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Q帖解密|特朗普访问英国,梅根•马克尔真相大白Did you solve the Maestro's week-end puzzle about Meghan Markle?


Amazing puzzle and shocking intel on the eve of his State visit to the UK.


Trump started the puzzle by positioning on the media timeline an interview with The Sun on Saturday June 1st 2019.Let's listen:link.


Did you catch what he gave us about the water and the air?You caught when he said:'up',he was referring to the chemtrails right?Did you notice how clear our sky is now?How about the way you feel generally?Did you notice a positive change?I told you in this post and this image that the project called The Wall was to protect us against all threats,whether they are physical,metaphysical or psychological.You thought Trump would not do anything about the chemtrails,the morgellons and the other nasty stuff the enemy has done to us?Think again.


Q1106 Have faith.Trust POTUS.Q


When talking about Meghan Markle,Prince Harry's wife and Duchess of Sussex,the Maestro says:"I didn't know she was nasty"!Hahaha!Priceless!That's a pretty cool way to start a State visit to the UK right?To help the UK Royals drink the chalice till the end,he mercilessly and laconically adds:"I'm sure she'll do excellently".EXCELLENTLY?Hahaha!She'll have to admit she asked for it.Listen to what she said about Trump on May 4 2016 during the campaign:video.


Of course,when Trump responded,the possessed Fake News went crazy and all the Saturday headlines were about how his statement could negatively affect his coming State visit to the UK.Img1 As you can see,the Maestro did not give a single nugget about the media hysteria.He tweeted as usual about other things and even finished the day on a happy note by awarding a Presidential Medal of Freedom to Jerry West and tagging democrat Senator Joe Manchin about it.


The next day,at 7:44 AM EST,he tweeted this:link.Okay…So let's recap:Trump gives an interview to The Sun,allows them to record it,makes his comment about Meghan,lets the media talk about it all day and the next morning,he says he never called Meghan"nasty",which is technically true.You know what's going on…Ready?


First,word is Meghan is a duchess.Value for DUCHESS?Yes:79.Value for NASTY?Enjoy.

首先,据说梅根是一位公爵夫人,公爵夫人(DUCHESS)值多少?是的:79Nasty 的值?请慢用。

Img2 The tweet timestamp connects to Q744 and the Maestro says that to figure out what he meant,we need to find the link by looking around.Take some time to investigate and come back to compare your findings with mine.

Img2时间戳连接到 Q744,大师说要弄清楚他的意思,我们需要通过环顾四周来找到这个链接。花点时间调查一下,然后回来和我比较一下你的发现。

What did you find?


Peruvian coffee for those who entered the riddle through the Jerry West tweet!Senator Manchin was the key!His last name can be read"man chin"which suggests Meghan has a man chin and is code for"tranvestigate Meghan".Let's do that:Img3 We immediately see there are many problems.Above all,the chin and jaw line gave it away.We have another Michael.Now you know why the Maestro used the word TRAVESTY in his 3:37 PM tweet.You also know why he pulled in Jerry West with LA LAKERS=79=DUCHESS and his jersey number 44 that connects to Hussein,which connects to Michael.If we go to Michael's twtr page,we see he's sitting with no other than Prince Harry,Meghan's husband!

秘鲁咖啡是为那些通过 Jerry West 的推特加入谜语的人准备的!曼钦参议员是关键!他的姓可以读作"man chin",这意味着梅根有一个男人的下巴,是"异装癖梅根"的代名词。让我们这样做:Img3我们立即看到有许多问题。最重要的是,下巴和下巴的线条暴露了这一点。我们有另一个迈克尔。现在你知道为什么这位大师在下午3:37的微博中使用了 TRAVESTY 这个词了吧。你也知道为什么他把杰里·韦斯特和LA LAKERS=79=DUCHESS以及他的球衣号码44和侯赛因联系起来,也就是和迈克尔联系起来。如果我们去迈克尔的 twtr 页面,我们会看到他正和梅根的丈夫哈里王子坐在一起!

Coincidence?Welcome to the Tranny Club.We found the link Q744 was talking about and it was Michael.

巧合?欢迎来到变性人俱乐部。我们找到了 Q744提到的链接,那就是 Michael

With the eyes you now have,you noticed Michael coded 9/11 in his twtr image.In his twisted C_A mind,the 9 black kids represent you and me,the abused and enslaved people,the sheep.Then we have the 2'rulers':one ruling because of his bloodline,the other one because he's hired and made it through the C_A ranks.Right here,Michael is telling you about their NATSY ideology based on racism,elitism and the occult.

用你现在的眼睛,你注意到迈克尔在他的 twtr 图像中编码了9/11。在他扭曲的 C_A思想中,9个黑孩子代表了你和我,被虐待和奴役的人们,羊群。然后我们有两个统治者:一个统治者是因为他的血统,另一个统治者是因为他被雇佣并且通过了C_A等级。就在这里,迈克尔告诉你他们的 NATSY 意识形态基于种族主义,精英主义和神秘学。

Q938 The continued Nazi ideology is relevant.


Q1941 Was'Nazism'ever truly destroyed?


You thought Prince Harry wearing a Nazi outfit was just a gaffe?Think again.link


We already know from this post that Michael is a C_A operator,a Clown.A good question would be:is Meghan also a clown?The answer is in the previous 7:30 tweet that is connected to the 7:44"nasty"tweet through the words COLD and FROZEN.Img4 It pulls Q730 where we read"what if Snowden was still a clown?"Pretty clear right?

