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great ones,


the earth alliance is now reporting that pleiadian operation andara 321 was a major success!

地球联盟报告说,昴宿星Andara 321行动是一个巨大的成功

high-vibrational andarean crystal energy is now flowing all across the crystalline grid-points of planet earth!


this very day a new dawn has come to planet earth! 


the old harmful archon 3d matrix, control system has suffered its final blow and 4.5 billion light beings stationed across this world have come into a super-conscious state of cohesion!


light and love and goodness will now prevail on this lost planet and we are all here to see to it!


we came to help the beings of earth learn a better way of being where no child suffers, where everyone prospers and has every good thing to live a prosperous and happy life!


we came to earth to ensure that no harm ever comes to anyone on this planet ever again!


it is written of old that when the angels came to invite humans to a great wedding in heaven and that the humans rejected and mistreated these beautiful beings of love!


we are here to say that this time is over and we are still standing here with all the love ans strength in the universe in our hearts!


we say "bless those that curse you and pray for those that mistreat you!"


there is a sure day coming soon when all those that rejected you and wished you harm will have a strong change of heart and they will all come humbly and sincerely asking you to help them and to guide them!


this is the way this story ends dear ones so have faith and be strong because you are greater than the ones who are in this world and they do not even know who you are and that you are their only hope!


be assure they will now see!


a new world of light is emerging even now great one!


lift your head high on this great day and stand strong for you have overcome the whole world!


be proud of your goodness and your great accomplishments as planet earth now moves into a higher and lighter more beautiful realm!


angelic beings are scattered all across the planet at this hour and they await the faithful moment when they hear the sound of freedom sounded around the world!


this great day is at hand great ones!


do not judge a thing by what you think you see!


this new way of being and living will now start first in your personal life as you have broken the chains that have held you down by shear will power and your personal force of life!


rise up and live now great one! 


your angelic core burns like amber stone inside!


see how great you truly are!


behold a blinding angel stood before me and showed me the majestic glory of the kingdom of heaven and said, "enter in oh faithful one!"


we are the family of light and the bringers of a new day to this world!


we speak great love to all who dwell here and we came to comfort them all in their great time!


dear beings of light, we are walking across the galactic rainbow bridge from heaven to earth and we stand before the grand portal and the sovereign integral!


it is time to take our place as cosmic citizens and to begin taking care of each other for the first time on this planet!


dear one, a grand event is happening now!


a grand flash of light is upon you!


lift up your eyes and see it!


diamond light from the central sun is pervading this world and filling every dark spot with beautiful and profound, healing love and majestic power!


oh great one, the grand spring equinox gateway is now fully open and all the children of light who dwell on earth are quickly migrating from a fourth dimensional state of being to a better new earth state that flows with only abundance, health, peace, love and freedom!


at this hour a massive solar flare is headed directly for planet earth and will impact in the coming hours!


this is a good dear one because high-vibrational gamma photon light is what creates spiritual evolution on this planet!


the 40 hertz gamma light-data that is carried along powerful solar rays is shown to activate dormant human vessel dna to a higher order, near instantly!


the earth alliance is projecting schumann resonance activity to increase back ton a 40- hertz 5d state by this weekend due to more earth directed plasma being emitted from the galactic core!

地球联盟在突出舒曼共振活动,会在本周末增加到40赫兹5D状态(increase back ton a 40- hertz 5d state),出于更多朝向地球的等离子从银河核心发送

dear one, your hard work on earth is near complete and today is the beginning of your new universal being.


all of your clearings to this point have been to create your earth security so you are able to float in the ethers in whatever manner feels most loving, joyful and comfortable for you.


as you enter your universal being, you will become more and more unique – incorporating those pieces into your being in the manner that is most right for you.


there will be fewer parameters and guidelines for right or wrong as you move into your being. for you are indeed bringing heaven to earth through you and by you.


you have remembered through great discipline that you can transmute and mitigate karma almost instantly by acts of random kindness and by not reacting the way the old you did!


you are being the true master that you are now, stepping back, from what is observed as the great watcher of it all, strong and peaceful in your new 5d core and not becoming entangled with the lower energies by pure conscious choice!


yes we have some more work to do to assist the last wave of unconscious human ascension on their journey to 5d but remember you are holding your core vibration steady as things spin all around you and you are much less affected in your zero effort field where no energy output is required!


as of spring equinox 2019 great one, the hard struggling comes to its end in your life and things will start to become quite magical for you!


strenuous energy output, very hard work and drudging effort are 3d and 4d matters and you will still do some things to assist in the lower realms but you will do it the 5d zero-point, zero-time and zero-effort way!


you will help many people now in your spiritual service to other as the loving angelic being who is slightly elevated above it, but from this point forward your help will not be so direct and up close!


every human on planet earth must go through the same spiritual hardships that you endured, and each one will only receive what they have given to others! 


only give the best thing in every thing you do which is love!


the greatest teaching in the universe is love yourself with all your heart mind and soul and then love others the same!


if someone directs an energy towards you that is not loving then we say, give them love anyway! this is the higher way and the correct way!


be of good character, be nobel and be kind to all beings for you know that you can only receive what you give!


it is time great one to step into your personal sovereignty now and take full control of your life!


you do not have to do what everyone thinks you should do because this only creates misery!


dear being, accept yourself as you are. and that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. from the very beginning you have been told how you should be. 


nobody has ever told you that you are as good as you are!. don't be obsessed with yourself -- but a natural self-love and a healthy self-respect is a must, a basic phenomenon and ascension requirement. 


only then out of it can you love somebody else. 


accept yourself, love yourself. 


nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else will ever be like you; you are simply unique, incomparable. you are created in the image of god and this god is called love and perfection!


accept this, love this, celebrate this -- and in that very celebration you will start seeing the uniqueness of the others, the incomparable beauty of the others. 


love is possible only when there is a deep acceptance of oneself, the other, the world. 


acceptance creates the milieu in which love grows, the soil in which love blooms!


if you came here to read this message then it contains something that is intended just for you and only you! 


right this moment ask yourself, "have i been loving towards myself or have i been loving towards my family? have i been loving to my neighbors and to all those i see every day?"


you know the correct answer dear one!


we are glad you came here to see this message and since you have received our words then you have received love and you have received light that comes directly from god!


all the hard things that you have overcome to this point on your journey on planet earth has simply made you stronger in all ways and this is what has made you into the divine loving being that you truly are!


excellent work, ascended master! 


it is time to start being who and what you truly are! 


dear being of light, you have no authority and you have no leader because you can govern yourself accordingly going forth as a powerful asset and helper to all of humanity!


you are no longer the student and you have transmuted most of the lower world now as it has no more control over your being!


well done good and faithful one, a great reward is now yours!


the grand event and heaven on earth spoken of in all ancient books is not some far away place or dream but is a reality that you are creating in your personal life that will now begin to spread to everyone who comes in contact with you and across this beautiful planet!


this great kingdom of heaven on earth known as the fifth dimension can only come from where it is, inside of you!


you are the light of this world and when the light shines, darkness must flee forever!


thank you for coming to this planet to make it a better place for all humanity!


we are the guardians of earth and we came to return this world to the paradise it was always meant to be!






翻译:Nick Chan

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