本杰明|2021/6/14 剥夺本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的权力是游戏规则的改变者

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本杰明|2021/6/14 剥夺本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的权力是游戏规则的改变者

The formal removal from power of Israeli Crime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a geopolitical game-changer.Netanyahu's departure means the messianic Zionist fanatics who want to kill 90%of humanity and rule the survivors from a greater Israel have lost.


"This is momentous to counter KM(Khazarian Mafia)geopolitics,"MI6 sources say.Netanyahu is being taken into protective custody so that he can sing about his hidden controllers before he is killed and silenced,they add.Mossad sources insist the real Netanyahu is long gone and what we are seeing is a clone.However,the MI6 version of events is more in line with what most of us understand as reality.

军情六处的消息人士称:"这对打击KM (Khazarian Mafia)的地缘政治意义重大。"。他们补充说,内塔尼亚胡正在被保护性拘留,这样他就可以在被杀害和沉默之前唱出他隐藏的控制者。摩萨德消息人士坚持认为,真正的内塔尼亚胡早已不复存在,我们看到的只是一个克隆品。然而,军情六处版本的事件更符合我们大多数人对现实的理解。

In any case,some recent news items show how big a change is coming to the Middle East.Just before Netanyahu was ousted the Mossad linked site DEBKA posted the following:

无论如何,最近的一些新闻报道显示,中东正在发生巨大的变化。就在内塔尼亚胡被赶下台之前,与摩萨德有关联的网站 DEBKA 发布了以下内容:

"Iran's nuclear breakout may soon be a matter of weeks.This assessment by U.S.Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday,June 8th,confronts the incoming Bennett-Lapid government with its first major challenge–indeed the most ominous test that has faced any past Israeli government."



Do these idiots actually believe anybody listens to them anymore after repeating this weekly for over 30 years?


Now instead we see the Israeli colony of Saudi Arabia trying to make peace with Syria and Iran.


现在我们看到的是以色列的殖民地沙特阿拉伯正试图与叙利亚和伊朗和平共处,而不是 https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/6/8/times-have-changed-Saudi-Syria-in-rapprochement-talks

The Russians,for their part,know full well that"Hamas and IS were created by Israeli intel and all their leaders are working for'Mossada.'"This is the sort of behavior that prompted a collective decision by the world's military to tell Israel to"stop or else."


What has now happened is that the people of Israel decided they did not want to go through another Mossada-like collective suicide.


In any case,Russian FSB,MI6,Mossad,and CIA sources all agree that humanity faces a common enemy in the form of the Khazarian Mafia(KM).The KM members are now circling their wagons around their G7 slave civilian governments,NATO,and the banksters in Switzerland.


When an FSB source asked if the White Dragon Society was going to hit Geneva,Switzerland with a nuclear strike in order to take out the KM's Octagon politburo,they were told the WDS"have decided that pinpoint surgery is the way to go."To this,the FSB replied their analysis of the KM was that"the total top management is 2,500 people and at the very top are 200."These people are now being actively hunted by MI6,the FSB,the CIA,and Asian secret societies.


To understand what kind of people we are dealing with we have been given a report by MI6 that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair's doctor operated to repair vaginal damage he did to his daughter by repeatedly raping her.Meanwhile,Chief Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has been taking children from a certain hospital,raping them,and killing them.


That is why death warrants have been issued for these people,they say.


However,MI6 sources say that if push comes to shove"better millions dead than billions,that is how the real world we live and work in is…and it's not for the faint-hearted."


This is no exaggeration.Top-level military and agency personnel have taken action after receiving scientific proof the vaccines being pushed on much of the global population are highly toxic.That is why suddenly the pandemic and vaccines are vanishing from public discourse.In a sign of this,some corporate media have started to refer to Covid-19 by its traditional name"the common cold."



Despite this,the G7 slave governments issued a communiqué last weekend where they promised"starting immediately,to vaccinate the world…providing for one billion doses over the next year."They added that"ending the pandemic in 2022 will require vaccinating at least 60 percent of the global population."In other words,they are still bent on genocide.



Fortunately,the G7 is increasingly irrelevant.They accounted for 80%of world GDP when they were founded in 1976 but now,on a real purchasing power parity basis they account for more like 20%.This did not stop them from promising$40 trillion,way more than their collective GDP,to"fix global infrastructure."Needless to say,the$40 trillion is just a giant fiat hallucination.

