情况更新2022年11月-最后一个坑需要清理|theunveiling33November 04, 2022


This post will again feature a situation update and some things that were not mentioned in the last update due to the black alert, followed by general ascension insights.


Although Cobra does not mention details in his latest update,it is quite adequate to shine some light to the circumstances of what happened on October 15th, as it might be uplifting news to anyone involved in the liberation. However, the revelation about the pit is highly negative and you should be aware that some negative influences could reach the reader just by getting to know about it - the cabal will use some information as a channel just as they do with all truth being unveiled about details of their reign. So the sensitive readers among you might want to stop reading when the pit is being explained.


Basically what happened on October 15th was planned as a retaliation for the neutralisation of some of the top chimera members, remember the "Uomo Ragno"-post on the Portal-blog, which was an indicator Cobra explained in his latest update as well. Also it was rather a result of the desperation of the chimera realising their true chances. Two days after that post on the Portal blog, the chimera started their biggest try to flee from the Earth - with them the main war criminals of the chimera. They wanted to flee with a whole colony of chimera followers, starting directly from the last pit - where most of the remaining chimera followers are located. But that try to flee was only part of what led to the heavy reactions from the Lightforces. The chimera additionally tried to take several hostages and targeted individuals on the surface with them, to have living shields and hostages on board to exert necessary pressure towards the Lightforces during their planned escape.

基本上,10月15日发生的事情是为了报复某些顶级的奇美拉成员,记住 Portal-blog 上的“蜘蛛侠”帖子,这也是 Cobra 在最新更新中解释的一个指标。这也是奇美拉意识到他们真正机会的绝望的结果。在 Portal 博客上发表这篇文章两天后,奇美拉开始了他们最大的逃离地球的尝试——他们是奇美拉的主要战犯。他们想带着一群奇美拉的追随者逃跑,直接从最后一个坑开始——那里是大多数剩余的奇美拉追随者所在的地方。但这只是导致光之力强烈反应的一部分原因。此外,奇美拉还试图劫持几名人质,并将地面上的个人作为目标,让他们携带活人盾牌和人质,以便在光之力量计划逃跑期间对其施加必要的压力。

Several targeted individuals on the surface should have had enormously strange activities that day, probably sensing very strong energy fields established around them at the very least. It was the biggest attacks on surface key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers to date and it was an attack to transport these key individuals onto the ships the chimera wanted to escape with. Just as Cobra said there were equally heavy countermeasures issued by the Lightforces afterwards.


For all other people of the Earth who are aware of such happenings, the chimera pretended that one of the most positive colony on Earth would like to leave. They pretended that they actually did not want to take hostages with them but rather free certain people from the grip of the chimera instead. The funny thing about their story is, that no one of the Lightforces or the Galactic Confederation knows anything about this 'highly positive' colony at all.


Secondly, when asked why they wanted to take the biggest war criminals of the Milky Way with them to flee (the lurker was among them i.e. ), they told that they did not know they were on board (which was true at least for the victims among those chimera followers). Still to this very day the responsible people are trying to cover up what they did with similarly stupid excuses to hold their status towards several influential groups on the Earth and in the inner Earth. They are still pretending they were the most positive colony on Earth, to hold some of their status. Needless to say, the illusions they use to sell their version of the escape will soon cease to be available to them.

第二,当被问及他们为什么要带着银河系最大的战犯逃跑时(潜伏者就在其中) ,他们说他们不知道自己在船上(至少对于那些奇美拉追随者中的受害者来说是这样)。直到今天,那些负责任的人们仍然试图用同样愚蠢的借口来掩盖他们的所作所为,以保持他们在地球上和地球内部几个有影响力的团体中的地位。他们仍然假装自己是地球上最积极的殖民地,以保持他们的一些地位。不用说,他们用来兜售他们版本的逃亡的幻想很快就不再适用于他们了。

Now to some details about the last pit from which that failed escape of the chimera was issued. During the last big trauma for all of humanity, the second world war, the cabal planned to establish an occult centre of the whole Earth at a certain location in Germany. It should be logical that nazis had to do with it and and the occult leaders of the nazi regime executed the plans. The place where they wanted to erect that occult centre of the world was Wewelsburg, near Paderborn in Germany. Here is a quote from the book "The Beast at Work", explaining the relevance of what was erected below Wewelsburg to the occult world today: "The number one man in known occult circles today, Michael Aquino, has described Wewelsburg as the 'occult centre of the world'. Canberra incorporates all the design features of Wewelsburg with the addition of certain aspects of pyramid energy and possible Ley-line fields, similar to Glastonbury. […]"

