X22报道|第2673集 : 美联储最终将不复存在,特朗普拥有一切

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[ DS ]已经失去了关于这场流行病的叙述。大流行现在即将结束,这并不意味着他们不会继续推动疫苗及其控制。但最终人民会看到真相。

X22报道|第2673集 : 美联储最终将不复存在,特朗普拥有一切

Ep. 2673a – The People Know Who Is Responsible, In The End The [DS]/[CB] Will Cease To Exist

Ep. 2673a-人们知道谁应该为此负责,最终[ DS ]/[ CB ]将不复存在

Ep. 2673b – Trump Has Everything, Pandemic Countered, Truth Is Mind Blowing, Cannot Fully Be Exposed

Ep. 2673b –特朗普拥有一切,大流行反击,真相令人兴奋,不能完全暴露



The people are now noticing that there are problems with the economy. People are now reporting that there are empty shelves in the supermarkets and this problem is widespread. 68% of the people say the economy is now their main concern. Turkey is now forcing exporters to trade in other currencies for lira.

人们现在注意到经济有问题。人们现在报告说超市里有空货架,这个问题很普遍。68% 的人认为经济是他们现在最关心的问题。土耳其现在正迫使出口商用其他货币换取里拉。


The [DS] has lost the narrative on the pandemic. The pandemic is now coming to an end, this doesn’t mean they won’t continue to push the vaccines and their control. But in the end the people will see the truth. The fake news is already reporting that the people are tuning out and they are no longer listening, they have lost the narrative and they know it. This is an information war and the puppet masters have lost control of it. Trump is ready to take the bull horn and control the flow of information for the next phase. The truth is mind blowing but cannot be fully exposed, the patriots have it all. 

[ DS ]已经失去了关于这场流行病的叙述。大流行现在即将结束,这并不意味着他们不会继续推动疫苗及其控制。但最终人民会看到真相。假新闻已经在报道,人们正在关闭,他们不再听,他们已经失去了叙事,他们知道它。这是一场信息战争,傀儡主人已经失去了对它的控制。特朗普已经准备好在下一个阶段发号施令,控制信息流。真相令人震惊,但不能完全暴露,爱国者拥有一切。


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