“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

2021年6月17日20:34:35“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21已关闭评论 1.1K34509字阅读115分1秒

Entry Submitted by Kat at 1:22 AM EDT on June 17,2021

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I started this blog with a Juan O Savin interview,where he began explaining the Q-Operation,a subject I find infinitely fascinating.

我以 Juan o Savin 的采访开始了我的博客,在那里他开始解释 q 操作,一个我觉得无限迷人的主题。

But then I began listening to a Charlie Ward video and became engrossed in that as it bore on Juan O Savin's interview.


So I offer both partial transcripts:A 6-14-21 Juan O Savin interview with Prepare For Change,and a 6-15-21 Charlie Ward round table with Denise Boland and Pepe.

所以我提供了部分记录 Juan o Savin Prepare For Change 6-14-21采访,以及与 Denise Boland Pepe 6-15-21 Charlie Ward 圆桌会议。

We had a MASSIVE EM-Light blast today,6-16-21.Check out the Schuman Resonance chart.WOWZA'!!


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

Earth,Kingdoms,Humanity,Galaxy and Solar System are lightening up and up and up.In case anyone forgot what Gene Decode said about the Ascension process,I repost it here as a reminder,which is why checking out the Schumann has become a daily event for me.

地球,王国,人类,银河系和太阳系正在变得越来越亮。如果有人忘记了 Gene Decode 说的关于升天过程的话,我在这里重新发布它作为一个提醒,这就是为什么查看舒曼已经成为我每天的事情。


Gene Decode re Ascension,2-11-21


"The energy coming into the Earth comes from the Sun


they lie to you…the Aurora Borealis is actually


coming from the Sun inside the Earth.


The Earth is hollow.


All the planets are changing.


Mars doesn't even have ice caps anymore.


There's also a hurricane on Mars the size of Texas


that hasn't dispelled at all for a decade.


All the planets are getting global climate change




Where does our energy come from?


The Sun,which gets its energy from the Central Sun.


There's this big energy grid flowing throughout all of Creation


as we come into that infrared barrier


the energy of our Sun goes up&up&up


when it gets to a certain point it's like a resonation oscillator


when you get to a certain point where the field collapses


it'll collapse to the core…that's what they call The Event


the Big Event…Nothing Can Stop What's Coming…


When it collapses to the core


then it starts to resonate harder&harder


till it jumps an octave


which in this case it's gonna jump 2 octaves[3D to 5D+]

在这种情况下,它会升高2个八度[3D 5D+]

It's already in the process of starting to go up octaves in the core


that's why the energy's going up on Earth&all the other planets


&then it blows outward&it wraps around each planet


causing it to lift up too.


This is the Ascension Event.


The cabal has known about it&been trying to hijack it


to be a negative event,


it's not a negative event…it's a positive event


It's a negative event of-3D-4D-5D negative Earth.

这是一个负面事件-3d-4d-5d 负地球。

NASA doesn't even show it.


They have pictures from the Space Station,


I got sent pictures in an Email from a couple in India.


You can see it there's 4D 5D Earth in orbit behind us

你可以看到在我们身后的轨道上有一个4D 5D 地球

it's already forming,the separation has already happened


between negative&positive timelines."



The Sun is definitely Whiter and tonight,in my sky at late sunset,there were the most beautiful Sun Rays.


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

We can all feel the pressure mounting.Heightened anticipation.An urgency.Like everything is about to blow…maybe it is.Edge of my seat.


With blessings unceasing.


This is Kat,over and out.



“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21




PFC 访问 JUAN o SAVIN-深入调查贩卖人口和儿童问题

June 14,2021


Partially transcribed by Kat

部分被 Kat 转录

1:14:45 Prepare for Change:Do you think the purpose of Q has been fulfilled?Or do you think Q will return and continue to post?

1:14:45准备转变:你认为 q 的目的已经实现了吗?或者你认为 q 会回来继续发帖?

