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(Natural News)N95 masks are useless against coronavirus.These masks don't create a full facial seal,and a doctor in China is now warning that he contracted coronavirus by failing to wear a full face mask.Importantly most health care professionals shown in the media are wearing only N95-style masks which are pointless and don't stop the wearer from becoming infected.

(自然新闻)N95口罩对冠状病毒无效。这些口罩并不能创造一个完整的面部密封,中国的一位医生现在警告说他因为没有戴全面罩而感染了冠状病毒。重要的是,大多数医疗保健专业人员在媒体上展示的只是 n95风格的口罩,这是毫无意义的,并不能阻止佩戴者被感染。

Since the Wuhan coronavirus now has a documented 83%infection rate among those who are exposed,the fact that N95 masks are giving people a false sense of protection should be more than a little alarming.


As reported by the media in Asia(originally in Mandarin Chinese):


(Translated)This person is Wang Guangfa,a physician at Peking University Hospital.He previously went to Wuhan to investigate the epidemic,and later emphasized to the public that the epidemic was"preventable and controllable."Now he became a patient and caused a lot of outcry among netizens.


Wang Guangfa went on to point out that the second point of doubt was that he had visited fever clinics and temporary isolation wards in several hospitals 2 days before returning to Beijing.Some hospitals had crowded fever clinics,and patients with neocoronavirus pneumonia were likely to be present.Although they were also highly alert to enter with N95 masks,in retrospect,he suddenly realized that everyone was not equipped with protective glasses.

王广发接着指出,第二个疑点是,他在返回北京前两天曾去过几家医院的发烧诊所和临时隔离病房。一些医院有拥挤的发烧诊所,患有新型冠状病毒肺炎的病人可能会出现。虽然他们也高度警惕带着 N95面具进入,但回想起来,他突然意识到每个人都没有配备防护眼镜。

Therefore,it is suspected that the virus first entered the conjunctiva and then spread to the whole body.If this speculation is true,his protective blind spot is not worn.Protective glasses,Wang Guangfa's inference caused a lot of discussion among netizens,everyone said,"It is terrible to pass through the conjunctiva!","Seeing patients on the video,only masks without goggles,I still feel at risk",Important,don't rub your eyes while wearing goggles,…Front-line medical staff should pay attention to eye protection.


Only full face masks can keep coronavirus out of the air you breathe


The idea that N95 masks can prevent a non-infected person from contracting a coronavirus infection is rooted in falsehood.No such protection is offered from N95 masks.Primarily,they are supposed to be worn by people who are already infected so that when they speak,cough or sneeze,they don't project aerosolized viral matter into the air around them.

认为 N95口罩可以防止非感染者感染冠状病毒的想法是错误的。N95面罩没有提供这样的保护。首先,它们应该是给那些已经感染的人戴上的,这样当他们说话、咳嗽或打喷嚏时,他们就不会将雾化病毒物质投射到周围的空气中。

For a non-infected person to equip themselves with the kind of protection that would allow them to walk through infected areas and not contract the pathogen,they would need full face respirators that have a silicone seal to force all incoming air through respirator filtration cartridges.3M makes numerous full face respirators,but most of those are already sold out across America.


Consider that for a moment:Nearly every N95 mask and full face respirator is already sold out across the entire country,and there are only five confirmed cases in America so far.How hard will it be to get supplies when there are 50 confirmed cases?Or 500?

想象一下:几乎所有的 N95面罩和全面罩呼吸器已经在全国销售一空,到目前为止在美国只有5例确诊病例。在有50例确诊病例的情况下,要获得补给有多难?或者500

China is already buying up every N95 mask in North America and air shipping them to the Chinese mainland.That means they've already run out…and their domestic factories can't keep up with demand.

中国已经在北美购买了所有的 N95口罩,然后空运到中国大陆。这意味着他们已经用完了...他们的国内工厂无法满足需求。



America sleeps while a devastating pandemic looms


Meanwhile,the average America is far more devastated by the death of Kobe Bryant than the fact that a global pandemic has already arrived in America and could kill millions of people if not immediately contained.


According to The Lancet science journal,the coronavirus has already achieved a 15%fatality rate and an 83%infection rate.Mathematically speaking,this means that if every person in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area is exposed,we would expect 1.4 million fatalities in Los Angeles alone,if the numbers reported in The Lancet hold true.


It's sad that Kobe and his daughter were killed in a helicopter crash,but there are tens of millions of other Americans whose lives will be in grave danger if this outbreak is not urgently contained.Yet at this very moment almost no one in the health care establishment seems to be aware that coronavirus can infect people through their eyes.


This is all starting to feel a lot like the Titanic running full steam ahead during a pitch dark night in an ocean full of icebergs.And as you likely have already figured out,there aren't nearly enough lifeboats for everyone to make it out alive.


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