2020年11月11日14:25:22最新动态X22|第2325集:特朗普和蓬佩奥确认了我们前进的方向,宣传开始减弱,恐慌开始已关闭评论6069字数 988阅读3分17秒阅读模式

[DS]/MSM 的宣传现在开始变得乏味。爱国者们已经困住了[DS],他们带领他们走上这条道路就是为了这个特殊的原因,这不是为了逮捕几个人,这不是为了赢得选举,这是为了把权力还给人民,我们人民现在已经到了悬崖边上,是时候夺回权力了。


The[CB]/[DS]are now making their move,time has run out,they are now putting all the chips on[JB],the establishment did not get the war so they are using the pandemic to push their reset.The royal family has made the announcement that is it on the way and they believe the US is on board.


The[DS]/MSM propaganda is now starting to dull.The patriots have trapped the[DS],they have led them down this path for this specific reason,this was not about arresting a couple of people,it wasn't about winning an election it was about returning the power to the people,we the people have now reached the precipice and it's time to take back the power.All the pieces are in place.Trump and Pompeo sent the message,the constitution is the only way forward.

[DS]/MSM 的宣传现在开始变得乏味。爱国者们已经困住了[DS],他们带领他们走上这条道路就是为了这个特殊的原因,这不是为了逮捕几个人,这不是为了赢得选举,这是为了把权力还给人民,我们人民现在已经到了悬崖边上,是时候夺回权力了。所有的部件都已就位。特朗普和蓬佩奥发出了这样的信息:宪法是唯一的出路。



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