霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

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霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

We all knew this was coming.In order to justify the forced vaccination of children,the powers that be would somehow have to overturn 15 months of observations that COVID is less a threat to children than the flu and that unvaccinated children are less at risk than vaccinated adults(100 times less at risk than seniors),even if we are to believe Pfizer's efficacy data.

我们都知道这是迟早的事。为了证明强制儿童接种疫苗的合理性,当权者必须以某种方式推翻15个月来的观察结果,即 Covid 对儿童的威胁小于流感,未接种疫苗的儿童比成年人的风险小(风险小100倍于老年人),即使我们相信辉瑞公司的疗效数据。

"CDC director reports spike in teen hospitalizations,urges parents to vaccinate kids over 12,"was the headline at the Hill on Friday,reporting on the CDC's new study of hospitalizations.Naturally,it caught my attention because we all know that hospitalizations among all age groups have been plummeting to record lows across the country in recent weeks.It turns out that along with its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report(MMWR),the CDC published a"study"purporting to show an increase in hospitalizations among 12-to 17-year-olds,with one-third of them being in the ICU and 5%of them being placed on ventilators.

"疾控中心主任报告青少年住院人数激增,敦促父母给12岁以上的孩子接种疫苗,"这是周五国会山报道疾控中心关于住院人数的新研究的标题。自然,这引起了我的注意,因为我们都知道,最近几周,全国各个年龄组的住院率直线下降,跌至历史最低水平。结果显示,除了发病率和死亡率周报疾病预防控制中心(MMWR),疾病预防控制中心发表了一项"研究",声称显示1217岁儿童的住院率有所增加,其中三分之一在 ICU5%使用呼吸器。

霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was ready to pounce."I am deeply concerned by the numbers of hospitalized adolescents and saddened to see the number of adolescents who required treatment in intensive care units or mechanical ventilation,"said Walensky in a statement.


Of course,the solution is the great experimental gene therapy."Until they are fully vaccinated,adolescents should continue to wear masks and take precautions when around other[sic]who are not vaccinated to protect themselves,and their family,friends,and community,"Walensky stated.


CNN dutifully echoed the false data and the premise it engenders without investigating it.


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

But there's one problem.The CDC's own data show that hospitalizations among all groups have plummeted over the past six weeks.It turns out they picked arbitrary start and end points–an old trick they've used with mask studies–which coincides with a period of increased hospitalizations among all age groups,including those with high vaccination rates.


The study period of the CDC's report was from March 1,2020,to April 24,2021.It just so happens that April 24 was roughly the peak period for ALL age groups!


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

Most of that mini increase(after the major winter spread)was due to the final spring spread in the northeast and upper Midwest.Based on the CDC's headlines,one would think that childhood hospitalizations are spreading now and that they are rising relative to other age groups.In reality,they have plummeted and only rose slightly from a near-zero baseline earlier this year along with other groups.


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

If anything,the April 24"peak"hospitalization rate among teens was lower than the peak during the winter,yet nobody ever felt there was an emergent situation with teen COVID hospitalizations during the worst months of the winter.


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

This is the same thing the CDC and others did when they picked arbitrary start and end points last year showing a decline in cases after mask mandates were instituted,while ignoring the massive subsequent increase over the winter in these same places.


But here's the kicker:Hospital rates among children actually increased more slowly during the early spring spread than among those over 65,which is the most vaccinated demographic.


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

So,there is no way to chalk up that superficial increase with an arbitrary start and end point to lack of vaccination.It's merely a reflection of a time when cases went up mildly in a minority of the country(while plummeting in the South and West).Whatever tiny baseline of hospitalizations there are among children went up commensurately with the baseline increase during any other period of spread.Of course,today,hospitalizations are lower than ever.There is zero evidence that vaccination rates played any role in that trend.


Finally,numerous studies,including the CDC's own data,show that there is a much higher rate of fake COVID hospitalizations among children than adults,aka when there is no proof they were hospitalized because of COVID.According to this very report from Friday,46%of those reputed teen hospitalizations were"not clearly COVID-19 related."

最后,大量的研究,包括疾病预防控制中心自己的数据,表明儿童中假装得到COVID住院的比率比成年人高得多,也就是说,没有证据表明他们因为得了COVID 而住院。根据这份周五的报告,46%的青少年住院与2019冠状病毒疾病无明显关联

霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

What's worse,almost half of those teens in the observational study where the cause was unclear appear to have been admitted for psychiatric reasons!


霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

In other words,it's likely the depression induced by the very panic the CDC is trying to exacerbate among kids that has engendered a decline in mental health leading to hospitalization,not the virus itself.