1:15:07 Juan O Savin:Here's a couple of things.Part of the whole point of the Q-project was you had to be able to show that this was an actual operationthat these activities were planned…that there was a game-plan in play…

1:15:07 Juan o Savin:这里有几件事。Q 计划的重点之一就是你必须能够证明这是一次实际的行动,这些行动是有计划的,是有计划的。

1:15:25 So you have to do some predictive work to show that this is not happenstance,that there is coordination over time in playing through all these various things…


1:15:51 So by date,by checkpoints—which are not the same.There are certain things that have to be fulfilled and can only be done after a certain checkpoint has been crossed…you reach the"Y"in the road and then you make a choice…there's lots of options dialed in…


1:16:09 If the'bad guys,'if you will,decided to roll over and call it quits and relinquish their hold in certain areas then the next steps wouldn't be necessary…but we've also anticipated that they're going to go all the distance…they're totally vested…


1:16:35 So there's also date markers that are hard dates…some of em are soft dates and you have options,some of em are hard dates and there is no option…


1:16:51 There's numbers for Societal Awakening that are CRITICAL because below a certain number you have Civil War in America…cuz you don't have adequate consensus,you have brother fighting brother…


1:17:00 If you have enough consensus,then you reach certain numbers where you don't end up having a Civil War,you may have some Civil Disturbance but it doesn't deteriorate into an actual for real full-blown Civil War where vast numbers of people end up dying…


1:17:19 Or where Commerce stops and you have vast numbers of people dying because business in America stops…


1:17:28 The purpose here is to protect Human life…to protect what America is…so it's an education process:


(1.)What's happened.


(2.)Where we've gone wrong.


(3.)Force people that are not working in the best interests of the American people,who aren't functioning Constitutionally,


(4.)Agencies that are broken,many broken beyond repair,


(5.)To show themselves,show their hand,reveal what they've been up to,what they've been complicit in,what their members have been complicit in,


(6.)So that we can then address the problem,cut out the cancers,reset the bones or cast out the old wine bag and start over with new wine and new wineskins for America.


1:18:27 There's a number of different angles going on here that we have to consider as we go,but a quick easy fix,a made-for-tv fix,is not going to get us out of this crisis it'll just come back bigger and stronger than ever.


1:18:44 So we have to be thorough.Excruciatingly thorough,in excising the cancer's growths those people that have completely lost their way,have gone over to the other side,have sold us out,done treasonous,seditious things,and
recapture America for the American Citizens.


1:19:14 The Federal City,at this point,is the majority of the problem.


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

6-15-21 FBI Building in DC boarded up


1:19:19 President Bidan,he is president certified by the[corrupt]congress and the courts,he is head of the administrative side of our government,the executive branch,president bidan has signed 50-Executive Orders…

1:19:19 拜登总统,他是被腐败的国会和法院认证的总统,他是我们政府行政部门的首脑,行政部门的首脑,拜登总统已经签署了50项行政命令..

1:19:41 By this time in his Administration President Trump had signed 4…O_bama had signed 6…he's signed 50…he's just administering by Executive Order…or trying to…


1:19:54 The Federal City is completely out of control…and the money that it's sucking in is breaking America like a vampire…


1:20:02 The shutdown of business


and the transfer of business overseas,


as President Trump said today,


with moving oil production out of the United States,


shutting down the Federal Oil Leases,


and making Russia and Saudi Arabia


and our enemies rich,


while we're paying high gas prices


which is attacks on America,


making our enemies stronger.


We have to stop that.


That is legislation coming from the Federal City.


1:20:43 It's probably going to take some kind of coalition of Governors to stop that…you're not going to do it with pitchforks and knives or muskets…


1:20:49 Prepare For Change:I think that's why people get excited about it because it's the BOOM BOOM BOOM so you think something BIG is going to happen,something BIG…

1:20:49准备转变:我想这就是为什么人们对它感到兴奋,因为它是 BOOM BOOM BOOM,所以你认为有大事要发生,大事..

