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9D大角星理事会|扬升需要更少的狩猎,更多的宽容"Greetings.We are the Arcturian Council.We are pleased to connect with all of you.


We have been integrating so much since the beginning of your calendar year.We are still ascending back into Source,and therefore,we also have integrating to do.We actually are learning from all of you about the darkness in the universe.We are able to integrate through forgiveness the darkness that exists in this universe,and we are able to forgive on your behalf.When we see an injustice there on Earth,we can offer forgiveness to the ones who are playing the role of the dark beings.And once we integrate that aspect of ourselves,we have a non-physical leg to stand on when we ask you to do the same.


There is a lot of hunting going on at this time on Earth,and those who are hunting are looking for bad guys.Now we are talking about this in both a literal and a metaphorical sense.Many who are looking,hunting,scouring the Earth for people who are responsible for all of the bad deeds,are doing so from their homes,and they are doing so because of injustices that are real and some that are imagined.They are doing so because of persecution experienced in this lifetime and persecution experienced in past lives.


That's the vast majority of you,and once again,we will invite you to forgive those who have hurt you,who are hurting you,who have hurt others,and who are hurting others.Once you do the integration of your own darkness,you not only feel more whole and complete,but you also then will have no further need to create that level of darkness on your world.You will have solved the puzzle.


You will have ascended to the next round,the next level,and as you know,the crimes against humanity that have been exposed are pretty horrific.That means you are doing some serious integration work at this time.The way you do that work is not by finding the bad guys.The way you do that work is by forgiving all who are playing that role of the dark beings on planet Earth and elsewhere in the galaxy.


You can trust that karma will take care of all of the acts that you would call evil,and therefore,you don't have to worry about anyone going unpunished.But as long as you are hanging on to anger,hatred,and resentment,you will keep creating a world where darkness exists.Until you graduate to the next level,you will continue to see these reports of crimes against children and all of humanity.You have your work cut out for you.We are not giving you an easy assignment here,but we are giving you the keys to your evolution and ascension,as we always do.


We are the Arcturian Council,and we have enjoyed connecting with you."


»Source»Channel:Daniel Scranton




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