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锌:治疗冠状病毒It's now looking increasingly clear that zinc may truly be the"silver bullet"for stopping coronavirus infections and ending this global pandemic.This mineral is incredibly affordable,safe and widely available,yet no one in government or media is recommending that people take zinc,since it can't generate the billions in profits found in prescription drugs and vaccines.


This article isn't a self-serving promotion,by the way.We don't have any zinc products to sell.Rather,this article is about helping save lives using nutritional solutions that are available right now.While nothing is yet clinically proven to cure coronavirus—although chloroquine seems promising in several small trials—zinc now appears to be the most promising nutritional substance that could help end this global pandemic and get people back to work so that the economic collapse can be halted.


Chloroquine works hand in hand with zinc,driving zinc into cells


The combination of chloroquine and zinc appears to be especially potent.A study published in PLoS ONE is entitled,"Chloroquine is a Zinc Ionophore,"and it describes how chloroquine drives zinc into cancer cells,making those cells highly vulnerable to apoptosis(cell death of cancer cells).From the study:


Chloroquine enhanced zinc uptake by A2780 cells in a concentration-dependent manner,as assayed using a fluorescent zinc probe.This enhancement was attenuated by TPEN,a high affinity metal-binding compound,indicating the specificity of the zinc uptake.

氯喹以浓度依赖的方式增强 A2780细胞的锌吸收,用荧光锌探针测定。这种增强被一种高亲和力的金属结合化合物 TPEN 减弱,这表明锌摄取的特异性。

Although that study was focused on cancer cells,we also know that zinc blocks coronavirus RNA polymerase activity,which is what the coronavirus uses to replicate.This paper,published in another PLoS journal,specifically talks about"zinc ionophores"blocking the replication of coronavirus in cell cultures:"Zn(2+)inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture."

虽然这项研究的重点是癌细胞,但我们也知道锌阻断了冠状病毒 RNA 聚合酶的活性,而这正是冠状病毒复制的方式。这篇发表在另一期《公共科学图书馆·综合》杂志上的论文,特别谈到了"锌离子载体"阻断了细胞培养中冠状病毒的复制:"Zn(2+)在体外抑制冠状病毒和动脉病毒 RNA 聚合酶活性,锌离子载体阻断了这些病毒在细胞培养中的复制。"

From the abstract of that study:


Increasing the intracellular Zn(2+)concentration with zinc-ionophores like pyrithione(PT)can efficiently impair the replication of a variety of RNA viruses,including poliovirus and influenza virus.For some viruses this effect has been attributed to interference with viral polyprotein processing.In this study we demonstrate that the combination of Zn(2+)and PT at low concentrations(2µM Zn(2+)and 2µM PT)inhibits the replication of SARS-coronavirus(SARS-CoV)and equine arteritis virus(EAV)in cell culture.

吡硫酮(PT)等锌离子载体提高细胞内 Zn(2+)浓度可以有效地抑制多种 RNA 病毒(包括脊髓灰质炎病毒和流感病毒)的复制。对于某些病毒来说,这种效应被归因于对病毒多蛋白处理的干扰。本研究表明,低浓度(2 m Zn(2+)2 m PT)Zn(2+) PT(2 m PT)组合抑制 sars 冠状病毒(SARS-CoV)和马动脉炎病毒(EAV)在细胞培养中的复制。

More specifically,Zn(2+)was found to block the initiation step of EAV RNA synthesis,whereas in the case of the SARS-CoV RdRp elongation was inhibited and template binding reduced.By chelating Zn(2+)with MgEDTA,the inhibitory effect of the divalent cation could be reversed,which provides a novel experimental tool for in vitro studies of the molecular details of nidovirus replication and transcription.

更具体地说,Zn(2+)阻断了 EAV RNA 合成的起始步骤,而在 sars 冠状病毒 RdRp 的延伸被抑制,模板结合减少。用 MgEDTA 螯合 Zn(2+),可逆转二价阳离子的抑制作用,为体外研究 nidovirus 复制和转录的分子细节提供了一种新的实验工具。

So we know that chloroquine+zinc drives the zinc into cells,blocking coronavirus replication.This is published science,not just a random theory.


It is very likely,in our estimation,that most of the people dying from coronavirus are zinc deficient.We need to be testing the zinc levels in blood serum of coronavirus patients so we can gather all relevant data and confirm this pattern.


Symptoms of coronavirus infections almost perfectly mirror symptoms of zinc deficiency


Writing for LewRockwell.com,Bill Sardi writes that all the most prominent signs of COVID-19 almost perfectly mirror symptoms of zinc deficiency.From his article:

在为 lewrockwell 网站撰写的文章中,Bill Sardi 写道,新型冠状病毒最突出的症状几乎完美地反映了锌缺乏的症状。摘自他的文章:

…[M]odern medicine is so steeped in its pharmacy of prescription drugs,with its blinders toward nutritional medicine,that it can't see the obvious evidences of a trace mineral deficiency that results in the same signs and symptoms produced by COVID-19 coronavirus.

现代医学如此沉迷于处方药的药剂学,对营养药物视而不见,以至于看不到明显的微量元素缺乏的证据,导致 COVID-19冠状病毒所产生的相同的症状和体征。

He publishes this list of COVID-19 symptoms vs.symptoms of zinc deficiency:



He further writes:


Dr.James Robb,a pathologist who performed early experiments with coronaviruses back in the 1970s,claims that zinc lozenges are the"silver bullet against coronavirus."

早在20世纪70年代,病理学家詹姆斯·罗布(James Robb)博士就对冠状病毒进行了早期实验,他声称锌锭是"对抗冠状病毒的银弹"

Zinc is required to maintain thymus gland function to produce life-long antibodies from T-memory cells.

锌是维持胸腺功能,产生终身抗体的 t 记忆细胞。

Zinc supplementation in the elderly,the high-risk group of coronavirus Infections,lowers illness markedly.Modern medicine needs to emphasize zinc therapy,especially during epidemics.


In summary,it looks like zinc might be the single most important preventive measure,possibly in combination with chloroquine,to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and get the economies of the world back to work.


And that's why the tech giants(Google,Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,etc.)as well as the corporate-run media will continue to censor all truth about zinc and chloroquine,because they actively hope to spread this pandemic and collapse the global economy.

这就是为什么科技巨头(谷歌、TwitterFacebookYouTube )以及企业运营的媒体将继续审查有关锌和氯喹的所有真相,因为他们积极希望传播这种流行病,使全球经济崩溃。

The best forms of zinc to consume as a dietary supplement are zinc gluconate,picolinate and acetate,by the way.Avoid zinc oxide,as it's almost impossible to absorb.


Beyond manufacturing medical masks and ventilators,we believe President Trump should order emergency production of zinc supplementation,making it widely available(perhaps at zero cost)to the entire population.This could substantially slow the spread of the virus and potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives in the USA alone.


»Source»By Mike Adams

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