现在我们来了解一些关于最后一个坑的细节,那个未能成功逃脱的奇美拉就是从那里发出的。第二次世界大战给全人类造成了巨大的创伤阴谋集团计划在德国的某个地方建立一个全地球的神秘中心。纳粹必须参与其中,而且纳粹政权的神秘学领导人执行了这个计划,这应该是合乎逻辑的。他们想在德国帕德博恩附近的 威尔斯堡建立世界神秘中心。这里引用了《工作中的野兽》一书中的一段话,解释了在威尔斯堡地下建造的建筑与今天的神秘学世界的相关性: “今天已知的神秘学圈子里的头号人物 Michael Aquino 将威尔斯堡描述为‘世界神秘学中心’。堪培拉融合了威尔斯堡 的所有设计特点,加上金字塔能量的某些方面和可能的地磁场,类似于格拉斯顿伯里。[...]"

A huge circle or rather half-moon was planned to be constructed around the castle and only few people knew about the plans the nazi staff did start below the castle - needless to say that the work on the catacombs below Wewelsburg did not stop with the end of the second world war. The marked triangle in the map below is the castle itself - the only triangle-shaped castle in Germany.



There were even pop-cultural references pointing out the occult side of castle Wewelsburg, for example the computer game Castle Wolfenstein by id Software, which was followed by several heavily demon-influenced titles like Doom and Quake. On the surface today the castle is a tourist attraction and the only thing that reminds of the occult plans are some maps like the one above in a museum and the black sun symbol on the floor in one of its three towers. The room with the black sun is ironically being used to educate pupils nowadays, that is how much the occult connection is put down as being absurd. However, very few normal humans know about the catacombs below the castle, which simply will not be found by the uninitiated for obvious reasons. In occult circles these catacombs below Wewelsburg and Paderborn are known to be a paradise for demons (and for the cabal in general). Besides the planned occult centre, a concentration camp was close to Wewelsburg and some of the jews suffering there were taken into the catacombs upon the defeat of nazi-Germany. These few jews are basically still being tortured by the remaining nazis who escaped into the catacombs and the cabal. Additionally those and some more hostages are still being used as an energy source in the ways of the primary anomaly - these monsters are generating energy/loosh by torturing big souls as they did in basically all pits. Besides for energy, the cabal are using the hostages as powerful psychics to influence certain things on the surface in their favour. If the hostages join these goals with their free will, they will even generate more energy in terms of the primary anomaly, as they willingly support goals of the chimera and therefore loose more of their soul. That conscious contribution to the plans of the chimera is the only way for some of those hostages to get something they desperately want. So the chimera was partly successful in converting some of these very big souls on the planet to join the primary anomaly over time by blackmailing them via their basic needs.


Seemingly the cabal decided that this will be their last stronghold which they will defend as even the base under Urim was cleared by the Lightforces and therefore given up by the chimera.


So even to those who do not know about these details of Wewelsburg, there is something strange about it. Why would it be used as THE occult centre of the whole Earth by those evil people who achieved the biggest progress for the cabal in the last hundred years in terms of human trauma? It is not very prominent at all, except in occult circles and it is not even close to a big city in Germany. So there is something fishy about it anyway and it turns out it is much more relevant than it seems, which made it the better hideout for the cabal, as they decided to hold it. One could say the part of Agharta's subterranean network below that area is an especially bad part and therefore quite useful for the plans of the cabal.

所以即使对于那些不了解威尔斯堡这些细节的人来说,它也有一些奇怪的地方。为什么它会被那些邪恶的人们用作整个地球的神秘中心呢? 在过去的一百年里,这些邪恶的人们在人类创伤方面为阴谋集团取得了最大的进步?它一点也不显眼,除了在神秘学圈子里,它甚至不靠近德国的一个大城市。所以无论如何,这里都有些可疑的地方而且事实证明它比看起来更有意义,这使得它成为阴谋集团更好的藏身之处,因为他们决定把它藏起来。有人可能会说 Agharta 在那个区域下面的地下网络是一个特别糟糕的部分,因此对于阴谋集团的计划非常有用。

However besides the background to October 15th a lot of progress was made for the Lightforces although the threshold the cabal holds is still too high for anything of that to become visible on the surface.


