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2022年11月最新情况 – 亚特兰蒂斯人和频率|theunveiling33November 21, 2022


The bigger news about the current process of the Lightforces first, followed by some general insights about various ascension topics.


Finally several very high cabal members which were highly involved in the Egyptian high culture were executed by the Lightforces. Among them was Seth, connected to the tunnels of Seth in the inner Earth some ascendants might remember. He and the other members were first trapped in special rooms they could not escape anymore. Then these ex-members were literally slaughtered while still being kept aware to force them to release their personal hostages. A destiny which remaining cabal monsters will face in the very near future, the Lightforces are monitoring any and all cabal activity to get the last few bigger members trapped. It was the tough guys among the Central Race and some others who interrogated them the very hard way until most of them let at least some of their hostages go. This kind of hard interrogation only works for a few minutes at maximum until the chimera notices strange 'positive' activity coming from one of their members and switches those members 'off'. After the chimera switches such members off, pretty much all their technology and/or skills are immediately deactivated and they cannot free hostages etc. anymore. Afterwards they were transported to the Central Sun for complete neutralisation.


The base under Wewelsburg, the ‚occult centre of the world', which was topic of the last blog post, was at least partly cleared and evacuated. The part of the base which is closer to the surface was neutralised after all hostages in that area were secured. The deeper part of the base will still remain one of the biggest and last strongholds of the chimera. The area in the subterranean network has several historically relevant energy sources which the chimera is likely to hold.

上一篇博文的主题是"世界神秘中心"Wewelsburg 下的基地,至少部分被清理和疏散了。在该地区的所有人质安全后,基地离地面较近的部分已经失去作用。基地的深处仍然是奇美拉最大也是最后的据点之一。地下网络中的区域有几个与历史相关的能量来源,奇美拉可能拥有这些能源。

There is progress in capturing the chimera member who is responsible for the father-principle (already mentioned in this post). Basically he is the the base for the archetype of the grim reaper and jumps in to overtake all fathers of high souls or enemies of the chimera on Earth. He is 'father death', who supposedly 'gives' and especially takes the life in the hierarchy of the chimera (at least for their opponents). He was the second demonic being of the chimera who arrived on Earth and similarly to the lurker is a very old being who went into pact with the chimera several cosmic cycles ago. Because of his age, the Lightforces only perceive a hard to detect anomaly wherever he is active. Detection has processed and the Lightforces in unison with Starseeds were able to rescue a lot of his hostages, mainly very old souls as well, from his grip. Many of these hostages were instantly transported to the ships and brought to safe terrains while the chimera-demon-father escaped the monitoring during this rescue. That means the second highest chimera member on Earth is already weakened and definitely got the message that the chimera will loose everything. Also the frame of his potential movement was narrowed down further which makes a final departure to the Central Sun more probable daily.

在抓捕负责父亲原则的奇美拉成员方面有进展(在这篇文章中已经提到)。基本上,他是死神原型的基础,并跳出来超越所有高尚灵魂的父亲或地球上奇美拉的敌人。他是 "死亡之父",据说他在奇美拉的等级制度中 "给予",尤其是夺取生命(至少对他们的对手而言)。他是奇美拉的第二个到达地球的恶魔,与潜伏者类似,他是一个非常古老的生命,在几个宇宙周期前与奇美拉达成了协议。由于他的年龄,在他活动的地方,光之部队只察觉到一个难以探测的异常现象。探测已经处理完毕,光之部队与星际之子联合起来,能够从他的控制下救出很多人质,主要也是非常古老的灵魂。这些人质中的许多人被立即运送到船上,并被带到安全地带,而奇美拉-恶魔之父则在这次救援中逃脱了监控。这意味着地球上第二高的奇美拉成员已经被削弱了,并且肯定得到了奇美拉将失去一切的信息。同时,他潜在的行动范围也被进一步缩小,这使得每天最后离开到中央太阳的可能性更大。

Since the collapse of the Lightworker grid, the chimera is trying to establish a second layer of 'lightworkers' which will pretend to be positive but actually work for the chimera. This planned subversion of the whole Lightworker community is a result of the breakaway of some of Cobra's team a while back. The chimera acquired the part of the team that separated from Cobra and is steering their own 'lightworkers' and attention to those false lightworkers and topics.

自从光之工作者网格崩溃以来,奇美拉正试图建立第二层"光之工作者",它将假装是积极的,但实际上为奇美拉工作。这种对整个光之社区的有计划的颠覆是不久前 Cobra 的一些团队分裂的结果。奇美拉获得了从 Cobra 中分离出来的团队的一部分,并且正在引导他们自己的"光之工作者",关注那些虚假的光之工作者和话题。

An indication of that subversion is i.e. that the last post of this blog in the official Facebook group of the Portal was reported by one of the angry members and therefore deleted from the group. The Lightworker split will become more obvious by some people in those groups denying the truth and freaking out when it gets attention, which was pretty much the case with the last Unveiling post on Facebook.

