X22报道|第2789集: 拜登把通货膨胀归咎于美联储,达勒姆不只是说说而已

2022年6月2日14:34:00最新动态X22报道|第2789集: 拜登把通货膨胀归咎于美联储,达勒姆不只是说说而已已关闭评论1971字数 1281阅读4分16秒阅读模式

[ DS ]认为他们赢了,因为萨斯曼脱身了。这根本不是事实,达勒姆得到了他所需要的,他会把整个腐败的庙宇都打倒,他要把整个事情都打倒。

X22报道|第2789集: 拜登把通货膨胀归咎于美联储,达勒姆不只是说说而已

Ep. 2789a – Right On Schedule, [JB] Blames The Fed For Inflation, Trap Set

如期完成,[ JB ]指责美联储造成通货膨胀,陷阱设置

Ep. 2789b – Durham Has It All Is Not Just Saying, The Hammer Is About To Fall

Ep. 2789b-达勒姆拥有一切不仅仅是说,大锤即将落下



The Atlanta Fed has revised the GDP numbers, they are now dropping like a rock and most likely we are headed right into a recession. The corrupt politicians just proved that Trump’s tariffs have nothing to do with inflation, it is [JB] and the [CB] that created the inflation. The blame game has begun, [JB] took the bait, think mandate.

亚特兰大联邦储备银行已经修改了 GDP 数据,它们现在像岩石一样下降,而且很有可能我们正走向衰退。腐败的政客们刚刚证明了特朗普的关税与通货膨胀无关,是[ JB ]和[ CB ]制造了通货膨胀。指责游戏已经开始,[ JB ]上钩了,想想授权。


The [DS] thinks they won with Sussman getting off. This is far from the truth, Durham got what he needed, he will be bringing down the hammer on the entire corrupt temple, he is going to bring the whole thing down. Think military strategy. True the Vote presented evidence in AZ, they have much more that is going to lead directly to the ring leaders.

[ DS ]认为他们赢了,因为萨斯曼脱身了。这根本不是事实,达勒姆得到了他所需要的,他会把整个腐败的庙宇都打倒,他要把整个事情都打倒。想想军事战略。的确,投票在 AZ 提供了证据,他们有更多的证据可以直接指向犯罪集团的头目。


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