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Here is a rather belated update, but things go as they go. In the past in order to run the risk of getting robbed (at least for those of us who live in a civilized country) you would have to walk through Backstabber Alley in the center of Sin City in the dead of night and you might just be unlucky, nowadays you just go to a large chain supermarket store in broad daylight and it's as if you have holes in your pocket if you don't pay close attention to the prices of products. Nobody blinks an eye anymore if a price is 10% up from a mere half year ago, but some items in supermarkets are up 25% or more since the beginning of this year. Especially dairy products are extreme now, as if there is a giant black hole sucking up half the milk being produced. Then you go to a small independent shop and you would expect to see the same trend, but no, usually most prices there are hardly changed from what they used to be. Typical, isn't it? Whole supply chains are being manipulated in major ways. Anyhow, I adjust my shopping and consumption pattern to the new reality and try to deal with it flexibly. Buying directly from farmers is getting more and more attractive.


In the second quarter of 2022 Loretta Lynch, Anthony Fauci, Thomas Vilsack, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Dillon and Michael Sussmann have been executed for treason and other serious crimes against the people according to Real Raw News. I recently heard about what looks like a reliable well connected source in the legal world stating that Klaus Schwab has also been arrested, but I don't know any details. The White Hats in Europe are much less visible than in the US and I'm not quite sure if it is because they are operating more stealthily, if there just isn't a channel such as Real Raw News that is reporting news from the European counterparts of general Michael Flynn, David H. Berger and the like or if they are just not doing as much. Nevertheless changes are also happening in Europe, Angela "Wir schaffen das" Merkel is out of the picture and now Boris Johnson can pack up and leave and the same seems to apply to Mario Draghi with his cold blooded reptile eyes. I am not allergic to Boris, I think he is in the grey (identifying with the system and kind of believing the lies of the medical cartel, but not really evil), any day longer however that Mario Draghi and Emmanuel Macron are in office is one too many.

2022年第二季度,洛丽塔 · 林奇、安东尼 · 福奇、托马斯 · 维尔萨克、亚历克 · 鲍德温、詹妮弗 · 狄龙和迈克尔 · 苏斯曼因叛国罪和其他针对人民的严重罪行被处决。我最近听说法律界有个可靠的消息来源说 克劳斯 · 施瓦布也被捕了,但我不知道任何细节。与美国相比,欧洲的“白帽子”(White Hats)组织的曝光率要低得多。我不太确定这是否是因为他们的运作更加隐秘,是因为没有像 Real Raw News 这样的频道报道迈克尔•弗林(Michael Flynn)、大卫• h •伯杰(David h. Berger)等欧洲同行的新闻,还是因为他们做得不够多。尽管如此,欧洲也在发生变化,安吉拉 · 默克尔已经出局,现在鲍里斯 · 约翰逊可以收拾行李离开了,马里奥 · 德拉吉那双冷血的爬行动物般的眼睛似乎也是如此。我不是对鲍里斯过敏,我认为他是灰色的(认同体制,相信医药卡特尔的谎言,但不是真正的邪恶) ,任何一天,马里奥 · 德拉吉和埃马纽埃尔 · 马克龙在办公室是一个太多了。

There are now so many issues and problems at play in society on local, national and global scales that it is too much for me to address them all, most that I can do right now is to call out the world leaders as failing to really solve the issues at play and even in part deliberately causing them in the first place. We basically need a modern day equivalent of Martin Luther who in 1517 wrote a letter to archbishop Albrecht von Brandenburg of the Roman-German empire about the materialization of invented religious debts (in other words making people pay gold to cancel out their so called sins) wherein the Catholic Church prostituted itself. Someone who says: enough is enough of this bullshit and gross mismanagement, I recall any authority that I ever recognized in you. I would say 80% of politicians start out with good intentions but due to the corrupt nature of the system, their own weakness of character and spiritual immaturity, their soul contracts and implants and the very real pressures that the dark forces put on them they go off track and gradually become the very same thing they originally set out to fight. A planet, any planet, needs to be led and guided by the wisest of peoples but that is most clearly not how things are being done on planet Earth.


The current reality that we are experiencing is therefore a strange and at times surreal mixture of cleanup and upliftment, shedding of old garbage and continued tribulations spawned by the framework of the Cabal that is still in operation and looking to mentally, emotionally and financially cripple the masses in order to pull off the Great Reset and eventually introduce the centralized World Government.

因此,我们目前正在经历的现实是一种奇怪的、有时甚至是超现实的混合体: 清理和提升、丢弃旧垃圾,以及仍在运作的阴谋集团框架所引发的持续苦难,阴谋集团企图在精神上、情感上和经济上削弱大众,以便实现大复位,并最终建立中央集权的世界政府。

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