幸运的是,G7正变得越来越无关紧要。1976年成立时,它们占世界 GDP 80%,但现在,以购买力平价为基础,它们占了20%。这并没有阻止他们承诺拿出40万亿美元来"修复全球基础设施",这远远超过了他们的 GDP 总和不用说,40万亿美元只是一个巨大的幻觉。

"Few still remember how our societies and economies were threatened by high inflation 50 years ago,"David Folkerts-Landau,Deutsche Bank chief economist and head of research,wrote in a paper co-written by his colleagues Jim Reid and Peter Hooper."

"很少有人还记得50年前我们的社会和经济是如何受到高通胀威胁的,"德意志银行首席经济学家兼研究主管大卫·福尔克茨-兰道(David Folkerts-Landau)在他的同事吉姆·里德(Jim Reid)和彼得·胡珀(Peter Hooper)合著的一篇论文中写道。"

The most basic laws of economics,the ones that have stood the test of time over a millennium,have not been suspended.Explosive growth in debt-financed largely by central banks is likely to lead to higher inflation."In other words,there is such a thing known as reality and the fiat bankers have bumped into it.


There was also weird talk in the G7 communiqué about"action to decarbonize areas such as iron and steel,cement,chemicals,and petrochemicals,"as well as"decarbonized mobility including buses,trains,shipping,and aviation."With all these weird reports about vaccinated people becoming like magnets,it makes one wonder if,as the Gnostic Illuminati say,the G7 works for a rogue artificial intelligence that also wants to"decarbonize"humans.In other words,it is working towards a shift from carbon-based life(like us)to silicon-based life.


In any case,"the Military were all watching the G7 summit and laughing,"MI6 promises.They say the Rothschilds are bankrupt because of lawsuits related to Libor manipulation.Now,this satanic family is"now desperately clinging to power using their poor cousins the Rockefellers."


The fake Biden regime has shown itself to be a Rockefeller proxy by brazenly promoting their business interests.That is why they cut off the Keystone pipeline as the first order of business for their bogus regime.Also,if you look at their so-called"Three Seas Initiative,"you will see it consists of building ports and pipelines,etc.,to allow European countries to import expensive Rockefeller LNG,oil,etc.


The Rockefellers are also desperately trying to woo Russia to join them as junior partners in a new cold war against China when their so-called President Biden meets with Russian power avatar Vladimir Putin in Geneva on June 16th.


Here is the official Russian take on this meeting:


"No one wants a return to the Cold War.But as was true then,improving security in the Euro-Atlantic region today will require leaders to recognize their mutual interests and act boldly and together to promote them.The June 16th meeting between the U.S.and Russian presidents in Geneva,Switzerland,offers the opportunity to begin an important new dialogue on strategic stability.One of history's lessons is how quickly nations can move from peace to horrific conflict.In the aftermath,we have looked back and wondered not only how it could have happened,but how it happened so quickly?"


"没有人希望回到冷战时期。但正如当时的情况一样,今天 Euro-Atlantic 地区安全局势的改善将要求各国领导人认识到他们的共同利益,并大胆地共同行动以促进这些利益。616日,美国总统和俄罗斯总统在瑞士日内瓦举行会晤,为开启新一轮关于战略稳定的重要对话提供了机会。历史的教训之一就是各国如何迅速地从和平走向可怕的冲突。之后,我们回首往事,不仅想知道这一切是如何发生的,还想知道这一切是如何发生得如此之快?"

The Russians are also aware they are dealing with a failed state as"Putin"recently noted on the official Tass news site when he said:


"Problems keep piling up.And,at some point,they are no longer able to cope with them.And the United States is now walking the Soviet Union's path,and its gait is confident and steady."



The signs the U.S.is a failed state continue to multiply.For example,as the chart below shows,the purchasing power of the domestic U.S.dollar(as opposed to the international one)continues to plunge:




本杰明|2021/6/14 剥夺本雅明•内塔尼亚胡的权力是游戏规则的改变者

Also,all the funny money the Biden people have been distributing in an attempt to bribe the American public has caused 40%of small businesses to raise prices while 48%of these businesses are unable to find workers.


It also turns out that more than half of the unemployment money the U.S.handed out in response to the fake pandemic has been stolen and sent overseas by fraudsters.



There is also a continuing slide into anarchy.For example businessmen in Fell's Point Maryland threatened to stop paying taxes unless the city government did things like collect trash,enforce parking offenses,stop the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol on the street,and let the police do their job.



In Oregon meanwhile,they decided to give the homeless their right to camp and live on public streets and property.In other words,say goodbye to parks and public streets.



There is also a continuing descent into violence and lawlessness as this headline illustrates:


"After historically deadly 2020,Atlanta homicides are up nearly 60%in 2021."



