瑞典银河真理报|第322期 没有什么可以阻止我们

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瑞典银河真理报|第322期 没有什么可以阻止我们NOTHING CAN STOP US


24th January 2021


Thérèse Z Sumner


Right now we are travelling through unknown territory.Right now the American people are living a nightmare.The administration that seemingly has the power of rule are not the ones chosen by the people.The American people know what they want and need from their leaders,and this group of individuals who have usurped this role are in no way aligned with the principles and desires of the people.No matter how many words are expressed by the usurpers about'unity'and patriotic ideals,similar to those that were spoken in the days of the real chosen leader John F Kennedy,everyone knows that these are just plagiarisms with no real desire whatsoever behind them to realize these things.


Some of the people are fooled and duped by this temporarily.What they are seeing is not real at all.They don't see this yet.The fooled ones are approximately 15%of the population of the USA right now.The American people are now very quickly waking up en masse.That means that as many as 85%of the people of the USA are aware that treason has been committed and the majority of them are truly living in a nightmare NOT aware of the fact that the military~the'good guys'are in fact totally in control of the situation however it might appear to be right now.


This situation can change at any minute~literally.


So we are being encouraged by the Council of Love ♥️ not to allow our thoughts to go beyond the moment~remain only in a state of calm now~we should not in any way allow any idea of failure or problems ahead to manifest within~not for a second!!If you are thinking about anything right now it should only be your vision of your ideal life when this is over soon.This is of paramount importance.


Never before has your need for UNITY with your I Am Heart ♥️ Space been more important than this moment in time.Listen~listen~listen~the answers are there.Never ever before has there been so much Light around us on this planet as there is at this moment in time.We are surrounded by millions of Galactic Confederation ships with higher dimensional galactic family members sending us their love.The planet has been surrounded by Angelic beings of Light for over two years'time.A year after their arrival the Archangelic's joined them.All of the Ascended Masters are at our beck and call right now!

从来没有像现在这样需要你的 i Am Heart♥Space。听~~~~答案就在那里。在这个星球上,从来没有像现在这样有如此多的光围绕着我们。我们被数以百万计的银河联邦飞船包围,有更高维度的银河家族成员向我们送来他们的爱。这个星球已经被天使般的光之存有包围了两年多了。他们到达一年后,大天使加入了他们。所有的扬升大师现在都听候我们的召唤!

When you take the time to sit for a few minutes and focus upon your heart ♥️ space you can be sure that you will be in the best of company.


瑞典银河真理报|第322期 没有什么可以阻止我们Conscientiousness


I see within my mind's eye those two chuckling Chinese monks,smiling and laughing and enjoying the moment,because despite how circumstances might be,they know without a shadow of a doubt that there is very good news on the way.All that we need to do now is to attend to our daily needs whether that be a walk in the fresh air,cooking our meals etc.We should keep our focus by doing things that we enjoy,and this will keep us away from any tendencies to wallow in any thoughts of any kind of negativity.Relax and enjoy the moment because everything is in fact exactly the way it should be right now!


As you read these words do you have a heartfelt feeling that what is being said here is of truth?Do you believe these words to be correct information?If so,then you are now in an excellent position to convey these thoughts~to communicate these truths to others.Spread the joyful knowingness that indeed~in spite of how things might seem to be~there is a situation of great joy on its way at the speed of Love.


The development that is taking place right now behind the scenes cannot be divulged.The reasons for this secrecy were made clear in the previous article here#321'We Are at War'.


With every single breath that you take,the work to bring the situation to a successful conclusion~by the Allied Light Forces~is ongoing.Remove all doubt about this from your mind now.All is in hand!


瑞典银河真理报|第322期 没有什么可以阻止我们

JANUARY 22ND 2021~Press Image to Enlarge 2021年1月22日



When we are beginners at something,we feel unsure of our capabilities.If we feel nervous about something that we're doing,we are more inclined to make mistakes.After so many years of practice at this game of trusting against all odds,continuing on in the face of great darkness and obstacles of all kinds,we are now very good at what we do when it comes to holding the Light.We are indeed masters of Light holding and indeed Light anchoring.


For a time period of 48 hours from the 20th to the 22nd we followed the suggestion of Cobra that'if we felt so guided'we could take part in a special meditation to help the Allied Light Forces in securing an important timeline node that"will to a significant degree influence the future course of events on the surface of this planet."The importance of this time was the anchoring of as much Light as possible on the surface.


During these 48 hours we United worldwide every four hours to do the Buddhic Column meditation with the aim of sending a river of light~of the White Fire of An~in a pillar down to Washington DC.I am guided to convey to readers that 500,000 people X'12 times in two days'took part in this work!

在这48个小时里,我们每四个小时联合世界各地的人们进行菩提光柱冥想,目的是把安白色火焰的光明之河送到华盛顿特区。我被引导向读者传达500,000 x'12次在两天内参加这项工作!

Yesterday a friend sent me a reading from the Schumann frequency that was off the charts.Now I don't claim to know much at all about this scale,other than that it can give us an idea of the amount of incoming light to the surface of the planet.I posted a short message about that frequency recently#when the chart showed the high number of 300!Now~it seems the frequency reached 6000!!


My Guides say that the reason for this was our 48 hour vigil.


Do you see the power that we hold!


We can literally move mountains.


We've done it many times before so it's no news to me anyway.


Our decisiveness moves mountains.Our decisiveness is creating The Event~Compression Breakthrough.








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