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Due to several progresses of the Lightforces, we may speak of a full scale alien war having finally begun, though humans will not see much of it, as we are still quite a lot below the threshold the chimera holds before the illusions of the veil fall. The following paragraphs will summarise some of those battles the Lightforces won since the beginning of 2023.


The heavier battles against the andromeda faction of the chimera have by now started. There was a huge attack by the andromeda faction upon the main ships of the Lightforces including the area where the Goddess is residing. Problem was that the artificial intelligence of the andromeda faction surpassed the processing power of the Lightforces. You can think of that like two nano-bot armies battling, if one has better AI, those nano-bots will win and in turn destroy all matter and structure of the opponents. Just that this is not really about nano-bots but being inferior in processing power has approximately the same results. That means the andromeda faction was winning for the first time, becoming a real threat for the Lightforces fast. The andromeda faction knew about their superior processing power quite a long time while the Lightforces were unaware of those (mainly stolen) systems. The chimera was laughing at the Lightforces for a reason and that was their unknown superiority till that time.


Therefore, during these attacks, one of the most powerful allies of the Lightforces who are direct ancient descendants of the Prime Creator, had to jump in and give solutions to the Central Race as the leading processing power of the Galactic Confederation and the Goddess herself to save them. Same as the andromeda faction knew of their superior technology, just waiting to force the Goddess on their side through that attack, these ancient beings also knew what would happen. So they equipped the Lightforces to remain stable during the battle. What it means is, that these ancient descendants of the Prime Creator are in charge of the whole Liberation operation by now, as Liberation would have failed horribly without them. They are of course to be seen as part of the Lightforces but are nevertheless single beings and partly operating on their own and they are not from the Milky Way by far. These are the beings who are basically in charge of the Event itself and are closer to Source than anyone in the Liberation operations. They are leading the operations in their own way mainly as their support is necessary to solve the situation on Earth as the bespoke scenario made clear. They are the ones who also turned the situation around in the Rigel system which was cleared from the chimera before Earth.


Afterwards the andromeda faction retaliated several key-Starseeds on the surface by attacking them as the chimera saw them as an important influence on their defeat. The chimera knows by now that some key-Starseeds are vitally important to Liberation and realised them as a main threat which brought them their loss against the Lightforces AI systems. Shortly after those attacks and due to technology being used to locate the source of the retaliation, a big part of the remaining andromeda fleet was finally located and could be immediately disintegrated. The fleet members who tried to flee per evacuation from the ships were collected soon after the destruction of the fleet and brought to judgement into the Central Sun, same as some remaining hostages from those ships were transported to the ships of the Galactic Confederation. Some of those hostages were prepared by the chimera to act as trojans but that problem was detected as well before they could cause any damage.

之后,仙女座派系报复了几个关键星种,攻击它们,因为奇美拉认为它们是它们失败的重要影响因素。奇美拉现在知道了一些关键——星种对解放是至关重要的,并意识到它们是主要的威胁,这使得它们在对抗光明势力 AI 系统时失去了优势。这些攻击发生后不久,由于使用了技术来确定报复来源,剩余的仙女座舰队的大部分最终被找到,并可能立即解体。在船只被摧毁后不久,试图逃离船只的船队成员被收集起来,送到中央太阳接受审判,同样,这些船只上的一些剩余人质被运到银河联邦的船只上。其中一些人质是由奇美拉准备作为特洛伊木马,但在他们造成任何损害之前,这个问题也被发现了。

Many more of the interdimensional ETs on the second hierarchy layer of the chimera were decimated as well since the last post, among them, as written there, the being called 'the devil' of that hierarchy layer. Though there is at least one called 'devil' on each hierarchy layer of the chimera. Many other beings operating on that specific hierarchy layer are just ancient human traitors which are equipped with enormous powers which were only present in the very first generations of humans on this planet.


These humans are emitting a super high life-force and are nearly invincible to ordinary weapons available on Earth - they are superhuman with a most corrupt character. If they are for example partly destroyed, they regrow. Every part of their body is basically capable to regrow and regenerate the whole body. This makes the removal of these ancient traitors even harder of course as basically everything about these bodies including tiny, fresh DNA-samples has to be completely removed and transported to Ganymede for neutralisation. Also their core is certainly human and though they are among the most evil and sinister creatures on the planet, they may appear as (pretty much arbitrary) humans to others. The farther they stem from the first human generations, the less life-energy they emit and the less functional are the bespoke regeneration powers and other features early humans had. Depending on which intensity you stop counting, there were several hundreds of these ancient human traitors and we are now at approximately 30, still decreasing. Many of those monsters are the driving force behind the majority of popular humans on the surface while not being those popular humans themselves - they rather control them to very high degrees. Their human core is surrounded by an artificial parasitic energy field, extending several hundred metres and influencing everything around them. These traitorous humans are in full command of those energy fields and the more powerful their human core is, the farther the fields extend and more intense they are. Basically these fields are the parasitic counterpart to the original field of the soul, which naturally extends around (especially ancient) human beings, who have not joined the chimera. This field of the soul structures everything around real ensouled humans positively (depending on soul-size).

