irst off the situation update for September 2022, then onto some random topics regarding ascension and the background of the liberation. 


Like written in the last post, communications between the Lightforces and the primary colonists of the Earth intensified. The most ancient of those descendants of the Prime Creator was in the meantime accepted and seen and declared as stable against the invaders (chimera). As she was accepted, a big system update for the main computer on their mothership was sent and therefore the colonists are now able to correct a lot of smaller, chimera-created problems much faster. It is like they were finally equipped to actually solve the parasitic takeover of the Earth. With this, our highest long time ancestor here therefore becomes the one who successfully held the Earth stable and cultivated it as good as she could - which means she will decide a lot of what will happen on the Earth and will hold the last word on important matters and changes. While the Lightforces and the Goddess will of course have a lot of influence on the direction Earth will take, they will be more like highly welcome guests and the initial colonists are those who 'earn' the Earth to a good amount. You could see the highest colonist as the mother of humanity though humans were rather created by the chimera (in the image of God, pretty much as written in the bible). In the meantime it was also proven, that she has actually been targeted by the chimera consciously and they sabotaged her colony on Earth for a reason, which will result in even bigger rewards for the successful colonisation. That means she will be one of the most beautiful women cosmically when the liberation is through as she went through one of the hardest paths from one of the early descendants of the Prime Creator far and wide for this colony.


Although our ancient colonists had some descendants roaming the Earth at some point in the distant past, the chimera created the bigger amounts of humans to actually lure the colonists out to help those poor creations. The chimera rather created humans to experiment with them and torture them to capture the colonists who would naturally be inclined to help their ‚inofficial‘ offspring. It is still the same ‚game’ nowadays btw, several hundred million years later, the main population and main hosts on this planet are still used to create a drag and enormous pressure towards the colonists. While we can be seen as far distant descendants of the prime creator, we are definately unofficial offspring and most of us were never made to last as humans on Earth - just as you can see with the mass evacuation program that Cobra announced recently. The chimera implanted everyone of their humans so they can rather be seen as trojans working out against the colonists. First off humans could never get out of their implanting miseries themselves. Secondly, if the colonists would help, they would encounter several traps (getting more intense over time) which would in turn risk the whole colony. According to the colonists, these chimera-built and -bred humans never did anything 'right', which is how heavy their implants are and how much they are actually oriented against the will of the Prime Creator and life itself therefore (and fact is humans i.e. actually created a lot of things that are catastrophic towards nature). Throughout human history, very few cases have made it through from being reverse-poled against all life back to a fully healed, 'regular' descendant of the Prime Creator. In the same way the least of unofficial offspring were adopted by the colonists, it took them enormous lengths and suffering to get to the mercy of having their implants removed. A length many humans did not want to take and turned to the cabal instead, making everything just worse for all life on Earth. 

虽然我们的远古殖民者在遥远的过去有一些后代在地球上游荡,但是奇美拉创造了更多的人类,实际上是为了引诱殖民者来帮助那些可怜的创造物。奇美拉创造了人类来对他们进行实验,折磨他们来抓捕殖民者,这些殖民者自然倾向于帮助他们的“非官方”后代。顺便说一句,现在还是同样的“游戏”,几亿年后,这个星球上的主要人口和主要宿主仍然被用来制造对殖民者的拖累和巨大的压力。虽然我们可以被视为主创造者遥远的后代,但我们绝对是非正式的后代,我们中的大多数人从未被制造成地球上的人类——正如你可以看到柯博拉最近宣布的大规模疏散计划。奇美拉植入了他们所有的人类,所以他们更愿意被看作是特洛伊人在对抗殖民者。首先,人类自己永远无法摆脱植入的痛苦。其次,如果殖民者愿意提供帮助,他们会遇到几个陷阱(随着时间的推移变得越来越强烈) ,这反过来又会危及整个殖民地。根据殖民者的说法,这些奇美拉制造和繁殖的人类从来没有做过任何“正确”的事情,也就是他们的植入物有多重,以及他们实际上有多大程度上违背了最初造物主的意志和生命本身(事实上,人类实际上创造了许多对自然灾难性的东西)。纵观人类历史,很少有案例能够从与所有生命的反向极化中成功回归到最初造物主的完全愈合的“正常”后裔。同样地,殖民者收养最少的非正式后代,他们花费了巨大的时间和痛苦才得到移除植入物的怜悯。许多人类不愿意忍受这样的时间,于是转向阴谋集团,这使得地球上所有的生命都变得更加糟糕。

Additionally there were a few cases in which the chimera managed to mix 'stolen' and highly official offspring of the Prime Creator among their populations of humans, which just made everything worse as well. These official descendants were hard to find and were going through massive suffering because the chimera of course knew who they were and it sometimes took lifetimes for the colonists to rescue them properly. 


