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(ECETI 新闻) : 2022年8月20日|詹姆斯 · 吉利兰

Aloha, ECETI News 你好,ECETI 新闻

August 20, 2022 | Issues 44 2022年8月20日 | 第44期


As I write this newsletter, I am on a plane destined for Hawaii. A much needed sabbatical considering all the drama in the UFO community. I would caution everyone to use extreme discernment, people and things are not what they seem. There are Manchurian candidates sent into the community to create chaos, separation and division. They are very convincing at putting on a show using other people’s information and playing the victim. When found out or when their agendas are not met they attack along with the naïve saviors pulled into their webs. I am not going to mention names just observe the chaos and misdirected saviors with good intentions that follow in their wake. Observe how the posers are just repeating someone else’s information.


There are the standard shills, planned opposition and controlled narratives. It is no wonder contact has not happened with the masses or those who profess to represent the masses. Do not fall for the gossip, rumors, character assassinations or the division games. True or not it is a diversion, follow your heart and move on. We are finding out now that those professing to not partake in the drama, are often knee-deep in it.


If you are looking outside of yourself for contact, you have been diverted. The councils and fleets are here waiting for those who rise to the occasion. They are loving, joyous, heart centered beings just a thought away. There are many starseeds being initiated and activated. The planetary liberation from draconian forces, the grey alliance, the war and disease profiteers, those who have suppressed humanities evolution is well underway. The petty bickering, competition, backstabbing, betrayals and power struggles are the tools used by the dark forces in every institution. It will get you nowhere concerning contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders and those based in the Inner Earth and greatly inhibit your own healing and ascension. It will also get you nowhere with those who are authentic.


The masks are coming down, the true agendas and motives will be made known. In many cases one only has to ask where the evidence is to support their claims. They are appearing regularly to the authentic. The regenerate ETs many contacted in the past are in hiding. Many were used to further their negative agendas, some still are being remotely influenced psychically or through chips and implants. The serpent beings, royal reptilians, tall greys and their deep state puppets are still influencing those who are naïve, do not clear unseen negative influences, or have ill intent and motive. Again, use discernment. They will promote AI, brain chips as fashionable, population reduction, environmental scams, scenarios such as themselves or their contacts as saviors, everyone will be beamed up, this is all an illusion so do not act. Some will say ignore the loss of life, liberty, the poverty and disease forced on humanity. Some unseen force is going to clean it all up. Ever hear the expression, “God helps those who help themselves?” Best be your own savior, become sovereign, make your own personal God/Creator/Great spirit connection or contact with higher dimensional beings.


Many ask where do I start? Start with self. The tools and techniques are free on the website www.eceti.org under the healing section . The Self Mastery classes are uploaded on Eceti TV. Learn how to heal unseen negative influences, clear the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences, find spiritual practices that work for you, most important get out in nature, take your shoes off. Be discerning when selecting a counselor again, not all can do what they claim. Find those with a good track record.

许多人问我从哪里开始?从 Self 开始。这些工具和技术可以在 www.eceti. org 的治疗部分下免费获得。自我掌控课程会上传到 Eceti 电视台。学习如何治愈看不见的负面影响,清除过去经历中的伤口、创伤和错误的结论,找到适合你的精神实践,最重要的是走出大自然,脱掉鞋子。在再次选择咨询师时要有辨别力,不是所有人都能做到他们声称的那样。找到那些有良好记录的人。

Nothing is hidden with spiritually advanced beings. Everyone’s spiritual adeptness, true agenda and motives are known. Finding authentic people in the UFO community with pure intentions and motives is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It has become political. Just an observation after almost 40 years in the field. Many started out with good intentions, many in the field have to up their game. There will always be those that continue to deceive the masses for notoriety and financial gain. Unfortunately, those at the top got there through making concessions to those controlling the narrative willfully or in ignorance. If you follow those controlling the narrative to the top you will find evil beyond imagination and practices many in denial cannot even fathom.


