齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

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Election Fraud


Flagrant election fraud was on display on November 3 in the US,as Democrat states attempted to steal the election in front of the world.When Texas and Florida were called for Trump early in the evening,the Democrats put a stop to the counting.This was patently obvious when the next states to be counted for Trump were at 95%-Georgia,N Carolina,and Michigan.Did they all get the same memo?Twitter feeds were aflutter with examples of fraud in Arizona,Virginia,Wisconsin and Michigan.Let the recounts and lawsuits begin.

113日,美国民主党政府试图在全世界面前窃取选举结果,公然的选举舞弊行为被曝光。当德克萨斯州和佛罗里达州在傍晚早些时候被要求支持特朗普时,民主党人停止了点票。当下一个支持特朗普的州是乔治亚州、北卡罗来纳州和密歇根州的95%时,这一点显而易见。他们都得到了同样的备忘录吗?Twitter 上充斥着亚利桑那州、弗吉尼亚州、威斯康星州和密歇根州的诈骗案例。让重新计票和诉讼开始吧。

齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

11/30/2020:Delaying the official election results for Pennsylvania is due to the rule about early counting of the mail-in and absentee ballots.But Georgia,N Carolina,and Michigan just stopped calling a winner when 95%of the votes had been counted.Is there a game afoot?Yes,several.These 4 states had been heavily targeted by the Democrats,so it was agreed that when they found themselves losing,they would halt their reporting until alternative means of stealing the state could be enacted.This is in process,though the Junta was well aware of these plans and a massive election fraud sting operation is in process.


There are a number of states that Biden supposedly won that were declared incorrectly,and this will also be cleaned up behind the scenes.The Junta was aware of the election fraud plans,due in part to our assisting with intel.If it is in the mind of man,we are aware of it.But a crime has not been committed until the hand is dealt,and thus these elements were watched closely and countered,arrested,when they acted.Will these crimes be brought to justice in the public eye?Unlikely,as this would diminish public confidence in the voting process.But the Tribunals will be busy,and the counts will be set right.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Yes,Democrats are Trying to Steal the Election In Michigan,Wisconsin,and Pennsylvania




Something strange happened in the dead of the night.In both Michigan and Wisconsin,vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that's zero,so not even one vote—for Trump.In Michigan,Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none,zero,in an overnight vote-dump.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Michigan USPS Whistleblower Claims Late Ballots Received Backdated Postmarks




A US Postal Service employee from Michigan has reportedly turned whistleblower.His supervisor instructed mail carriers to collect and segregate new ballot envelopes received after the election cutoff so that they could be fraudulently back-dated with a Nov.3 postmark.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Wisconsin Election Results 2020:Live Updates




Whatever the outcome,this would be the fourth time in six presidential elections that Wisconsin was decided by less than a percentage point.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Don't expect a Call in the Presidential Race anytime soon as Michigan,Pennsylvania,Wisconsin Process Votes




Pennsylvania had long been expected to take a while for votes to be fully counted since officials there are not allowed to open mailed ballots until Election Day.


Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit in Pennsylvania,Michigan,Georgia,Demands Recount in Wisconsin


November 4,20202020114


The former vice president leads by six-tenths of a percentage point—a lead of 20,517 votes with 95%of precincts reporting.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Trump Furious As Vote Counting Stops;Says'Fraud'Is Being Perpetrated




President Trump has warned that Democrats are attempting to steal the election as vote counting has been stopped in several key areas,with officials declaring that people need to'go to bed'.With the election still on a knife edge this morning,Trump told reporters"We were getting ready to win this election.Frankly,we did win this election."


Error in Arizona:86 Percent of Vote in,not 98 Percent




A data error about the percentage of the vote counted in Arizona made it appear a higher percentage of the vote had been counted for a time.Because of the error it appeared that 98 percent of the vote had been counted.


Sting Operation


Last August when the Junta replaced the Black Hat Biden with their own White Hat Biden,the Zetas stated that the Biden campaign had become a sting operation.No specifics were given,but on November 6 the details were provided by an ex-CIA Director–Steve Pieczenik-and insiders such as Charlie Ward.This was confirmed by the Dark Judge,who explained that those in the know were required to keep details of the sting operation a secret until that date.Arrests and prosecution began on May 6,but per the Zetas little of this will be revealed to the public.