Partly this suffering is what some of the higher ascendants in this liberation of Earth go through right now. While the Lightforces and the Goddess make the ascension much easier than ever before, part of this suffering is to be seen as necessary for their coming position, so they are able to understand what size of a present they have received and are worthy of what has been given to them. They have to go through part of the old ascension path which just got harder and harder through the ages, as implants intensified from generation to generation.


Since the still active red alert, the Lightforces are transporting top cabal off planet for neutralisation almost daily. We arrived at a layer in the hierarchy of the chimera which includes the very top cabal of the inner Earth. While many people might have heard of giants still living in the inner Earth, few might have heard that the whole Earth was populated with giant human offspring for periods of our past. They retreated into caverns and tunnels due to the ever growing invasion even back then already. Since then, they have created and seen many inner Earth kingdoms and had a lot of influence on happenings on the surface till this very day. As you might guess, not all those giant ancestors were friendly and some of them even joined the chimera. With the size came power and many of those giants are much more powerful than any of the following generations could ever get again. The good ones aspired into a closeness to the Prime Creator, no one could ever achieve again later, while the bad ones got to be the biggest instruments of the chimera, namely top-cabal. There are lots of references of this influence throughout all times of popular culture, i.e. the Beatles - 'Standing on the shoulder of giants' - were they laid open the true source of inspiration for a lot of their oftentimes labeled 'genius' music. Some of those early positive giants (size also shrinked in following generations) were known as different heights of ‚God’ in the Old Testament, as you might know, there were several names used for God (i.e. Jahwe, Jehovah, etc. ) in the scriptures which were correspondent to a certain spiritual height they reached towards the Prime Creator. One of the biggest of the most evil giants has now been transported to an isolation-container until he will be transported to the Central Sun. He was known to many as the 'devil' (though there are higher cabal members using the same name and the main ‚devil‘ is rather found as member of the chimera themself). That giant is the first one of the top-cabal who was put into such an isolation-container as part of his judge- and punishment. He will go through many destinies and tortures he burdened on other lifeforms before he will finally be neutralized in the Central Sun. As this is the first time for such an intense punishment, the Lightforces are still in the process of perfecting the method of using such containers. With such big cabal being removed, there will be big reactions of the chimera, as these biggest giants were some of their best handymen. With their chain-type redundancy (see point 6./7. below), buffering all changes, mostlikely nothing will get visible for humans on the surface though.

自从红色警报仍然活跃以来,光明部队几乎每天都在把顶级阴谋家运出地球进行中和。我们来到了奇美拉的等级制度中的一个层级,其中包括地球内部的最顶级的阴谋家。虽然许多人可能听说过巨人仍然生活在地球内部,但很少有人听说过,在我们过去的一段时间里,整个地球上住着巨人的后代。由于不断增长的入侵,他们撤退到洞穴和隧道中,甚至在那时就已经这样了。从那时起,他们创造并见证了许多地球内部的王国,并对地面上发生的事情有很大的影响,直到今天。正如你可能猜到的,并非所有的巨人祖先都是友好的,其中一些甚至加入了奇美拉。随着规模的扩大,权力也随之而来,这些巨人中的许多人要比后面的任何一代人都要强大得多。好的巨人渴望与主造物主亲近,这一点后来没有人能够做到,而坏的巨人则成为了奇美拉最大的工具,即顶级卡巴尔。在所有的流行文化中,有很多关于这种影响的参考资料,例如披头士乐队--"站在巨人的肩膀上"--他们为很多经常被称为 "天才 "的音乐提供了真正的灵感来源。在旧约中,一些早期的正面巨人(在随后的几代中尺寸也缩小了)被称为不同高度的 "上帝",正如你可能知道的,在圣经中对上帝有几个名字(如Jahwe、Jehovah等),这与他们对主要创造者达到的某种精神高度相对应。其中一个最大的最邪恶的巨人现在已经被运到一个隔离容器中,直到他被运到中央太阳。他被许多人称为 "魔鬼"(尽管有更高级的卡巴拉成员使用相同的名字,而主要的 "魔鬼 "反而被认为是奇美拉自己的成员)。那位巨人是第一个被关进这样一个隔离容器的顶级阴谋家,作为他审判和惩罚的一部分。他将经历许多命运和对其他生命体的折磨,然后最终在中央太阳中被消灭。由于这是第一次进行如此强烈的惩罚,光明军团仍在完善使用这种容器的方法。随着这样的大卡巴被清除,奇美拉会有很大的反应,因为这些最大的巨人是他们最好的一些杂役。有了他们的链式冗余(见下文第6/7点),缓冲了所有的变化,很可能在表面的人类不会看到什么。

