X22报道|第2754集: 通货膨胀是暴露中央银行的武器,帷幕正在拉开

2022年4月19日18:41:35最新动态X22报道|第2754集: 通货膨胀是暴露中央银行的武器,帷幕正在拉开已关闭评论2951字数 1222阅读4分4秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2754集: 通货膨胀是暴露中央银行的武器,帷幕正在拉开

Ep. 2754a – Inflation Is The Weapon That Will Expose The [CB] & The Puppet Masters

Ep. 2754a –通货膨胀是暴露 [CB] 的武器

Ep. 2754b – The Curtain Is Being Pulled Back, It’s Time To Wake Up, Game Theory

Ep. 2754b-帷幕正在被拉开,是时候醒来了,游戏理论



The puppet masters/[CB] cannot control the narrative, the people are seeing right through it. Inflation is out of control and this will expose and destroy the [DS]. The more they push the more they are exposed.



The curtain is being pulled back, it’s time to wake up. A deeply entrenched enemy who controls the vast majority of communications is only defeated by……….waking the people up and showing them the truth. It’s time to take the bull horn back. The indictments are ready, everything is being primed and ready to go, facts and truth are going to be fired at the [DS]/fake new/puppet masters and they will not be able to control it. 

帷幕正在拉开,是时候醒来了。一个根深蒂固的敌人控制着绝大多数的通讯,只有通过唤醒人民并向他们展示真相才能击败他们。是时候把牛角收回来了。起诉书已经准备就绪,一切都已准备就绪,事实和真相将被发射给[ DS ]/假冒的新的/傀儡主人,他们将无法控制它。


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