X22报道|第3211集: 拜登和克里在绿色新政适得其反的情况下推动绿色新政,是时候向世界展示了

2023年11月15日19:02:02最新动态X22报道|第3211集: 拜登和克里在绿色新政适得其反的情况下推动绿色新政,是时候向世界展示了已关闭评论47阅读模式
X22报道|第3211集: 拜登和克里在绿色新政适得其反的情况下推动绿色新政,是时候向世界展示了

Ep 3211a – Biden/Kerry Push The Green New Deal As It Backfires On Them, Game Over


Ep 3211b – What Advantages Might Exist When You Know The Other Sides Playbook? Time To Show The World


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Streamed on: Nov 14, 5:45 pm EST

X22报道: 11月14日,美国东部时间下午5:45


Kerry and Biden are pushing the green new deal, they are throwing money at it, this money will not be used for the climate it will be laundered just like all the other money. The green push is falling apart just like the economy. The people see it.


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Streamed on: Nov 14, 6:15 pm EST

X22报道: 11月14日,美国东部时间下午6:15


The [DS] is going after Trump with everything they have. The patriots are trapping the [DS], everything they are projecting onto Trump will be exposed. The clock is ticking down. The patriots know the playbook, it’s time to show the world who the real criminals are. Transparency is the only way forward and the people must see the crimes, cheating and how they over-through the government. Once the people see it, it’s game over.

 [DS] 正在竭尽全力追捕特朗普。爱国者正在困住 [DS] ,他们投射到特朗普身上的一切都会暴露。时间不多了。爱国者知道战术,是时候让世界知道谁才是真正的罪犯了。透明是前进的唯一道路,人民必须通过政府看到犯罪、欺骗以及他们是如何过度的。一旦人们看到了,游戏就结束了。


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