Strange about these punishments is that most of the remaining higher cabal members showed absolutely no reaction on being shown this punishment for one of their highest colleagues. Although they are trained to show no reaction, that led to the suspicion being proven that most of the higher cabal members (of any size) are mere leftover, empty shells which are rather simulated by the chimera themselves than still being alive. That means, whatever was in the bodies of most top-cabal is long gone and leftover is just a simulation of what they once were to prolong and complicate the judgement process the Lightforces have to establish in case of the end of the chimera approaching as it is now. What a big part of the Earth has been found to be is just a theatre set up by the chimera to make a longtime dead system look alive. That also explains why many humans are not even interested in the truth coming out - many are simply running the program of the cabal.


That proof will of course lead to even faster judgement and deportation of all remaining cabal and everything is already prepared as this state of corruption was already expected of the Earth long before the Lightforces arrived here. Therefore most top cabal will not be taken serious in any way anymore and we are moving much faster towards the final deportation of the chimera themselves into neutralisation.


The members of the chimera arrived on Earth in a certain order, which also determines the height they have in their own hierarchy. The second one is highly tied to the father-principle on Earth in the way they bred humans on the Earth. That means that for every ascendant or enemy of the chimera, this second most high chimera member tries to ‚come‘ through the path of their own father - the chimera made jokes about this principle they set up in popular culture for example in Star Wars with Darth Vader. The chimera makes use of the father-principle in this way does not mean each father becomes a demon, it is rather the father of an ascendant they use as a channel to get some of their measures through to the ascendant. This principle is right now being examined and cancelled for later ascendants to have it easier while the corresponding chimera member is being dismantled and prepared for deportation later on. The order of deportation of the chimera members will be approximately the reverse order in which they arrived on the Earth. 

奇美拉的成员以一定的顺序到达地球,这也决定了他们在自己的等级制度中的高度。第二个与地球上的父亲原则高度相关,就像他们在地球上培育人类的方式一样。这意味着,对于奇美拉的每一个支配者或敌人,这个排名第二的高级奇美拉成员都试图通过他们自己的父亲的道路“来”——奇美拉开玩笑说这个原则是他们在流行文化中建立起来的,例如在《星球大战》和达斯 · 维达中。奇美拉利用父亲——这样的原则并不意味着每个父亲都变成了恶魔,而是他们利用一个支配者的父亲作为通道,将他们的一些措施传递给支配者。这个原则现在正在被检查和取消,以便后来的上位者更容易接受,同时相应的奇美拉成员正在被拆除,并准备以后被驱逐出境。奇美拉成员被驱逐出境的顺序大致与他们抵达地球的顺序相反。

Each member of the chimera is a channel of one of the first beasts that was the first living expression of negativity the Prime Creator and early descendants faced in his creation. The first beasts (oftentimes summarized as 'prime evil' - in a higher, Earth-transcending meaning) were completely annihilated by very early descendants of the Prime Creator back then. However some parts of their remains kept finding new hosts throughout many cosmic cycles into many different lifeforms. These new hosts were slain in previous liberations of the Lightforces each time in case they had a channel established there. Basically all higher forms of evil lifeforms in the universe will sooner or later become such a channel, as those beasts are the blueprint of all personified evil. If one channel / host is found, they tend to complete themselves again, trying to channel each of the primordial beasts as they tend to have more power being complete in the way they were present in the beginning. 


