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With the stunning collapse of the Trump Russia collusion narrative, many are now beginning to ask why an anti-Russia hysteria was fueled by the mainstream media that drove apart the world's foremost nuclear powers, and brought them to the brink of direct military confrontation. An explanation lies in the pivotal role Russia has been playing behind the scenes in revealing the truth about visiting extraterrestrial life and secret space programs, and Trump's desire to collaborate in such a momentous venture.


The dramatic Mueller Report that was released in summary form on March 24 made clear what President Donald Trump has been loudly proclaiming for well over two years. The Russia collusion narrative was a complete hoax that was contrived by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to undermine Trump's surprising 2016 electoral triumph.

324日以摘要形式发布的戏剧性的穆勒报告清楚地表明了唐纳德·特朗普总统两年多来一直在大声宣称的东西。关于与俄罗斯勾结的说法完全是希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)和民主党为了破坏特朗普2016年惊人的选举胜利而设计的骗局。

In an article published by The Hill, a former bastion of the Trump Russia collusion narrative, an Emmy award winning investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkisson, has made clear that Trump is owed many apologies by the mainstream media:

在《国会山》(The Hill)发表的一篇文章中,艾美奖获奖调查记者莎丽尔·阿基森(Sharyl Attkisson)明确表示,主流媒体欠特朗普很多道歉:

We in the media allowed unproven charges and false accusations to dominate the news landscape for more than two years, in a way that was wildly unbalanced and disproportionate to the evidence.


We did a poor job of tracking down leaks of false information. We failed to reasonably weigh the motives of anonymous sources and those claiming to have secret, special evidence of Trump's "treason."


As such, we reported a tremendous amount of false information, always to Trump's detriment.


And when we corrected our mistakes, we often doubled down more than we apologized. We may have been technically wrong on that tiny point, we would acknowledge. But, in the same breath, we would insist that Trump was so obviously guilty of being Russian President Vladimir Putin's puppet that the technical details hardly mattered.

当我们纠正错误的时候,我们通常会加倍努力而不是道歉。我们承认,在这一点上,我们可能在技术上是错误的。但与此同时,我们会坚持认为,特朗普明显是俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)的傀儡,因此技术细节几乎无关紧要。

So, a round of apologies seem in order.


Attkisson goes on to say that emphasis now shifts to questions over how and why this false collusion narrative emerged:


Should we try to learn more about those supposed Russian sources who provided false "intel" contained in the "dossier" against Trump, Page and others? Should we learn how these sources came to the attention of ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who built the dossier and claimed that some of the sources were close to Putin?

我们是否应该更多地了解那些在针对特朗普、佩奇和其他人的"档案"中提供虚假"情报"的所谓俄罗斯消息来源?我们是否应该了解这些消息来源是如何引起前英国间谍克里斯托弗斯蒂尔(Christopher Steele)的注意的? 斯蒂尔建立了这份档案,并声称一些消息来源与普京关系密切?

When and where did Steele meet with these high-level Russian sources who provided the apparently false information?


Are these the people who actually took proven, concrete steps to interfere in the 2016 election and sabotage Trump's presidency, beginning in its earliest days?


Just who conspired to put the "dossier" into the hands of the FBI? Who, within our intel community, dropped the ball on verifying the information and, instead, leaked it to the press and presented it to the FISC as if legitimate?

究竟是谁密谋将"档案"交到 FBI 手中?是谁,在我们的情报社区里,在核实信息时犯了错误,相反,把它泄露给了媒体,并把它当作合法的呈现给了 FISC

It can be anticipated that much attention will now focus on the discredited Steele dossier and how it was illegally used by Obama administration officials to attain FISA Court warrants to conduct surveillance operations of key figures in Trump's Presidential campaign and his incoming administration.

可以预见,现在人们的注意力将集中在失去信誉的斯蒂尔档案上,以及奥巴马政府官员如何非法利用该档案获得 FISA 法院的授权,对特朗普总统竞选和即将上任的政府中的关键人物进行监视。

The fallout is likely to be the investigation and prosecution of many former government officials, who knowingly used the discredited dossier as an "insurance policy" to advance their anti-Trump agenda.