If you have chosen the main stream media, many of the internet or cable shows to form your be “lie” f s concerning off world visitors most likely you have been misinformed. Most are deceptive and entertainment only. It is by design. In the days to come it is imperative to develop your own inner sensitivity, self-mastery, and learn how to heal unseen negative influences. Stay out of the power struggles, character assassinations, gossip and rumors and make your own contact. Again those who are not authentic will use these newsletters as their own information parroting them almost verbatim to give themselves false credibility. It is not about empowering the individual, it is about gathering followers and those who gather followers are networking for low level or regenerate ETs. Look behind the veil. What is being presented is often not what is seen. Ignore the words and feel the soul and the intention of the one delivering the message.


This newsletter is a two-edged sword and covers both sides of the coin. It is imperative to step out of the chaos and drama if you are going to ascend or make contact. It does not mean giving evil free reign, it means setting boundaries, choosing not to participate, practicing loving detachment saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done staying the course. ECETI has followed this path for almost 40 years, the contacts and ships have been documented with multiple eyewitnesses, photos and videos. There have been too many to document spontaneous healings and beneficial initiations and contacts. Despite this there are always the posers, those who want to make a name for themselves, those driven by ego, those of ill intent, those willingly or in ignorance driven by darker forces constantly slinging their own mud not willing to look at a basic principle. When you point a finger at another there are usually three pointing back. There is a long list of people who came to ECETI with personal agendas and when those agendas were not fulfilled just as the victims they became the persecutors. They are gathering their wagons as we speak yet we have weathered many a storm. Do not worry we are protected and after years of this we don’t take it personal. We are like a giant rock, still here while the mud slingers and the ego driven have faced away into obscurity. What we find odd is even when it is made incredibly clear even by those who started the gossip and rumors there was no merit there have been no apologies yet the very same people want to jump on the ECETI band wagon due to the monumental increase in UFO activity. If one is of any moral integrity and believe the rumors they would have nothing to do with ECETI yet here they are trying to jump on the band wagon and use our photos, videos and information. We are all about forgiveness yet trust is earned and betraying that trust closes the gate.


That and the other aforementioned information is why we at ECETI are doing our own thing. We have seen the benefits of our service to others over the years. How can anyone with a “Soul or God connection,” do otherwise? Which also begs the question how can anyone with a “Soul or God connection,” not see through the true motives and intentions of those creating the problems. Over the years we have seen it all. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to put on conferences with speakers with impeccable integrity coming from the heart in service to Humanity and the Earth. It is said there with be two of the city and one of the family. I believe they were referring to spiritual family. I believe in these trying times that ratio has gone out the window. We will leave with three questions. Are you creating Heaven on Earth? What do you have to show for it? Are you ready to try something different? God/Creator/Great Spirit and the benevolent multidimensional universe and those inhabiting it are waiting for the answer and the action. People ask, why did you make the T-shirt? I am not your father, your mother or your x lover, I am just sitting here. Now you know. It might also explain why I never answer my phone. Especially if I do not know you. We have bigger fish to fry, those with open minds loving hearts and pure intentions to assist. Those that are ready and open to the awakening and healing process. We don’t have the luxury of the drama. If you plan on ascending neither do you.

这和其他上述信息是为什么我们在 ECETI 正在做我们自己的事情。多年来,我们已经看到了我们为他人服务的好处。一个有“灵魂或上帝联系”的人怎么可能不这么做呢?这也回避了一个问题: 任何一个与“灵魂或上帝有联系”的人,怎么能看不透那些制造问题的人的真正动机和意图呢。这么多年来,我们见证了一切。不幸的是,现在越来越难以召开会议,让发言者发自内心地为人类和地球服务,讲话完美无瑕。据说有两个城市和一个家庭。我相信他们指的是精神家庭。我相信在这个艰难的时期,这个比例已经不复存在了。我们有三个问题要问。你在人间创造天堂吗?你得到了什么?你准备好尝试不同的东西了吗?上帝/造物主/伟大的精神和仁慈的多维宇宙以及那些居住在其中的人们正在等待答案和行动。人们会问,你为什么要做这件 T 恤?我不是你的父亲,你的母亲或你的情人,我只是坐在这里。现在你知道了。这也解释了为什么我从不接电话。特别是如果我不认识你。我们还有更重要的事情要做,那些心胸开阔,热爱心灵,愿意提供帮助的人。那些已经准备好并打开觉醒和疗愈过程的人。我们没时间演戏了。如果你计划提升,你也不会。

Be well, be happy, be of service,


James Gilliland


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