Teri wade|神话和寓言

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Teri wade|神话和寓言

Everything in our past is meant for the purpose of the human being to attain knowledge of our past,present and future.It's always been right in front of us.Everything has been brilliantly hidden from us all along.


Jack and the Beanstalk...


I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive,or be he dead
I'll have his bones to grind my bread."


When Jack enters the land of the giants,he enters the spirit world.It is here that he experiences things which are not real in his every-day life.He finds out there are many benefits awaiting those who travel in this altered reality–greater energy,love,compassion,and power–indeed even richness–that he could not access in this world alone.In this altered reality he faces his fears,and deep,unconsciously held beliefs that prohibit him from manifesting such off worldly advantages.


Jack makes the exchange with the lone family cow for five magic beans.But,in turn made his mother quite mad,throws them out the window and up grows a beanstalk in which Jack climbs meaning...the connecting of two realms.One realm is ordinary reality,the other realm is extra-ordinary,offering enlightenment,providing supernatural challenges,offering gifts.The start of Jack's experiencing higher consciousness.But,he must face the Dark enemy(Giant)to continue his journey of Ascension.You must go thru the ugly reality of the Ascension process,everybody does.It's all part of waking up.


You'll meet mentors along the way,some may present unusual and unknown information but use your intuition...Meaning,the peddler man who gave him the beans in exchange for Daisy his only cow.


Jack has no father figure and leaves his mom and home for this journey meaning letting go of all attachments...


Adversaries will test you the symbolic Giant...


He receives the golden coins,the goose that lays the golden eggs,and the golden harp.Symbolic number of three,the rule of three.
Symbolic color of gold which symbolizes enlightenment.


Beanstalk symbolizes the spine.Meaning,The psychological affects that unfold with the Awakening of the human being.The awakening of Kundalini,the opening of the Chakras.


Conquers the low vibrational forces...


Returns home richer materialistically and consciously...he attains abundance.


Chops the beanstalk down...his climbing the Ascension ladder is complete.


Gets married,sacred marriage,indication of inner balance.Which is really the climax of the story.


Again,this story is all allegorical,it's like an allegory on the evolution of consciousness.Meaning,in the end it's all about inner peace,knowing who you are,and finding your inner balance.When you find that vibrational balance,that harmonious resonance within the Universe and it's flow,the only outcome possible is inner freedom.



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