ECETI 新闻:观察欺诈及其背后的驱动力|James Gilliland

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ECETI 新闻:观察欺诈及其背后的驱动力|James Gilliland


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Observing the Fraud and the Driving Force Behind It


Is anyone else seeing something definitely wrong with this picture.This may very well be all theatrics.Biden was never sent a plane or helicopter no Air Force 1,2,3 zip,he had to come in and go out on a private jet.He was never given the football,the special case with the nuclear codes thank God.The pentagon will not cooperate with him,no intelligence briefings etc.,which obviously would go straight to China.The *c*p brags how they control the highest levels in the American government putting multimillions of dollars in Biden's and other politicians pockets.This is not to mention the Chinese spies,honey traps used to compromise people in power.The entire contingent of troops and officers in DC turned their backs on Bidens motorcade,no salutes.The fences were erected to keep people in not out.If you understood the methods to capture a country the legalities of restoring the original constitution and the Republic this would all make sense.DC is now a prison camp as it should be.The swearing in ceremony was broadcasted in other countries the participants wearing different clothing.The bible according to other investigators had an upside down cross on it,was it a bible or some other satanic book,love to see an investigation into that.


According to sources allegedly Biden did not swear an oath to protect and defend the constitution.That part was left out.Lady Gaga a morally challenged Satanist is an apprentice to Marina Abramovic,known for her satanic spirit cooking ceremonies.Tom Hanks is allegedly known as a Hollywood satanic pedophile and the rest of the cast looked like a remake of Epstein Island.Bidens administration is a who's who of corrupt globalist pedophiles.You could toss an indictment into the air and it could land on anyone of them.Yet America is okay with this?

据消息人士称,拜登并没有宣誓保护和捍卫宪法。这一部分被忽略了。Lady Gaga 是一个在道德上受到挑战的撒旦教徒,她是玛莉娜阿布拉莫维奇的学徒,玛莉娜阿布拉莫维奇以她的撒旦精神烹饪仪式而闻名。汤姆·汉克斯据称是好莱坞的撒旦恋童癖者,其他演员看起来就像是爱泼斯坦岛的翻拍版。拜登政府是腐败的全球恋童癖者的代表人物。你可以把起诉书扔到空中,任何人都有可能被起诉。然而美国却对此无动于衷?

Trump was the most popular president in history,the globalists in 6 countries interfered in the election along with corrupt politicians and the deep state.They switched votes electronically and stuffed the ballots according to the DNI report.A report given to Congress yet they still certified the votes using the excuse of a breech of the Capitol Building upon which they falsely blamed Trump.This gave the corrupt politicians on both sides a way out.


We now know the breech was orchestrated by Antifa and BLM,CNN reporters included.Did you know antifa and BLM donations go directly to Biden?Type unless they took it down it goes directly to Biden.They made their plan public,wear trump hats backward act like the stereotype Trump supporter then create mayhem and destruction.They blamed Trump in a rushed Impeachment without waiting for the evidence.Wait where have we seen this before,impeachments with no evidence presided over by corrupt politicians that never made it through the Senate.These coups were orchestrated by the deep state,the top floor of corrupt agencies with the false narrative driven by mainstream and social media?

我们现在知道这次事件是由Antifa BLM 精心策划的,CNN 记者也是其中之一。你知道反法和 BLM 的捐款直接给了拜登吗?输入,除非他们把它撤下来,否则它会直接给拜登。他们把自己的计划公之于众,把特朗普的帽子戴反了,表现得像特朗普支持者那样刻板,然后制造混乱和破坏。他们在没有等待证据的情况下就匆忙弹劾特朗普。等等,我们以前在哪里见过这种情况,没有证据的弹劾是由腐败的政客主持的,他们从未在参议院获得通过。这些政变是由深层政府精心策划的,腐败机构的顶层,主流媒体和社交媒体推动的虚假叙述?

Officials on the highest levels installed by the global elite in foreign countries have been caught and arrested for interfering in the election.This very well could be construed as an act of war so it was dealt with very quickly.Trump won by a landslide when they closed the polls,only to wake up in the morning to find out Biden won?????Do you think 75+million people are going to be okay with that?How about counties with 120%voter turnout when 60%is normal?Massive spikes for Biden statistically impossible.The voter fraud in the swing states is off the scale,it has been proven despite the pathological liars in the mainstream press and corrupt politicians saying there is no evidence.The corrupt judges never ruled on the evidence tossed the cases out on technicalities.Judge's faces popped up on Epstein Island in the now corrupted Supreme court.


How many people democrats or republicans are okay with their vote not counting,foreign countries controlling your elections,politicians taking bribes in the millions from these hostile foreign countries.An Instagram poll showed 95%of the people believe the elections are corrupt.

