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One strong theme among the citizenry of the world that receives no mainstream media attention is the issue of cell phone towers and the health/environmental threats they pose.There are thousands of peer-reviewed publications in vivo and in vitro that make it quite clear that electromagnetic radiation from our favourite gadgets,wireless devices,as well as the cell phone towers all over the globe are having a biological impact that's a great cause for concern,or at the very least warrant appropriate safety testing before we continue down this path.This is something that has yet to be done.


This is exactly why a few years ago 200 scientists petitioned the United Nations to look deeper into this issue,to no avail.


Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.Effects include increased cancer risk,cellular stress,increase in harmful free radicals,genetic damages,structural and functional changes on the reproductive system,learning and memory deficits,neurological disorders,and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.Damage goes well beyond the human race,as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.(source)


Special note to our followers:Is 5G safe?The 5G Health Summit,a worldwide call to action,features the world's leading independent scientists,doctors and activists in the field.It's going to be very informative and let people know what they can do about it.It's all online,you can sign up and watch it for free here.

特别提醒我们的追随者:5G安全吗?5G 健康峰会,一个世界范围的行动号召,以世界领先的独立科学家,医生和该领域的积极分子为特色。这将是非常有益的,让人们知道他们可以做些什么。这些都是在线的,你可以在这里注册并免费观看。



Human health isn't the only concern.In a  study published in Science of the Total Environment,researchers found,


High-level damage in trees within the vicinity of phone masts.We found out that from the damaged side there was always visual contact to one or more phone mast(s).Statistical analyses demonstrated that the electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers is harmful to trees.Results show that the measurements in the most affected sides of damaged trees(i.e.those that withstand higher radiation levels)are different to all other groups.These results are consistent with the fact that damage inflicted on trees by cellphone towers usually start on one side,extending to the whole tree over time.


This constitutes a danger for trees worldwide.The further deployment of phone masts has to be stopped.Scientific research on trees under the real radio-frequency field conditions must continue.


The study lasted for 9 years and used more than 100 trees.


The field monitoring part of the study was performed in Bamberg and Hallstadt(Germany).Observations and photographic recordings of unusual or unexplainable tree damage were taken along with the measurement of electromagnetic radiation.

这项研究的现场监测部分是在班伯格和 Hallstadt(德国)进行的。观察和摄影记录的不寻常或无法解释的树木损害采取了与测量电磁辐射。

In 2015 measurements of RF-EMF(Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields)were carried out.A polygon spanning both cities was chosen as the study site,where 144 measurements of the radiofrequency of electromagnetic fields were taken at a height of 1.5 m in streets and parks at different locations.By interpolation of the 144 measurement points,we were able to compile an electromagnetic map of the power flux density in Bamberg and Hallstadt.We selected 60 damaged trees,in addition to 30 randomly selected trees and 30 trees in low radiation areas(n=120)in this polygon.

2015年对 RF-EMF(射频电磁场)进行了测量。选择横跨两个城市的一个多边形作为研究地点,在不同地点的街道和公园以1.5米的高度对电磁场的射频进行了144次测量。通过对144个测量点的插值,我们得以编制出班伯格和霍尔施塔特的电磁通量密度图。我们选择了60棵受损树木,此外还随机选择了30棵树木和30棵树木在低辐射区(n120)

The measurements of all trees revealed significant differences between the damaged side facing a phone mast and the opposite side,as well as differences between the exposed side of damaged trees and all other groups of trees in both sides.Thus,we found that side differences in measured values of power flux density corresponded to side differences in damage.The 30 selected trees in low radiation areas(no visual contact to any phone mast and power flux density under 50μW/m2)showed no damage.Statistical analysis demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone masts is harmful for trees.These results are consistent with the fact that damage afflicted on trees by mobile phone towers usually start on one side,extending to the whole tree over time.

所有树木的测量结果显示,受损树木朝向电话桅杆的一侧与另一侧之间存在显著差异,受损树木裸露的一侧与两侧所有其他树种之间也存在显著差异。因此,我们发现功率磁通密度测量值的侧差对应于损伤中的侧差。选择的30棵低辐射地区的树木(对任何电话桅杆无视觉接触,功率通量密度在50 w/m2以下)没有受到损害。统计分析表明,手机天线的电磁辐射对树木是有害的。这些结果与这样一个事实是一致的,即移动电话基站对树木造成的损害通常是从一侧开始的,随着时间的推移会扩展到整棵树。

What's also interesting is that the study points out that natural forms of electromagnetic radiation are not the same and do not have the same impact has unnatural sources of radiation do on plant life.Several researchers have pointed out how this topic has received little attention and these physiological effects are being considered negligible.


The study also concludes that most studies that have addressed the effects of microwaves on animals and plants have documented effects and responses at exposures below limits specified in the electromagnetic radiation exposure guidelines and it is therefore necessary to rethink these guidelines.


Since 2005,on the occasion of medical examinations of sick residents living near mobile phone base stations,changes in nearby trees(crown,leaves,trunk,branches,growth…)were observed at the same time as clinical symptoms in humans occurred.Since 2006 tree damages in the radiation field of mobile phone base stations were documented.


Trees that were in the radio shadow of buildings or of other trees remained healthy,because,the researchers hypothesized,they were protected from the radiation.


The research on EMF's and their environmental impact is quite limited,and studies on humans show that this type of radiation affects biological organisms,especially humans.For example,a paper published in 2018 in Environmental Research titled"Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health"points out that.

对电磁场及其环境影响的研究相当有限,对人类的研究表明,这种类型的辐射影响生物有机体,尤其是人类。例如,2018年发表在《环境研究》(Environmental Research)上的一篇题为"Wi-Fi 对人类健康构成重大威胁"的论文指出

"Repeated Wi-Fi studies show that Wi-Fi causes oxidative stress,sperm/testicular damage,neuropsychiatric effects including EEG changes,apoptosis,cellular DNA damage,endocrine changes,and calcium overload."

"反复的 Wi-Fi 研究表明,Wi-Fi 会导致氧化应激、精子/睾丸损伤、神经精神疾病,包括脑电图变化、细胞凋亡、细胞 DNA 损伤、内分泌变化和钙超载。"

What About 5G?


When it comes to 5G,a study published in 2019 in Frontiers in Public Health is one of many that raises concerns about 5G technology.It points out that"novel 5G technology is being rolled out in several densely populated cities,although potential chronic health or environmental impacts have not been evaluated and are not being followed."It goes on to emphasize that the range and magnitude of potential impacts of 5G technologies are under-researched,although important biological outcomes have been reported with millimeter wavelength exposure.These include oxidative stress and altered gene expression,effects on skin and systemic effects such as on immune function.In vivo studies reporting resonance with human sweat ducts,acceleration of bacterial and viral replication,and other endpoints indicate the potential for novel as well as more commonly recognized biological impacts from this range of frequencies,and highlight the need for research before population-wide continuous exposures."

说到5G2019年发表在《公共健康前沿》上的一项研究是引起人们对5 g 技术担忧的众多研究之一。报告指出,"新颖的5G 技术正在一些人口密集的城市推出,但潜在的慢性健康或环境影响尚未评估,也没有得到跟踪。"报告还强调,虽然已经报告了毫米波辐射的重要生物结果,但对5G 技术潜在影响的范围和规模尚未进行充分研究。这些影响包括氧化应激和基因表达的改变,对皮肤和系统的影响,如免疫功能的影响。体内研究报告与人类汗腺管产生共振,细菌和病毒复制加速,以及其他终点,表明这一频率范围可能产生新的以及更普遍认识到的生物影响,并强调在全人类持续暴露之前需要进行研究。"


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