这种颠覆行为的一个迹象是,这个博客在 Portal Facebook 官方群组中的最后一篇文章被一个愤怒的成员举报,因此被从群组中删除。光之社区的分裂会变得越来越明显,因为这些群体中的一些人否认事实,一旦引起注意就会抓狂。 Facebook 上最近发布的一篇帖子就是这种情况。

The chimera is trying to make the false lightworker communities big and influential while ignoring and isolating the biggest Starseeds and true Lightworkers who remained stable during the collapse of the Lightworker grid. They try to make use of the truth Cobra spread about the Event and the Goddess since a while but it will get more obvious for some of the ascendants.


Basically, the fake narrative which the false lightworkers want to establish is to declare several highly positive factions which were on the Earth before the liberation as being part of the cabal. That narrative is of course bound to fail as all those long time positive factions are very well known by the Lightforces by now.


Many more smaller breakthroughs happened due to the first colonists more or less officially joining the liberation. Following the colonists influence, several more big, influential and old positive alien forces also officially joined forces with liberation. That means that real changes and support in physicality become more probable for the highest ascendants constantly.


Insights regarding ascension


You might not yet be fully aware that the chimera really enabled lower animals down to bacterial size to act as humans and exert command over humans. These lower lifeforms are given hive-mind access and hive-mind-stabilized human bodies to exert control over real humans. That hive-mind sadly is much smarter than the average, not-awakened human. Those ~500 million cabal-humans to be neutralized which Cobra mentioned are exactly that: lower lifeforms put into high hierarchical positions in human society to invert human life to the highest extend. Those little, lower-than-animal lifeforms are coercing you into a job and other bad situations and scenarios per design of the system on Earth. The system most humans are coerced into was designed by parasites and designed especially for parasites, the chimera set up the whole planet that way. Few humans had the luck to be freed from those parasitic mechanisms - most humans do not even know or ever notice that they are being supressed by lower-than-animal creatures throughout their whole lifetime.

你可能还没有完全意识到,奇美拉确实使细菌大小的低等动物能够扮演人类的角色,并对人类发挥指挥作用。这些低等生命体被赋予了蜂群意识和稳定的蜂群意识来控制真正的人类。可悲的是,蜂群意识比普通的、未觉醒的人类要聪明得多。柯博拉提到的那些需要中和的约5亿阴谋集团人类正是这样: 较低级的生命形式被置于人类社会的高等级位置,以最大限度地改变人类生命。那些小的,低于动物的生命形式正在强迫你去做一份工作,以及在地球上的系统设计中的其他糟糕的情况和场景。大多数人类被迫进入的系统是由寄生虫设计的,专门为寄生虫设计的,这种奇美拉就是这样建立起整个地球的。很少有人能够幸运地从这些寄生机制中解脱出来——大多数人甚至不知道或从未注意到他们一生都在被低于动物的生物所压制。

The trick of the chimera is if such a creature looks and speaks relatively intelligent, like a human, other humans think they are really in the position to give the commands and exert coercion and pressure over their life (depending on position in society). The intelligence in these chimera-humans is of course only the hive-mind but impulses come from those animal-type lifeforms inside. If something sounds human, humans also usually assume it is a human they are listening to. So emulation of human voices alone is something that is regarded highly effective for the chimera to bring negativity towards humans. Using clones is more expensive but the chimera has of course used those as well to invade many positions of power throughout the human hierarchies. As ascendant you will get aware that most hierarchies are subverted and most humans in official positions in the media or goverments are some of those ~500 million cabal-humans. The internet was set up exactly to counter the cabal-controlled media and was of course inspired by the Lightforces. Decentralised information is a must to counter an invasion of these species, which concentrates on overtaking bottle-necks, may it be in information-sources or to exert power over many from high positions in the human society.


So it is basically tiny animals who decided about and created much of the struggle in the life of the average human nowadays. That is also what was the cause for the atlantean catastrophe - there were tiny lifeforms (the original atlanteans) equipped with human bodies and capabilities - that was eventually causing the fall for envy and power that destroyed the atlantean high culture. They competed with original humans and from some day on they thought they were smarter and better and began to slaughter the real humans. They were rebelling against the god-species which came to Earth (also see the posts of about the first human colonists). The lifeforms that were on Earth before the god-species arrived, were convinced that it was their planet and got in pact with the chimera to become powerful enough to become humans themselves and destroy the real ones - a war that is still raging more than ever during the current liberation. They were from then on fighting the real humans as tiny lifeforms who pretend to be humans to 'take back' their planet. Needless to say, the chimera tricked those tiny atlanteans via envy and their need to hold their planet into a way that could not and will not work out for them. The residue of these power-hungry and envious atlanteans will be judged and finally receive absolutely just punishments for their tries to subvert the natural hierarchy of life on Earth for millions of years (if early chimera experiments are counted in). Please be aware that there was a split in the atlantean society back then, many of the atlanteans did not want to join the pact and never got equipped with human bodies, they stayed pure but were affected by the fall of their people nevertheless. The liberation of Earth will finally separate those poor atlanteans who were affected by the fall but did not vote for it from the evil atlanteans. Those atlanteans who stayed pure will be freed from the problems and be fully reintegrated into the emerging, ascended society which is also called 'The New Atlantis' for this reason on Earth - so this is definitely the salvation for the pure atlanteans as well as for the humans who were imprisoned in the parasitic system resulting from the fall.