有多少人民民主党人或共和党人可以接受他们的选票不计数,外国控制你的选举,政客从这些敌对的国家收受数百万的贿赂。Instagram 的一项民意调查显示,95%的人认为选举是腐败的。

How could a bumbling fool,with a 47 year failed political history,that can't form a meaningful sentence,plagiarizes the speech of Kennedy and others,does not know here he is half the time,who hid in his basement because every time he was in the public his gaffs dropped his poll numbers become president?He has an excellent mental illness defense when justice finally finds its mark.


There were morally challenged frauds,administrations before Trump propped up by the press which ignored damming evidence which would fall under sedition and treason,did we not learn the lesson?Do the pathological liars in the lame stream press and narcissistic dictators of speech in social media both owned by the corporate elite choose your president.Do they choose what you can and cannot say?You can censor and shame me all you want,I am not okay with this.Neither should any American be okay with this.If you are okay with this it only establishes your ignorance and character not ours.Your absence of critical thinking and your moral compass is broken beyond repair.The characters of those who bring up the obvious are censored,assassinated by the ignorant,the socially engineered and morally challenged.Truth has no place to land on their soul.


This is like an amateur B movie with bad acting yet some folks actually think it is all real.It's like a bad dream that when you wake up your still in it.Like all bad dreams they fade away as this will.It has no foundation in truth.One day we will all look back at this and say OMG how could we have been so repeatedly stupid.This is the Marxist playbook used by all dictators before the complete loss of freedom and genocides.Take over the media,accuse others of what you are doing,censor all opposing views,shame,create divisions in cultures,religions and gender,gather a violent mob to do your bidding,"the brown shirts in Nazi Germany",take away any means of people defending themselves.Presto now you have socialism/communism.The tyrannical dictator's choice.After that Freedom is dead.Luckily enough loyal Americans and the military see where this is going.Your president has not given up on you.This is not over by a long shot.Excuse my brutal honesty and bluntness.It is tough love.Quan Yin is known for wrathful compassion.So are wise grandmothers who will tell it like it is,tell you what you need to hear,not what you want to hear.Most see this for what it is,and the characters for who they are.Time to listen to the wise ones.America is the last hope for freedom in the world if she can restore the Republic and clean house.Her example will spread across the world.The entire world is watching.If socialism and communism is the way to go why do so many people want to leave socialistic and communistic countries,why do they dream of coming to America?

这就像一部业余的 b 级电影,表演糟糕,但是有些人却认为这一切都是真的。这就像一个噩梦,当你醒来的时候,你仍然在里面。就像所有的噩梦一样,它们会随着梦境的消失而消失。它没有真理的基础。总有一天,当我们回顾这一切时,我们会说,天啊,我们怎么会一直这么愚蠢。这是所有独裁者在完全失去自由和种族灭绝之前使用的马克思主义剧本。接管媒体,指责别人你在做什么,审查所有反对意见,羞耻,在文化,宗教和性别上制造分歧,聚集一群暴徒听命于你,"纳粹德国的棕色衬衫",剥夺人们保卫自己的一切手段。现在你有了社会主义/共产主义。独裁者的选择。在那之后,自由就死了。幸运的是,足够忠诚的美国人和军队看到了这一切的走向。你们的总统没有放弃你们。这件事远远没有结束。请原谅我残酷的诚实和直率。这是严厉的爱。观音以愤怒的同情心著称。聪明的祖母也是如此,她们会实话实说,告诉你你需要听到的,而不是你想听到的。大多数人看到的是真实的东西,看到的是真实的人物。是时候聆听智者的声音了。如果美国能够重建共和国,清理家园,那么美国就是世界自由的最后希望。她的榜样将传遍全世界。全世界都在看着。如果社会主义和共产主义是前进的方向,为什么这么多人要离开社会主义和共产主义国家,为什么他们梦想来美国?

There is one last thing concerning the shame game.We are called frauds due to getting involved in politics.This is mainly from shills and the left using fake names usually two first names as their identity.They make the same cookie cutter statements.This is not about politics.This is not about being a republican or a democrat.This is about good verses evil and whether we want to be governed by an evil empire that is ancient and global.This goes back to the Phoenicians,the worship of Ball,Baphomet,satanic child sacrificing and trafficking.They have infiltrated governments around the world,change their names some even took Jewish names and hide behind antisemitism.Do we want to live in a world dominated by a morally bankrupt global elite to which so many have sold their souls for fame,power and wealth?

关于羞耻游戏还有最后一件事。由于卷入政治,我们被称为欺诈者。这主要是来自骗子和左派使用假名,通常是两个名字作为他们的身份。他们做出相同的千篇一律的陈述。这与政治无关。这与共和党或民主党无关。这是关于善与恶,以及我们是否想被一个古老而全球化的邪恶帝国统治。这可以追溯到腓尼基人,对 BallBaphomet 的崇拜,撒旦的孩子牺牲和贩卖。他们渗透到世界各地的政府,改变他们的名字,有些甚至用犹太人的名字,躲在反犹太主义的背后。难道我们想生活在一个由道德沦丧的全球精英统治的世界里吗?许多人为了名誉、权力和财富出卖了自己的灵魂?

