柯推荐|神经形态学芯片-微管-意识控制-意识在神经形态学芯片上的仿真-用于大规模监测的 DNA-标量波

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柯推荐|神经形态学芯片-微管-意识控制-意识在神经形态学芯片上的仿真-用于大规模监测的 DNA-标量波

Hive mind or Hive cloud–Scalar Wave Computer–Real and fiction are blended together–Consciousness emulated on a Neuromorphic chip–Neuromorphic Computing–Unique resonance frequency creates link to processing unit–Neural processor wirelessly links to the human brain–Consciousness is created in the microtubules,microtubules create a magnetic scalar wave–Modern mind control is using scalar waves–Newborn baby gives give its blood and Scalar wave–DNA is an antenna for scalar waves–All matter in the universe resonates and is animated by sound–Technology is able to fine tune to the individual–Pentagon leadership urged military personnel not to take DNA tests–Manipulate your emotion so totally and completely–New DNA model and electromagnetic fields–Interference pattern at the cellular and sub-cellular level–DNA frequency can not easily be changed–Super coil structure of the DNA pulls the system back particular frequency–DNA can be teleported in-materially and non-locally as a light–Zero-point fluctuations–Scalar waves are produced when two waves of the same frequency,are out of phase–Phased array and NSA radar with three phases–Phase conjugation–Secret service and scalar waves–Scalar waves have closed field

蜂群思维或蜂群云-标量波计算机-真实和虚构混合在一起-意识在神经形态芯片上模拟-神经形态计算-独特的共振频率创造链接到处理单元-神经处理器与人脑的无线链接-意识在微管中产生,微管产生磁标量波-现代意识控制使用标量波-新生儿献出自己的血液,标量波-DNA 是标量波的天线-所有物质都在其中宇宙的共鸣和声音的动画-技术能够微调到个人-五角大楼领导人敦促军事人员不要做 DNA 测试-操纵你的情绪如此彻底-新的 DNA 模型和电磁场-干扰模式在细胞和亚细胞水平-DNA 频率不容易改变-超级线圈结构的 DNA 拉回系统特定频率——DNA 可以实质性和非局部性传输为光——零点涨落——标量波产生于相位相控阵和相位共轭--秘密服务和标量波——标量波的三相相位非相位相控阵和相位非相位非相位相控阵雷达

Hive mind or Hive cloud


Misused Artificial intelligence wants to replace living creatures with technology and therefore they say also that everything must be connected to the cloud.All the human brains hooked up was into computer-brain interface into a hive mind or Hive cloud.


Scalar Wave Computer


The computer managing all this information must be a Scalar Wave Computer,because with scalar wave computer you have at least one dimension more to put all the human brains into computer-brain interface.


Media and DMT

媒体和 DMT

This is something really horrible,the mainstream media is saying this is the future,it will come…At the same time,there is another reality,natural future,present and past of the human soul and its connection through the heart,pineal gland and DMT(DMT:The Spirit Molecule–A Doctor's Revolutionary Researchinto the Biology of Near-Deathand Mystical Experiences Rick Strassman,М.D.).

这是一件非常可怕的事情,主流媒体说这是未来,它会到来...同时,还有另一个现实,自然的未来,人类灵魂的现在和过去,以及它们通过心脏、松果腺和 DMT(DMT:精神分子——一位医生的革命性的关于近乎死亡和神秘经历的生物学研究)的联系.

Modern computer games are also dangerous,because they can open portals to the higher dimension A computer virus in the multiverse.

现代电脑游戏也是危险的,因为它们可以打开通往多元宇宙中更高维度 a 电脑病毒的入口。

Real and fiction are blended together


A bridge has been created between physical reality,virtual reality,human intelligence and artificial intelligence.What is real and what is fiction are seamlessly blended together.There is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins.


