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詹姆斯•吉利兰|关于 Covid 疫苗



According to Robert Malone,inventor of the MRNA experimental gene therapy,they intentionally mislead by calling it a vaccine,the jab is very dangerous because of an unforeseen cytotoxic effect of the spike proteins.These spike proteins were expected to stay in the deltoid muscle but are now,according to Stanford Research,found in every organ throughout the body.The experimental gene therapy jabs are causing blood clots in the smaller arteries mainly in the heart,brain and reproductive organs where the spike proteins literally shred blood cells.Dr.Malone also spoke out against the suppression of safe,effective,inexpensive alternatives.


It is plain and simple the inventor of the MRNA experimental gene therapy they call a vaccine said do not ever get the jab.It is very dangerous and can lead to heart attacks,strokes,and other debilitating diseases.This is echoed by front line doctors,researchers and Nobel prize winning scientists around the world.There is not animal testing data available because the animals died and they suppressed it.Dead ferrets don't lie;they died shortly after the jab or when reinfected by other viruses upon which they created a Cytokine storm.They were killed by their own immune system.These same effects are in the future of those who got the jab.


Those who participated in the experimental gene therapy who got the jab will not be covered by insurance,health or life due to the fact they were willing participants in a non FDA approved experimental gene therapy,either by coercion or misinformation.Lawyers have researched this as a fact.Their next move is to appoint a woman by the name of Janet Woodcock as head of FDA to approve the experimental gene therapy who previously approved oxycontin,key ingredient in the opioid epidemic and fentanyl.She is a rubber stamp for big pharma.

那些接受了注射的参与实验性基因疗法的人不会得到保险、健康或终身保险,因为他们是非 FDA 批准的实验性基因疗法的自愿参与者,不管是被强迫还是被误导。律师们已经将此作为一个事实进行了研究。他们的下一步行动是任命一位名叫珍妮特·伍德考克的妇女担任 FDA 负责人,批准先前批准了奥施康定的实验性基因疗法,奥施康定是阿片类药物泛滥的关键成分,也是芬太尼。她是大型制药公司的橡皮图章。

Women,80%who got the jab especially in the first trimester are having miscarriages,female children are having excessive bleeding resulting in sterilization.Does not take a rocket scientist to see how this fits into the depopulation agenda.


According to the vice president and chief scientist at Pfizer,Dr.Michael Yeadon,people taking the jab will die in the next few months to two years,booster shots accelerate the process as well as any subsequent flu shots.He said it is a mass depopulation attempt.Snoops,as other compromised fact checkers lied about who he is and what he said.His own words and credentials are on the internet for all to see.


According to Spanish researchers they are also finding high levels of graphene oxide,a powerful toxin that is magnetic and responds to external frequencies,like 5G.Connect the dots.Have you been cataloged,tagged with an off switch?Denial,critical thinking and research impairment can be deadly in the days to come.


The big question is why would anyone inject themselves with a non FDA approved concoction created and funded by billionaire eugenicists,the global elite and C×P to combat a bioweapon funded and created by the very same people?Ask yourself that question again.People who made it very clear redundantly they want 90%or 13 out of 14 people gone,dead,and off the planet.Are we experiencing an epidemic of cognitive dissonance and the absence of base logic?

最大的问题是,为什么会有人给自己注射一种由亿万富翁优生学家、全球精英和 C×P 创造和资助的未经 FDA 批准的混合物来对抗由同一批人资助和创造的生化武器?再问问你自己这个问题。那些明确表示要裁员的人,他们希望90%或者14个人中的13个人离开,死去,离开这个星球。我们是否正在经历一场认知失调和缺乏基本逻辑的流行病?

Let that sink in.


Why would anyone participate in an experimental gene therapy with debilitating and deadly consequences to combat nothing more than,according to the CDC,a mild flu with a 99.97%recovery rate?On another note,why can't the CDC or the WHO come up with an isolate?How can you test for the virus or any variant,delta or otherwise,when the FDA ruled the PCR test is not reliable showing up to a 99%false positive?What are the true statistics of covid deaths?Covid 19 is not a virus.The virus is a gain of function-enhanced coronavirus.Covid 19,it is a plan for population control and world dominance as written in the World Economic Forum and reiterated in speeches at the Council of Foreign Relations,the CFR.

