2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

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September 12, 2023: Challenges We’re Grappling With in the Asylum

2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战[视频]

 September 12, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年9月12日

2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

In our quest for Truth and Reality, one of the greatest challenges we, the awakened, face today is remembering the “Q Map”. We were given all the guidance we would need years ago to navigate “the storm”. How many ways could they have said it? “You have more than you know.” “You’re watching a movie.” “You and your families are safe.” “It had to be this way.” “The military is the only way.” “Trust the Plan.” “The world is about to change.” “You are the saviors of the world.”

在我们寻求真理和现实的过程中,我们这些觉醒者今天面临的最大挑战之一就是记住“ Q 地图”。几年前,我们得到了驾驭“风暴”所需的所有指导。他们能说出多少种方式?“你拥有的比你知道的要多”“你在看电影”“你和你的家人都很安全”“必须这样”“军队是唯一的出路”“相信计划”“世界即将改变”“你们是世界的救世主”

Yes, it’s difficult and painful to watch what we think is unfolding, but part of self-mastery is putting our emotions in perspective and not letting them control us. If we don’t get our imaginations and emotions on a leash, it just adds to the chaos. It can rip us apart.


2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

There are many perspectives we could acknowledge in this war. The one we choose will determine our frequency and our comfort level with what we observe; whether we will be a wind sock changing with the prevailing wind of current events, or the rock that stands immobile and confident in the crashing tides amid lightning strikes and gale force winds. It’s easier if we choose to be the rock in the eye of the storm, knowing that all is as it’s meant to be and has to be to get from where we were to where we are destined to be.

在这场战争中,我们可以承认许多观点。我们选择的那一个将决定我们的频率和我们观察到的舒适程度; 我们是否会成为一只随着当前事件盛行风变化的风袜,或者是一块在闪电和狂风中屹立不动并自信地迎接汹涌的潮汐的岩石。如果我们选择成为风暴中心的岩石,那就更容易了,因为我们知道一切都是命中注定的,必须从我们曾经的地方走到我们命中注定的地方。

2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

It’s not easy to find the best perspective within the 3D matrix, but it’s possible. If we were meant to take up arms and flood the streets with patriot people power, we would be instructed to do so. There are enough military backchannels to support that instruction, but that is not what we’re meant to do—and it is precisely why we are witness to the insanity we’re watching and why it is dragging out so long.

要在3D 矩阵中找到最佳透视图并不容易,但这是有可能的。如果我们要拿起武器,用爱国人民的力量淹没街道,我们会得到这样做的指示。我们有足够的军事后备渠道来支持这项指令,但这不是我们应该做的ーー这正是为什么我们目睹了我们所看到的疯狂,以及为什么这项指令拖延了这么长时间。

If we take our cues from Q and the White Hats, the Alliance, and our inner guidance, I believe we will find the path that is more comfortable to walk—as much as possible. Much is wrong in the world, and we are not intended to innerstand all of it. Covert operations must remain covert to keep everyone safe.

如果我们从 Q 和白帽子、联盟和我们内心的指引中得到启示,我相信我们会找到一条更舒服的路ーー尽可能多的路。世界上很多事情都是错误的,我们并不打算去理解所有的错误。秘密行动必须保持秘密以保证大家的安全。

The light of day will eventually shine on this grand scale operation to relegate the dark to hell and elevate Humanity to our Golden Age in the next realm.


2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

We might remember that this kind of thing has never been attempted before. Our ascension will not be an organic one due to the interference of the marauders on our civilization. They broke every Universal Law. The benevolent Higher Beings orchestrating this know what must be done and the entire thing is being handled with kid gloves to mitigate death and destruction on Earth/Terra.

我们可能会记得,这种事情以前从来没有尝试过。由于掠夺者对我们文明的干涉,我们的提升将不会是有机的。他们违反了所有的宇宙法则。仁慈的高等存有们精心安排了这一切,他们知道必须做什么,整个事情正在被小心翼翼地处理,以减轻地球/Terra 上的死亡和毁灭。

Perhaps this update from Michelle Fielding will assist in our perception. She asks very pertinent questions of her guides which many of us are also wondering about and I believe the answers will make sense to most of us. As with all information, take it for what you will. 49 minutes.

也许米歇尔 · 菲尔丁的更新将有助于我们的理解。她向她的导游提出了一些非常中肯的问题,我们很多人也对此感到好奇,我相信这些问题的答案对我们大多数人来说都是有意义的。和所有的信息一样,随便你怎么想。49分钟。



Probably good insight and advice… from Telegram. The image referenced is a collection of metronomes ticking away at their own speed in a chaotic display. Patience! They then gradually synchronize and all dance to the same beat in perfect harmony. Video below.

