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Amid claims that Turkey is committing "war crimes" in northern Syria, President Donald Trump on Sunday said that he's considering "powerful sanctions" as a solution.

在土耳其被指在叙利亚北部犯下"战争罪"之际,美国总统唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)周日表示,他正在考虑以"强有力的制裁"作为解决方案。

请受到指引的光之存有尽量频繁做:柯博拉讯息|20191010 为叙利亚和平冥想


The president said he is speaking with Sen.Lindsey Graham(R-S.C.)and others in Congress about sanctioning Turkey.The U.S.Treasury"is ready to go"on the sanctions while"additional legislation may be sought.There is great consensus on this.Turkey has asked that it not be done.Stay tuned!"

总统说,他正在与参议员林赛·格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)通话,和其他国会议员关于制裁土耳其。美国财政部"已经准备好"实施制裁,同时"可能会寻求进一步的立法"。在这一点上存在着巨大的共识。土耳其要求不要这样做。敬请期待!"

In an earlier tweet,he said that Turkey and the Kurds have been fighting for a considerable amount of time,saying that Turkey considers the Kurdistan Worker's Party,or PKK,to be the"worst terrorists of all."

在早些时候的一条推文中,他说,土耳其和库尔德人已经斗争了相当长的时间,土耳其认为库尔德工人党(Kurdistan workers's Party,简称 PKK)"最糟糕的恐怖分子"

"Others may want to come in and fight for one side or the other.Let them!We are monitoring the situation closely.Endless Wars!"he tweeted.


The series of comments came after Defense Secretary Mark Esper noted that Turkey may be committing war crimes in the region


"It appears to be,"Esper agreed on CBS's"Face the Nation"Sunday when host Margaret Brennan asked about whether its conduct against Kurdish forces constitutes a war crime.

周日,主持人玛格丽特·布伦南(Margaret Brennan)在哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)的《面对国家》(Face the Nation)节目中问道,该节目针对库尔德武装力量的行为是否构成战争罪,

"It's a very terrible situation over there,a situation caused by the Turks.Despite our opposition,they decided to make this incursion,"Esper said.



Smoke rises over the Syrian town of Tel Abyad,as seen from the Turkish border town of Akcakale in Sanliurfa province,Turkey,on Oct.10,2019.(Murad Sezer/Reuters

20191010日,从土耳其边境城镇 Akcakale 看到的 Sanliurfa province,浓烟笼罩着叙利亚城镇 Tel Abyad(Murad sezer/路透社))土耳其在叙利亚开展军事行动,特朗普考虑实施“强有力制裁”People look out from an apartment building which was damaged by a rocket fired from Syria,in Nusaybin,Turkey,on Oct.10,2019.(Sertac Kayar/Reuters

20191010日,Nusaybin,人们从被来自叙利亚的火箭弹摧毁的公寓楼中向外张望。(Sertac kayar/路透社)

Esper also confirmed that about 1,000 U.S.soldiers would be withdrawn from northern Syria.


"Turkey committed this action despite our protestations,all of our warnings,"Esper added."We are doing what's in the interest of our service members not to put them in harm's way."


On Saturday,the White House announced the United States will send$50 million in stabilization assistance to Syria


"This funding will provide emergency financial assistance to Syrian human rights defenders,civil society organizations and reconciliation efforts directly supporting ethnic and religious minority victims of the conflict,"the statement from the White House press secretary reads.


土耳其在叙利亚开展军事行动,特朗普考虑实施“强有力制裁”Smoke rises from an explosion in the border town of Tel Abyad,Syria,as seen from Akcakale,Turkey on Oct.9,2019.(Haberturk/via Reuters TV)

2019109日,从 Akcakale 看到的叙利亚边境城镇 Tel Abyad 的爆炸烟雾升起。(haberturk/路透电视)

"We hope regional and international partners will continue their contributions as well,"the statement continued."Ensuring the freedom and safety of ethnic and religious minorities remains a top priority for this Administration."


Over the weekend,Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that sanctions and arms embargoes won't stop Turkey's offensive in Syria


"After we launched our operation,we have faced threats like economic sanctions and embargoes on weapons sales.Those who think they can make Turkey turn back with these threats are gravely mistaken,"Erdogan said in a televised speech via Al Jazeera.


On Thursday,France and Germany announced the embargoes to Turkey.




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