根据疾病预防控制中心的说法,为什么会有人参加一个实验性的基因疗法,这个疗法只是为了对抗一个有99.97%恢复率的温和流感?另一方面,为什么疾病控制中心和世界卫生组织不能找到一个孤立的病例?当美国食品药品监督管理局裁定 PCR 检测结果为99%的假阳性是不可靠的时候,你如何检测病毒或任何变异体,delta 或其他?关于Covid 19死亡的真实统计数字是什么?Covid 19不是病毒。该病毒是一种功能增强的冠状病毒。正如世界经济论坛上所写的,并在对外关系委员会的发言中重申的那样,这是一项控制人口和世界主导地位的计划。

The most important question that needs to be asked is why would anyone subject children to possible life debilitating diseases and death due to the jab when there is almost zero percent of them dying,most having asymptomatic or mild symptoms as a worst case scenario?Better yet why not use the safe,effective,time proven inexpensive alternatives?


What kind of monsters are orchestrating this,coercing,lying,deceiving,spreading fear through the mainstream and social media,censoring anyone with the facts or asking the right questions?There is little or no doubt this is all agenda and profit driven.Know the agenda and follow the money.


What is unfolding is in violation of the Nuremberg code,the Constitution,as well as the MA Declaration of Geneva.Yes,Australia you signed it.There can be no coercion or forced medical treatments violating free will and choice…


Any rational mind would call this premeditated genocide carried out by the global elite,CCP,corrupt politicians and agencies using the corporate owned mainstream and social media to generate fear.This is all financed by the global elite,George Soros as their front man and the CCP period.It is a bio,cyber and economic attack on you,your children and your freedoms.This includes the forced ineffective mask mandates causing psychological and physical harm,organ damage due to lack of oxygen and re-inhalation of toxins,virus and bacteria trapped by the mask according to Stanford research.There is nothing more efficient and long lasting than herd immunity even against bio weapons.There are safe,effective,inexpensive alternatives being actively withheld by agenda and profit driven agencies demonized by the mainstream and social media.


In summation,




The masks do and did not work
The lockdowns did not work other than destroy the economy and kill small businesses.
The travel restrictions did not work,"especially with the open Mexico boarders"
The experimental gene therapies are a complete fail as to a cure and future immunity the debilitations and deaths being off the scale.


Over the next two years we are going to see the repercussions including the future generations,our children,which they are not targeting for no other reason than profit and a depopulation agenda.




We need to stop the labs who are making these bioweapons including the rollouts of the variants.We need to hold all those accountable for their transgressions against humanity,especially the children.We need to move away from agenda and profit driven health.Support the health care providers with impeccable integrity who hold the health and well being of the patient as first and foremost priority.Those who honor the Hippocratic oath.
The military and police also need to man up,honor their oaths to protect the people and the supreme law of the land the Constitution.The Nuremberg laws,and the General Assembly of the World Medical Association in Geneva.The main premise is,


I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties,even under threat;emergencies do not supercede Constitutional Rights and no one has the right to infringe on those rights…………Honor your oath and do your duty.


Einstein said doing the same thing over and over again is a form of insanity.To a person who is not critical thinking and research impaired,The world has gone insane.


In order to stop this insanity,we all need to stand in our own divinity,apply critical thinking,do our own research and operate under Universal Law.We need to rise up,take action,especially concerning the children.There is nothing in this article that is not thoroughly researched as FACT.The Time is fast approaching to call upon the MBC Mama Bears for Children,or the WWG,Women with Guns.That will put a stop to it.

为了阻止这种疯狂的行为,我们都需要站在我们自己的神性上,运用批判性思维,做我们自己的研究,并在宇宙法则下运作。这篇文章中没有任何没有经过彻底研究的事实。时间很快就到了,我们可以呼吁MBC "熊妈妈保护儿童 "组织或WWG "有枪的女人 "组织,这将制止这种情况。

The end


**By James Gilliland



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