这些人类散发着超高的生命力,对于地球上的普通武器来说几乎是不可战胜的——他们是具有最腐败性格的超人。例如,如果它们被部分破坏,它们就会重新生长。它们身体的每一部分基本上都能够再生和重生整个身体。这使得移除这些古代叛徒变得更加困难,因为基本上这些尸体的所有部分,包括微小的新鲜 DNA 样本,都必须完全移除并运往木卫三进行中和。此外,他们的核心当然是人类,虽然他们是在这个星球上最邪恶和险恶的生物,他们可能出现作为(相当武断)人类对其他人。它们与第一代人类距离越远,释放的生命能量就越少,功能也就越弱,这就是早期人类定制的再生能力和其他特征。根据你停止计算的强度,有几百个这样的古代人类叛徒,我们现在大约有30个,还在减少。这些怪物中的许多是地表上大多数受欢迎的人类背后的驱动力,而他们自己并不是那些受欢迎的人类——他们更愿意在很高的程度上控制他们。他们的人类核心被一个人造的寄生能量场包围着,延伸数百米,影响着他们周围的一切。这些背信弃义的人类完全控制着这些能量场,他们的人类核心越强大,能量场扩展得越远,越强烈。基本上,这些能量场是灵魂原始能量场的寄生对应物,灵魂原始能量场自然地延伸到(特别是古代)人类周围,而人类并没有加入奇美拉。这个灵魂领域积极地构建了围绕着真正有灵魂的人类的一切(取决于灵魂的大小)。

The problem with these ancient human traitors is that they can appear as (arbitrary) human beings and will act most 'normal' while being completely braindead and steered by the chimera. The fact that the chimera AI is much more intelligent that usual human beings (they can easily emulate an IQ of approximately 300-400) just lets them look completely functional among usual humans. So humans stand absolutely no chance against these ancient human monsters and will not be able to detect them - therefore it will be left to the Lightforces sorting them out.

这些古老的人类叛徒的问题在于,他们可以表现得像(武断的)人类,并且在完全脑死亡的情况下表现得最“正常”,并且受到奇美拉的操纵。事实上,奇美拉人工智能要比普通人类聪明得多(它们可以很容易地模拟出大约300-400的智商) ,这让它们在普通人类中看起来完全正常。因此,人类绝对没有机会对抗这些古老的人类怪物,也无法探测到它们——因此这将留给光明势力来解决它们。

Additionally 'the bastard' and several other beings of the chimera themself were heavily damaged or even completely removed. 'The bastard' has several high descendants himself, known as bastards in the same circles who know 'the bastard' himself. They are the hidden driving force behind the shadow governments of Earth and are a crossing between human-DNA and chimera-DNA. Due to their unstable genetics mixing Light with their corrupted DNA, the bastards are known to have severe body-related issues. Many of those bastards were located, isolated via quantum insertion portals and transported off Earth by now - there are about ten of these chimera executives left by now.

此外,“私生子”和其他几个奇美拉生物本身受到严重损伤,甚至完全移除。“私生子”自己有几个高级后代,在同一个圈子里被称为私生子,他们知道“私生子”本人。它们是地球影子政府背后隐藏的驱动力,是人类 DNA 和奇美拉 DNA 之间的交叉。由于他们不稳定的基因混合了光和他们受损的 DNA 这些混蛋有严重的身体问题。许多这些混蛋已经被定位,通过量子插入入口被隔离,现在已经离开地球了——现在大约有10个这样的奇美拉主管离开了。

Some more chimera-monsters which the Lightforces were able to remove as well are basically just organic pockets which can fade out of reality into their own, higher dimensional rooms. And they are literally just pockets made of flesh in which the chimera stores their (mainly human) victims as energy source. Besides these victims, the pockets also contain a kind of bridge, where some human traitors operate from. These monsters were issuing enormous psychic control. They are mainly residing in the deep sea and sometimes in costal regions if they choose to phase in. In effect these monsters are comparable to natural disasters wherever their appear, they are pretty efficient for the chimera to steer world events. However their effects are mainly subliminal influence on humanity in a radius of several hundred to thousands of metres around them. Kaiju-movies were oftentimes inspired by humans unconsciously grasping the presence of these things. Though they do not appear as monsters like in the movies, their influence is similarly devastating, especially to the human psyche. As said, they are acting subliminally and will not be seen at all - they are just manipulating humans in case humanity is about to change anything about their reign. Upon removal and transportation to the Central Sun for the human traitors inside, the traitors began mixing among the victims (which are in different pockets) to be transported onto the ships and infiltrate the Lightforces. Again all those intentions of the cabal members could be denied.