1:21:04 Juan O Savin:BOOMS ARE REVELATIONS!!





“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

1:21:05 Juan O Savin:They are not gunshots.They are not canon shots…They are REVELATIONS about WHAT has been going on,WHO'S been involved,HOW they were involved,the collusion with Foreign Governments and Entities…

1:21:05 Juan o Savin:他们不是枪声。它们不是经典镜头...它们揭示了发生了什么,谁参与了,他们是如何参与的,与外国政府和实体的勾结..

1:21:22 It is not if we get into a physical engagement with canons and guns and all that sort of thing…THEN WE'RE LOST…the bad guys WANT THAT…cuz that allows them to come in and take control of the cities…


1:21:39 The only control of the cities that needs to take place is go after the 14 cities that are the worst monsters and shut these Marxist enterprises down that are spreading out across America…


1:21:47 And by the way,funded by Foreign Entities,Foreign sources,Foreign Corporations…to rip the heart out of America…


1:22:02 Just as much as it was training camps of guerrillas in Libya…where those fighters were being exported up into Lebanon,Jordan and Turkey and then going into Syria…and supposedly being involved in a Civil War,it was NOT a Civil War…Civil War is internal…brother against brother…


1:22:21 These were Foreign Fighters brought in to disrupt,internally,the operation of the country,and take out[Bashar al-]Assad and run the country into division…so the Saudis could then run pipelines across Syria…into Europe…


1:22:39 Here in America,they want us in Civil War so we're not a threat to their globalist ambitions…and they want us not working…and they want THEIR leaders governing over us…


that will preside in a way that suit their globalist ambitions…


1:23:00 That's why you're cooking the vote in voting machines,that's why we have people going over the England and concocting a dossier…alleging Russian interference in our election which was bullsh*t…in any meaningful way…


1:23:20 Because it was Foreign Entities…the Dominion Vote-machines..the cooking of the vote in the machines…the machines themselves had"Dominion"in the name,why?


1:23:28 Because England rules these countries like Canada…Canada is a Dominion country under the rule of the Queen…under the rule of the Crown…


1:23:45 The vote-machine itself is designed for fraud…it's not supposed to get an accurate vote,it's supposed to get a cooked vote,that's the whole point…steal Elections all over the world…


1:23:52 So we have to wake up,wisen up,cut the bullsh*t…unfortunately you're not going to get control of the Federal City with people showing up with pitchforks and knives…


1:24:12 You're going to have to get control,all politics is local…at the city and county level…and administer that up to the state…and again,it's not going to be showing up with guns and knives…


1:24:23 It's going to be getting control of the vote…getting people in there who actually represent your community…not these Marxist infiltrators that are being schooled and brought in to represent you by Foreign Entities and including very specifically Soros…


1:24:41 Remember…where did Soros get his money?He got it by shorting the British Pound and then other Common Market currencies betting against them to supposedly get all this money…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

1:24:50 Juan O Savin:He's a Brit operative,he was working for MI6…he's just a shell…he's this black money that got into his operation to go out and effect the whole world…

1:24:50 Juan o Savin:他是一个英国特工,他为军情六处工作...他只是个空壳...他是一个黑钱,进入他的行动去影响整个世界..

1:25:09 You think that doesn't happen?What do you think Zuckerberg is?Zuckerberg didn't create Facebook…Facebook is a DARPA Operation…Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency…

1:25:09你以为这不会发生吗?你认为扎克伯格是什么?Facebook 不是扎克伯格创造的......Facebook 是一个 DARPA 行动......国防高级研究计划局.....

1:25:19 The day that they shut down the DARPA project that was mature enough,they handed it over to one of their shills and took the company into this public realm…You think Zuckerberg invented all that?He didn't have ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT…Bullsh*t…

1:25:19在他们关闭 DARPA 项目的那天,这个项目已经足够成熟了,他们把它交给了他们的一个骗子,把公司带到了这个公共领域...你认为这些都是扎克伯格发明的吗?他和这件事没有任何关系...胡说八道..

