X22报告|第2656集: 特朗普确认经济计划,长期解决方案就位

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[ DS ]前所未有地惊慌失措。他们绝望了,现在他们正在做最后的努力,他们利用恐惧,世卫组织,FDA,疾病控制和预防中心和假新闻正在努力。

X22报告|第2656集: 特朗普确认经济计划,长期解决方案就位

Ep. 2656a – Trump Confirms The Economic Plan, Watch Gold & Digital Gold

Ep. 2656a – 特朗普确认经济计划,观看黄金和数字黄金

Ep. 2656b – Proof To Begin 11.3, Iron Eagle, Long Term Solutions In Place, Knockout Punch Coming




The people are now seeing inflation as a huge problem, and who is responsible, [JB]/[CB]. The people also believe that the BBP is not going to help but it is going to make it worse and inflation is going to skyrocket. Truckers are warning if they push the mandates it will effect the supply chain. There is gold and digital gold, will both together destroy the [CB].



The [DS] is panicking like never before. They are desperate and they are now making a final push, they are using fear, WHO, FDA, CDC and the fake news are pushing it hard. The [DS] will demand people get vaccinated. This never had anything to do with the virus, they are now panicking that in the end people are going to see the truth, the unvaccinated don’t test positive and the vaccinated do. Scavino sends more message and they all tell the same story. This is not about a 4 year election, it’s about long term solutions, proof to begin 11.3, Devolution, Iron Eagle, the knock out punch is coming.

[ DS ]前所未有地惊慌失措。他们绝望了,现在他们正在做最后的努力,他们利用恐惧,世卫组织,FDA,疾病控制和预防中心和假新闻正在努力。DS将要求人们接种疫苗。这和病毒没有任何关系,他们现在感到恐慌,因为最终人们会看到真相,未接种疫苗的人检测不出阳性,而接种疫苗的人会。斯加维诺发送了更多的信息,他们都讲述了同样的故事。这不是关于一个4年的选举,而是关于长期的解决方案,11.3年开始的证据,权力下放,铁鹰,打击即将到来。


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