去年八月,当军政府用他们自己的白帽拜登取代了黑帽拜登时,齐塔人声称拜登的竞选活动已经变成了一次诱捕行动。没有透露具体细节,但116日,前中央情报局局长 Steve Pieczenik 和查理·沃德等内部人士提供了细节。这一消息得到了黑暗法官的证实,他解释说,知情人士被要求在那天之前对这次诱捕行动的细节保密。逮捕和起诉从56日开始,但是根据齐塔人的说法,这些内容几乎不会向公众透露。

齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Insight 8/31/2020:Our list of options for the Junta presented last July included having the Junta take over the Biden campaign.This has happened.Is this legal?The Biden campaign is now officially an under-cover sting operation,under the FBI,and thus is legal.The Biden campaign has been running a fraud on the American people,which is illegal.FBI investigators caught the Biden campaign setting up illegal mail-in ballot schemes in several states–bribing postal workers and securing signed voter rolls from poll workers.This was enough to arrest all involved for treason.

齐塔人之声洞察2020831:我们去年7月提出的军政府选择清单包括让军政府接管拜登的竞选活动。这已经发生了。这合法吗?拜登竞选团队现在正式成为 FBI 的卧底诱捕行动,因此是合法的。拜登竞选团队一直在欺骗美国人民,这是非法的。联邦调查局的调查人员发现拜登竞选团队在几个州设置非法邮寄投票计划——贿赂邮政工作人员,从投票站工作人员那里获取签名的选民名单。这足以以叛国罪逮捕所有涉案人员。

齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

The sting operation involves an invisible watermark,inserted into every ballot by the Homeland Security Department.The valid ballots can be scanned electronically to display the watermark identification.Ballots in use for election fraud by the Democrats are imported from China and other countries and do not possess this watermark,thus announcing themselves to be fraudulent.The US government-military intel as well as DOJ and FBI-know the whereabouts and numbers of all the valid ballots.This is not a petty operation.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Will DHS Officials Follow the Watermark to Verify the Election?




DHS,which printed the ballots,embedded radioactive isotopes and watermarks onto the legal ballots.A quick scan can pick up the identifying features to validate the vote.


11/30/2020:During the 2020 Presidential Election,the Satanists have exposed themselves in their desperate attempts to unseat President Trump.Frustrated by controls inserted into the electronic counting machines,the Democrats pushed the mail-in ballot fraud.What they were unaware of at the time was a secret watermark trace the Department of Homeland Security had inserted into all federal ballots being used.Arrests and Tribunals will be disguised by the recounts,not in the public eye.These moves and a pending SCOTUS ruling on the legitimacy of ballots arriving and counted late will swing the election to President Trump.


The election fraud was,as the Zetas suggested last August,primarily via the mail-in ballot route.Per the Dark Judge,theft via the Dominion electronic tabulating machines was halted.Universal ballots were mailed out to every voter on the rolls–dead or alive.In most cases no signature verification or voter ID was required.Illegal ballots were counted while valid ballots were put into dumpsters.Many voters who went to the polls were told they had already voted.The fraudsters were even caught red handed delivering boxes of false ballots for Biden.

正如齐塔人去年8月所说,选举舞弊主要是通过邮寄投票路线进行的。根据黑暗法官的说法,通过 Dominion 电子制表机的盗窃行为被制止了。通用选票被邮寄给了名单上的每一位选民,无论他们是死是活。在大多数情况下,不需要签名验证或选民身份证。在有效选票被扔进垃圾箱的同时,非法选票被统计。许多去投票站投票的选民被告知他们已经投过票了。欺诈者甚至被当场抓获,他们为拜登递送一箱箱的假选票。

齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Detroit City Worker Blows Whistle,Claims Ballots were Ordered Backdated,FBI Probing




The FBI is investigating allegations of election fraud in Detroit after a city worker stepped forward and claimed election workers were asked to backdate ballots that had come in after the election deadline had passed.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Armed Men Arrested in Philadelphia were Trying to Deliver Fake Ballots




Two armed Virginia men who were arrested outside the Philadelphia Convention Center were"coming to deliver a truck full of fake ballots"to the city.The center is one of the places where election workers have been counting votes from the 2020 general election,which includes the race for president


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Duplicates and Dead People:Hundreds of Thousands of Questionable Ballots Sent Out to LA County Voters




Investigative reporter David Goldstein found thousands of people received not one,but two ballots in their own name.And thousands more were sent to people who've moved or died.