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

1:25:30 Juan O Savin:The Winklevoss twins?They didn't have anything more to do with it than Zuckerberg did…It was about bleeding some of the funds off cuz it was so prosperous…you get Kings in Blackjack and you double down and split the bet and probably get more out of it…so they took some money out they went into the Bitcoin…to get some money in there…

1:25:30 Juan o Savin:Winklevoss 姐妹?他们和扎克伯格没有任何关系,他们只是榨干了一部分资金,因为它是如此繁荣,你在21点中得到了国王,你双倍下注,平分赌注,可能会得到更多,所以他们拿出一些钱,他们进入比特币,在那里得到一些钱。

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

1:25:57 Juan O Savin:BTW,whose game is Bitcoin?It's a SCAM…Because it's Intelligence Agencies with the blockchain getting ready to move us out of our dollar currency into a globalist currency that THEY control…Who has all the computers?How is it mined?By computers?Who controls the biggest computers?

1:25:57 Juan o Savin:顺便问一下,谁的游戏是比特币?这是一个骗局...因为这是情报机构与区块链准备把我们从我们的美元货币转移到一个全球货币,他们控制...谁有所有的计算机?它是如何被挖掘出来的?通过电脑?谁控制着最大的计算机?

1:26:19 Then they have some vast sum that was"lost"on a guy's computer that went into the landfill and he lost the codes…bullsh*t…that'll magically appear down the road…you'll have a trillionaire come in and now he's the next Zuckerberg cuz he's found his codes…


1:26:35 You're looking at a sleight of hand…a magic act…and they're laughing at you…because their little secret handshake societies are taking over your world and you're just the sheep going along with the plan…


1:25:51 Prepare For Change:Right and the corruption does just seem so large…that it does seem like there's needs to be some Biblical Event,some Rapture moment that comes in…


1:27:11 Juan O Savin:Yeah,that Rapture moment is going to be Military Helicopters descending on a few people's islands and houses to take them into captivity and take em to Gitmo…

1:27:11 Juan o Savin:是的,那个狂喜的时刻将会是军用直升机降落在一些人的岛屿和房屋上将他们囚禁起来,带到 Gitmo..

1:27:20 Others of em it's gonna be a frickin'AC-130 gunship to end their operations…

1:27:20他们中的其他人结束他们的行动将是一架该死的 AC-130武装直升机。

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21


"The Lockheed AC-130 gunship is a heavily armed,long-endurance,ground-attack variant of the C-130 Hercules transport,fixed-wing aircraft.It carries a wide array of ground attack weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors,navigation,and fire-control systems…"

"洛克希德 AC-130武装直升机是 C-130大力神运输机固定翼飞机的重型武装、长航时、地面攻击变种。它携带大量地面攻击武器,集成了复杂的传感器、导航和火控系统......"



1:27:27 Prepare For Change:Yes.We need that because we did try the Voting Route,you know,it didn't work…


1:27:30 Juan O Savin:No!It DID work.It DID work…We KNOW what the vote was.We had people that came in and corrupted it but we know what really happened right down to every single Dominion Voting machine by serial number what that vote was flipped…











1:27:50 You haven't heard the first BOOM yet.OK,you've heard some Firecrackers,but you haven't heard the BOOM yet…When you hear the BOOMS you'll KNOW they're BOOMS.

1:27:50你还没听到第一声爆炸呢。好吧,你已经听到了一些鞭炮声,但是你还没有听到 BOOM......当你听到 BOOM 的时候,你就知道它们是 BOOM 了。

1:28:13 One of the things that you can watch for…when we're very close to some of the real stuff happening…certain people that are on the committees that get read in…we're gonna follow the Law to the Letter…


1:28:32 You see some people decide to self-terminate


have heart-failure


get called by God for an appointment


in the same day




you gotta start wondering,


oh,somebody knows somethin'


they didn't want to have to meet a jury of their peers…


1:28:57 I don't know that I want to choose a Jury of my peers over the Face of God but some people aren't very smart…they got here because they aren't very smart…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

"Treason"by LawNuse,Twitter 11-12-20







Partially transcribed by Kat

部分被 Kat 转录

7:33 Charlie Ward:The thing is with Bidan,this is the pantomime.He's the president of The United States of America Corporation.The corporation was declared bankrupt in 2018 and finalized in 2021,the beginning of this year.