As told in the previous posts, the first colonist of humanity was contacted by the Lightforces. This highest ancestor of humanity luckily has access to something like spiritual kill-switches for all lifeforms that emerged due to her arrival on this planet or resulted from her presence on Earth - she naturally controls all 'her' lifeforms. While she first off was deceived to be unconscious of the worst cabal members as a threat and she secondly did not have the rights to kill them per these switches, the Galactic Confederation changed all that. That means the Lightforces by now ordered many very old lifeforms who were working for the cabal to be killed and that means big supporters of the cabal (mainly in the inner Earth) are gone almost instantly by now. That also means that some attacks towards many Starseeds and Lightworkers are finally fading.

正如在以前的帖子中所说的,人类的第一个殖民者是由光明势力联系的。这位人类的最高祖先幸运地获得了类似于精神杀戮开关的东西,用于所有由于她来到这个星球或由于她在地球上的存在而出现的生命体--她自然地控制所有 "她的 "生命体。虽然她首先被欺骗,没有意识到最糟糕的阴谋家成员的威胁,其次她没有权利按照这些开关杀死他们,但银河联盟改变了这一切。这意味着光明力量现在已经命令杀死许多为阴谋集团工作的非常古老的生命体,这意味着阴谋集团的主要支持者(主要在地球内部)现在几乎立即消失。这也意味着对许多星际种子和光之工作者的一些攻击终于消失了。

Among these giant, early human prototypes, which were killed, were the first traitors or at least what was left of them. These first traitors were the base for the chimera hive-mind which is of course still active nevertheless and the base of 'intelligence' for all cabal members. That means the first traitors who joined the chimera (story of Adam and Eve is an indicator for that) are finally gone. However, their influence is still unbroken due to the hive-mind and it will probably continue that way until the chimera is completely defeated. That hive-mind is also used as the base-intelligence for many humans living on the surface, most of them are subconsciously influenced by it. What was  described as possession in many spiritual scriptures is roughly the amount of entities that influence humans, and all those entities are controlled completely by the hive-mind. So it has a huge influence on what happens on the surface in the human world and, as many ascendants have already noticed, most humans are completely ignorant to the truth or get aggressive upon confrontation with it - the reason for that is their hive-mind dependency.



That sort of possession is the same reason why many humans by now get angry on subconscious levels getting to know that they have to either remove the vermin or be removed with the vermin for the liberation of Earth. Those who want to stay on Earth have to clean up the 'House' first or at least support those who wipe the chimera off planet. Some really get angry when they get to know the truth and are attacking those who tell it, which is of course the hive-mind reaction the chimera instils. That is approximately what Cobra meant when he said that latent sociopaths will be removed if they exhibit their sociopathy openly - a process that has already begun.


One small side note on positive entities which were mainly created by "God" and some other positive alien influences around Earth to create stability against the chimera. It was proven by the Lightforces that these entities were long-time hacked by the chimera. Most positive factions on the surface were supported by these positive entities that were in some circles known as "angels". While there are definitely angelic beings that are alive and far from being entities, some of the bigger entities were already 'alive' to a higher degree than most humans are - they could do powerful things and had a big degree of free choice. However in the serious cases all of these entities did solely work for the chimera, and even their creators did not realise why or to what extend this wrong behaviour would happen. The chimera did hack these entities to an extend that was not visible as their influence at all. So under certain conditions, especially the serious conditions, these entities have a malfunctioning. A malfunction that can be triggered again and again using the exploit and is completely against their initial purpose. The discovery of this malfunction made several positive people who guarded the Earth aware that they were unknowingly involved in some activities of the chimera via the  exploitation of these entities.


