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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

June 18,2021 2021618


No preamble.Lots to cover.


The breaking news out of the AZ Audit:Link to Telegram.

来自 AZ 审计的突发新闻:链接到 Telegram





Col.Phil Waldron just dropped some bombshell information regarding emails provided by Dominion to county departments,obtained in the discovery phase of Matthew DePerno's lawsuit in Michigan.This is from around the primaries last year.They reported having problems with modem transmission being slowed down&openly admit to turning on&off functions from a central location.Can we all admit that Dominion machines were online,had Wifi capability&easily manipulated now?

菲尔·沃尔德伦上校刚刚发布了一些令人震惊的信息,涉及到多明尼恩提供给县政府部门的电子邮件,这些邮件是在马修·德佩诺在密歇根州的诉讼中获得的。这是去年初选前后的照片。他们报告说,调制解调器传输问题被放慢,并公开承认打开和关闭功能从一个中心位置。我们能否承认自治领机器已经上线,具有 Wifi 功能,并且现在很容易操纵?

Check out the rest of the interview for awesome insight to what happened in the 2020 election!Follow the link below&get involved Patriots!


Discussing the Arizona Audit the successful spread of other audits to multiple states with noted cybersecurity experts Col. Phil Waldron and Russ Ramsland. T...

?The World is Watching?


Author of Fulton County Elections Report Tries Desperately to Walk Back Explosive Accusations—BUT IT'S TOO LATE 



There's a lot of poking going on now that the Patriots are on the offensive.


The Bear is poking back.You had to know it would get good when Putin stepped on stage.






The following is the kind of chaos the dark implements to punish anyone who opposes and tries to expose them.It happened yesterday.They are desperate and there's no telling what they might do because they have countless mind-controlled soldiers programmed to attack at a moment's notice.We know what the motive is.


One Dead,12 Injured By Arizona Gunman 


Maintain situational awareness at all times,folks.If you live in fire-prone areas be ready to bug out.If you live in Democrat-run cities be prepared to shelter in place in the event of violence and destruction.


We have a state of emergency declared in California now due to the extreme heat,and also in Crimea due to extreme flooding.The world is a crazy place and it WILL be an interesting summer as the good guys and the bad guys duke it out.


Setting the stage?We already have a lot of fires in AZ.I could smell the smoke the other night here in the city.Some are predicting worse than last year.



Fear of wildfires as California declares state of emergency 



This is much bigger than we knew,my friends.Elections are complete shams in many places.That's one way they control the world.They control everyone right down to the local level.Arizona is the proving ground for the new election integrity protocols.The People are paying attention and they're speaking up.


San Luis,AZ:Concerned Citizens Provided FBI With Videos Of Ballot Abuse,Harvesting In Yuma County–AZ Free News (https://azfreenews.com/2021/06/concerned-citizens-provided-fbi-with-videos-of-ballot-abuse-harvesting-in-yuma-county/)

AZ,圣路易斯:关心此事的公民向联邦调查局提供关于尤马县滥用选票、收获选票的视频-AZ 自由新闻 https://azfreenews.com/2021/06/Concerned-Citizens-Provided-FBI-With-Videos-Of-Ballot-Abuse-Harvesting-In-Yuma-County/

Corruption in San Luis Arizona from local&elected officials,school board members,city employees and staff of nonprofit organizations.


From the article:


"They've actually tricked the community in believing they're doing the right thing,they're voting,they're participating,yet they're not really informing the community that they're being lied to,used,and manipulated,"Lara added."San Luis is ground zero as far as voter fraud.That's where it started in 1997.It has spread through the state and it was perfected in San Luis.


Lara also noted how significant it can be for those living in smaller communities to preserve the status quo by what he called"the tricks of the trade."


"Being a board member and especially if you have majority,if your party or your group have majority on the school board then you control each year the hires,new hires,rehires,contracts,fires,"he explained."So what happens is if somebody wants a job—bring me your ballots,your neighbors'ballots,your family's.It becomes a web."


He added that the same incentive presents itself for various city employees and those who control non-profits serving the area.