Make no mistake the Saints,Sages,Ascended Masters and other Spiritually and Technologically Advanced Off Worlders are taking notice and are involved.This is a multidimensional war.Beyond the flesh but including the flesh those in the physical with compromised souls.Do you really think the House of Mary and the Divine feminine are turning a blind eye to what is happening to the children?The logic that this is unspiritual totally evades me.Have people become so spiritually arrogant,narcissistic,absent of heart that they are okay with this.Look up adrenochrome.Does their spiritual ego shelter them from the rest of Creation?Only the ego in denial with vested interest would take such a stand.If you believe this way move to a country that is under their control,a country where there is no freedom of speech,no right to protest,no right to practice your religion,in some cases no right to own anything.If you don't play ball you lose everything,even your food and shelter often both of which is limited.You end up dead or in reeducation camps.Oh,wait is that not what the democrats are calling for?Listen to their words.


We will not be shamed or censored.The truth always finds a way.The more it is suppressed the more it becomes a pressure cooker eventually exploding taking out those trying to suppress it.The heat is on,it is being turned up by forces unstoppable.Resistance to Universal Law best understood as Universal Peace,Brother/Sisterly Love,Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All is futile.The action/reaction or karma along with time are accelerating.We need to shift to service to others,put our resources toward the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth.The simplicity of operating from the heart.There is a Cherokee saying,"If it isn't good for everyone,it isn't good."To the shills and those aligned with the dark hearts,the violent mobs doing their bidding,wait till you see what they have in store for you.When you are no longer necessary or they need to tie up all loose ends.Especially those who know who was really behind all the chaos.You are and have always been expendable.We pray you figure this out and get on the right side of life.Unity and service to others is the answer.Rioting and destruction only validates the stereotypes and plays into the hand of the global elite.Order through Chaos.The Hegelian Dialect,create the problem,generate the fear or reaction,then provide the solution yet that solution is usually very expensive and you lose your freedom.We stand to gain nothing from this message,in truth we stand to lose everything.We believe one on the side of God is the majority.So let's dispense with the nasty comments,character assassinations.It only establishes your ignorance and your character.We know who we serve,clear in our intentions and have no vested interest.We will leave you with one more suggestion,Keep an open mind,loving heart and pure intentions.Look at the inspiration behind your words and deeds.It is not always what it seems to be.We are moving out of a world of opposites where deception,deceit,suppression,and overpowering the many is no longer acceptable.Power is being restored to the individual yet it is up to the individual to educate themselves and use that power wisely.Again what is unfolding now has been foretold in writing and DVDs as far back as 1982.Educate yourself.

我们不会被羞辱或审查。真相总能找到出路。真相越是被压抑,它就越是变成一个压力锅,最终爆炸,消灭那些试图压抑它的人。热量已经开始,它正在被不可阻挡的力量加热。对普世法则的抵制最好理解为普世和平、兄弟姐妹之爱、个人自由和所有人的繁荣都是徒劳的。随着时间的推移,行为/反应或业力正在加速。我们需要转向为他人服务,将我们的资源用于唤醒和治愈人类和地球。发自内心的简单运作。有一句切罗基谚语说:"如果不是对每个人都好,那就不是好事。"对于那些骗子和那些与黑暗势力结盟的人,那些听命于他们的暴徒,等着看他们为你准备了什么。当你不再需要或者他们需要收拾残局的时候。尤其是那些知道谁是这些混乱背后真正的幕后黑手的人。你们一直都是可以牺牲的。我们祈祷你能明白这一点,走上正确的人生道路。团结和为他人服务是答案。暴乱和破坏只能证实这种刻板印象,并且正中全球精英的下怀。混乱中的秩序。黑格尔方言,制造问题,产生恐惧或反应,然后提供解决方案,但这个解决方案通常是非常昂贵的,你失去了你的自由。我们不会从这个信息中得到任何东西,事实上我们会失去一切。我们相信站在上帝一边的人是大多数人。所以,让我们摒弃那些恶毒的评论,人格诽谤。这只会证明你的无知和你的性格。我们知道我们为谁服务,清楚我们的意图,没有既得利益。我们将给你们一个建议,保持开放的心态,爱的心和纯洁的意图。看看你言行背后的灵感。它并不总是看起来那么简单。我们正在走出一个充满对立的世界,在这个世界里,欺骗、欺骗、压制和压倒多数已经不再被接受。权力正在恢复到个人身上,然而,这取决于个人教育自己,明智地使用这种权力。早在1982年,文字和 dvd 就预言了现在正在发生的事情。教育自己。

Be well,


James Gilliland


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