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The 144k meditation for the March Equinox turned out differently than I expected and differently than any other mass meditation before.It took a lot of time to get up to omnipresence with the light teams because of massive interference from the dark side at the start out,so first I was cleansing the planet by engulfing it in violet flames,shooting fields of light energy to the opponents and lighting up the planet so that the teams could see clearly where the resistance was coming from.Then once we finally were up I realized there was something very basic that needed attention more than anything else.We brought not only mother Earth but also father Sun with us as there was an issue with the Sun;according to the Unknown Lightwarrior's information it related to other timelines and parallel universes where the Sun has been messed with or even destroyed.So I didn't pay attention to dark rituals,the coronavirus crisis,toplet bombs or anything else,only to the most essential things:the divine feminine and the divine masculine.All the great problems of this world without a single exception are the result of the suppression of the divine feminine,the distortion of the divine masculine and the separation between the two that has been created.So I embodied the divine masculine as the Sun and held Gaia in my arms like a baby and just transferred the loving feeling of the reconnection and cherishing into that.

为三月春分进行的144k 冥想结果与我的预期不同,也与以往任何其他群体冥想不同。由于开始时黑暗面的大规模干扰,我花了很多时间才让光明队伍达到无所不在,所以首先我要用紫色的火焰吞噬这个星球,向对手发射光能场,点亮这个星球,这样这些队伍就可以清楚地看到抵抗来自哪里。当我们终于起飞时,我意识到有一些非常基本的东西比其他任何东西都更需要关注。我们不仅带来了地球母亲,也带来了太阳父亲,因为太阳有一个问题;根据未知的 未知光战士Lightwarrior 的信息,它与其他时间线和平行宇宙有关,在那里太阳被打乱甚至毁灭。所以我没有关注黑暗的仪式,冠状病毒危机,冠状病毒炸弹或其他任何东西,只关注最基本的东西:神圣的女性和神圣的男性。这个世界上所有的重大问题,没有一个例外,都是压制神圣女性、扭曲神圣男性以及被创造出来的两者之间的分离的结果。所以我把神圣男性化成了太阳,把盖亚像婴儿一样抱在怀里,把重新连接和珍惜的爱的感觉传递进去。


Concerning the coronavirus crisis,some respected sources such as FM144,Benjamin Fulford and M and miss M have labelled it a flu,maybe a bit more severe than a regular flu.This doesn't do justice to the people dying and being hospitalized.While we don't know the truth about the real statistics at the moment,indications are it is a very contagious biological weapon that needs adequate responses.Judging




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