Regardless of the progress, this phase of liberation is still a very disgusting experience for some key-Starseeds and -Lightworkers as the chimera concentrates high powers against a few and also makes progress, partly into the consciousness of targeted individuals itself. Just remember that it will soon be over and it will be worth all the hardships you have gone through. As several sources confirmed, Source has communicated a maximum of two years for the removal of the core-chimera, regardless of the Event happening or not - that means it will be approximately summer 2024 then, as that announcement was issued earlier this year as as written in a recent post


On a brighter note there were proceedings in linking the Sisterhood of the Rose-groups to the higher processes of the Lightforces and to the highest ascendants, loosely related this post on the Portal. This was done mostly for teaching purposes and initiations into deeper truths and old mysteries for the members of the groups. The first chimera induced incident resulting from these new connections was warded off almost instantly, as they befell a member of one of the groups early on. However she was rescued pretty fast via the ever growing structures established especially for such rescue-missions, prepared by several Starseeds and Lightforces since decades. Basically those structures are the hierarchical order for the whole planet that will remain after the chimera is gone and represents the natural hierarchy of life as accurate as it is possible in the current phase. All people in the structure are serving the Light and organise themselves to rescue as many souls as possible to bring them back the the light and into safer spiritual heights as fast as possible. That will be the most profitable (in terms of energy) work for many higher spiritual people and the ascendants who decide to help in these ways in the coming decades. The hardest work and biggest rewards are to get the poor souls out of the spiritual depths and the so-called 'abyss'. The abyss is a 'weapon' the chimera created against their enemies and is also known as the grids, parallel dimensions, holographic realities or 'hell' itself. Basically the grids are completely chimera-controlled and -created 'rooms' parallel to reality into which the chimera transfers their enemies and steers them against the remaining lifeforms on Earth. Each soul saved from these realms is worth a fortune (in terms of energy and spiritual rewards) and the mentioned hierarchy was established exactly to achieve these rescues most efficiently and remain as a stable mechanism to get people out of the grids even after the bigger Starseeds and Lightforces will depart from the Earth.

在一个较好的方面,有一些程序将玫瑰姐妹会与光明力量的更高过程和最高的升天者联系起来,这与门户上的这个帖子有松散的关系。这样做主要是为了教学目的,以及让团体成员进入更深的真理和古老的奥秘。这些新的联系所导致的第一次奇美拉事件几乎被立即抵御,因为它们在早期就降临在一个团体的成员身上。然而,她很快就通过不断增长的结构被救了出来,这些结构是专门为这种救援任务而建立的,是由几个星际种子和光之部队几十年来准备的。基本上,这些结构是整个星球的等级秩序,在奇美拉消失后仍将保留,并代表生命的自然等级,因为它在当前阶段是可能的。结构中的所有人都在为光明服务,并组织自己去拯救尽可能多的灵魂,使他们尽快回到光明中,进入更安全的精神高度。这将是许多更高灵性的人和决定在未来几十年以这些方式提供帮助的升天者最有利可图的工作(就能量而言)。最难的工作和最大的回报是让那些可怜的灵魂离开精神深处和所谓的'深渊'。深渊是奇美拉创造的对付敌人的 "武器",也被称为网格、平行空间、全息现实或 "地狱 "本身。基本上,网格是完全由奇美拉控制和创造的与现实平行的'房间',奇美拉将他们的敌人转移到其中,引导他们对抗地球上剩余的生命体。每一个从这些领域拯救出来的灵魂都价值连城(就能量和精神奖励而言),上述等级制度的建立正是为了最有效地实现这些救援,并作为一个稳定的机制,即使在更大的星际种子和光明力量离开地球后,也能把人从网格中救出来。

That is basically all about the current progress of the Lightforces, the following paragraphs will feature some general ascension insights:


  1. Regarding people posting the truth or articles by Cobra on social networks and similar outlets:

关于人们在社交网络和类似网站上发布 Cobra 的真相或文章:

  1. The main strategy of the chimera is this: no reaction to the truth, if there is a reaction they send haters/negative comments until there is no reaction anymore.

奇美拉的主要策略是: 对事实没有反应,如果有反应,他们就发送仇恨者/负面评论,直到没有反应为止。

  1. The best result for the chimera is if the important posts are ignored to a high extent. The less people who react to the actual truth bearers, the bigger the win for the chimera. 


  1. The chimera is additionally also actually ‚guarding‘ the good posts containing truth, so most people ignore them and mind them subconsciously. This guarding is done with an excessive amount of demonic entities, so even the brightest people are inclined to mind the relevant posts partly because they do not see clearly. Even the positive and spiritual people partly do not react to the important posts to avoid stress, as the chimera steers their entities to those who read the posts, oftentimes resulting in a negative feeling even for trained spiritual ascendants.


