Mullis—who mysteriously died of pneumonia,they say,just prior to the outbreak of the scamdemic.What a coincidence.

没有一种疾病是没有症状的。别再胡思乱想了。除非你病得很重,否则完全远离医疗系统。这项 PCR 检测本身的安全性已经被证明是非常值得怀疑的,它们不能检测出病原体,这位诺贝尔奖获得者说,他是这项检测的发明者;他们说,就在流行病爆发之前,Kary mullis 医生莫名其妙地死于肺炎。真是巧啊。

Some say the test has been outright weaponized.I wouldn't ever get the test,never mind an injection.There are a million ways to carry out their population reduction agenda and we don't know the half of them.


The best we can do is protect and fortify our immune systems and detox,detox,detox.Good stuff in,bad stuff out.Got it?There's your"easy button".


And that goes for toxic thoughts,too.Purge them from your mind and think positive.Do not entertain negativity and fear.It will eat you up and spit you out.



You can even make your own hydroxychloroquine from grapefruits and lemons.



We're getting their drastically accelerated plan unfolding for the masses to see—and they're seeing it.Watch the video of Charlie Kirk with Tucker Carlson on Telegram.Need we say more?THE MEDIA IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE."Accidentally".


Charlie Kirk was accidentally sent an email from CNN with this week's talking points about"punishing the vaccinated."

查理·柯克意外地收到了一封来自 CNN 的电子邮件,其中提到了本周关于"惩罚接种疫苗的人"的谈话要点

All MSM gets the same talking points&that's why they all say the exact same lies.

所有的 MSM 都有相同的话题&这就是为什么他们都说完全相同的谎言。

Here's LT's update for today from And We Know.

这里是 LT 今天的更新,来自我们知道。

7.22.21:BUYDEN admits to all what THEY(the DEMONIC)do???7.22.21:BUYDEN

承认他们(恶魔)所做的一切?J@B 杰克逊的一个朋友,一个朋友 push on MSM?PRAY!推向 MSM?祈祷吧

Take a look at these Freedom rallies.All over the world!Link to Telegram to see larger and in more detail.The Great Awakening!

看看这些自由集会吧。遍布全世界!链接到 Telegram 可以看到更大更详细的内容。大觉醒!

Are you going to sit on the sidelines and watch—or participate?



I heard Ron/CodeMonkeyZ is back on Telegram but I haven't had time to look at the reason for his reinstatement.Others are posting the research and material he is dropping on Gab about Pegasus.

我听说 Ron/CodeMonkeyZ 回到了 Telegram,但是我还没有时间去看看他复职的原因。其他人正在张贴的研究和材料,他是在加布关于飞马。

General Flynn comes up,and WhipLash347 has this to say:


Flynn knows where the bodies are buried via Pegasus.


Remember,intelligence is BOTH sides of the coin.


He knew what they were going to use Pegasus for—Spying on Americans for political gain illegally under the guise of the FISA courts.

他知道他们要利用帕伽索斯公司来获取什么—— FISA 法院为幌子非法监视美国人以获取政治利益。

They used Pegasus against him and he knew that was coming,that is why he used an a cell phone(open sourced call)which allowed Pegasus access to illegally spy on him and his phone call.


Flynn allowed the setup to occur to lay the frame work for us to SEE.We SAW what they did to him and to Trump and everyone else.


Sometimes you have to SHOW the public.


Flynn made himself the bait.We thank you for your service sir o7.

弗林自己做的诱饵。我们感谢你的服务,先生 o7

They are really after us,Trump is just in the way.


My thinking here that using the 3 jump rule that the FISA courts allowed would be applied to anyone in contact with those being spied on.

我在这里的想法是,使用 FISA 法院允许的3跳规则将适用于任何与被监视者有接触的人。

Let's think social media;does a retweet count?Are we being surveilled via Pegasus?



French President Macron sliming the hand of First Lady Melania Trump


It seems the rats are scurrying again.Link to Telegram.

似乎老鼠又开始乱窜了。链接 Telegram

Got Your Number,Monsieur!Macron EMERGENCY cybersecurity meeting as Pegasus snooping fears prompt phone change


French President Emmanuel Macron is weighing up government action in light of allegations that Pegasus software was used to hack into his mobile.


