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FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)


The collapse of the old system is progressing and even if it may not be easy, it is still recommended by the Light Forces not to be distracted too much by what is happening geopolitically in the world right now.


As far as the Ukraine conflict is concerned, both scenarios are possible, an upcoming ceasefire, but also an extension of the escalation by the Cabal. To understand even better why the West is stuffing Ukraine with weapons and why media coverage is just the opposite of what is actually happening, a little note…


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the plan of the Cabal was to bring communism to the West (and if you look at the current governments in the U.S. or in Europe, one have to admit they have been quite successful). They also announced this in a music video from 1993… “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys:

苏联解体之后,阴谋集团的计划是把共产主义带到西方(如果你留意当前的美国和欧洲的政府,不得不承认他们做的相当成功)。他们还在1993年Pet Shop Boys乐队发行的“到西方去”这首MV中,宣布了这一点。

Note the red Soviet star and Soviet troops in a major American city, as well as the red-colored Statue of Liberty and the references to Lenin. In the context of the Ukraine war, the singers’ costumes are interesting: one in blue, the other in yellow. Blue and yellow are also the colors of the European Union as well as of the house of a well-known family, more precisely, their emblem:


Note also the hand with the five arrows in the emblem. In the music video, the Pet Shop Boys’ singer carries a marshal’s baton in the shape of a blue and yellow arrow.

也要留意徽章中握着五支箭的手。在这则MV中,Pet Shop Boys乐队中的一名歌手拿着一根蓝黄箭头图案相间的元帅指挥棒。

This is just to give you a better understanding of who is involved in the background here, and that along the way, Cabal bases are actually taken out in Ukraine.


According to the Light Forces, there is also a high probability that the conflict and military operations could shift to the Baltic region:


…and, as far as the Asian region is concerned, Taiwan:


If so, the assurance remains that it will not escalate into a world war.


In addition, the Cabal, of course, is artificially trying to create food shortages, power outages and new pandemics as part of their Great Reset. So, it can be difficult for a lot of Starseeds and Lightworkers to stay centered, but it is important to do so in order to prepare for what is to come.


We are heading for the Event where the Galactic Wave of Light will hit Earth, melting the poles and triggering the gigantic tsunami that will cleanse the entire surface of the planet (including the last remnants of the Dark Ones).


FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)

Current natural disasters serve as a precursor to the Event and are increasing in number and magnitude:


In Europe, more and more catastrophes are taking place, which are rather untypical for these regions:


Many Starseeds reading this blog currently have, or have had for years, visions and dreams of natural disasters and gigantic floods that will affect the entire planet. They see the future cataclysms that will take place around the Event.


FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)

This will also be the time when humanity (and animals) will be evacuated from the planet by the ships of the Light Force.


On this subject, the Light Forces would like to briefly give out some information:


This tsunami will be triggered by the Cosmic Light Wave and will flood the continents (wiping out the rest of the Dark Ones).


After that, the Earth as a conscious being wants to be alone for some time to recover from the strains of the quarantine (the suffering, the wars, the pollution etc.).


Meanwhile, the Earth’s population is being moved to other Earth-like planets, according to my information there are over 100 different planets ready. Here, attention is paid to race, culture and also spiritual development.


The Starseeds who incarnated here and participated in the Liberation are taken to a planet in the Pleiadian Star Cluster for healing and recovery.


FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)

Human souls, which have been incarnated exclusively on Earth until now and were fully stuck in the matrix, will come to planets similar in environment and nature, but there will be no Cabal matrix system. For example, there will be supermarkets where you can go and stock up on everything you need… but free of charge. There will also be a television and screens where you can communicate with other people or watch life on other planets. Housing, energy, medical care (though hardly necessary after healing), everything will be available.


However, there will be no meat to eat. No living being has to die so that another can feed itself, such a thing exists only in a negative Dark One Matrix.


But it is interesting to mention that the Light Force uses a kind of cryptocurrency for intergalactic trading though (yes, this exists), but as I said, for the basic supply nothing has to be spent (because energy is free, and you can produce the most important materials through replicators).


So, those who feel guided, can already travel on the astral realms to their New Earth during meditations, in order to settle in energetically and to recover.


FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)

As far as Liberation is concerned, not much can be said at this point, except that there are not only physically incarnated Dark Ones on Earth who have committed physical crimes. There are also many Dark Ones who are currently incarnated, but in this incarnation they have no crimes committed and thus cannot be arrested.


They have committed their crimes in past incarnations, for example, during old lives they have sacrificed Lightworkers and incorporated their Soul parts, due to which they lead a pretty good life during later and also current incarnations, as the life and prosperity energy of the sacrificed Lightworkers continues to constantly flow to these Dark Ones (very often incarnated Reptiloids).


The sacrificed Lightworker, on the other hand, will lead a rather dreary existence in this and past incarnations. Neither “The Secret” nor “Law of Attraction” would help in this case… one has to get these Soul parts back first, for a successful manifestation of a reasonable life in this highly occult Earth Matrix.


Anyhow, the Light Force has been targeting these “inconspicuous” Dark Ones for some time now (they get taken out ethereally, since the physical human self cannot be prosecuted in this incarnation).


Many Starseeds are also not aware yet that incarnated Chimera beings are physically walking around on the surface too, in front of everyone’s eyes. I can’t reveal names at this point (not yet), but there are both male and female spider beings/queens which are incarnated or docked onto human bodies on the surface… some specimens can be found, for example, occasionally in the entertainment industry (some artists that almost everyone knows). But that might be worth a post of its own.


For now, I wish you a nice summer solstice…


FM 144 | 夏至更新(2022年6月21日)




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