According to the U.K.Daily Mail,a recent U.K.survey of humanitarian organizations found that"more than a quarter of 75 charities surveyed said some children had expressed suicidal thoughts,while 41 per cent said some had been abused at home in lockdown."In the U.S.,the CDC reports 1,139 deaths from COVID under the age of 25,but concedes that 30%of those deaths included could not plausibly be linked to the virus.At the same time,there were over 2,500 non-COVID excess deaths for that age cohort,meaning that the panic,hysteria,drug overdoses,and suicides likely killed 3.5 times as many teens and young adults as the virus.

据英国《每日邮报》报道,最近英国一项针对人道主义组织的调查发现,"在接受调查的75家慈善机构中,超过四分之一的机构表示,有些儿童曾表达过自杀的念头,而41%的机构表示,有些儿童曾在封在美国,CDC 报告了113925岁以下的 COVID 死亡病例,但承认其中30%的死亡病例不可能与病毒有关。与此同时,在这个年龄组中有超过2500例非 covid 过量死亡,这意味着恐慌、歇斯底里、药物过量和自杀的死亡人数可能是该病毒的3.5倍。

霍洛维茨:传染性谎言:CDC 称未接种疫苗的青少年住院率上升ーー与其自己的数据相反

It doesn't take a forensic investigator to realize that there has been a plethora of teenagers in the hospital due to the lies overstating the threat of the virus to them.Naturally,at a time when COVID is increasing in all age groups,a certain percentage of those youngsters will test positive for the virus.Accordingly,any subsequent death of any teen who tested positive–whether he or she died from drugs or suicide–will be recorded as a COVID death.

不需要法医调查员就能意识到,由于谎言夸大了病毒对青少年的威胁,医院里已经有了大量的青少年。当然,在所有年龄组的 COVID 都在增加的时候,这些年轻人中的一定比例会被检测出病毒阳性。因此,任何检测呈阳性的青少年随后的死亡——无论他或她是死于毒品还是自杀——都将被记录为COVID死亡。

In May,New York magazine published a story highlighting new studies showing that the pediatric hospitalization numbers for COVID have likely been dramatically inflated throughout the country.The first study,published in the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics,was conducted by Stanford researchers and examined 117 reputed COVID hospitalizations among those under 18 at a children's hospital in Northern California.They found that just 7.7%exhibited severe illness and 12.8%critical illness.Overall,45%were classified as"unlikely to be caused by SARSCoV2,"and it appears that most of the others weren't suffering life-threatening illness.

今年5月,纽约杂志发表了一篇文章,强调了一些新的研究,这些研究显示,全国范围内的小儿COVID住院治疗的数量可能被大幅夸大了。第一项研究发表在美国美国小儿科学会协会的官方杂志上,由斯坦福大学的研究人员进行,在北加利福尼亚的一家儿童医院检查了11718岁以下被认为患有COVID的患者。他们发现,只有7.7%表现出严重疾病,12.8%表现出危重疾病。总体而言,45%的人被归类为"不太可能是 SARSCoV2引起的",而且其他大多数人似乎并没有患上威胁生命的疾病。

The second study,published in the same journal,found in America's fifth-largest hospital that,among patients younger than 22,40%had"incidental infection,"only 47%were"potentially symptomatic,"and just 14%were"significantly symptomatic."They further found that"Fifty-five percent of incidental and 47%of potentially symptomatic patients had at least one identified comorbidity,while 90%of significantly symptomatic patients had at least one."


The twisted irony is that the CDC is lying about COVID hospitalization trends in order to get children to vaccinate when,in fact,vaccine-related hospitalization are really on the rise today.Dr.Monica Gandhi,an infectious disease specialist at UCSF,tallied the data from just one reported serious side effect listed in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System(VAERS),myocarditis,and found that hospitalization for myocarditis post-vaccination among 12-17-year-olds is currently 12 times greater than hospitalization for COVID.Why do our"public health experts"not find that current trend alarming?

具有讽刺意味的是,疾病预防控制中心为了让儿童接种疫苗而谎报了 COVID 住院趋势,而事实上,与疫苗相关的住院治疗在今天确实在上升。加州大学旧金山分校的传染病专家 Monica Gandhi 博士统计了疫苗不良事件报告系统(VAERS)中列出的一个严重副作用的数据,发现12-17岁的孩子在接种疫苗后因COVID住院治疗的人数目前是因为得了结肠炎住院治疗的人数的12倍。为什么我们的"公共卫生专家"不认为目前的趋势令人担忧?

It's quite evident that the pandemic in America is over with and it never affected children,even during its peak.However,the pandemic of lies,fear,panic,and emotional abuse is continuing indefinitely until Pfizer and Moderna satiate their rapacious appetite for children's blood.Who will defend our children?




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