7:47 All these Executive Orders you're doing are complete pantomime.Just because the Media say you're doing it doesn't make it true.


8:08 When I announced on March 11,2021 that the Head of the USA Military recognized Donald Trump as their Commander-in-Chief.And I asked the American people to explain what the Commander-in-Chief is?


8:27 And I had a shaman and a Constitutional lawyer contact me and they both told me the same thing:A Commander-in-Chief is a Constitutional President.


8:43 So Donald Trump is the Constitutional President,and Joe Bidan is the president of a bankrupt corporation.


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

9:00 Denise Boland:(Re Bidan making gaffs and saying nonsensical things.)Are the White Hats just playing around?

9:00丹尼斯·博兰“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21拜登说了一些无聊的话,说了一些无稽之谈。)白帽子们只是在闹着玩吗?

9:11 Charlie Ward:Yeah,they are.I know,factually,Donald Trump got 80 million votes.And Bidan got between 10 and 20 million.Nobody actually knows quite yet.So the 10 or 20 million,I'm fascinated to see,HOW they're viewing Bidan's performance?They seem to be incredibly quiet.


11:46 The Actor that's playing Bidan has"dementia"…and there are 2 actors playing him…they're mimicking Alzheimer's…they're doing it to shock people and wake people up…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

13:00 Charlie Ward:Someone sent me the outtakes the other day and when you see the outtakes you realize who the actor is because he goes into himself…


13:15 Denise Boland:Oh can we see that?Can I guess out loud?I think it's James Woods and Jim Carrey…


13:18 Charlie Ward:That's EXACTLY who it is…


13:20 Denise Boland:Masks…a woman had an interview with the person that makes the masks…That's why they got the part,they're very similar in heights…


13:45 Pepe:Jim Carrey the actor?The one that hates Donald Trump?


13:50 Charlie Ward:Yup.The White Hats are using him cuz they're prostitutes.They do their job when they get paid.They'll do anything when they get paid…


14:16 Denise Boland:Jim Carrey[who hates Trump]may have made a deal with the White Hats because he's so heavily involved[with the black hats]…


14:20 Charlie Ward:He may well have done…


14:5 5 Pepe:In my mind is the last thing Donald Trump said,"The Best Is Yet To Come"and it's sooner than we think…


15:00 Denise Boland:Maybe 4th of July things are going to start shifting BIG TIME…


16:14 Charlie plays a hilarious Jim Carrey outtake of Jim,in his Joe Bidan costume,improvising and riffing as himself as we've seen him many times in his films.


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

17:07 Charlie Ward:They very kindly send me the outtakes…


17:17 Denise Boland:Is"Doctor"Jill,is that really Jill?


17:20 Charlie Ward:Um,no…It's the same with the Queen,Boris Johnson,these are all actors.The whole thing at G-7 was and act for television,it was nothing more than that…There was no content,it was just a show.

17:20查理·沃德:嗯,不......女王也是一样,鲍里斯·约翰逊,这些都是演员。在 G-7的整个事情就是为电视表演,仅此而已...没有内容,只是一个表演。

17:46 And for those people who pay attention to detail.The Air Force 1 plane that landed in Cornwall,there was a color difference and the actual airplane code was different.


