X22报道|第2629集: 重建更好,这与政治无关

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现在,[ DS ]陷入了困境,他们对特朗普所做的一切现在都是针对他们的。[ DS ]现在已经向美国人民揭露了他们的邪恶计划。

X22报道|第2629集: 重建更好,这与政治无关

Ep. 2629a – Build Back Better Is Really About Destroying America

Ep. 2629a-重建更美好的国家实际上是在摧毁美国

Ep. 2629b – [DS] Evil Exposed, This Is Not About Politics, It’s About Preserving Our Way Of Life

Ep. 2629b – [DS] 暴露出的邪恶,这与政治无关,这是为了保护我们的生活方式

X22 报告发表于2021年11月16日


The fake news cannot hide what is happening to the economy, they are trying to spin it as best they can. BBB is not going to help the American people it was designed to destroy America and the cost is not zero according to the CBO and everyone else.



The [DS] is now trapped, everything they have done to Trump has now turned on them. The [DS] has now exposed their evil plan to the American people. They have been trying to remove free speech, freedom of press, privacy, the right to not be searched, the right to defend one self, the right to carry arms, basically the constitution. All of this has failed because the people see it all, they see the evil plan. This is not about R v D, or race, politics, this is about preserving our way of life, and protecting the generations that follow. The people are learning how to fight for freedom again, the [DS] is panicking over the public that is now thinking for themselves.

现在,[ DS ]陷入了困境,他们对特朗普所做的一切现在都是针对他们的。[ DS ]现在已经向美国人民揭露了他们的邪恶计划。他们一直试图废除言论自由、新闻自由、隐私权、不受搜查的权利、保护自己的权利、携带武器的权利,基本上就是宪法。所有这一切都失败了,因为人们看到了一切,他们看到了邪恶的计划。这不是关于研发,或种族,政治,这是关于保护我们的生活方式,和保护下一代。人民正在学习如何再次为自由而战,[ DS ]正在对现在为自己考虑的公众感到恐慌。


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