Macron has changed his phone and number–which he reportedly regularly does anyway–and is"taking the matter very seriously"according to a govt spox.


Le Monde had reported that Morocco may have snooped on his phone and 15 ministers back in 2019,a claim denied by Pegasus developers NSO.

法国《世界报》曾报道,摩洛哥可能在2019年窃听了他的手机和15位部长的电话,但帕伽索斯的开发商 NSO 否认了这一说法。

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Miracles happen every day.Link to Telegram.

奇迹每天都在发生。链接到 Telegram

Liberian RESCUE…after 49 HOURS in Sea!


Non-profit sea rescuers have saved one man after more than TWO DAYS in the sea when a Liberian-registered vessel sank off the coast–despite being under a detention order for not meeting safety regs.


Some of the 11 members rescued–allegedly including a Chinese national and a Swedish captain–in the initial 36-hour search claimed there were up to 28 passengers on the Niko Ivanka.


The ship's Chinese owner has been ARRESTED as investigations continue into how it was able to travel from the capital Monrovia last Saturday,and why there were more on board than the 18 stated on the manifest.


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We hope the people of Turkey are staying safe in the flooding near the Black Sea.Wow.Link to Telegram.

我们希望土耳其人民在黑海附近的洪水中安全生活。哇。链接到 Telegram

NEW - Heavy downpours trigger severe flooding in parts of Turkey.pic.twitter.com/B0TQf1mnee


Richard Citizen Journalist reports from Washington:Link to Telegram.


I've been in touch with people in Washington yesterday and all night about this UN vehicle thing.Told them where to look etc.None of them have seen anything.So I'd say they aren't there.Seeing is believing and no one can find them.


Michael Jaco did a rundown on some of the key stories we're watching.When he says"the spa"he means Gitmo(Guantanamo Bay prison)in Cuba.He has an interesting take on the UN vehicles spotted at the APOTEX HCQ manufacturing facility in Toronto.

迈克尔·杰克做了一个关于我们正在看的一些重要报道的纲要。当他说"spa"时,他指的是 Gitmo-LRB-Guantanamo Bay 监狱)。他对于在多伦多 APOTEX HCQ 制造厂发现的联合国车辆有一个有趣的看法。

I found this article.Haven't looked into it.Could be a red herring or a coverup,or could be true.


This would have been true a few years ago,when Apotex did in fact use the location as part of its operations—well before the warehouse was taken over by a company called INKAS,which literally manufactures armoured vehicles for banks,law enforcement agencies and other global clients.

若在几年前,这种情况就会发生,当时 Apotex 确实将这个地点作为其业务的一部分,远在该仓库被一家名为 incas 的公司接管之前。incas 实际上是为银行、执法机构和其他全球客户生产装甲车的公司。

Mike also says some very dark days lie ahead before the good stuff arrives.It seems like he,Scott Kesterson of BardsFM and Mike Adams of Natural News are all on the same page about how terrible it's going to be in the near future.

迈克还说,在好东西到来之前,还有一些非常黑暗的日子。看起来他、BardsFM 的斯科特·凯斯特森和自然新闻的迈克·亚当斯都同意在不久的将来情况会有多糟糕。

Juan O'Savin is saying it's going to look bad but we will triumph over the dark with the assistance of"divine intervention"of some kind.I would just say be prepared for anything as best you can.We'll get through it,whatever"it"is.Like they say,"What doesn't kill us will make us stronger"and Humanity will weather this storm because we have legions of higher Beings on our side and this is our time.50 min.

胡安 o'savin 说这看起来很糟糕,但是我们将在某种 Divine Intervention的帮助下战胜黑暗。我只想说,尽你所能做好一切准备。我们会熬过去的不管是什么。就像他们说的,"杀不死我们的东西会让我们更强大",人类会经受住这场风暴,因为我们有众多更高级的存在在我们这边,这是我们的时代。50分钟。

Military involvement coming.I outline the reasons.Every shift in consciousness has had a struggle.


Yes,the satanic psychopaths planned for food shortages.Any farmer who sold out for cash to destroy crops is a traitor and should go to prison.


Romana Didulo states the following:


It was brought to my attention late last night that#certain Farmers/Farms are plowing over their crops…


Intentionally destroying their crops?


I have one message for you.


The We The People of Canada is Queen Romana's silent Army–they will be visiting your Farms at random to check and make sure you are not destroying your crops purposely.