18:08 When people bring those sort of things to my attention,I've got a team of hundreds of people out there looking at detail…those sort of details they pick them up very very quickly…we all have the same philosophy…if it looks like sh*t,and smells like sh*t,it probably is sh*t…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

18:20 Charlie Ward:There is so much out there,when you know,you know…I've pointed out details to people but they just can't see it,their mind is completely blocked…


18:53 It's like the people who've had 2 vaccinations and they're STILL wearing a mask…a guy who was out interviewing asked a man,"Why are you wearing a mask if you've had 2 vaccinations?"And the reply was,"Well,I feel safer with the mask now…"SAFE FROM WHAT???It's not protecting you from the bullsh*t is it?


19:01 Denise Boland:It's like a crutch for them now.It's like a mental thing.What I like is that every day things are being exposed.The whistleblowers.God is showing people,"Go out and speak now and give names."


19:24 You interviewed Madison Marquette.She's been to 100 Military Tribunals.How encouraging is that for us that we heard there were going to be Tribunals and here she's living proof…she's testified in them.

19:24你采访了 Madison Marquette。她去过100个军事法庭。令我们感到鼓舞的是,我们听说将会有法庭,而她就是活生生的证据...她在法庭上作证。

19:40 Jessie Czebotar another one.God told her,go out and expose.She grew up in the occult,high ranking in the illuminati…

19:40 Jessie Czebotar 再来一个。上帝告诉她,出去揭露吧。她在神秘学中长大,在光明会中地位很高。

19:56 EVERYTHING is being exposed…If they don't wake up,THEY DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP!!They don't want to see it…


20:00 Pepe:Thing is,if they don't wake up now,when they do wake up,Trump is gonna be President and they're gonna be like,"What happened?"You were sleeping while this was going on.So now you have to wake up cuz look who it is.And that's gonna be a shock.


20:15 Charlie Ward:Well they'll turn round say,no this is just a Military Coup…Well,a Military Coup can only overthrow a LEGITIMATE government…and of course,if you're a president of a bankrupt corporation,that doesn't really count…


20:39 Pepe:It's like Myanmar,Burma…


21:16 Charlie Ward:Exactly…it's starting in America,it will eventually roll out,it will take a few years…2,3,or 4 years but everything worldwide will be sorted out…nothing can be done overnight but the board is already rolling…when you clean up the mess…everybody is like,"get on with it,get on with it"…no,it's not quite that simple


21:45 I've likened it very much to changing the Banking system…If you just take Dubai,where I used to be a resident,and you say to Dubai,right,you've got 100 banks,and we all need to change our system from one system to a new one…it would take at least a week to do,maybe longer…


22:02 And oh by the way,you've got to sync it with Abu Dhabi,another Emirate,or Ras Al-Khaimah or Dibba al Fujairah,or wherever…that's without going outside the United Arab Emirates…

顺便说一下,你得把它和阿布扎比,另一个酋长国,或者 Ras Al-Khaimah 或者 Dibba al Fujairah 同步,或者其他什么地方,不管是在阿拉伯联合酋长国之外。

22:16 And oh,by the way,then you've got to sync it to Saudi Arabia…and of course,you've got a different mentality…and Iran and Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan…and oh,by the way,while we're doing it,we're going to link in with China and India,oh my word…


22:35 And oh,by the way,while we're doing it,we're going to talk to Spain,of course,there's only 4-days in the whole year in Spain when they're not all working…they have siestas and holidays all the time…God bless them…


22:55 So when you take all of that into consideration the amount of times I've heard on this journey,"Well,it can't happen tomorrow Charlie,cuz there's a bank holiday in Switzerland,and there's one here in America"and then of course you've got the time difference,everything's based out of Reno…Reno and Temple,they're the 2 areas that control things…in Nevada…


23:42 Pepe:I can guarantee you that New York and California have been trampled on by fake ballots…[Charlie:They have,Denise:Most definitely]That's what I'm saying,the whole country has to get into this and do a whole Forensic Audit…


24:00 Charlie Ward:That's exactly what's going to happen…New York and California both turned RED at the election…


