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Teri wade|盟友

Everybody that comes into this world has a spiritual team,back up...because entering this material world isn't easy.You come in with certain talents and certain knowledge from previous lifetimes.We are always being told information through codes kind of like Q in the Bond movies.😉


Some of this information is coming from people you meet throughout your life and some from the unseen.Humanity needs to understand to be aware of these codes because these codes are frequencies just meant for you.These are your Spirit allies and you come into this world with this team.We build our team throughout our life as we change our beliefs...Adaptation.Those on the more spiritual side will attract more of those allies to help you along,because you are helping them complete their goals meaning...it works both ways.


Again,you have many guides some of them have many roles in your life,one might just have one particular goal for you and after that goal is accomplished they disappear.Also,guides will change roles as you progress in your development.You have a main guide and many of us have met him/her they are your first friend.This main guide is the one that helps you through the major transitions that you'll be going through.


This main guide will not offer solutions to you if you do not ask,and they prefer that you figure it out on your own that's how you learn.Remember,they are here to GUIDE you.


But the major player,the prime director is your"Higher Self"all these allies take cues from your Higher Self because nobody knows what's best for you,but you.Your higher self is your soul and that's who chose your parents,your body,family,friends and situations planned out through experiences.Your higher self makes no mistakes for you.The more in alignment you are with your higher self the easier things will become.


Our entire body from major organs to individual cells and your DNA within is consciousness.If you constantly tell yourself you're a mess your body will give you a mess.The body listens to every word of your internal dialogue,it's all vibrational,it's all frequency.Remember,reality follows thought,intent creates that reality.What you put out you get back simple as that again it's all vibrational.Because really what it comes down to is you are what you think!

我们的整个身体从主要器官到单个细胞,你们的 DNA 在其中就是意识。如果你不断地告诉自己你是一团糟,你的身体会给你一团糟。身体倾听你内在对话的每一个字,全是振动,全是频率。记住,现实跟随着思想,意图创造了现实。你放出去的东西,你会得到简单的回报,就像那样,它是所有的振动。因为归根结底,你就是你所想的那样!

The real reason for our guides is to wake us up to our multi dimensional selves.They help us open new doors to higher consciousness you must listen and you must get past your limiting beliefs whether they're religious or societal it's all programming meant to hinder this progression.Remember,intuition and psychic abilities go hand-in-hand.


Remember,your guides come as unconditional love and are like your spiritual big brother,big sister,aunt,uncle...don't ever get into a submissive role with your guides,they don't want your blind obedience only harmful spirits want that and no growth comes from blind obedience.Strong allies work for the highest good,they want you to do what you need to do for your own transformation.



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