Besides the chimera member who is used by the chimera to invade the father-principle, mentioned in previous posts, the chimera also had a member working with the grandmother archetype of humanity. This 'grandmother'-member of the chimera, which was the main anchor to corrupt female and goddess energy, was successfully removed. This being could be traced back to an ancient alien who joined the chimera long before they invaded Earth, it can be seen as their first female member cosmically. She was having presences in nearly all factions of the inner Earth and was disguised as a very wise woman in nearly all such spiritual power structures. She was being revealed as the monster she was throughout the last few months finally culminating into her complete removal during the last few days.


This grandmother-member of the chimera was one of the first two traitors of ancient alien origin which were identified to reside on the Earth several weeks ago. The other one is the chimera member who is managing the father principle which is still active and could not be successfully caught yet. As mentioned already, both were active members in some of the most positive spiritual factions of the Earth and exerted a lot of power over (seemingly) positive operations since about 500 thousand years. These two were equipped with some of the very first human bodies the chimera could acquire - which is correspondent to their power. All support of the positive factions have been stopped for the still active male. These two aliens could take etheric form and at the same time they could convincingly steer forms of several humans in perfection. That is how they invaded many spiritual power structures, they were manipulating the minds of many while at the same time embodying several humans around those who were manipulated. They can be seen as two of the most evil 'gods' of the chimera. Also if just a tiny piece of their (fresh) DNA is left, the chimera is able to completely 'rebuild' them, therefore their complete removal is pretty hard to accomplish, having to transport even the tiniest pieces of these two ancient chimera members to the Central Sun.


On the surface, the attacks of the chimera mainly concentrate on key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers who basically go through hell at this time. There were several incidents on this front as well, one of them being targeted, special rays being shot from one of the remaining space stations of the andromeda faction of the chimera. These before unknown and invisible rays were successfully bypassing any detection of the Galactic Confederation fleet. Again, the ancient descendants of the Prime Creator partaking in Liberation had to jump in, otherwise these rays would have led to instant death of the mentioned key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers. These rays were pretty efficient for the chimera as they costed a lot less to shoot than the Lightforces/descendants had to invest for their cancellation. Shortly after these attacks, the mentioned andromedan station could be located and was destroyed as well. The chimera is currently still trying to recreate the same technology needed for that type of rays on their remaining stations and ships while the Lightforces are cancelling them at almost any cost. These rays were another moment in which the regular Lightforces realised that they would have been defeated without the help of the aforementioned descendants of the Prime Creator reaching out.


As a last point, complementing these intense battles, the archon grid is heavily under attack and destabilising globally. Archons certainly do not like being cleared from a certain area and usually just recollect in even bigger numbers shortly after. However it is necessary that some of the areas around the emerging 'Islands of Light' are being cleared regularly. It is the archons who feed all the unseen parasitic and demonic entities on the whole surface and therefore their removal is vital to Liberation and surface-humanity being enabled to wake up. The first regions free of archons constantly will be the 'Islands of Light'. In this phase it has become necessary that some key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers surroundings have to be partly cleared already. This has caused the number of archons to drop globally and the archon grid to be getting less dense. That will in turn enable a lot of humans to think less corrupted as the whole mental sphere on Earth is finally getting brighter. The problem most humans will face if they really wake up is rather that their whole body and their 'life' is still cabal-sponsored and they have to leave that behind to completely wake up and participate in Liberation. Most humans will therefore still subconsciously choose to continue their denial regarding Liberation.


During all those battles raging, most of humanity is busy solving fake problems, generated by the AI of the chimera. The climate crisis is a good example for this - as Cobra mentioned, the climate on Earth is changing due to completely natural causes. It is the chimera who likes to trap their opponents in solving fake problems, so they never begin to solve or even notice the real problems (themselves). This extends even into the established spiritual factions of the inner Earth, where many powerful factions believed that the chimera would operate in ways that were just faked to keep them solving insignificant things, that do not lead to progress at all. The whole human society is being set up to put Don Quixotes of all kinds into high hierarchical positions to keep humanity in constant illusion. The AI of the chimera even gives them solutions which humans can actually reach just to keep them running, thinking they have accomplished something great.


This chimera-measure is not just active in the human society as a whole but also extends down to individual lifes, meaning many humans are thinking they are proceeding and succeeding in their own life while actually they are in the majority just chasing endless windmills like Don Quixote. That way, they are collecting soul-energy, which the chimera then usually harvests when these humans reach a certain age which usually is centered at around 33 years. There is a reason why the chimera did crucify Jesus with the age of 33 as it is approximately the time of their harvest for individual humans - especially those who are higher ensouled or collected more soul energy by being 'good humans' than others.