我们已经知道,从这个帖子,迈克尔是一个C_A操作员,一个小丑。一个很好的问题是:梅根也是小丑吗?答案就在之前7:30的推文中,这条推文与7:44"下流"推文有关,上面写着"寒冷""冰冻"Img4翻到 Q730,我们读到"如果斯诺登仍然是一个小丑会怎样?"很清楚,对吧?

Why did the Maestro connect these 2 tweets with COLD and FROZEN?Answer:he wants us to focus on Meghan's career making commercials like this one.You caught we are in early stage transgenderism with cross-dressing right?How about the coded 666 at 0:20?

为什么大师会把这两条推文和 COLD and FROZEN 联系起来呢?回答:他希望我们把注意力集中在梅根的事业上,制作像这样的广告。你发现我们正处于变性和变装的早期阶段吗?0:20的编码666怎么样?

Q694 These people are sick!Q


Next?We go waaaay back.Here:Inside Edition.Ok.As you can see,Meghan is a genius with"easy charm"and"intelligence"and everybody noticed it all the way up to the Mockingbird media…According to Meghan,we can change the world with letters sent to the right people…


Now let's see if you are paying attention.Let's watch the original unedited version.You saw the difference?Here is how Meghan recalls this event in the adult version.As you can see,out of nowhere,HRC and other people appear in the adult version.Here are other discrepancies:Img5


Next?We analyze Procter&Gamble's political behavior through their contributions and Bingo!We discover the very first time they gave more money to Democrats in more than 25 years is when Trump got elected:Img6 We conclude Procter&Gamble and Meghan share political views and have been long time buddies…

下一个?我们通过他们的贡献和 Bingo 来分析宝洁公司组织的政治行为!我们发现25年来他们第一次给民主党人更多的钱是在特朗普当选的时候:Img6我们总结了宝洁公司和梅根的共同政治观点,并且一直是老朋友.....

That's what they do folks.Clowns create their mind controlled assets by targeting selected kids through undisclosed programs.The majority of them go through sexual abuse and/or gender perturbation to initiate and facilitate the"therapy"process:


Q776 Target subjects are scouted over a period of time to study and arrange'THERAPY'.'THERAPY'takes[x]to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.


then,they feed them by hooking them up with major supporting companies that give them exposure through bogus stories they mostly fail to remember,advertisement contracts,movie contracts etc…


Do you want to know the end game for Meghan?


It's in this 2009 commercial.Big big big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who cracked this one!First,you need to know who Denise is and why it's relevant:Img7


Since Denise is the connection to the Prince,Meghan saying"unless Denise brings Kerry"is code for"unless Denise brings royalty".Kerry is connected to King and Denise's second name Katrina through the letter K for a double confirmation.

由于丹尼斯是王子的亲信,梅根说"除非丹尼斯带克里来"就是代表"除非丹尼斯带皇室成员来"。克里是连接到国王和丹妮丝的第二个名字卡特里娜通过字母 k 的双重确认。

We can now solve the commercial:Img8


The Maestro saying"Meghan would do EXCELLENTLY"is now solved.


Are you wondering why salt is translated to Antichrist?Did you know the day the Antichrist sees Christ,he will melt like salt in water…


Let's solve the capital letters of the tweet:Img9


As you can see,there was no way the USSS could let Meghan approach POTUS.No way.


You thought the maternity leave excuse was real?I'm sure that at this stage,you are wondering how a transgender can be pregnant.Beyonce has some insight about this:video.And here is the solution:video


Do you see this EYE FOR AN EYE=139 in Img9?Take a minute and try to find out how to decode it.

你在Img9中看到这个EYE FOR EYE = 139吗?花一点时间试着找出如何解码它。

We learn here from Prince Harry that a mutual friend introduced him to Meghan on July 2016.They quietly dated until the news leaked on October 31 2016.Then,Harry introduced her to his father around Nov 2016 and made a formal statement about his relationship with Meghan on Nov 8 2016.From there,things went very fast:engagement on Nov 27 2017,wedding on May 19 2018.


The first problem in this fairy tale is royal families avoid being politically vocal to optimize interest preservation.Why would they then put their relations with the US at risk by allowing Meghan who insulted Trump to enter the family?


I am pretty sure our ambassador to the UK asked this question when the wedding was announced.What do you think the Queen's answer sounded like?I can hear something like:"Oh,no Meghan is so sweet.It's the media that distorted her statement".Okay…Now you know why Trump had the Sun record him call Meghan"NASTY"and blamed it on the Fake News the next day…


But there is something bigger.Way bigger.


Harry introduced Meghan to his father the day Trump was elected POTUS.


Look how Michael seems to be so interested in Meghan's new role:video.


"Take some time and don't be in a rush to do anything".Interesting…


Michael is giving stand by orders in plain sight!


Remember,Michael has Harry on his twtr page picture.Do you now see who the"mutual friend"who introduced Harry to Meghan could be and for what purpose?

记住,迈克尔有哈里在他的 twtr 页的照片。现在你知道谁是把哈里介绍给梅根的"共同的朋友"了吗?

Well,sorry Michael&Co,it seems that for the years to come,Meghan will have to be pregnant every time POTUS decides to visit the UK…


Michael,Harry and Meghan,here is a link that I'm sure will be useful to you guys:link


Q1223 They think they are clever.Q



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