24:52 Denise Boland:The White Hats are in control of the Mainstream Media and they're allowing them to be exposed,they're allowing things to be seen…to wake up…


25:19 Charlie Ward:The White Hats,I don't know at what time they assumed total control…this has been planned for at least 10-years…I knew of it 7-years ago…They'd already arranged to get Trump into office…They chose him specifically because he was probably the only person on the planet with balls big enough to take them on…


26:26 The team that was assembled,there's a total of around 8k people most of which have Military Expertise…you can say thanks to Donald Trump but you can say a massive thanks to the Military Team behind him,that have stood up for what's right…


26:44 God just chose Donald Trump because he was strong enough to stand up to the complete barrage of lies,deceit,it's ridiculous what's been thrown at him…


27:02 I've had family member that have done videos about me,and people that have done videos about me that are negative,one or two,he's had it nonstop….I often think about them and just go,brush them away,because by comparison what I've had and what he's had are on a different planet…



Kat note:Without fail,WITHOUT FAIL,every time I post something from a Charlie Ward video,I get shills and bots.Today,6-16-21 was no different.I posted my GIF of Jim Carey along with the link to Charlie's video and got this reply:

Kat :没有失败,没有失败,每次我发布的东西从查理沃德的视频,我得到了托儿和机器人。今天,6-16-21也不例外。我上传了我的吉姆·凯利的 GIF 图片和查理视频的链接,得到了这样的回复:

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

I've absolutely,completely and totally had it with these people.So I replied,perhaps not as graciously as I might have,I admit:


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

Then he came back with a post with all the reasons why he didn't like Gene,Juan and Charlie.


I politely agreed to disagree and then he became incredibly rude so I blocked him.Then he deleted these posts.[Fortunately I saved copies.]Lord.Enough already.So sick of deep state demon shills and bots and their constant negativity and confrontational bollocksness!!


But it's my fault because I continuously forget I'm dealing with a robot or an algorithm or an MK Ultra'd whatever.

但这是我的错,因为我总是忘记我面对的是一个机器人或者一个算法或者一个 MK Ultra 什么的。

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

Joseph Goebbels,Minister of Propaganda for the Third Reich under A Hitler,1933–1945



27:24 Charlie Ward:Trump's been through so much abuse and completely and utterly unfoundedand it's very interesting that they've always pointed the finger at him as collusion with Russia or whatever…


27:37 It's very much like somebody in a relationship that's cheating,they'll very often point their finger at their partner and say THEY are cheating when THEY'RE the ones that are cheating…that's exactly what we're seeing…that's exactly what's happened here…they're pointing the finger[at Trump]when it's THEM[the cabal]that's been involved…


28:00 The one thing I admire most about Donald Trump


is his incredible patience…


He had enough ammunition to throw the book at them


a long time ago…but now he's just tormenting them…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

29:20 Charlie Ward:Pence was one of the people plotting to get rid of Trump before he was even elected…[The White Hats]had watched the election before…so they knew EXACTLY what was going on…



Kat Note:On an 11-18-21 SpirituallyRAW interview,Gene Decode reported that the White Hats had"seen"the 2020 Election in 2015.Gene didn't say,but I'm assuming,they also saw the 2016 Election.In this enclosed excerpt Gene verifies that White Hats have Looking Glass.

Kat Note:11-18-21精神原始的采访中,Gene Decode 报道说白帽子们已经"看到"2015年的2020年大选。吉恩没有说,但我猜他们也看到了2016年的选举。在随附的摘录中,Gene 证实了白帽子有窥镜。

In a later interview,Gene said the White Hats also have accurate Remote Viewers,whereas now,in June 2021,the deep state demon Remote Viewers aren't any good or reliable.I surmise the reason for this is the intensifying Light Factor on Earth,in Humanity and in the Solar System,but I don't know for a fact if that's true.