Nevada Records Show Deceased Voter Rose from the Grave to Cast Mail-in Ballot




On Oct.9 this year,Fred Stokes Jr.was mailed a ballot in Clark County,Nevada,for the upcoming presidential election just less than 30 days away.Three weeks later,the county confirmed the ballot's receipt on Halloween and marked it off as"completed."There remained only one problem with Stokes'absentee ballot counted on the fall holiday:Fred Stokes Jr.had been dead for three years.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

In 30 States,a Computer System Known to be Defective is Tallying Votes




The"glitchy"computer program in Antrim County,Michigan,the one that tried to give 6,000 Trump votes to Biden.The Dominion system has been known for some time to be defective,yet 28 states use it.


Recounts Pending


If arrests and interrogation of those involved in the election fraud begin,many will consider confessing in order to seek a better deal.Underlings will get a light sentence or probation if they supply the cops with all they know–who directed the operation,who else was involved,and details about the fraud network.In order to prevent this from happening,the criminal Democrat cabal is rushing to reassure those who are debating the option of a confession and better deal.Claim Biden won as then eventually Biden can pardon everyone!But the Media does not get to call the winner.Not so fast,said President Trump.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Biden Wins Presidency,Trump Denied Second Term in White House,Fox News Projects




The Fox News Decision Desk projected that Biden will win the state of Nevada and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania,giving the former vice president the electoral votes he needs to win the White House.


11/30/2020:With the SCOTUS likely to rule that non-military ballots arriving in Pennsylvania after Election Day are not legal and recounts in numerous states on a razor thin margin between Biden and President Trump pending,and without any of the states actually certifying a winner–major media declares Biden the winner.Of course the media does not have this authority,and they know this.Why the rush?As was revealed on November 6 by the Dark Judge and insiders such as ex CIA Director Steve Pieczenik,arrests were to begin that night.

齐塔人之声洞察20201130:由于 SCOTUS 可能会裁定,在选举日之后抵达宾夕法尼亚州的非军事投票是不合法的,而且在许多州,拜登和特朗普总统之间悬而未决的微弱差距导致重新计票,而且没有任何一个州真正认可获胜者——主要媒体宣布拜登为获胜者。当然,媒体没有这个权力,他们知道这一点。为什么这么着急?116日,黑暗法官和前中央情报局局长 Steve Pieczenik 等内部人士透露,逮捕行动将于当晚开始。

What happens during a sting operation?The criminals are lulled into complacency while the police record their every move.Then the arrests and interrogations begin.Would underlings prefer a trip to Gitmo with potential execution or would they like a plea deal?Many in the media have a vested interest in a Biden win,and are trying to send a message to those being interrogated.Hold out,don't cave under pressure,because the eventual President Biden will pardon you!


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Trump-Biden Presidential Race could be Decided by Pennsylvania case before Supreme Court




The case that could decide it all started weeks ago,and is currently waiting at the U.S.Supreme Court.The Boockvar case involves a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding how late mail-in ballots can be counted in that state.The Constitution also gave state legislatures the exclusive authority to regulate the"Times,Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives."While Congress can overrule the choices of the state legislatures,state courts cannot.The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally interfered with the state legislature's sole authority over the time,place,and manner of federal elections and over the selection of presidential electors.

这个案子几周前就开始了,目前正在美国最高法院等待裁决。Boockvar 案件涉及宾夕法尼亚州最高法院关于在该州如何计算邮寄选票的决定。宪法还赋予州立法机关专属权力来规范"参议员和众议员选举的时间、地点和方式"虽然国会可以否决州立法机构的选择,但州法院不能。宾夕法尼亚州最高法院违宪地干涉了州立法机关在联邦选举的时间、地点和方式以及总统选举人的选举方面的唯一权力。

Will there be a Pennsylvania Recount?Here are the Rules




In Pennsylvania,if the margin of victory is 0.5%of the vote or closer,a mandatory recount will take place.The county boards must recount all ballots using manual,mechanical or electronic devices of a different type than that used for the specific election.This means paper ballots can be counted by hand.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Georgia Election Results Headed to Recount




Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has confirmed that there will be a recount of Georgia's presidential race ballots.A recount can be requested in Georgia if a candidate loses with a 0.5%margin or less,and the Trump campaign has already put out a press release foreshadowing one.

