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人类从全球主义暴君手中退出The Canadian truckers and freedom protesters deserve huge credit for bringing humanity to a tipping point against tyranny. Thanks to the courage, determination and dedication to peace that’s demonstrated by Canada’s protesters, humanity is withdrawing its consent from government tyrants all over the world.


Globalism is crashing, and centralization of power is being ripped to shreds. The entire model of globalism is dead, and no human being that’s aware and alive right now wants to return to a society structured as a top-down, totalitarian, centralized control system of global enslavement run by a few hundred hyper-wealthy freakazoids like Zuckerberg and Mr.GatesOfHell.


What I’m trying to explain here is that this is about much more than [mandates] or lockdowns. This is about humanity rising up against the very idea of centralized government, corporations, media and tech giants. The era of centralization has come to an end, and the free people of the world have begun the process of dismantling it by simply withdrawing their consent.


Consider the impact of the realizations now spreading across the world:


  • Government failed the people.
  • 政府辜负了人民。
  • Corporations murdered people for profit.
  • 公司为了利益而杀人。
  • Doctors, hospitals and the medical system betrayed the people.
  • 医生、医院和医疗系统背叛了人民。
  • Big Tech platforms silenced the truth, costing millions of lives.
  • 大科技平台压制了真相,使数百万人失去了生命。
  • Big Media was complicit in the plandemic and the biowar against humanity.
  • 大媒体是瘟疫和反人类生物战争的同谋。
  • The institution of science deceived the people and proved it is hopelessly corrupt and evil.
  • 科学机构欺骗了人们,并证明它是无可救药的腐败和邪恶。

What we’ve all lived through over the last two years is corrupt, deceptive, anti-human institutions waging war against truth and humanity, showing their true cards and exposing the depth of their evil.


And that’s why the people of the world are now peacefully rising up and demanding an end to the entire centralization structure of globalism. It is the centralized control over media, information, government and “science” that brought us all to the brink of destruction.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and for the past several generations, the people have handed over far too much power to governments, science journals, media giants and tech platforms.


Now, the people are taking their power back.


And they’re doing it, ironically, by mimicking the mRNA spike protein blood clots in the real world: Clogging bridges, roadways and cities, bringing society to a standstill with nothing but trucks, horns and raw courage.

具有讽刺意味的是,他们正在通过模仿现实世界中的信使核糖核酸峰值蛋白血凝块来实现这一目标: 堵塞桥梁、道路和城市,让社会陷入停滞,除了卡车、喇叭和原始的勇气,一无所有。

The message is clear: You try to put clots into our blood and we’ll put traffic clots across your cities.

信息很明确: 你们试图在我们的血液中形成凝块,我们将在你们的城市形成交通凝块。

The evil governments, predictably, call these peaceful protesters “terrorists” — even as the governments themselves are carrying out acts of terrorism and mass murder against their own people. So let’s take a look at some of the very real people behind the Ottawa protests.


The masterful portrait photos shown here are from Dan Aponte, a Canadian photographer who brilliantly captures the humanity of the freedom protesters in Ottawa. This is flat-out the most impactful photography I’ve seen in years. Read more details about these truckers and peaceful protesters at:

这里展示的是加拿大摄影师 Dan Aponte 的精湛肖像照片,他出色地捕捉到了渥太华自由抗议者的人性。这是我多年来见过的最有影响力的摄影作品。更多关于这些卡车司机和和平抗议者的信息,请点击:


Odia Jean Pierre:

奥迪亚 · 让 · 皮埃尔:


Brock Hobb:

布洛克 · 霍布:


Nabil Yaghi:

纳比尔 · 亚吉:





Sebastian Fortin:

塞巴斯蒂安 · 福丁:


From Bari Weiss at Substack.com:

来自网站 substack. com 的 Bari Weiss:

The solidarity was infectious. There were copycat protests popping up in Helsinki, Finland, and Wellington, New Zealand and Nice, France (they planned to hit Paris and Brussels). There were truckers organizing in the Netherlands, Australia and the United States. Among the Americans who had driven up to Ottawa there was talk that soon the big rigs would descend on Washington, D.C.


“Seeing the country fall apart like this is heartbreaking,” Sim said. “For me, this is the line in the sand. If we lose this battle, I’d like to move out of Canada.” He said that he was thinking of maybe heading to Florida. A lot of the truckers were thinking about the States. But not yet. “I feel that I owe it to me and others that share my values to, at least, fight for this.”


Learn More About How Humanity Defeats Globalism And Centralization, Dismantling The Whole Damned System


Today’s Situation Update podcast covers all this in more detail. Definitely hear the last 30 minutes of the podcast for an inspiring analysis of why we’re all here right now in this pivotal time of human history.




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