45:15 Gene Decode:Trump was in a SCIF(Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)…during Election night…watching all of this happen…knowing what's really happening and all of the changes happening[with the votes]…cuz Quantum computers are essentially working in the moment…looking at it as it happens…seeing the Voter Fraud taking place as it's happening…they're watching this…


46:12 They're watching it for the second time…rarely do I say something that has no meaning…when I said Operation Looking Glass?…they've had that…they saw it a year before Trump even got in…what would happen in 2020…




29:27 Charlie Ward:The reason that Hillary Clinton didn't come out when she lost was because she had paid so much money to guarantee that she won and she lost so her anger…was…and she couldn't say anything…she was angry with Dominion and Smartmatic…because she paid them to guarantee that she won…

查理·沃德:希拉里·克林顿输的时候没有出来的原因是因为她付了那么多钱来保证她赢了,所以她输了,所以她的愤怒......她什么也说不出来...她对自治领和 Smartmatic 很生气...因为她付钱给他们来保证她赢了..

31:18 The other thing,that I was part of that people dismissed early on but now they found out it was true,that all the paper that was used on the"official"ballots had a watermark…


We were always told to"watch the water"and we always thought it was Three Gorges Dam…the watermark on the ballots help them with the Forensic Audit…and also incorporated in the watermark was a GPS so they could see each ballot from Outer Space,from STARLINK…They could see EXACTLY the numbers all the time,LIVE…so they knew the results right from the time the election started in the morning to the evening…

我们总是被告知要"注意水",我们总是认为那是长江三峡水利枢纽工程... ... 选票上的水印帮助他们进行法医审计... ... 水印还包括一个 GPS,这样他们就可以看到来自外太空的每一张选票,来自
星链... 他们可以一直看到准确的数字,LIVE... 所以他们知道从早上开始到晚上的选举结果... ..

32:04 They saw the numbers changing on the television screens…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

32:13 Charlie Ward:But they were watching the real truth as to how many votes there was…that just confirmed everything,but they had to keep their excitement under wraps…


32:27 The other problem they had is,you can't go to the courts because they're part of the problem,they're contaminated…they're ALL part of it…


32:40 Pepe:Didn't Roberts go to the Island of Epstein?And do his little naughty over there?That b*stard!!!These people have to be eradicated from the face of this planet…I just can't…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

33:03 Charlie Ward:They've all been taken down…we're just watching the pantomime right now…


34:48 Denise Boland:Charlie,do you still see everything shutting down and the Emergency Broadcast System?


34:55 Charlie Ward:It's going to be very interesting because yesterday we saw that the largest newspaper in the United Kingdom,The Sun,say that it's bankrupt…


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

The Guardian,June 14,2020

The GuardianJune 14,2020卫报,2020614


35:04 Charlie Ward:And that may well be how they come out of the public eye…is that they suddenly go bankrupt so they stop telling their story…Television stations,rather than admit they were wrong,they will start closing down,and that's where the"darkness"will come…and then of course,Mainstream Media and Social Media are connected to the internet…which I believe will collapse…because we won't need it anymore…


35:32 We'll go onto STARLINKwhich will be Free Energy…Free Internet…it'll be open and clear…it won't have the dark web,you won't have all the awful censorship of Truth,etc…


35:48 I think the transition between the old system and the new system,it may take 10 days…and that may well be the period of darkness when suddenly we've got no internet and when we get it back,we're on STARLINK…that'll be very interesting to see how we transition from one t'other…


36:06 I guess they could use the Emergency Broadcast…I know they've been testing the EBBS with mobile phones…I'm sitting here waiting in suspense,excited…enjoying the ride…

36:06我想他们可以用紧急广播...我知道他们一直在用手机测试 EBBS...我坐在这里等待悬念,兴奋...享受旅程..


“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21




End Kat Partial Transcriptions

结束 Kat 部分转录

“胡安•奥•萨文关于Q项目和查理-沃德与吉姆-凯瑞扮演的乔-拜登的花絮” Kat – 6.17.21

"My job is to teach people


that what you think&imagine


is what







~Gene Decode,1-21





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