Also,there were more than 600 mass shootings–those involving four or more people who were shot–in 2020,and that record is expected to be surpassed in 2021.


Even as their U.S.slave regime continues its collapse,the KM is still not planning to go quietly into the night.They are now threatening to shut down global commerce.Their World Economic Forum division issued the following veiled threat last week saying,"The key message voiced by experts at WEF and other international platforms is that supply chain security is to become a major cybersecurity issue in 2021."They also said"the world is becoming ever more interconnected…In this context,a single vulnerable link is enough to bring down the entire system,just like the domino effect."


即使他们的美国奴隶制度继续崩溃,KM 仍然没有计划安静地消失到深夜。他们现在威胁要关闭全球贸易。他们的世界经济论坛部门上周发出了下面这个含蓄的威胁:"世界经济论坛和其他国际平台的专家们发出的关键信息是,供应链安全将成为2021年的一个重大网络安全问题。"他们还表示,"世界正变得越来越相互关联......在这种情况下,一个单一的脆弱环节就足以摧毁整个系统,就像多米诺效应一样。"


The G7 communiqué hinted at specific targets by noting"risks to the resilience of the critical global supply chains,in areas such as critical minerals and semiconductors."A taste of this came when the Taiwanese government ordered"King Yuan,which is a key supplier for Nvidia,Intel,MediaTek,and many other top global chip developers,to stop all of its foreign laborers from working.The order was effective immediately,regardless of COVID test results."


Russian FSB sources for their part say KM mercenaries disguised as"IS,""Boko Haram"etc.continue to steal gold and other precious minerals from Africa"on behalf of investors residing in the U.S."

俄罗斯联邦安全局的消息来源称,伪装成"伊斯兰国""博科圣地"等的 KM 雇佣军继续"代表居住在美国的投资者"从非洲偷取黄金和其他贵重矿物

From a military perspective,the way to stop these criminals is to remove their control of central banks,because then they will lose their ability to finance mayhem.We have talked to IS and other mercenaries and they say they are paid in Swiss francs.So Switzerland remains a high-priority military target.


Also,KM control of the UN,the WHO,the International Civil Aviation Organization,and the International Maritime Organization needs to be ended.It was control of these organizations that allowed them to use a fake pandemic to shut down the world economy and blackmail humanity.


A good look also needs to be taken at certain Chinese factions.There was a report on Jim Stone freelance about students being grabbed at 100 schools in China during lunch hour.Recently I have been unable to read his reports on my computer but was able to on my iPhone.However,the report was deleted from my iPhone as I was reading it.This is a good sign the Rockefellers,as a part of their deal with a certain Chinese faction to get support for their Biden avatar government,handed the keys of Japanese digital censorship to China.

中国的某些派系也需要好好审视一下。有一篇关于吉姆·斯通的自由撰稿人的报道,说中国100所学校的学生在午餐时间被抓走。最近我无法在我的电脑上阅读他的报告,但可以在我的 iPhone 上阅读。然而,当我阅读这篇报道时,它被从我的 iPhone 中删除了。这是一个很好的迹象,作为与某个中国派别达成的协议的一部分,为了得到他们拜登化身政府的支持,洛克菲勒家族把日本数字审查制度的钥匙交给了中国。

Also,although I do not know why the students were taken,I do recall the head of a Taiwan-based Asian secret society saying that their revenge for SARS"would be unpredictable and worse than you expect."The fact that only Westerners have been injected with dangerous vaccines in response to this fake pandemic gives rise to the question of whether or not this was their revenge.If so,China may be sheltering its best and brightest from the inevitable retaliation that will come if they are proven to be behind the vaccine campaign.

此外,虽然我不知道为什么这些学生会被带走,但我记得台湾一个亚洲秘密社团的负责人说,他们对 SARS 的报复"将是不可预测的,而且比你想象的还要糟糕"事实上,只有西方人被注射了危险的疫苗以应对这场假的流行病,这引起了一个问题,这是否是他们的报复。如果是这样的话,中国可能会庇护其最优秀和最聪明的人,如果他们被证明是疫苗运动的支持者,那么不可避免的报复将会到来。

On a final note this week,we got the following intelligence from our source in the secret space program:


"All the news about Antarctica is being pushed now to keep everyone off of what is happening in Greenland.Russia is working closely with the U.S.military(Trump and Putin)developing a unique underground base that is directly connected with our off-world family.They are sharing new technologies that are not available here yet.This is the new area 51.China is not part of this operation".


Let us see how this develops as time will tell.


An audio version of this report is now available as an option for subscribers.Thank you for your support to make this research and analysis possible.




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