They will take pictures and videos and send it to me…


And,IF,proven true…I will confiscate your Farms and give it to another Canadian Farmer to Farm.


While,I charge you with crimes against humanity for purposely destroying your crops thus intentionally creating food shortage.


Are we clear?




Their desperation and fear is palpable.They will try to make us look bad and accuse us of doing what they do.They ARE liars,cheats,and bullies.


 Urgent attention


I want to address an issue I've been made aware of this morning.The commissioners in Tioga County are receiving death threats.We never ever would condone violence and we would never advocate for that.That is a bullying tactic that no one from Audit the vote PA would ever use.We know emotions are high and this is a very important subject,but we will do things constitutionally and peacefully and ask anyone associated with us do the same.

我想谈谈今天早上我注意到的一个问题。驻泰奥加县的专员们收到了死亡威胁。我们永远不会宽恕暴力,我们也永远不会提倡暴力。这是一种欺凌弱小的策略,任何来自 Audit the vote PA 的人都不会使用。我们知道情绪高涨,这是一个非常重要的问题,但我们会本质地、和平地做事,并要求任何与我们有关的人也这样做。

Toni,Jamie,and I have been saying from the beginning we are to do this constitutionally and peacefully…And we intend to do it that way the entire process.


Thank you,

Karen Taylor


Controversial Pennsylvania Voting Machines Just Got Decertified 



If you're as impressed with Dr.Reiner Fuellmich as I am,you might want to watch this video of excerpts from an interview he did.He and Dr.David Martin are two of our fiercest and most skilled warriors and I could listen to them all day.The Reiner video is at the link below.19 min.

如果你和我一样对 Reiner Fuellmich 博士印象深刻,你可能会想看看这段他采访的视频。他和大卫·马丁博士是我们最勇猛、最熟练的战士,我可以整天听他们的演讲。雷纳视频在下面的链接。19分钟。

"They are making so many mistakes,we are close to the tipping point 


The legacy media is making a lot of mistakes and the People are not staying quiet any longer.In France,they chased the CNN-equivalents out of their protest.Link to Telegram.

传统媒体犯了很多错误,人们不再保持沉默。在法国,他们驱赶那些 cnn 等价物,使其不再抗议。链接到 Telegram

"Collabos!":a team of BFMTV(French CNN)journalists is driven out of the rally against the health pass in front of the Senate.The channel is criticized for its coverage of last Saturday's protests.

"勾心斗角!"当前位置一队 BFMTV(法国有线电视新闻网)的记者被赶出参议院前反对医疗保健通行证的集会。该频道因报道上周六的抗议活动而受到批评。

 2021年7月22日:海浪越来越大,准备迎接挑战|星际飞船地球 "Collabos!":une équipe de journalistes de BFMTV est chassée du rassemblement contre le pass sanitaire devant le Sénat.La chaîne est critiquée pour sa couverture des manifestations de samedi dernier.

"勾心斗角!"当前位置:一位 BFMTV 新闻记者正在联合反对卫生保健法案的通过。这种批评是为了表现时间的短暂。

The media is key in brainwashing and programming the masses.We know that.Here's some chatter about the media psychopaths.Is it easier to see now why they are on board with what they're doing and don't even consider they are unconstitutional,hateful,biased,unlawful,cheating,lying,or any other descriptive for what they do every day?They don't look at it as betraying us because they're not one of us,they're on the other side.


Don Jr points out the Clown infiltrated  Mockingbird Media.


Q47 is ISIS Isis Chaverri of the Red Cross?She got her start in the  media in 1992.

"Infiltration instead of invasion~Q"

47是红十字会的 ISIS Chaverri 吗?她在1992年开始从事媒体工作。"以渗透代替入侵~q"

Q3954 whenQsays missing…do they mean that these people were originally missing children abducted by the 2021年7月22日:海浪越来越大,准备迎接挑战|星际飞船地球[C]lowns[I]n[A]merica and MK Ultra'd to be Media?

Q3954Q说失踪...他们是否意味着这些人最初是失踪的儿童被[c]lowns[i]n[a]merica MK Ultra 将成为媒体?


Big Tech is going down.They are everyone's enemy.Link to Telegram.