格鲁吉亚国务卿 Brad Raffensperger 已经确认将会对格鲁吉亚的总统竞选选票进行重新计票。在佐治亚州,如果候选人以0.5%或更低的差距落败,而特朗普竞选团队已经发布了一份新闻稿,预示着将要重新计票,那么就可以要求重新计票。

What are the Recount Rules?




An automatic recount is triggered in Arizona if the margin between candidates is less than or equal to 0.1%of the votes cast.A recount is automatically triggered in Michigan when the election is determined by a difference of 2,000 votes or less.Unofficial returns in Wisconsin showed Biden leading Trump by about 20,000 votes.That's a tiny share of the estimated 3.3 million votes that were cast.If the race stays within 1 percentage point,the losing candidate can force a recount.Before any decision could be made on a recount,the official results need to be finalized over the coming weeks.


Trump sues for Michigan Ballot Access,asks Wisconsin Recount




Trump's campaign also said it would ask for a recount in Wisconsin,another state in which Trump trails Biden.Campaign manager Bill Stepien cited"irregularities in several Wisconsin counties."

特朗普的竞选团队还表示,他们将要求在威斯康辛州重新计票。在威斯康辛州,特朗普落后于拜登。竞选经理比尔·斯蒂芬(Bill Stepien)"威斯康星州的几个县存在违规行为"

Putin's Health


If the liberal media is spewing lies about the 2020 election,they are doing the same with lies about Putin's health.This is part of the Satanists last stand,trying to take out President Trump and Putin,who both stand firm against the Satanists.


齐塔人之声通讯第737期|2020/11/15 选举舞弊,突击行动,重新计票待定,普京的健康

Vladimir Putin Plans to Step Down Next Year amid Health Concerns,Report Claims




Vladimir Putin is planning to step down next year as speculation swirls in Russia that the longtime president may have Parkinson's disease.Putin recently appeared to be in agony while appearing to constantly shift his legs.Footage also appeared to show his fingers twitching as he held a cup.


Putin'to Resign as Russian President'as Kremlin Footage uncovers Major Health Concerns




Vladimir Putin is ready to step down as President of Russia next year,over fears the leader has developed Parkinson's according to a close source.

据知情人士透露,弗拉基米尔普京(Vladimir Putin)明年将辞去俄罗斯总统一职,原因是担心普京患上帕金森症。

Vladimir Putin'will Quit as Russian President in January amid Fears he has Parkinson's Disease',Moscow Sources Claim https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8919975/Putin-quit-January-amid-fears-Parkinsons'Putin's not quitting':Kremlin insist the Russian president,68,is in'excellent health'and denies he will quit in January amid claims he has Parkinson's.Putin,68,is suffering from Parkinson's disease,according to a prominent critic.Prominent critic Professor Valery Solovei suggested the leader was suffering from Parkinson's and that his family had urged him to retire in the new year.


11/30/2020:What should be noted here is that these rumors are coming from a single source–a Putin opposition leader.Where is the proof?Claims of a swinging leg or trembling hand,not on video but claimed to be observed by others,is not proof.Nor are the claims that the women in Putin's life-an ex-lover and daughters-are begging him to resign,as it would be assumed that these women would not embarrass Putin so would remain silent.Thus the jury is out.Why then are several major media outlets making this pronouncement?The Satanist's desperation is evident in Russia,where Putin remains in control and in good health.


Putin is a threat to the Khazarian Satanists in the west,for several reasons.Putin is the leader of the BRICS banking consortium,which has pushed the IMF aside and reduced the monetary influence the Khazarian bankers had on politics and society in the past.Despite the Debt Relief plan offered by the bankrupt IMF,their influence is dying.Then there are the behind the scenes arrests and execution of those who ran the child sex rings which entrapped many by pedophile blackmail and via Adrenochrome addiction.The Satanists no longer have the means to blackmail or induce cooperation.

普京对于西方的哈萨克撒旦教徒来说是一个威胁,原因有几个。普京是金砖国家银行财团(BRICS banking consortium)的领导人。金砖国家把 IMF 挤到一边,削弱了哈萨克斯坦银行家过去对政治和社会的货币影响力。尽管破产的国际货币基金组织提出了债务减免计划,但他们的影响力正在消失。然后是幕后的逮捕和处决那些经营儿童色情团伙的人,这些团伙通过恋童癖勒索和 Adrenochrome 成瘾诱骗了许多人。撒旦崇拜者再也没有办法勒索或诱导合作。


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