Consciousness emulated on a Neuromorphic Chip


A continuous link between the human brain in a neural processing unit allows an individual's consciousness to be emulated on a neuromorphic chip.It allows the commingling of physical reality with virtual reality and human intelligence with artificial intelligence.


Neuromorphic Computing


What Is Neuromorphic ComputingThe first generation of AI was rules-based and emulated classical logic to draw reasoned conclusions within a specific,narrowly defined problem domain.It was well suited to monitoring processes and improving efficiency,for example.The second,current generation is largely concerned with sensing and perception,such as using deep-learning networks to analyze the contents of a video frame.


Unique resonance frequency creates link to Processing Unit


The unique resonance frequency of a targeted individual's DNA is used to create a link between the human mind and a neural processing unit.This creates a bridge between the physical world in the virtual world allowing virtual agents to identify,track,monitor and manipulate a targeted individual.

目标个体 DNA 的独特共振频率被用来在人类大脑和神经处理单元之间建立联系。这在虚拟世界的物理世界之间建立了一座桥梁,允许虚拟代理人识别、跟踪、监视和操纵目标个体。

Neural processor wirelessly links to the human brain


The neural processor wirelessly links to the human brain using the resonance frequency of a targeted individual's DNA.It is composed of an oscillator that is attached to an antenna and a receiver.The oscillator is designed,that it can write,erase multiple resonance states.

神经处理器利用目标个体 DNA 的共振频率与人脑无线连接。它由一个连接到天线和接收器的振荡器组成。设计了具有写入、擦除多重共振状态的振荡器。

Consciousness is created in the Microtubules,Microtubules create a magnetic Scalar Wave


Researchers have now demonstrated,that consciousness is created in the microtubules,when they respond to energy signals from the external and internal environment.(Consciousness,Microtubules and The Quantum World,or Consciousness,Microtubules,&'Orch OR')The microtubules create a magnetic scalar wave,that interacts with the DNA in the mitochondria of the cell.

研究人员现在已经证明,意识是在微管中产生的,当它们对来自外部和内部环境的,能量信号做出反应时。(意识,微管和量子世界,或意识,微管和"Orch OR")微管产生磁标量波,与细胞线粒体中的 DNA 相互作用。

Modern mind control is using scalar waves


Modern mind control is using scalar waves.This is a special kind of waves in physics which has been kept secret since more than 100 years.The scalar waves can adapt to the DNA of every person.

现代的思维控制是使用标量波。这是物理学中一种特殊的波,100多年来一直被保密。标量波可以适应每个人的 DNA

Newborn baby gives give its blood and Scalar wave


Therefore in Sweden since the 70s every newborn baby has to give it its blood to blood bank.If you get inconvenient,they take your blood and then they beam it with scalar wave,because the blood contains the DNA and the DNA is an antenna.

因此,自70年代以来,瑞典的每个新生儿都必须将自己的血液输送到血库。如果你不方便,他们会抽取你的血液,然后用标量波发射,因为血液中含有 DNA,而 DNA 就是天线。

DNA is a n antenna for scalar waves

DNA 是标量波的 n 天线

DNA is a n antenna for scalar waves being able to receive scalar waves or to emit scalar waves,that is very important that our DNA is in an antenna and most of the doctors don't know that

是一个 n 天线,因为标量波能够接收标量波或者发射标量波----这一点非常重要,因为我们的 DNA 在一个天线中,而大多数医生并不知道这一点

All matter in the universe resonates and is animated by sound


All matter in the universe resonates.All matter is animated by sound and as a result there is a frequency that is able to be measured,that measures the rate of vibration.


Technology is able to fine tune to the individual


The lack of a better term of the DNA itself,of the human mind and of course of the human body and indeed everything else in nature,it is by understanding the individual resonant frequency of individuals DNA and the individual resonant frequency of an individual's mind.This technology is able to fine tune to the individual.