  1. Remember if you fight back against haters/negative comments, that it is not to be seen as fueling the separation. The separation was already created by the chimera, you are just laying it open. There simply is no new age-type unity with parasites or any of the roughly 500 million chimera-humans at all. This kind of naive oneness and unity is one of the main concepts the cabal tried to instil with the new age spirituality to mix their own people among the higher spiritually-inclined humans.


  1. Whatever you hear about spiritual rights you might have or not have is just part of the demonic new world order. The chimera will try to make you believe that everything about your life, whatever limits you have, is just an expression of your lack of spiritual rights. That of course is absolute nonsense as the true rights on Earth will be given by the Lightforces themselves and only  by them in unison with the Galactic Confederation. What the chimera pretend was the status quo is a try to establish their long sought after new world order which tries to establish demonic law for humans. As the Lightforces are winning, the plans of the NWO are applied in a rush to satisfy some demonic factions who prepared long times for the end of the cycle. Needless to say, it will fail anyway just as all tries to end the current civilisation at the end of the cycle failed so far. Some humans and especially those who have gone into pact actually live according to those parasitic laws while it should be logical that no real human or innocent should ever take their laws serious at all. The cabal will tell everything right back to atlantean contracts and the like to keep an impact to these parasite-laws and their long planned roll-out.

无论你听到什么关于你可能拥有或没有的精神权利,都只是恶魔新世界秩序的一部分。奇美拉会试图让你相信,你生活中的一切,无论你有什么限制,都只是你缺乏精神权利的表现。当然,这完全是胡说八道,因为地球上真正的权利是光之力量自己赋予的,而且只有他们与银河联邦一致才能赋予。奇美拉所假装的现状是试图建立他们长期寻求的新世界秩序,试图为人类建立恶魔法则。随着光之力量的胜利,NWO 的计划被匆忙应用,以满足一些恶魔派系准备了很长时间的周期结束。不用说,它无论如何都会失败,就像所有试图在周期结束时结束当前文明的努力到目前为止都失败了一样。有些人类,特别是那些已经签订契约的人实际上是按照这些寄生法则生活的,而真正的人类或无辜的人根本不应该认真对待他们的法律,这应该是合乎逻辑的。阴谋集团会把一切都告诉亚特兰蒂斯的契约和类似的东西,以保持对这些寄生虫法律和他们长期计划推出的影响。

  1. One of the most important current processes of the Lightforces is implant clearing. Some readers might think these were like normal implants comparable to human implants and there were just a few of them. The truth is that the average human body is completely drown in these implants there thousands upon thousands (depending on size to take them seriously of course) of them, like a black cloud around the human body. Most of them are around the head for confusion/mental blocks and oftentimes you will feel pain in the ears upon the removal of those implants (ears are naturally connected to understanding for example). The cabal will suggest you that you are dying upon feeling those pains, just because they want everyone having the implants removed by other authorities than themselves dead.


  1. Many people say that there are certain types of people among humanity that always look similar. The truth is there are something like tribes which are stemming from certain more or less ancient human prototypes. The whole concept of these tribes was to create more separation among humanity. And even the pact of the prototypes is transported into the 'offspring' of a certain type to some degree. That means that a few tribes will definitely work for the chimera no matter what the chances are. If you tell one of those tribes they need to support person X (for example a very positive, spiritual person or simply a big soul) or be annihilated they would all choose to be annihilated, that is how far the influence of their tribe leader and their corruption reaches.


  1. Additionally most products nowadays are just feeding certain tribes (in a spiritual manner) while ignoring other tribes completely. That is why certain politicians or products are very popular for some types of people while other types of people mind them and think they have to fight against them for their life. It is the spiritual energy these products and persons deliver to the humans, which creates the popularity. That is pretty much how the chimera controls a big part of what or who becomes successful or popular on Earth, they are just feeding the tribes via these popular persons or products and incite meticulously planned opposition.

此外,现在的大多数产品只是喂养某些部落(以精神的方式) ,而完全忽略了其他部落。这就是为什么某些政客或产品在某些类型的人群中非常受欢迎,而其他类型的人则关心他们,认为他们必须为了生存而与他们作斗争。正是这些产品和人传递给人类的精神能量创造了流行。这就是奇美拉如何控制地球上成功或受欢迎的人的很大一部分,他们只是通过这些受欢迎的人或产品来喂养部落,并煽动精心策划的反对。


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