Generally these reincarnations of the first beasts are not much to worry about as those who slain them way back in the beginning are taking part in the liberation of Earth as well and they are obviously absolute experts in that type of removals additionally to parasite removals in general - the very first Lightwarriors cosmically. Those are the very early descendants of the Prime Creator who have also evaluated the colonisation of Earth as a success, as stated in the last post. As written by Cobra in a recent update, we even have chimera members on Earth which have already been around in the previous cosmic cycle (the 'lurker'), which makes those members especially hard to detect by technology from this cosmic cycle as those older members of the chimera turn out to be anomalies in the system (not comparable to the primary anomaly though and much smaller).

一般来说,这些第一批野兽的转世并不是什么值得担心的事情,因为那些最初杀死它们的人也参与了地球的解放,而且他们显然是这类除寄生虫的绝对专家——宇宙中最早的光之战士。这些是最初造物主的非常早期的后代,他们也评估了地球殖民的成功,如上一篇文章所述。正如柯博拉在最近的更新中所写的那样,我们甚至在地球上有奇美拉成员,这些成员在之前的宇宙周期中已经存在(“潜伏者”) ,这使得这些成员特别难以通过技术从这个宇宙周期中探测出来,因为这些奇美拉的老成员原来是系统中的异常(虽然不能与主要的异常相比,而且要小得多)。

This little history lesson should just show how complex and complicated the liberation is and why it takes so much time - the Lightforces are mainly dealing with anomalies here regarding the chimera.


Apart from that a lot of strategic battles are going on near Earth orbit against the Andromeda-section of the chimera. There is not much to be said about that except that the Lightforces are winning but nevertheless the advance to the Earth surface stays quite slow.


Remember that all processes of liberation can be speeded up by orienting your consciousness to the Lightforces as often and as much as you can. The more humans that actively support the Lightforces with their day-consciousness, the less energy the chimera has to counter the advance of the Lightforces.


Now the random topics on ascension in general, this time numbered, just to make orientation easier. 


1.The whole ecosystem on Earth has been overtaken by the chimera for a long time. For example as you might imagine in paradise there was no need for rain. The chimera won a big part of the terraforming battle since millions of years - a rather evil terraforming which will be reverted/healed over long periods of time once their reign is finally over. 


2.In most cases usual humans simply do not want to accept the truth that they are being used as toys by the evil forces that were introduced in many scriptures incl. the bible as alien-invaders. Upon being told many humans will still declare that kind of knowledge as insane or demand endless proofs in scientific ways which of course cannot be given that way as science is to a high degree just used as an instrument of the cabal. The whole human society and nearly all infrastructure has been subverted by those biblical aliens who were obviously smart enough to not come in flying saucers or even remotely visible craft. They keep it that subliminal by being able to ‚play‘/overtake nearly every human and by having their contracted humans spread out among humanity, especially in structures of power and wealth. They only really get active if something would actually cause a change in the human world which changed their reign to the worse.


3.Life on Earth was (and still is, until the chimera is defeated) based on slaying big amounts of lifeforms daily to create the illusion of a better life than the host species (humanity) actually would get under natural conditions. The biggest amount of sacrifices take place in the inner Earth and they are used for the basic life humans perceive as ‚normal‘ and given as well as for nearly everything successful on the surface, may it be movies, music, physical goods, etc.

地球上的生命过去是(现在仍然是,直到奇美拉被击败) ,每天杀死大量的生命形式,以创造一个比宿主物种(人类)在自然条件下实际得到的更好生活的幻想。最大量的祭祀发生在地球内部,它们被用于人类认为“正常”的基本生活,以及几乎所有在地表上成功的事物,可能是电影、音乐、物质产品等

4.The cabal hunts beasts onto humans that are not perceivable to them at all. This usually results in fast, heavy sicknesses (diarrhea etc. also depending on region/potentials/closeness of similar sufferings/sicknesses). Sometimes those sicknesses do not really heal, which means the beast which attached to the host somehow stayed and/or was more powerful than the human which usually results in death sooner or later. In some ancient scriptures these beasts are meant with the term ‚(demonic) hordes‘.