也许是《电报》的... 好建议。参考图像是一组节拍器在混沌显示器中以自己的速度滴答作响。耐心点!然后,他们逐渐同步,所有的舞蹈在完美和谐的同一节拍。视频如下。

This is a great example on how different rhythms and vibrations eventually synchronize with each other.


Now think of what is happening here on earth on a larger scale with the Schumann resonance and the big spikes of light/energy that are coming down on us.


We will all synchronize ourselves according to the light/energy that is coming down and what we are seeing currently is just the chaos from out of the tune noises.


Everyone will adjust themselves to the new vibration eventually!


Keep your positivity


Keep on vibrating on higher frequency


Keep calm


Much love,





Did you catch SG Anon and Charlie Ward having a pow-wow in early August? The meeting flew under my radar but SG posted it on his Rumble channel. I’ve not yet listened.

你有没有看到 SG Anon 和 Charlie Ward 在八月初开会?这次会议没有引起我的注意,但是 SG 把它发到了他的隆隆频道上。我还没听呢。

(8/5/23) SG sits down with Charlie Ward Insiders Club(

8/5/23) SG 与查理 · 沃德知情人俱乐部会面

Just as a point of interest, here is some advice for those who may transition. We have been told, however, that the reincarnation trap has been decommissioned. Hopefully it has. 7 min.


Sometimes it feels like what we are told is happening is so far off the charts of possible if there are benevolent forces in charge that my mind begins to find ways to justify it.


Occasionally when I daydream, contemplate, and reflect on our shocking condition, I wonder ‘what if’?


What if WE are the ones they have been waiting for to wake up and return to our uncorruptible bodies in stasis?


What if the death, destruction, betrayal, and desperation have to get SO bad that it pops us all out of this nightmare and back where we belong?


Might make a good movie script, eh?


These are perhaps the musings of a mad woman, but who is the madder? Me, or the prophetess Theresa Tam? Canada is so deep into the realm of the ridiculous it will take a miracle to yank them out. BTW, miracles happen every day.


NEW – Canada’s chief public health officer Theresa Tam thinks “now is the time to get your mask ready.”

新消息 - 加拿大首席公共卫生官特里萨-谭(Theresa Tam)认为,"现在是准备好口罩的时候了"。

Disclose.tv on Twitter: "NEW - Canada's chief public health officer Theresa Tam thinks "now is the time to get your mask ready."pic.twitter.com/eR1gFPIrqb / Twitter"

NEW - Canada's chief public health officer Theresa Tam thinks "now is the time to get your mask ready."pic.twitter.com/eR1gFPIrqb

Here’s your fun fact for today, courtesy of the Capt. Kyle channel on Telegram.


2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

Do you think this is scary enough to wake people up? If making people angry is all it takes to be thrown in prison, is Tucker Carlson next?

你觉得这够吓人吗?如果惹怒别人就能被关进监狱塔克 · 卡尔森会是下一个吗?

2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球
Owen Shroyer, Infowars host and journalist
Owen Shroyer Infowars 主持人兼记者

Owen Shroyer Sentenced to 60 Days in Jan 6 Case

Owen Shroyer 于1月6日被判入狱60天

Shroyer never entered the Capitol on Jan 6!


“Owen Shroyer, a journalist, has now been sentenced to two months in federal prison for the crime of his speech. He never called for violence, but because he expressed ideas that made people mad, he’s responsible for, as they put it ‘stoking the flames'”

“ Owen Shroyer 一名记者,因为他的演讲被判入狱两个月。他从未呼吁使用暴力,但因为他表达的思想让人们疯狂,他要为此负责,正如他们所说的‘火上浇油’。”


2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球

We know not all is what it seems and we will cling to that. Remember to dream big and in colour while we Make Earth Great Again.


Thank you all for the conversation and shares in the comments and our Starship Telegram chat. You, the crew, are powering that because I just can’t split myself any further to man another satellite but there’s great stuff posted there, too. Carry on, digital soldiers! You’ve got this.  ~ BP

感谢大家在评论和我们的 Starship Telegram 聊天中的交流和分享。是你们,我们的船员们,为我们提供了动力,因为我实在无法再分身去操纵另一颗卫星了,但那里也发布了很多很棒的内容。继续努力吧,数字战士们!你可以的。~ BP

2023年9月12日: 我们在精神病院面临的挑战|星际飞船地球


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