They pretended to be higher than real humans long enough and these pacts are of course the root of many problems on Earth, having to do with the inversion of life itself, which the chimera sets up similarly for each invaded system. They always strive to destroy the ancestors of the human race, descendants of the prime creator, in similar ways by using smaller lifeforms and putting them hierarchically above the bigger ones and the descendants of the prime creator.


About frequencies


The entities and higher demons of the chimera charge everything around you, especially liquids and drying things constantly with negative frequencies. This is basically causing aging, sicknesses and eventually death for all lifeforms in a certain range to the charged liquids. In some old spiritual scriptures is still written "in each bath there is a demon", which means that all liquids you get in contact with are charged with eventually deadly frequencies. Even your drying laundry is charged with such frequencies by the unseen entities around you. Air is even easier charged but is very volatile. Liquids are still quite easily charged but stay in place and if they dry, the charged effect becomes more physical, more effective. Liquids are therefore most effective for demons and have potential to affect you physically when dried. And while those effects are still subtle, steady and constant death-frequencies around you will cause aging, sicknesses and death in the end. Even physical objects exposed to such frequencies will emit those deadly frequencies after long or intensive exposure. Some forms will even support or favor some of those deadly frequencies, other forms will rather support life-frequencies. For example some designs of the 70s were pretty life-friendly, did you notice that these designs vanished and even replicas are far from that true 70s-style in form and appearance. Well, the reason for that is that the cabal could not charge those forms as easily in their negative ways. The movements of the seventies also closely lost to the 'establishment' (the cabal), and those movements, the designs and the music was highly infused with life energies by several divine beings which in the end lost the 'fight' due to heavily abusive substances/drugs as well as several naive thought-patterns like 'everything is love' etc. - those 70s movements were subverted in a highly professional fashion by the cabal. A subversion which is still not evident to most humans and even ascendants today, during the ascension which began in 2012.

奇美拉的实体和高级恶魔对你周围的一切,特别是液体和干燥的东西不断收取负面的频率。这基本上会导致衰老、疾病,并最终导致所有在一定范围内的生命体在带电液体中死亡。在一些古老的精神经文中,仍然写着 "每个浴池里都有一个恶魔",这意味着你接触的所有液体最终都带着致命的频率。甚至你晾晒的衣服也被你周围看不见的实体带着这种频率。空气更容易带电,但非常不稳定。液体仍然很容易带电,但留在原地,如果它们干了,带电效果会变得更有形,更有效。因此,液体对恶魔来说是最有效的,并且在干燥后有可能影响你的身体。虽然这些影响仍然是微妙的,但你周围稳定和持续的死亡频率最终会导致衰老、疾病和死亡。即使是暴露在这种频率下的物理物体,在长期或密集暴露后也会发出这些致命的频率。有些形式甚至会支持或偏爱这些致命的频率,其他形式反而会支持生命的频率。例如,70年代的一些设计是相当有利于生命的,你是否注意到这些设计消失了,甚至复制品在形式和外观上都与真正的70年代风格相去甚远。好吧,原因是阴谋家不能像他们的消极方式那样轻易地收取这些形式。七十年代的运动也在很大程度上输给了 "机构"(阴谋集团),这些运动、设计和音乐被几个神圣的生命注入了大量的生命能量,但由于严重滥用药物/毒品以及一些天真的思想模式,如 "一切都是爱 "等,最终失去了 "斗争"。- 这些70年代的运动被阴谋家以高度专业的方式颠覆了。在2012年开始的升天过程中,大多数人甚至今天的升天者仍未察觉到这种颠覆。

All those hidden parts of the true human history will be disclosed and this post and blog is already an early part of full disclosure obviously.


Also some people might say music works with frequencies that way and while it will probably lift your mood, that is pretty much all most music nowadays still does. Music is heavily detuned in the negative ways of the cabal and mainly used for their programming. And even though music tuned to 432Hz is slightly better, most music stays to be a tool of the cabal. We are rather talking of basic frequencies and simple combinations here, which can still be utilized positively.