缺乏一个更好的术语来描述 DNA 本身,人类的思想,当然还有人类的身体,以及自然界中的一切事物,这是通过理解个体 DNA 的个体共振频率和个体思想的个体共振频率。这项技术可以针对个人进行微调。

Pentagon leadership urged military personnel not to take DNA tests

五角大楼领导人敦促军事人员不要进行 DNA 测试

stop5g.cz-DOD-memo-DNA-testing-1DOWNLOAD 下载

In an internal memo dated December 20th 2019 Pentagon leadership urged military personnel not to take DNA tests.Warning,that they create security risks and could negatively affect service-members careers.The memo noted,that the tests could potentially create unintended security consequences and increase the risk to the joint force and mission.

20191220日的一份内部备忘录中,五角大楼领导人敦促军事人员不要进行 DNA 测试。警告,它们会带来安全风险,并可能对服役人员的职业生涯产生负面影响。备忘录指出,这些试验可能会造成意想不到的安全后果,增加联合部队和特派团的风险。

Using the DNA for mass surveillance

利用 DNA 进行大规模监控

The memo specifically mentioned using the DNA for mass surveillance and for the tracking of individuals without their awareness as a top concern.This memo seems to substantiate whistle-blower and former private security industry specialist Brian Kofron.He claims,that the resonant frequency of the DNA is used to monitor,track and control the minds of targeted individuals.It's total not only mind control,it's total human being control.

这份备忘录特别提到了使用 DNA 进行大规模监控,以及追踪那些不知情的个人。这份备忘录似乎证实了告密者、前私人安全行业专家布赖恩科夫隆的说法。他声称,DNA 的共振频率被用来监控,跟踪和控制目标个体的思想。这不仅仅是精神控制,而是人类的控制。

Manipulate your emotion so totally and completely


It is the essential element,that allows them to manipulate your emotion so totally and completely,to manipulate your thoughts so totally and completely,to manipulate everything you do,see,hear,think and feel every single minute of every single day totally and completely.


New DNA model and electromagnetic fields–by Ulrike Granögger

新的 DNA 模型和电磁场-Ulrike Granögger

The new model regards DNA as a stable waveform of information that is not primarily acting through the molecular chemistry and Composition,but through the oscillations and coherent acoustic and electromagnetic fields,that the atoms and molecules create.

新模型认为 DNA 是一种稳定的信息波形,它不是主要通过分子的化学和组成发挥作用,而是通过原子和分子产生的振荡和连贯的声波和电磁场。

Interference pattern at the cellular and subcellular level


There exists a complex interference pattern at the cellular and subcellular level.Produced on the one hand by the mechanical or elastic vibrations of the atoms and molecules in a liquid crystal hydrogel environment,which would entail fully light wave patterns or phonons within the tiny tubes and cavities of the cell organelles,such as the microtubules,the mitochondria,the electric dipole lipid membranes or in the geometry of the DNA macro molecule itself.

在细胞和亚细胞水平上存在着复杂的干扰图样。一方面是由液晶水凝胶环境中原子和分子的机械振动或弹性振动产生的,这种振动会在细胞器的微管和腔中产生完全的光波模式或声子,如微管、线粒体、电偶极脂膜或 DNA 宏分子本身的几何结构。

DNA frequency can not easily be changed

DNA 频率不易改变

DNA has a unique property and its frequency can not easily be changed by external noise.The frequency penetrates any material that does not match its frequency even under massive noise.These resonance frequencies act as an attractor during synchronization when the system is dragged away.

DNA 具有独特的性质,其频率不易被外界噪声改变。频率穿透任何物质,不匹配其频率,即使在巨大的噪声。当系统被拖走时,这些共振频率在同步时起到吸引子的作用。

Super coil structure of the DNA pulls the system back to the particular frequency

DNA 的超级线圈结构将系统拉回到特定的频率

It is the super coil structure of the DNA that allows this dynamic process to take place.This basic natural property pulls the system back to the particular frequency state.