According to anonymous group, Q Anon, which is linked to both the Trump administration and U.S. military intelligence, such an investigation has already been underway since November 2017 by John Huber, the US Attorney for Utah, and Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General (IG) of the Department of Justice.

据与特朗普政府和美国军事情报机构都有关联的匿名组织 QAnon 称,自201711月以来,美国犹他州检察官约翰·胡贝尔(John Huber)和司法部监察长迈克尔·霍洛维茨(Michael Horowitz)已经开始了这样的调查。

Huber was granted authority by former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to use the investigative resources of Horowitz's IG office to investigate and prosecute those involved in possible crimes that were a matter of concern for different House of Representatives and Senate committees.


Q Anon has said that thousands of sealed indictments have been prepared as Huber and other prosecutors have convened grand juries to hear the evidence provided by former Obama and Trump administration officials. Current estimates are that there are over 80,000 sealed indictments, and that these will be shortly unsealed with joint military and civilian trials.

Q Anon 表示,随着胡伯和其他检察官召集大陪审团听取前奥巴马和特朗普政府官员提供的证据,已经准备了数千份密封起诉书。目前估计有80,000多份密封起诉书,这些起诉书不久将通过军事和民事联合审判解封。

It's worth emphasizing that Q Anon has repeatedly referred to the Deep State (aka New World Order) as a global criminal syndicate which engages in Satanic rituals involving child sacrifice, human trafficking, and sex crimes which are used to compromise many government, corporate and media figures. For example, in a November 11, 2017 post, Q Anon wrote:

值得强调的是,Q Anon 反复提到深层国家(又名新世界秩序)是一个全球性的犯罪集团(中文链接),从事涉及儿童祭祀、人口贩卖和性犯罪的撒旦仪式,这些都被用来危害许多政府、企业和媒体人物。例如,在20171111日的一篇文章中,Q Anon 写道:

萨拉博士|特朗普与俄罗斯勾结及其崩溃背后的政治图景Eye of Providence.
Follow the bloodlines.
What is the keystone?
Does Satan exist?
Does the 'thought' of Satan exist?
Who worships Satan?
What is a cult?
Epstein island.
What is a temple?
What occurs in a temple?
Why is the temple on top of a mountain?
How many levels might exist below?
What is the significance of the colors, design and symbol above the dome?
Why is this relevant?
Who are the puppet masters?
Have the puppet masters traveled to this island?
When? How often? Why?
"Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan"

普罗维登斯之眼,追寻血脉。什么是基石?撒旦存在吗?撒旦的思想存在吗?谁崇拜撒旦?什么是邪教?爱泼斯坦岛。什么是寺庙?寺庙里发生了什么?崇拜?为什么寺庙在山顶上?下面可能存在多少级别?穹顶上方的颜色、设计和象征意义是什么?这有什么关系?谁是傀儡操纵者?木偶大师来过这个岛吗?什么时候?多久一次?为什么?普京: 世界新秩序崇拜撒旦

While the Russia Trump collusion case can be traced to a Deep State attempt to support Clinton's failed 2016 Presidential campaign, and even going as far as preventing Trump from being inaugurated, the ultimate purpose appears to have been an effort to sabotage any possibility that Trump would collaborate with President Vladimir Putin in solving a range of complex global issues.

尽管俄罗斯与特朗普勾结的案件可以追溯到"深州"(Deep State)试图支持克林顿2016年失败的总统竞选,甚至阻止特朗普就职,但最终目的似乎是试图破坏特朗普与弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)总统合作解决一系列复杂全球问题的可能性。

To further explore why Putin's Russia was being targeted by the Deep State we can begin with famed psychic Edgar Cayce who in 1935 made an extraordinary prophesy that a post-communist Russia would play a central role in liberating the planet from sinister dark forces who he called the "sons of Belial" that has oppressed humanity for centuries:

为了进一步探究普京领导下的俄罗斯为何成为"深层国家"(Deep State)的攻击目标,我们可以从著名的通灵师埃德加·凯西(Edgar Cayce)开始。凯西在1935年做出了一个非同寻常的预言: 后共产主义时代的俄罗斯将在把地球从邪恶的黑暗势力手中解放出来方面发挥核心作用,他称这些势力为:

In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.