All those threats about jail and fines for the odd person who may have engaged in voter fraud…when all along THEY were the ones stealing elections.They have always accused us of doing what they themselves have done.



As Mike Adams reported in the article we shared


Thus,we have arrived at a bizarre,dangerous converge of motivations where both America's foreign enemies and America's own deep state traitors both want to see America's power grid taken down,plunging the nation into chaos and mass death.Arguably,globalist central bankers also want a similar collapse to take place in order to roll out their nefarious"global reset"plans.(Download my full,free audio book called the"Global Reset Survival Guide"at GlobalReset.news)

因此,我们达成了一个奇怪的、危险的动机交汇点:美国的外国敌人和美国自己的内心深处的叛徒都希望看到美国的电网被摧毁,使国家陷入混乱和大规模死亡。可以说,全球主义的中央银行家们也希望类似的崩溃发生,以推出他们邪恶的"全球重置"计划。(请在 GlobalReset.news 下载我的完整免费有声书《全球重置生存指南》)

Watch for a massive false flag event to be blamed on QANON and militia members,but actually rolled out by the FBI,deep state and communist C*

观察一个大规模的假旗事件被指责 QANON 和民兵成员,但实际上推出了由联邦调查局,深州和c*p

We don't know if they will be successful,or when it might occur,but for anyone dealing with triple digit heat(113F)like we are here in southern Arizona,I thought this good advice…just in case.


LASD Norwalk Station:As we continue to experience triple-digit temperatures,please remember to stay cool during this heat wave.Here are some tips to beat the heat.
Store as much water as you can,if you have a 2nd fridge or freezer add water bottles so you can maintain the fridge cold longer if you loose electricity for several days

Norwalk Station:当我们继续经历三位数的温度时,请记得在这个热浪期间保持凉爽。以下是一些抵御炎热的小贴士。储存尽可能多的水,如果你有第二个冰箱或冰箱,加上水瓶,这样你可以保持冰箱冷,如果你失去电力几天

Dave discussed the possible Internet outages in his X22 Report last night.He points out that Cloudflare is one of the two companies reported to be routing data and Cloudflare is in use here on our Starship WordPress blog so…we'll see what happens.If we disappear,don't panic.We'll be back as soon as we get control of the comms again.

戴夫昨晚在他的 X22报告中讨论了可能发生的网络中断。他指出 Cloudflare 是被报道为路由数据的两家公司之一,而 Cloudflare 正在我们的 Starship WordPress 博客上使用,所以......我们拭目以待。如果我们消失了,不要惊慌。一旦我们控制了通讯系统我们就回来。

The great reset is hitting road block after road block. The first road block was when Trump introduced the vaccine, it countered their plan. This allowed countries not to be under pressure to accept what the [CB] was offering. Now the Swiss reject the [CB] plan, they know.

It's no secret now that the deep state shadow government colluded and conspired to censor us.Dr.Shiva Ayyadurai made some bold moves.Of course Wikipedia says he engages in conspiracy theories,lol.Is there any doubt now who runs Wikipedia,folks?Everything is rigged and they had every tool imaginable to deceive us.

现在已经不是什么秘密了,深层国家影子政府串通一气,密谋审查我们。Shiva Ayyadurai 博士做了一些大胆的举动。当然,维基百科上说他参与了阴谋论,哈哈。现在谁来管理维基百科还有什么疑问吗?一切都被操纵了,他们用一切能想到的手段来欺骗我们。

Evidence in federal court case PROVES Big Tech has WRITTEN AGREEMENT with U.S.government to censor American's free speech!


Trump will be rallying the troops again this month and telling some more truths.If you're in Ohio—lucky you!


They have to get[the fake]Pence out of the picture at some point.That point might be now.


Now that we actually have some reliable research…let's end the lie and prosecute these terrorists.



The Great White Gulag is in the throes of revolution and this situation makes me want to vomit.It's criminal.


Local Emergency lifted in Calgary as of Monday 


Watch the following video from the crew and listen to the remarks by brave public servants.Disgusting things have happened in Canada in this vicious war and these honest specialists are telling us the truth.38 minutes.Video notes below.


Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines.The Ontario MP has been critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic,and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.He is joined by a trio of doctors and scientists.


MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists–June 17,2021


Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as med...

I'm wondering why we're finding that anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments are excellent treatments for a"virus".


Romana Didulo says…(Link to Telegram)


If Declas is 18th then be prepared for Shutdown+The EVENT.
Been enough warnings now.


如果 Declas 18,那么准备关闭+事件。现在已经足够警告了。

If she's talking June then I don't need to point out that's this weekend.A good Father's Day gift?There's never a bad time for a revolution when you've been waiting decades for it.Let's git'er done.


Romana and the team are doing for Canada what Trump did in America.She is encouraging the People of the Republic of Canada to stoke the fires of nationalism again.It's important to love and honour your country if you are going to protect it—as is your duty as a resident of Canada.Hence the"gear".



As Romana pointed out,we should question why multiple/opposition parties are required in parliament to run the country when the representatives are supposedly elected by the People.


Should there not be one council/party who represents the People and does their bidding?Why not call it,The Canada 1st Party for now?The government should be putting Canada first and not sending millions of dollars to other nations.Fix Canada first.


Here's another interesting question from Romana:(Link to Telegram)

这是另一个来自 Romana 的有趣问题2021年6月18日:地球上的气候变得越来越紧张|星际飞船地球链接到 Telegram)

What would happen to#nanobots and#microchips implanted into Humans connected to certain Satellites once those Satellites have been destroyed?


We need to stay out of fear,y'all.There's nothing to fear.


The most interesting things appear on my travels across the WWW.



上一集 下一集

When I"liked"this Tweet the counter went up and then down.


Speaking of timelines,Jetson White uploaded a new video yesterday.I'm sure you realize a lot more was going on around the Giza Plateau and the pyramids than they let on.Not burial chambers!It has always fascinated me.Jetson usually puts notes below his videos to explain more so you can watch on Themtube by clicking the title link for the videos.

说到时间线,杰森·怀特昨天上传了一个新视频。我相信你会意识到吉萨高原和金字塔周围发生的事情比他们表面上看到的要多得多。不是墓室!它一直吸引着我。杰特森通常在视频下面加注解释,这样你就可以点击视频的标题链接在 Themtube 上观看。

How I Found Thoth's Spaceship–CH1(REMASTERED)


If that interests you,try this one.See the lion?Interesting,when you consider the il Donaldo Trumpo Tweet at the top of this post,yes?

如果你对这个感兴趣,试试这个。看到狮子了吗?有趣的是,当你想到这篇文章顶部的 il Donaldo Trumpo 推特时,你会怎么想?

Synopsis 2–A Different View of Osiris 


Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the show but we'll soldier on.Some people wouldn't believe it if we told them what's going on.


Quick Nano Soma update: Dr.Presser reports that new supplies should be back in US stores on Wed.June.23rd and begin shipping then,but it will take some time to deal with all the orders as there have been so many.Restocking in other countries will follow after that.More on Nano Soma later but it is definitely being discovered and appreciated for what it is.The word is getting out and ten years+of hospital studies,research,and testimonials don't lie.

快速 Nano Soma 更新:Presser 博士报告说,新的供应应该回到美国商店星期三。六月。然后开始装运,但是处理所有的订单需要一些时间,因为已经有很多订单了。其他国家的补充库存将紧随其后。稍后会有更多关于 Nano Soma 的内容,但它肯定是被发现和欣赏的。这个词已经传出去了,十年以上的医院研究、调查和推荐不会说谎。

That's it for now,folks.It could be a crazy weekend.We're still waiting to see who the"first big arrest"will be.


In case you're interested…some stuff I didn't know.


Tribunals evidence part 2


This great American hero shares her story The Yank and Great British Bird https://youtu.be/AxC3DNp2iEURight on Radiohttps://youtu.be/A8b8o3DAn7sMichael Jaco ...

Take good care,stay positive,and be ready for action.~BP




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