正是 DNA 的超级卷曲结构使得这个动态过程得以发生。这种基本的自然属性将系统拉回到特定的频率状态。

DNA can be teleported in-materially and non-locally as a light

DNA 可以作为一种光在物质和非物质两个方面进行传输

An implication is that ultimately DNA could be transferred,or transported,let us say teleported in-materially and non-locally as a light or laser modulation.This could be defined as a form of entanglement of the biological atoms with the background field

这意味着 DNA 最终可以被转移或者传输,比如说,以光或者激光的方式在物质上或者非局部地传输。这可以定义为生物原子与背景场的一种纠缠形式

Zero-point fluctuations


Thus manifesting as a non-local namely literally not there phenomenon.In terms of physics of course this requires the existence of some kind of vacuum field.Something that was cried for a long time,but now is established as the concept of the zero-point fluctuations,that quantum


field theory embraces.


Energy comes from the quantum vacuum


In quantum field theory the manifestation of energy comes from the quantum vacuum sometimes referred to as a universal scalar wave,which is a form of electrostatic energy.


Scalar waves are produced when two waves of the same frequency,are out of phase


Scalar waves are produced when two electromagnetic waves of the same frequency,are exactly out of phase,opposite to each other and the amplitudes subtract and cancel or destroy each other.The result is not exactly an annihilation of magnetic fields but a transformation of energy back into a scalar wave.This scalar field has reverted back to a vacuum state of potentiality.


Scalar waves can be created by wrapping electrical wires around a figure eight in the shape of a mobius coil,when an electric current flows through the wires in opposite directions,the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave.


Resonance and Mind Control


Standing waves and resonance are very important for Mind control research to to get rid of it…What residents need the same type of longitudinal waves in the same frequency and amplitude but 180 degrees in a phase difference.Then you built up a resonance with a standing wave.This is how they do Mind control.


Phased array and NSA radar with three phases

三相相控阵和 NSA 雷达

Two waves going and meeting or you can have one and from the opposite side another which goes against,there is also possible to structure something and manifest things with that.They call it phased array and there's one radar on the world which have three phases.Usually the radar has two has two but there's one with three and it's driven by the NSA.It's a radar..over the horizon radar…


Phase conjugation


Other things went when they come together is phase conjugation.Scalar waves can build up standing resonance,a resonant circuit between the target and the perpetrator.


Secret service and scalar waves


Often it is Mossad controlling in the Western world the mind control technology.In the eastern world it is the FSB the Russian Secret Service.


Scalar waves have closed field


The problem is the scalar waves have closed field lines that means our usual devices we buy to scan electromagnetic waves are not working any longer…and it's not easy get scanning devices for Scalar Waves,of course the dark side have them…


If you here in Czech republic,you had more closer contact to the KGB and so on,if there are perhaps some guys having a old device for scanning Scalar Waves,we would be very grateful to get access to that…


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    Liquid Crystal Formation in Supercoiled DNA Solutions 超螺旋 DNA 溶液中液晶的形成Svetlana S.Zakharova 斯韦特兰娜·萨哈罗娃,WimJesse 懦弱的耶西,ClaudeBackendorf 克劳德贝肯多夫,Johan R.C.van der Maarel 约翰·范德马雷尔,PubMed.gov Under physiological conditions,deoxyribonucleic acid is often very tightly packed with concentrations up to 400 mg/mL and crowded by various macromolecular compounds such as proteins and 在生理条件下,脱氧核糖核酸通常被高达400毫克/毫升的浓度紧密包裹,并被各种高分子化合物包裹,如蛋白质和蛋白质polysaccharides 多糖.The molecular organization is largely unknown,but bears some resemblance to。分子结构基本上是未知的,但有一些相似之处liquid crystalline DNA phases 液晶 DNA observed in vitro(体外观察(Livolant and Leforestier,1996 里沃兰特和勒弗赖斯蒂埃,1996).

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