5.One of those beasts or entities (as they are not really alive) is grappled around the solar plexus of each human since birth - that is one of the main implants. That is the entity that usually ensures certain death (at some age) for each human nowadays (as it cares for the energy core) and is the implant that usually has to be removed last or at least towards the end of the implant removals taking place during ascension. Each removal of the bigger implants usually comes with some amount of suffering / sickness etc. as these entities tend to cause damage fast upon nearing their removal. Although removal could later be done without the suffering, once the Lightforces have broken through, the spiritual forces which help with removal until breakthrough on the surface rather work with this type of suffering. This is still partly necessary as it is much less expensive energetically and therefore more rational in the current stage of the liberation to save more people. So be prepared to go through a lot of up and downs upon being helped to get rid of your main implants.

其中一个野兽或实体(因为它们并非真正活着)从出生开始就缠绕在每个人的太阳神经丛上——这是主要的植入物之一。这个实体通常确保了当今每个人类(在某个年龄)必然的死亡(因为它关心能量核心) ,并且是植入物,通常必须最后被移除,或者至少在提升期间发生的植入物移除结束时被移除。每次移除较大的植入物通常伴随着一定程度的痛苦/疾病等,因为这些实体往往在接近移除时迅速造成损害。虽然移除可以在没有痛苦的情况下进行,但是一旦光之力突破,帮助移除直到表面突破的精神力量更愿意与这种类型的痛苦一起工作。这在一定程度上仍然是必要的,因为在解放的现阶段,拯救更多的人的费用要低得多,因此更加合理。所以准备好经历一系列的起起伏伏在被帮助去除你的主要植入物的时候

6.The cabal have a mechanism which creates a lack of energy for all their humans (those heavily implanted and those under pact - meaning the majority) in case their main enemies experience fulfillment. The mechanism reverses the joy of their enemies towards the cabal-humans. This in turn creates heavy countermeasures these cabal-human bodies will then emit as all human bodies strive for well being on those lower physical levels which are affected of the mechanism. A big subconscious part of the bodies of those cabal-controlled-humans is trained against those enemies of the cabal in that way. Also all those humans affected negatively by the joy of such an cabal-enemy will exert a negative attitude towards those enemies on subconscious levels - the cabal-owned and heavy implanted humans simply do not like nor support those enemies anymore in any way. There are many such subconscious antipathies forming towards the enemies of the cabal in this way within the frame of ‚natural‘ reaction of the (manipulated/implanted) human body.


7.The cabal deny the will of their enemies through a chain including nearly all their members. First the big ones will deny the will of their target, then, if removed/not working anymore, the next biggest one will deny the will of their enemies etc. In that way, the will of their enemies is denied pretty much until the very last cabal member has left the Earth. That is how far their deadlocks on key persons reach, denial with every of their members set in as redundancy on possible fail. That is also why there are so few visible effects of the removal of top-cabal yet, they set up the whole human-control-system similarly. Every single cabal member to the last one will serve to keep the illusion towards the main population up. That means a lot of cabal need to go very fast or the utmost majority have to be gone to get to see even the first effects of liberation on the surface of Earth.


Basically this chain includes most of humanity and previous generations in the inner Earth by now as many are bound to the cabal solely via their implants.


That is how the cabal sets up hell for their enemies as there will be no improvement of their situation until either the rest of the chain has left the Earth or it is ‚solved‘ in another way (it is set up in a way though which makes an alternative solution nearly impossible).


8.This chaining is part of the success story of the cabal ‚business model‘ - as they could persuade many (smaller) souls that this setup is unfailable. All the small criminals giving their souls to the cabal can rest assured that their enemies cannot do a thing until the very top of their hierarchy, the chimera-members themselves, are removed permanently. Until that day all those who joined receive much more of the good stuff than would be applicable for their soul-capacity, they are obviously collecting debt. A debt many will not have to pay until the top cabal are being transferred to the Central Sun because of this kind of chaining. That will result in a deep and hard drop which is planned that way by the chimera as well to have everything collapse any way. So even these well-deserved drops of the traitors will be buffered by the Lightforces so the system can remain stable enough to carry the innocents through.



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