X22报道|第2851集: 我们正在见证经济体制的改革,司法部/联邦调查局陷入困境 

2022年8月17日11:45:13最新动态X22报道|第2851集: 我们正在见证经济体制的改革,司法部/联邦调查局陷入困境 已关闭评论2441字数 1334阅读4分26秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2851集: 我们正在见证经济体制的改革,司法部/联邦调查局陷入困境 

Ep. 2851a – We Are Witnessing The Restructuring Of The Economic System


Ep. 2851b – [DS]/[DOJ]/[FBI] Are Trapped, Trump Is Forcing The Corrupt & Antifa Into The Light, Renegade

[ DS ]/[司法部]/[联邦调查局]陷入困境,特朗普正在迫使腐败和反对派走向光明,叛徒

 X22报告 发表于2022年8月16日


The D’s that voted for the Inflation Expansion Act cannot even explain how it reduces inflation, that’s because it does the opposite, it will force people to pay more in taxes and expand inflation. We are witnessing the restructuring of the economic system.

投票赞成通货膨胀扩张法案的D’s 甚至无法解释它是如何降低通货膨胀的,因为它的作用恰恰相反,它会迫使人们支付更多的税收,从而扩大通货膨胀。我们正在见证经济体制的重组。


The [DS] is now trapped, Trump is exposing the corrupt, they people are starting to see it and believe it. Sometimes you must show the people. He is forcing [DS] out of the shadows and into the light. The election fraud case is getting strong and stronger, it’s now being proven that a foreign government was working with the [DS] players to overthrow the US government. Trump sends messages, leaves out the letter R, which stands for Renegade. 

[DS]现在陷入了困境,特朗普正在揭露腐败,人们开始看到并相信这一点。有时候你必须让人们知道。他正在迫使[DS]走出阴影,走向光明。选举舞弊案越来越严重,现在已经证明外国政府正在与 DS 玩家合作推翻美国政府。Trump 发送信息,没有字母 R 代表叛徒。


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