大科技公司正在走下坡路。他们是每个人的敌人。链接到 Telegram

Russia FINES Twitter for Failing to Remove Content…Again(Report)


A Moscow court has ruled social media giant Twitter must PAY UP after allegedly failing to remove content deemed illegal by Russian law,handing down a$75k fine.(Tass)

莫斯科一家法院裁定社交媒体巨头 Twitter 必须支付罚款,因为据称 Twitter 未能删除俄罗斯法律认定为非法的内容,并处以7.5万美元的罚款。(塔斯社)

This is the latest in the standoff between Russia and Big Tech,as tests to remove Russia's internet presence from the worldwide web were confirmed as successful this week.


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We have learned more about what is happening in Cuba and why.It may have been a spontaneous case of the Hundredth Monkey effect.These people deserve to be freed.It's been too long.An insider tells us from their perspective on social media.


What Is Happening in Cuba?What We Know.What We Suspect.What We Hope.



Did you hear anyone giving Texas Governor Greg Abbott a hard time over the gate on the Mexican border?"Why did you open the gate,Governor?"Why would you do that?It wasn't Abbott himself,obviously,but the Texas authorities.


NEW: Another group of migrants has just been walked through the border gate into the U.S. here in Del Rio, TX. Most of the group is from Haiti. Some of the single adult men you see waiting in the back tell me they're from Senegal, a country in West Africa.

Here's some additional info.Link to Telegram.




Look at the bracelets…


NOW–More and more groups of migrants pass the US-Mexico border in Del Rio,Texas."It's non-stop,"according to the correspondent Bill Melugin.

看看这些手镯越来越多的移民经过德克萨斯州德尔里奥的美墨边界。据记者比尔·梅卢金(Bill Melugin)报道,"这是一场不停歇的比赛。"


Whatever we have to go through,it is for the children.No children…no future…no Human race.Video at the link.Link to Telegram.

不管我们要经历什么,都是为了孩子们。没有孩子,没有未来,没有人类。链接中的视频。链接到 Telegram


Lin Wood Speaks Truth-Final#7(because I don't like to end on 6)


–The little children 2021年7月22日:海浪越来越大,准备迎接挑战|星际飞船地球

–How many millions of little children,are being sexually molested,their body parts sacrificed and eaten,and their blood being used for Adrenochrome?

–The battle we face is between God&the Devil,it's not about the flesh&blood.

–God loves his children.

–The devil is killing Gods children

–Child sex trafficking/human trafficking is the pandemic.

–Not covid.Covid's fake.Covid is the flu.

–Fauci is guilty with crimes against humanity

–The people that attended the fake inauguration,on a sunny day when it was really cloudy,are guilty of treason!

–The Super Bowl&other major sporting events are used to sexually molest children.

–We're going to get the devil out of our country

-小孩子们-有多少百万的小孩子,被性侵犯,他们的身体部位被牺牲和吃掉,他们的血液被用来制造肾上腺素红?-我们面对的是上帝和魔鬼之间的战斗,与血肉无关。上帝爱他的孩子。-魔鬼正在杀死上帝的孩子-儿童性交易/人口贩卖是流行病。不是因为CovidCovid是假的。Covid 是流感。-福奇犯有反人类罪-那些在晴朗多云的日子参加假就职典礼的人犯有叛国罪!超级碗和其他重大体育赛事被用来对儿童进行性骚扰。我们要把魔鬼赶出我们的国家




Edmonton troops deploying to B.C.wildfires will arrive'ready to go,'defence minister says 


I would go so far as to say that NOTHING is as it appears and if you're not open-minded you're missing most of the"show".


Before you decide you know exactly what is going on within this reality,you'll want to see the new Jetson White video.Wow.Just wow.

在你决定你确切地知道在这个现实中发生了什么之前,你会想要看看新的 Jetson White 视频。哇。只是哇哦。


A little background:Jetson proposes that we are stuck in the"Upside-Down Game"in this construct,designed to provide spiritual development and ultimately advancement for our souls.The rest of the story and the details are mind-blowing confirmation of many things.7 min.


The Story of the Ankh Star-Ep2 


There is so much serious stuff to share,but we need to keep it light so take a couple of seconds if you can to see this Jerry Nadler chuckle on Telegram.[Not while you're eating.]


And with that I will sign off for now.It's darn hot up here.Hopefully A/C will be restored this afternoon.~BP





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