As mentioned here, basically the only real way humans should strive for is to return to their ancient origins and make it back to their true ancestors, the later but direct descendants of the Prime Creator who colonised Earth.


To help with further judgements against the cabal, the Lightforces established their first own and absolute grid. Similarly to the thousands of hell-grids/multidimensional rooms the chimera built, the Lightforces grid-room is a hyper dimensional room to get rid of their opponents. The difference is that this special grid is of course a room completely controlled by the Lightforces themselves. That means no-one being sent there will get out of it without the Lightforces themselves allowing so. It also means that the Lightforces finally can judge a lot of cabal members and sociopathic humans much faster and less costly than transporting them off Earth. Basically the grid is a copy of the Earth but it shows the consequences of what the chimera does to Earth. It is the infertile, dead Earth which the chimera was close to establish for this planet if the Lightforces did not intervene. Those corrupt cabal and humans being sent into that grid heavily supported the chimera to eradicate all life on Earth. So these traitors finally can see the fruits of their own wrongdoings and what their corruptions would have led to.


The implant removal of humanity is naturally progressing due to the ongoing battles, removing a lot of causes for the implants. Again key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers are on the forefront of DNA-repair and removal of parasitic entities from their bodies. Basically the more important your role is in the Liberation, the faster your implants are cleared.

由于持续的战斗,人类的植入物移除正在自然进展,移除了许多植入物的原因。再次关键-星种和光之工作者在 DNA 修复和从他们身体中移除寄生实体的前沿。基本上,你在解放中的角色越重要,你的植入物清理得越快。

By the way, you can help the Lightforces to clear your implants faster by connecting with Cintamani or quartz-crystals. The more you attained the activation of your stones, the easier the parasitic entities in your body can be detected and removed. Again the activation of your stones is pretty much bound to your role and participation in the Liberation - for corrupt humans crystals and the like never really worked and were just simple stones. You will feel the energy in your hands if you attained activation and were accepted by those spiritual authorities managing those stones.


Regarding the timing of the Event: as many Lightworkers have realised by now, you should not become dependent on the Event at all. As mentioned on this blog before, if the Lightforces are still able to create more stability for the shift of the ages, the Event will not fire. In turn, if it did not fire yet, that means Earth and the shift into the new age of Aquarius is still getting more stable overall. While this is of course hard to swallow for those who invested a lot into Liberation, as they would be rewarded most, more stability is of course better for the majority of humanity.

关于事件发生的时间: 正如许多光之工作者现在已经意识到的那样,你们根本不应该变得依赖于事件。正如之前在这个博客中提到的,如果光明势力仍然能够为时代的转变创造更多的稳定性,事件将不会发生。反过来,如果它还没有发射,那就意味着地球和进入水瓶座新时代的转变总体上仍然变得更加稳定。尽管这对于那些为解放投入了大量资金的人来说当然很难接受,因为他们会得到最多的回报,但更多的稳定当然对大多数人类更好。

There are fixed deadlines for several operations though, but these are rather related to compression breakthrough than to the Event. Though most of what people got to know of the Event will unconditionally happen shortly after compression breakthrough anyway. What is still unknown is if the solar-flash-part of the Event will be fired or not - this is in the hands of the most high Lightforces overseeing the Liberation-process and will remain unknown. The solar-flash-part of the Event is rather to be seen as an emergency-trigger, if certain vital operations, necessary for compression breakthrough, would fail. And even the solar flash would not solve all the problems on Earth over night, it should be obvious that there are no switch-like solutions for Liberation. Rather, the solar flash would in turn create new problems which cannot really be solved convincingly by the Lightforces yet. So people should not be really let down by the solar flash not firing, as it mainly serves their very own stability.


However ascendants can actually be equipped with a sort of mini-Event, which channels the clearing energies of the galactic Central Sun, if they rise high enough in their ascension. It is the embodiment of the Central Sun herself honouring your role in Liberation. This clearing energy will by now mainly support the establishment of the 'Islands of Light' and it will not be used globally but rather selectively for certain locations and supportively for certain people and areas.


All of that means that Lightworkers should stay stable as much as they can in the world they got to know before they even heard of the Event. Most of the human sphere and society will stay the same as it was until we finally reach compression breakthrough. It was always this horrible on Earth and it will approximately stay that way until breakthrough. As said many times, we are still quite a lot below the threshold the chimera holds to keep the veil and their illusions stable. However, the more active you participate in the Liberation, the more you will be empowered to selectively rise above the veil individually even before compression breakthrough. This will not yet make things easier regarding your life yet, but you will of course be served earlier, depending on your height in ascension as soon as the Lightforces can actually reach through to the surface.



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