还有一些人可能会说,音乐的频率就是这样,虽然它可能会提升你的心情,这是几乎所有的音乐现在仍然做。音乐在阴谋集团的消极方式中严重失谐,主要用于他们的编程。即使调到432hz 的音乐稍微好一点,大多数音乐仍然是阴谋集团的工具。我们在这里讨论的是基本的频率和简单的组合,它们仍然可以被积极地利用。

Basically you can do that kind of charging yourself via sonic frequencies, electrical, pulsed current, light and so on (all the electromagnetic spectrum works). And the cabal is using this mechanism against you everywhere. Think for example of neon tube lights, they are oscillating in an anti-life frequency. Same for the frequency of alternating current in all our power lines (which is slightly different from country to country but mainly in a negative frequency range for life). Even the layout and interaction of certain structures will create negative frequency resonances (i.e. holy vs. unholy architecture). The cabal are masters of creating anti-life frequencies and resonances everywhere and no human will ever get to know about that via the main media or education nowadays. Our ancestors could still instil those frequencies by meditating or at will - a skill that almost vanished in current generations but will be returning in the first ascendants. The cabal will pretend you still have that skill (for example via many new age teachings) but it is very subtle in current generations to say the least. The cabal is merely playing with current generations and especially the spiritually inclined to a high extend. The ascendants will be those who break through that false spirituality and restore true spirituality and the ancient teachings. These ascendants will also be those who naturally spread that knowledge and corresponding methods over the whole planet.

基本上,你可以通过声波频率、电流、脉冲电流、光等等(所有的电磁波谱都起作用)给自己充电。阴谋集团到处都在利用这种机制对付你。以霓虹灯为例,它们以反生命的频率振荡。我国所有输电线路的交流电频率也是如此(国与国之间的交流电频率略有不同,但主要是终身负频率范围)。甚至某些结构的布局和相互作用也会产生负频率共振(即神圣与邪恶的建筑)。阴谋集团是创造反生命频率和共振的大师,无处不在,没有人会知道这一点,通过主要媒体或教育今天。我们的祖先仍然可以通过冥想或随心所欲地灌输这些频率——这种技能在当代几乎消失了,但在最初的扬升中将会回归。阴谋集团会假装你仍然拥有这种技能(例如通过许多新时代的教导) ,但至少可以说,这在当代是非常微妙的。这个阴谋集团只是在玩弄当代人,尤其是那些精神上倾向于高度延伸的人。支配者将是那些打破虚假灵性,恢复真正的灵性和古老教义的人。这些支配者也将是那些自然而然地将知识和相应的方法传播到整个地球的人。

General ascension insights


  1. Grids are being rewired reverse-poled if any targeted person experiences something positive. This mechanism is already executed by the chimera if the highest ascendants just laugh for example. That means if the highest ascendants experience any fun, the people in the grids are experiencing pain for that. And the chimera rewires the grids instantly that way - working against the long-time grid-work of the Pleiadeans and other positive species. This of course directs big amounts of actual hate towards the targeted individuals from almost all the inhabitants of the grids/multidimensional worlds/hell. The cabal exerts that effect more extreme the more a human is regarded an enemy of the chimera, namely key-Starseeds, high Lightworkers and the biggest ascendants are heavily affected by this anti-life dynamic.


  2. Ascendants will face seemingly endless tests if they are resistant to the attacks of the cabal. Usually protected by the Goddess herself, they will survive a lot normal humans would not survive. However if these higher ascendants i.e. do not get sick after the chimera attacked to make them sick, they spam these resistant people with entities until they get sick. Without the Goddess, not a single ascendant working for liberation would have survived as most positive factions were entangled as well. These factions let some serious cases fall in the past when they got too heavy due to such overloads of the chimera.


  3. If the number of souls on planet earth is finite why is human population increasing? (a question from the Age of Aquarius Facebook group)


  4. Souls for incarnation basically come from the inner Earth. There are many more souls and soul-shards there which the cabal incarnate (as their support). There are almost no souls coming from outside Earth, this has been stopped for security reasons and parasitic contamination (residue of the quarantine).


  5. Also remember the roughly 500 million soul-less cabal humans. These bodies do not necessarily require a soul.


  6. Additionally we are living in times of miniature souls since 1996 - the cabal incarnates as many as they can to be used for their plans later on. That is ‚inofficial' offspring, meaning not in the interest of the real ancestors of humanity. The cabal are trying to create an overload and use them actually like trojans against the ancestors. Miniature souls also help them to invert the natural order as they are manipulated more easily and i.e. are put into higher positions than bigger souls.


  7. This all happens with logical reasons like it is simply more people procreating intact but this circumstance is nevertheless fueled by manipulation of the cabal.


  8. Few incarnations are being executed by positive factions, ascended masters and Starseeds if the (bigger) souls choose so but there are still many risks in this phase of course. And that is the absolute minority.



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