俄罗斯带来了世界的希望,而不是有时被称为共产主义的布尔什维克主义的希望; 不。但是自由,自由!每个人都要为自己的同胞而活!这个原则已经产生了。它需要多年时间才能具体化,但俄罗斯再次带来了全世界的希望。

New York Times best selling author David Wilcock, who is Cayce's reincarnation according to a popular 2010 book, has written extensively about the scientific and technological breakthroughs in Russia that have been openly shared with the world after the collapse of communism. In The Source Field Investigations, Wilcock lays out a cogent case for how these breakthroughs have impacted multiple disciplines spanning health, energy, torsion physics, etc.


Furthermore, in a series of articles (see herehere and here), I have showed how the leaders of a post-communist Russia, Presidents Boris Yeltsin, Putin and Dmitri Medvedev, have respectively played critical roles in helping release the truth to emerge about extraterrestrial visitors, and how Russia has been helped by the visitors to bridge the gap with the more technologically developed NATO nations.

此外,在一系列文章(见这里、这里和这里)中,我展示了后共产主义时代的俄罗斯领导人鲍里斯·叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)、普京(Putin)和德米特里·梅德韦杰夫(Dmitri Medvedev)分别在帮助公布外星访客的真相方面发挥了关键作用,以及访客如何帮助俄罗斯在技术上弥合与更发达的北约国家之间的差距。

There have been a number of insider reports that Russia's new arsenal of hypersonic weapon systems have been developed with the help of human looking extraterrestrials. Some of these advanced technologies were allegedly used in a clandestine January 2016 battle over Antarcticaby Russia participating in an "Earth Alliance" fighting against a transnational corporate space program operated by the Deep State according to secret space program insider, Corey Goode. He had this to say about Russia's battle with a Satanic New World Order:


Putin and other elements of the "Earth Based Alliance" that make up the BRICS Alliance among others that dove tail together are all working for the common goal of defeating the "Satanic/Luciferian Cabal" that is now in control of the majority of the world and responsible for not only amazing deceptions of his and other countries populations but also some of the most horrific Crimes Against Humanity that have ever taken place in known history. There are many of these crimes that have become more and more known through recent disclosures behind the scenes. This has only caused these groups and people to want to bring down these Secret Earth Government Syndicates now more than ever.


Trump, by virtue of his uncle, John Trump, a former professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been long aware of incredibly advanced technologies, either created by inventors such as Nikola Tesla, or reverse engineered from retrieved extraterrestrial spacecraft.  These advanced technologies have been developed for highly classified space programs and suppressed from public release for decades.

特朗普的叔叔、麻省理工学院(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)前教授约翰·特朗普(John Trump)长期以来一直了解令人难以置信的先进技术,这些技术要么是尼古拉·特斯拉(Nikola Tesla)等发明家创造的,要么是从回收的外星。这些先进的技术是为高度机密的太空计划开发的,几十年来一直被禁止向公众发布。


The possibility that Trump would collaborate with Putin in the disclosure of suppressed technologies, reveal the truth about extraterrestrial visitors, and join a covert global battle against the Deep State, offers a compelling explanation for why the Russia Trump collusion narrative was concocted.

特朗普有可能与普京合作,披露被压制的技术,揭露外星访客的真相,并加入一场针对"深州"(Deep State)的全球秘密战争,这为俄罗斯与特朗普勾结的说法被炮制出来提供了一个令人信服的解释。

As multiple investigations and criminal trials emerge against former US government officials that illegally used the Steele dossier in ways designed to help the Clinton campaign and prevent Trump from being inaugurated, it's important not to lose sight of the bigger "exopolitical" picture of why the Deep State was so desperate to use its hidden government assets in such a blatant manner.


If Trump and Putin ultimately go ahead in forging a genuine US Russia alliance, this would not only liberate the planet from Deep State control, but in the process reveal many of the suppressed technologies that can transform humanity and help us become a worthy member of a galactic community.




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