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黄芩素,一种可以抵抗多种疾病的草药——维尔哈根A 30-year-old cure with baicalein can heal all patients with Corona,AIDS,Dengue and other retroviruses.Baicalein also cures flu,all cancers,all infections,septic shocks,cerebral hemorrhages,Parkinson–and Alzheimer diseases,Multiple sclerosis,dementia,diabetes,rheumatism,some heart-,neurological-and vascular diseases etc.,etc.,because all those diseases are based on causative microbes and baicalein inhibits a few essential enzymes in those microbes,helping curing many inflammatory diseases.


Baicalein is not used for those diseases,because those treatments without side effects are too effective,efficient,safe,good and cheap and because baicalein is not patentable.


Due to non-patentability,the AMA(American Medical Association),FDA(Food and Drug Adminitration)and big Pharma do not allow structural medical research with baicalein and since 1990 hundreds of millions of people with unnecessary pain and emotions prematurely died,while that could be prevented.


Baicalein is an herb that is produced from the roots of the plants Scutellaria baicalensis and Scutellaria lateriflora.Today,baicalein can be made synthetic and a few patent citations are added as references to read against which diseases baicalein is found to be effective.


In the article of K.Ono et al.published in 1990,the authors report that AIDS can be cured with baicalein.In 1990 that should have been world news,but worldwide this cure was suppressed by the AMA and FDA in favor of the big Pharma and their selves.In the same period they also suppressed dr.G.Naessens,who was using kaempferol(camphor,a flavonoid just like baicalein)with which he also cured AIDS patients.

1990年发表的 k.Ono 等人的文章中,作者报告说艾滋病可以用黄芩素治愈。在1990年,这本应该是世界性的新闻,但是在世界范围内,这种治疗方法被美国医药协会和美国食品药品监督管理局压制,以支持大型制药公司和他。在同一时期,他们还抑制了 g.Naessens 博士的活动,后者正在使用山奈酚(樟脑,一种类黄酮,和黄芩素一样)治疗艾滋病患者。

In 1990 dr S.Kaali and dr W.Lyman invented the cure to kill viruses in blood with small current pulses.Dr B.Beck improved this method and with his Doctor Bob Beck Protocol and Blood Optimizer he healed hundreds of patients with a wide variety of diseases including cancers,AIDS and other virus infections.


The main news since 1990,which has been published for more than 30 years,was that AIDS was incurable and yet no effective medicine or method was available.


The same crime against humans and humanity as with the HIV virus happens 30 years later in 2020 with the Corona virus.The WHO,AMA,FDA and big Pharma do not have an effective drug and worldwide they prematurely kill thousands of people,they,with their governments in their pockets,shut down entire economies in almost every country of the world,they prevent all traveling's,closed many borders and in some countries no one is allowed to leave their house,while the Corona patients can be cured with 6 euro cents or less per treatment.


How kills baicalein retroviruses and cancer microbes?


In retroviruses baicalein inhibits the enzyme reverse transcriptase,whereby their RNA cannot be converted into DNA,so that in the infected patient this DNA cannot make new Corona proteins and the virus cannot multiply.

在逆转录病毒中,黄芩素抑制逆转录酶,使其 RNA 不能转化为 DNA,因此在受感染的病人中,这种 DNA 不能产生新的 Corona 蛋白,病毒也不能繁殖。

The literature describes baicalein as being an anti-viral agent.


Baicalein also strongly inhibits the enzyme glyoxalase 1,which means that in the cells methylglyoxal no longer enzymatically is broken down.Methylglyoxal in turn now irreversibly inhibits the microbial enzyme malate synthase.Almost all bacteria,macro viruses,fungi,yeasts,protozoa and other single-celled organisms use the enzyme malate synthase for their energetic metabolism,which now is completely stopped by methylglyoxal.As result,they die from a shortage of ATP.ATP is the universal energy source for all life on earth.With this treatment,opportunistic infections no longer occur because all pathogenic microbes simultaneously are killed.

黄芩素还强烈抑制乙醛酸酶1,这意味着在细胞中不再酶解甲基乙二醛。甲基乙二醛现在依次不可逆地抑制微生物酶苹果酸合成酶。几乎所有的细菌、大型病毒、真菌、酵母菌、原生动物和其他单细胞生物都使用苹果酸合成酶进行能量代谢,而苹果酸合成酶现在已被甲基乙二醛完全停止。结果,它们死于缺乏 ATPAtp 是地球上所有生命的普遍能量来源。通过这种治疗,机会性感染不再发生,因为所有的病原微生物同时被杀死。

Humans and animals do not have the enzyme malate synthase and therefore do not suffer from this inhibition.Thus,methylglyoxal is very specific against microbes,which have the glyoxal cycle for their energetic metabolism.This includes almost all pathogens in humans and animals and in the literature baicalein also is described being an anti-cancer and anti-bacterial agent.


In 1913 prof.dr W.F.Koch injected methylglyoxal in patients with tumors and healed them.In addition to many tumors,in the 1950's he could cure a total of 67 incurable diseases,including multiple sclerosis.From 1920 AMA and FDA banned methylglyoxal and prof.dr W.F.Koch and with this action a 50-year battle started against prof.dr W.F.Koch.


Fortunately,around 1960,the Nobel Prize winner dr A.Szent-Györgyi continued researching methylglyoxal and so with methylglyoxal again we have a universal cure against all microbes,who obtain energy from their glyoxal cycle.Almost all microbes use this cycle,including many causing cancer.

幸运的是,在1960年左右,诺贝尔奖获得者 a.szent-gy rgyi 博士继续研究甲基乙二醛,因此我们再次利用甲基乙二醛找到了治愈所有微生物的通用方法,这些微生物从乙二醛循环中获得能量。几乎所有的微生物都使用这种循环,包括许多致癌的微生物。

Baicalein prevents broken down the body's own produced methylglyoxal by inhibiting glyoxalase 1 and thus methylglyoxal does its inhibiting effect with the enzyme malate synthase.


With baicalein and methylglyoxal,we have two natural products at our disposal who can kill a wide range of pathogenic microbes in humans and animals,in the near future saving millions of lives.


After 30 and 107 years of suppression let's take a closer look at both,because baicalein also traps radicals in our body and does much more.



Figure:ijms-17-01681-g002.jpg from the paper:the Fascinating Effects of Baicalein on Cancer,see the references.

:ijms-17-01681-g002.jpg 来自论文:Baicalein 对癌症的迷人影响,参考文献。



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